Subject: The Physical Training Instructor Ch.16 The Physical Training Instructor. Chapter 16 David loses his cool and students pay. Monday morning with nothing pressing to do, David slotted the first cassette into the player and sat back to watch. He watched the whole of the first tape finding it difficult to believe what he had seen. He checked the other three which were far less detailed. His first thought was Dominic had been a total bloody fool allowing himself to be incapacitated in the first place. His second thought was that no one should have to think that students would do something so horrifyingly criminal. David spoke to Dominic at lunch time. “I’m sorry David. Allowing the restraints was stupid, but I never thought of the scenario that Andre came up with. Lui wasn’t backwards in taking advantage but I don’t think he would have done anything on his own. What are you going to do?” “My first thought was the police, but that would have put you in the spotlight and been incredibly embarrassing. I will talk to Michael, but my thinking is to get rid of the problem. Expel them both and send Lui back to Singapore. I don’t know Andre’s background but I just want them out and away. You have learnt a valuable lesson I hope.” “Yes, David, and once again I’m sorry.” “Never mind, I love you. I’ll call you later in the week.” David sat back and thought his decision was best. He was so angry with the two boys he would probably have done something stupid if he had to keep them in the school. Next was to talk to Michael. He explained everything and told him his decision. “I know I gave you carte blanche to run the school your way, David, but. Lui must remain in the school. That isn’t negotiable. I would like you to keep Andre as well, you can devise any action and any punishment you like short of castration and hanging but please try to find some way of keeping him.” David had no idea why Lui was so important, but as Dom had said he was only a follower he could devise a suitable punishment for that, but Andre was a whole different ball game. He supposed that the first thing to do was have a look at the boy. ******************* The boy looked back at David when he was stood in front of his desk. Not a care in the world would be most people’s assessment of that look. “How do you think you will fair in prison, Boy? I imagine the sentence will be in the region of ten years. Conviction just about guaranteed I would guess with the evidence on the tape.” Now the look changed. “You wouldn’t, would you Sir. Imagine what that will do to Dominic when the tape is shown in court.” “Dominic will be terminated as a tutor at this school and his future will almost certainly be blighted by your action, but he will cease to be the concern of this establishment.” That statement was only going to work if Andre didn’t know of his and Dom’s relationship. David waited. The boy thought about it and his look changed to horror as he looked at his future. “I’m sorry, Sir, it’s just that Dominic is just about the sexiest guy I have ever seen. I had to have him. I promise I’ll do anything for you and him forever if you don’t prosecute me.” The boy fell to his knees then, sobbing. While that was happening, David pulled up his file. The boy had been at the school for three years, his academic and sporting record were five star. His conduct record was the same. Surely lust wasn’t the only thing that had driven him to this action. “Stand up Boy. Stop snivelling and tell me why you raped your instructor. I don’t believe it was just because you thought he was sexy.” Andre dropped his head and replied. “I’m in love with him. The second I saw him I wanted him to make love to me. I would be his slave but everyone says he has a boyfriend that is awesome so I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to do anything with him. The private photography lessons gave me the opportunity and I guess I didn’t think it through.” “That is the truest word you’ve spoken today. I will think about your future over the next few days, but as a first punishment I’m going to thrash you. I want you naked, now, and to satisfy my curiosity I want to see what you fed to your tutor, rock hard.” Andre looked shocked. Stripping for Dominic was, he hoped, a step towards seduction, but, although the headmaster was hot, Andre’s lust went to only one person. “Don’t piss me off, Boy.” Andre disrobed quickly and played with himself until he was erect. `Oh crikey, the boy is sex on legs’, was David’s thought. He walked round Andre and took in the arse as well. Almost perfect was David’s thought, and he took the opportunity while Andre couldn’t see to adjust his erection. “If it were up to me I’d forgo a court hearing and castrate you instead. So, what can I do with you that keeps you out of prison, but makes sure you will never again pull a stunt like this?” “I’ll be Dominic’s slave. He can beat me, fuck me, farm me out to other guys, anything, Sir, but please don’t send me to jail.” “Move forwards, bend over my desk. If you move before I tell you to you will be out of this school within the hour.” David looked at the chastisers in the umbrella stand. He so wanted to pick up the cane, but he was sure that if he did he would maim the boy. Anger receded as he thought about it. The boy was seventeen years old. If he wanted to he could ruin him, but did he really want that even though he was furious at what he had done. He picked up a paddle instead. The power behind the first stroke made Andre scream in agony, so loud that Chester burst in, wondering what was happening. “You might as well remain, Chester, you may need to stop me when I get into the swing. This boy raped Dominic on Friday night.” Chester shivered. He was one of the few that knew the relationship between the two men. David beat the boy unconscious, and that was when Chester put a restraining hand on David. “He won’t feel anymore, David.” Chester had said it very quietly, but it was like a siren in David’s ears. He dropped the paddle and looked at the boy’s bottom. Already the bruising was awful and David knew it would get much worse. He had never beaten a student like that. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, call the medic.” David went to his bathroom and threw up. He couldn’t believe he had done so much damage. Paul arrived, Chester explained, a stretcher was sent for and before David came out of the bathroom the boy was gone. He sat at his desk almost catatonic. Chester went out to his own office and came back a few minutes later with a glass of amber coloured liquid. “Drink this, David, down in one.” David took the glass and downed the contents. His face turned purple and he grasped his throat. He looked at Chester and croaked. “What on earth?” “Brandy, and not a good one.” It did the job though. David shook himself and then looked at Chester again. “Thanks Ches, I think I might have killed him if you hadn’t stopped me. I lost it didn’t I?” “Yes, Sir, I think you can say that.” “I had better go to the sick room and see what Paul has to say.” Chester watched him go and wondered if he would ever have ataköy escort a mate who would love him enough to do that. David knew he was not flavour of the month with Paul as he walked into the room. The accusatory look should have frozen him in place. “You must be mad David. You nearly killed him.” David nodded and watched for a few minutes as Paul kept changing the cold poultices he was putting on Andre’s bottom. “I think we can keep him out of hospital, but I will almost certainly need to keep him heavily sedated for a couple of days until the pain eases.” David nodded and spoke quietly. “He raped Dominic, I wanted to kill him.” Paul could understand the reason, but not the action from the man who controlled all of them, and whom he thought of as a friend. “What are you going to do with him when he is fit to return to school, which I might add will probably be a couple of weeks.” “I honestly don’t know. But I have loads of time to think about it. I’ll need to talk to Michael Mac Donald about it.” David left then and went back to his own office. Chester brought him coffee. “Is there anything I can do for you Headmaster, other than to advise that you go home and take a couple of sleeping pills and go to bed.” David looked at the worried expression on his secretary’s face. “Thank you for being there. I might have killed him if you hadn’t stopped me. I’ll be alright. Thank you for the brandy, and the coffee.” Chester nodded and left. `Perhaps I should send for Lui now because I know that I won’t be so hard on him after losing it with Andre,’ was David’s thought. “Chester, send for our little Asian criminal please, Lui.” Chester escorted Lui into the office and then, instead of leaving stood quietly by the door. David laughed. “That won’t be necessary but you can stay if you like. Make sure you are adjusted properly.” David indicated what he meant by staring at Chester’s groin. Chester blushed, but did as suggested. “You know why you are here Lui?” The boy already looked terrified, just from the expression on David’s face. He nodded. “I have beaten Andre so badly that he is in hospital. Can you think of any reason I shouldn’t do the same to you and then send you back to Singapore?” Lui’s look turned to horror. He shook his head and the tears flowed freely. He fell to his knees and sobbed. David let him, for a few minutes. “Stand up boy and remove all of your clothes. Don’t piss me off or my punishment will get worse.” Lui did. When he was naked, David spoke again. “Legs well spread, wrists gripped behind your head.” David looked at Chester’s groin then and he smiled. His secretary had a stonking great hard on. “Chester. I think it would be in order for you to come and feel this boy’s body all over while I decide how much of it I’m going to destroy with a cane.” Lui’s sobs became heart rending then and David knew he wasn’t going to beat him. Chester thought it was Christmas as he stroked Lui. The boy’s skin was baby soft. The arse was so cute that he stroked that for ages before moving round the front. Lui was still soft because of his fear. But that didn’t stop Chester stroking it and playing with the balls. “You can’t damage him, David. The boy is exquisite.” “You are right, Chester. I guess I am going to have to think of a punishment appropriate to the crime. You know he raped Dominic. I suppose if I arranged for him to be raped, frequently, that would be adequate punishment for his crime. Why don’t you disrobe and become the first one to carry out the punishment.” Chester nearly came in his pants. David walked him away from Lui and whispered. “Open him up gently and use plenty of lube. He isn’t a virgin but I don’t want his anus damaged.” Walking back to behind his desk, David spoke to Lui. “Move forward and lay your torso on my desk. Grip this near edge and move your feet in close with your legs spread. You can commence punishment, Chester.” David was monumentally hard as he watched Chester gently finger fuck the boy until he had three fingers sliding in and out easily. While he undressed, David retrieved a tube of lubricant from his desk. It became quite obvious that Chester was experienced, but David knew it was as a bottom, so he was just doing what he had watched Charles do to him. The fuck lasted much longer than David expected, but obviously made Lui happy because he orgasmed with Chester. “Off you go and clean up Chester. I’ll call you when I need you.” David disrobed quickly, lubed his own penis and slid into Lui as well. “You were very wicked, even though you were being led. I am going to do this often, and I am going to ask Dominic if he would like to do it as well.” He was fucking Lui slowly as he talked. “Oh thank you, Sir. I think you are both so sexy. I don’t deserve this. I am so sorry if I upset Mr. Dominic, he is such a nice person.” David almost laughed, but his orgasm came like an express train and he planted the contents of his balls in this little cutie. They cleaned up in David’s bathroom and dressed again. “Sit down Lui. You know you have been very lucky not to go to prison for your actions, don’t you?” The boy nodded. Apparently, Andre had told him over the weekend. So Andre had known that what he organised was likely to have serious consequences. `My, God, that boy must have it bad for Dominic to risk everything,’ was the thought that made David rethink the actions he was going to take when Andre left the sick room. “I know that you enjoy being made love to so I should either have you rough fucked or I should beat you, but you are going to fill another role for me. I am going to let other students fuck you as a reward for outstanding work. If Dominic wants to do the same he will be allowed to fuck you as often as he likes.” It was difficult not to laugh as David saw the expression of pleasure on the boy’s face. It transpired that this cute little cherub was a male nymphomaniac. He couldn’t get enough cock. “Now, off you go back to class. But remember, if you ever do anything this stupid again I will beat you and send you back to Singapore.” Lui scuttled out and Chester popped his head in to see if David wanted anything else. “Come and sit down, Ches. Did you enjoy being the top?” “Oh, God, yes with that little cutie. I know I am a happy bottom, but he is like a little cherub, difficult not to want him.” “Well, I am going to let students have him as a reward for excellent work. I could make the arrangement cover my secretary as well, but in his case the excellent work would probably take place with him on his back.” Chester wasn’t stupid. His eyes almost glowed at the thought. “Oh, David. You have no idea. You can take me every day without having to reward me. Your cock in my arse would be all the reward I’ll ever need.” It clicked then, the looks and the subservient attitude. Chester was in love, or in lust with him. “Good, we’ll give it a try tomorrow I think.” Chester was a young fit man who lacked nothing in the body stakes as far as David could see, but he had only seen his butt before today, now he could think about him having seen all of him. A tidy six incher, cut and with a good head merter escort that would bring pleasure to anyone he penetrated. Not muscled but no excess fat either. `If I got him in the gym a few times a week he would be quite stunning,’ David thought. “Thank you, Headmaster, I’m sure I’ll enjoy that.” “And Chester, I think we can drop the headmaster bit, I’m actually not very comfortable with that. David will do in future.” David, without being conscious of it had just bought the loyalty of another of his staff. ******************** “Hi Dominic, I thought I had better update you on your two rapists. It will give you plenty of time to rearrange your programme if you want to distance yourself from me.” “Alright, what have you done now?” David gave him chapter and verse of his day. “Oh David, I’ve never known you to be cruel. Whatever processed you to do something that bad?” “My love for you I guess. I was so incensed I completely lost it. Good thing Chester was there and I didn’t use the cane.” “So, what are you going to do with him when he is fit physically? I imagine you will have to put him in to counselling of some kind. You have probably destroyed his self-confidence. He’ll be scared to death of making a mistake now for fear of a repeat performance.” David hadn’t thought of that. “I’ll talk to Michael and find out more about his background and then take whatever steps are necessary.” “Please do, David. They weren’t evil. In fact Andre almost made love to me he was so gentle, and so was Lui.” “I’ll do whatever I can, you know that.” The next call was to Michael and he got the story that he really should have had before. “Michael. I made a terrible mistake beating that boy so badly. If I knew his history I would have handled it totally differently. I think I should have all my students’ histories. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.” Michael realised that the mistake was his and had the files couriered across to David immediately. “You have carte blanche to see to the boy, David, any expenses will be covered.” Good enough for David, he knew how he was going to rehabilitate this boy. Calm reigned for the next week giving David time to look in detail at all aspects of his management of the school. Chester had the mammoth task of transferring all the personal files to computer. “This work is totally confidential, Chester, I want it password protected with just you and I having access.” Chester was pleased with the trust that David was showing in him. A regular visitor to the sick quarters returned Paul’s good feelings about David. “The boy is recovering well, David. But I still don’t think he is ready to see you yet. Give it another few days until I have taken him off all drugs.” David nodded, felt like shit about losing control in the way he had. One week after David had nearly killed the boy Paul escorted him into see Andre. The boy took one look at David and burst into tears. “Please don’t hurt me again, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” The edge of hysteria could be heard in those few words and David immediately dropped down beside the boy’s bed, started to stroke his torso as he spoke softly to him. “I am the one who should be sorry. What I did to you was monstrous. Please believe me you are never going to be beaten again. I just want you to get well so that I can show you how sorry I am. You are a beautiful boy, what you did was wrong, but the punishment you have received is more than enough. Dominic and I both forgive you and want you to mend so that we can spoil you.” Paul could see as David talked the boy gradually relaxed and stopped crying. “Do you mean that, Sir?” “Yes, absolutely. You are going to be pampered and cosseted when you leave here until I have expiated my cruelty.” “Thank you, Sir. I will try to be good.” “I know you will. Now, you get some more rest. I’ll visit you again tomorrow.” In Paul’s office he looked at David. “I don’t know what you said to that boy but it obviously had the right effect. I just hope you meant it.” David nodded. “I can’t believe I lost it the way I did. I guess I love Dominic more than I thought. It will never happen again, Paul, whatever the provocation. That one has frightened me. If Chester hadn’t been there I may well have killed the boy.” Back in his office and David pulled up Andre’s file. If he had read it before would he have acted differently? Of course he would. Andre had been subjected to abuse since he was only 8 years old. His father had regularly buggered him, beaten him and kept him locked in a cupboard for long stretches of time. Another of Michael’s organisations had found him when he was thirteen. He had been in rehab for almost a year before coming to St. Christopher’s. A naturally intelligent boy, he had excelled academically and been an adequate sportsman. David realised he had never had to write him up. But he had received no special treatment here and probably should have. Raping Dom had been a natural way for him to get what he wanted, almost. But where his rapes had been brutal, he had been gentle with Dominic showing a caring, if lustful side to his nature. It was more than a month after the beating that Paul called him one morning. “I am sending Andre to see you. I have discharged him. For me he is finished, there is nothing else I can do for him physically. The ball now is in your court.” David had Chester send him straight in when he arrived. The look was frightened. This was the first time David had seen him by himself, Paul was always there before. “Come in Boy. You are looking well. No limp, so I presume no pain.” “No, Sir,” said very quietly. “The medic tells me you are as perfect as he can make you physically. Now it is up to me as to what I do with you.” David could see he was wording this badly. The boy was looking terrified. “Come, sit with me on the couch.” David pulled him into a cuddle and stroked his back while he talked. He could feel the tension and knew he had loads of work to do. “I have been allowed to read your personal file. I know now what you went through as a child. I am so sorry, Andre. I promise I am going to do everything I can to help you leave that terrible period of your life behind you.” The eyes that looked at him carried hope, so David guessed some belief. “I want you to understand that questions I ask are to give me an idea of how I can help, not things I can hold against you. Do you understand?” The boy nodded. “Can I assume that you are gay, naturally, not because of what your father did to you?” Another nod. “So penetrating Dominic was done out of a natural love.” “Oh yes, Sir, and I didn’t hurt him. I never would he is so beautiful.” David laughed. “I know, we are kindred spirits. I fell in love with him the first time I set eyes on him.” Andre’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “You love him too?” “Oh yes, when he is here he lives with me, and when he becomes a full time teacher he will live with me all the time.” Andre wanted to die, he could never compete with this man. Until that is, David continued. “Dominic and I have talked about you since I beat you. We are going to have bahçeşehir escort you at the house sometimes and teach you about loving sex. The next time you penetrate him, you will have made proper love to him first. Until that time, you and I are going to have some fun. I am going to make love to you and let you do the same to me. I’m not Dominic but I hope I can show you an enjoyable time nevertheless.” Andre nearly died. He was going to be able to make love to his idol. “Will Dominic make love to me as well?” David was finding it so hard to remain serious, this boy was a delight. He was a bundle of loving sensibility. “We want you to understand as well, that having sex with someone must never be anything else but voluntary.” Andre blushed. “Please forgive me, Sir. It’s just that I love him so much.” “I know, but that is even more reason to never force something on someone.” Andre was crying softly after David told him he was forgiven. He had received his punishment. Dominic wasn’t upset so he could learn from it but otherwise forget it. “Now, don’t be afraid, but I want you to strip down for me and let me look at that bottom of yours.” He looked scared, but David stroked his cheek, smiling as he spoke. “This is for academic interest, and I may be tempted to stroke it, but nothing else.” Andre stood up and undressed. Stood in front of David naked, David’s look was one of tenderness. “You are a quite beautiful boy. Now turn round for me.” David stood and moved close to the boy. “Nothing wicked, I just want to stroke it to feel that it is back to normal. Tell me if anything hurts as I touch you.” He stroked it all over, gradually increasing the pressure of the stroking. “No pain?” “Oh no, Sir, that felt very nice.” David laughed smacked the bottom gently and told him to get dressed again. The boy turned and David could see he was erect. “I am responsible for that. Would you like me to get rid of it for you?” Andre was over the moon receiving a blowjob from the headmaster. David pulled off to let the orgasm cascade over the boy’s torso. “Next time I do that I will eat your love juice and then penetrate you for a long loving fuck. Is that ok?” A sperm covered boy was grinning and nodding his head with pleasure. “Use my bathroom and then get dressed.” Everything back to normal and David spoke. “Everything said and done here remains here, as will everything we do together, understood?” “Oh yes, Sir, I swear.” “Off you go then, normal classes from now on. Don’t let me down.” “Oh, I won’t, Sir, and thank you.” For the first time in weeks, David felt good about himself. He told Dominic everything and received his blessing for the action already done, and those planned. “What is happening with Lui?” David sniggered, “Oh he is being fucked every day, and loving it. I make him go to Paul once a week for an examination, I don’t want him damaged, but he loves sex.” Dominic knew what David was like with sex that he wasn’t able to control. Embarrassing and humiliating did give him massive orgasms even though he said he didn’t like it. So, knowing he was now back in equilibrium with his psyche, Dominic developed a plan which he would put into effect next time he was at the school. First night home and as usual David showed Dominic how much he had missed him. The next day Dom put his plan into action. “I’m pleased with what you have done to rectify your awful punishment of Andre, but I think tonight I would like to see a practical demonstration of your regret.” “Ok, like what?” “I think you should have Andre and Lui here after supper, or more precisely in my studio. We lock the door and give those two boys carte blanche for sex with us until lights out.” David wasn’t sure Dominic was serious and his look asked the question. “Yes I’m serious. I think it would be good therapy for Andre, and a form of punishment for you. When I’m not being used I will film it.” David laughed, “Those bloody cameras. You never appear to operate without them.” “No, but look at the wonderful collection of sexy DVDs we have with you the star in almost all of them. One day we ought to have someone film you making love to me.” Still laughing, David spoke again. “You had better bring Andre and Lui up to speed then and they can do it.” Dom was pleased that David was willing. He sent for the two boys before lunch. “Andre, Lui, how would you two like another session like the one that got you into trouble, only this time the headmaster will be in it as well. We will give you a free hand from after supper to lights out. You can do what you like to both of us, but you understand there is to be nothing nasty or incapacitating. I will film when I am not being used and one of you two will film when I am. Usual rule of secrecy is in place, and you are getting this chance because you have not blabbed about your other sexual liaisons with us.” Andre teared up. He didn’t trust David or Dominic yet. The beating was still too fresh in his mind. Dominic saw it and was surprised. “What is it Andre? Have I said something wrong?” He shook his head. “Are you going to do something really awful to us?” Dominic laughed and took the boy in his arms. “Of course not, silly. I just think that the headmaster should pay for beating you so badly. It will show you both as well that you are completely forgiven. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. I’ll be honest with you. David discussed you with Mr. Mac Donald and realised that he had done a huge amount of psychological damage to you, Andre. He is really a very nice person. He has great compassion which is why he is the head honcho so young. He lost it with you because he loves me so much.” “But he is willing to let us do the same thing again, and to him as well.” “Yes, because this time it is not being done against our will. David and I don’t mix up love and lust, so we aren’t monogamous.” Andre thought about this and then smiled before speaking again. “So, I am going to be able to suck you and fuck you and do the same to the headmaster if I want to?” “Mmm, that sounds interesting, and of course you can. It looks as though both of you will be doing some filming as well. Remember, it is what you see in the viewfinder that we will all see when we play it back.” “Alright, I’m in.” Lui was bouncing round like a little boy. “Oh yes, the headmaster is going to fuck me, probably more than once, and you too Mr. Dominic.” Dominic grabbed him and gave him a noogy. “Ouch, ouch, I’ll make you pay for that tonight. I can paddle you or spank you can’t I?” “Yes you can, but remember, this is supposed to be a fun session so I don’t want a bruised bottom in the morning.” Agreement reached so Dom, left them after his final brief. “We will both be clean internally so that there will be nothing to spoil it for you both. If you are thinking of being on the receiving end of any arse play you should both do the same.” “Will you and the head rim us if we want it?” Dominic laughed. “Are you kidding, we would love to. You both have such cute butts.” Back with David, Dominic was still laughing. “I think this may turn into a very interesting evening, Lover. You can be prepared for some hot sex. Lui is already talking about you fucking him twice and Andre is talking about rimming.” David thought that would be very satisfactory, Lui was an absolute little darling, and Andre was no slouch either with his gorgeous cock. ************************************************************************

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