Subject: The premonition part 24 Everyone thats complaining its become a disney film with no sex. There is sex in this one. Also the day after christmas chapter is pretty much just sex. So its there Just not a hell of a lot of it. I guess im fucked in my thining that the story is more important. If you dont agree there are lots of jerk stories on here. Pretty much all the same just different variations of the same story. Meet boy he loves cock he wants me to fuck him all the time. We tried him being top he didnt like it as much blah blah blah. I can give you authors names if you like. The story lines usually suck but the sex is there. I guess I like things to take their time and mature. I dont fast forward through porn. Anyway after I tell you this then we will on to the story. Nifty is a great source for stories we cant find easily anywhere else. So hook them up with a bit of the green stuff. No not that green stuff the kind you can spend not smoke. Pretty sure the light company wont take the other as payment. But ya never know. So Donate to Nifty to keep it going Eric The Premonition Part 24 Written by Eric Murphey Edited By Zero Moss We arrive to see my truck sitting in the drive and pull up behind it. Sarah walks out and shouts at us, “You boys unload the truck and bring it in.” I look at Earl and Mike. “So she just called us boys, didn’t she?” “Yes sir,” Mike says, grinning. “Here I got a bucket of balls and a yard of dick, and she calls me a boy?” I protest with a smile. “I know I got enough hair on my balls to weave a rug, and she’s been calling me a boy for decades,” Mike laughs back. Earl and the boys are laughing at our banter. So Mike, Earl, Jerry, Joseph, Eddie, Jack, Jim, and I all start grabbing things out of the back of the truck and walking up to the back door Sarah came out of. As we get to the door, Sarah opens it and holds it open for us. “Just start putting stuff on the table and then on the counter when the table’s full.” “Yes ma’am,” we all reply. The first thing I notice is that the kitchen is spotless. I mean, mine isn’t bad, but god damn this one is shining clean. I need to take lessons, I think. Better yet, the boys need to take lessons; I smile as I think that. I hear them all talking in the other room, although I can’t make out what they are saying. It takes us all a few trips before we have it all inside. “Hon, we got everything in,” Mike announces. “Well, it’s about time!” she replies, coming back out with a Mexican lady behind her who is about 5 and a half feet tall and plump, not fat but fluffy. She is followed by Layla whom we met already, and two of the cutest little girls you ever did see. “Gentlemen, this is Lupe. You met Layla already, and these two sweeties are Maria and Amy.” We go through the introductions and shake hands. Suddenly, Lupe’s husband appears in the doorway. I’m a little shocked because he is in a wheelchair. I was kind of wondering why he wasn’t out helping us lug all the things in, and now it makes total sense. “This is Mario,” Tina announces. “I have to say that you truly are a godsend. We weren’t exactly sure what we were going to do. Layla is an amazing girl and has become a pretty good hunter. But sometimes like all good hunters she doesn’t find any prey. If I wasn’t in this dam contraption then I would be out there doing what a man is supposed to do,” Mario explains. “Now Mario, that’s not fair to yourself. You have provided for us for years. It’s not your fault the scaffolding fell and you got hurt.” “No, but I can’t help but feel useless with you girls all doing the work.” “That’s bullshit Mario! Now stop feeling sorry for yourself. We love you and don’t mind doing the work even a little bit.” I can tell this is an ongoing thing for Mario. I think for a second how fucked I would be if something like that happened to me before the boys came. The boys hovered around to talk to the girls, except Jack who is still next to me. It seems as though Eddie and Jerry are talking more to Layla then to Maria and Amy, but Jim is certainly talking to the younger girls. “I didn’t know if you all drink coffee ardahan escort or not, but I put a couple pounds in and some tea for iced tea as well,” I tell them. “Oh my god, coffee sounds wonderful. I haven’t had any since forever ago,” Mario says, giggling like a little kid at Christmas. “Well sweetie, I will get you some made up. Girls, help me put everything together,” Lupe asks them. The girls immediately start helping, leaving the boys standing there. “Oh mommy, pizzas!” Amy shouts and smiles at the same time. “Yes, Jack said that you would want those more than anything else we have to share,” I explain. “Which one is Jack again?” she asks. I point to him standing next to me. She walks over, wraps her arms around him, then plants a kiss on his cheek. Jack is instantly red from head to toe, I imagine. “Thank you Jack, and you too Mr Rick.” She then wraps her arms around my waist and hugs me too. I rub her back as she does. “You are very welcome.” After that all three girls do the same hugging, then kiss Jack’s cheek, and then hug me. “Oh my goodness, you brought us like five pounds of flour and some, I don’t know the word in English,. `manteca’ in Spanish,” she says. “Ah, lard. Yes, I brought some for you. I figured that, being Latinos, you would use it more than us; we rarely use it,” I let her know. “Yes, we will thank you so much for everything,” she says as she puts away the final items. “We will be eating for a long time on this,” Mario says, smiling. “We brought some chickens and some feed, too. I knew the place had a barn so I figure that will work for now,” Mike says. “We got a chicken coop behind it. I built it before I got hurt.” “Then we will go put them in their new home and get them their feed as well,” Earl adds in. “I don’t know how we will ever be able to repay you,” Mario says with tears in his eyes. “Neighbors help neighbors. Especially when times are hard. Right now is the hardest time I’ve ever seen. I can’t see someone do without when I got plenty. I know that goes for Rick and Earl too,” Mike says, reassuring him that he needn’t be concerned. “Hell, I was like you a few weeks ago, Mario. My wife, Joseph and I were pretty much about to starve when Rick and his boys found us, and they as well as Mike and Sarah helped us. So trust me, I know EXACTLY how you feel.” “Oh, it’s a blessing for sure,” Mario says happily. “We better get the chickens tended to.” “Layla, why don’t you and the girls go and help. I want to make sure you know how to take care of them. I figure it will be you girls’ job to take care of them and bring in the eggs too. Oh, my eggs!” Lupe says with anticipation. “I got another nanny goat that gives milk if you have somewhere to put her,” Mike offers. “Oh, we will find a place even if I got to share my bedroom with her,” Lupe says with a contagious laughter that had all of us joining in. So I go with Mike and the girls to take the chickens to the coop, and wave off Earl because we don’t need the extra help. Jack follows behind me. The girls are good workers and start grabbing things as soon as we get to the truck. I can’t reach one of the cages the chickens are in because it’s in the middle of the bed next to the cab. Layla hops right up and snatches it up quick as can be. We explain the proper care of the chickens, and what to watch for in case they get sick. Okay, Mike does that and I just listen because I still know dick about chickens. I listen carefully to see if he tells them anything he didn’t tell me. He didn’t; he apparently was equally informative to me and to them. Once we were done, the girls went back inside and Earl, Jack, and I went to get the nanny goat. We put her in the barn with some food and then went back into the house where we were greeted warmly with a fresh cuppa coffee. We sit and visit and get to learn about our new neighbors. Okay, they aren’t new since they have lived here for 10 years, but they are new to us. I decide I like them a lot. Lupe is hilarious, and so is Mario. We visit for a good couple of hours. As we talk, we learn that Mario is an experienced ham radio operator. I tell artvin escort him I have a setup at the house I have no idea how to use. He is thrilled at the idea of using it and being able to be in contact with us as well. So we decide I will bring it by in a few days and help him set it up. I know the antenna will have to be moved and that may be a process, but between all of us it shouldn’t take too long, right? Well, I hope so anyway. But in the long run it will benefit all of us, I think, to have someone who can talk to people who are outside of our area to find out what is going on in other parts of the nation and world for that matter. We tell them that we are getting trees today and ask if they want one too. The girls look with hope in their eyes when the question is asked. Lupe agrees and thinks it will be nice. So we take the girls with us and we get a tree for each of the four families. We show the girls where we all live so if they need to come to any of our houses they can find it. It’s really less than a mile as the crow flies from their home to ours. We drop off the girls, who said they had a fun time, and their tree. From all their laughing and giggles, I believe them. We drop off Earl, his family, and their tree, and head to our house. We carry the tree into the living room where I had already moved a few things so we would have a nice spot for it. Earlier I dug out the lights and bulbs I found in the trailer. I didn’t throw them out when I found them, and questioned myself about why I didn’t, but now I’m really glad I still have them. The boys and I have a great and fun time decorating the tree. When we finish, I get supper started so it will be ready when we are. The boys start playing a video game. It feels so normal today, and it’s a really good feeling. “Dad, Layla is really pretty, don’t you think?” “I have no doubt she is a pretty girl.” “I like Maria, she is super pretty,” Jim says. “How old are they? I never asked.” “Layla is 12, Amy is 10 and Maria is 8,” Jim informs us. “I wish we could get them a present for Christmas, daddy,” Jim says sadly. “I have an idea I think would work.” I tell them my plans and they love it. “Alright then, we will start after supper and I will have you boys help so you can tell your new girlfriends you helped.” “They aren’t girlfriends. At least not yet,” Eddie blushes. “Doesn’t sound like you would mind though.” “No. No, I sure wouldn’t,” Eddie says, grinning. “I don’t want no girlfriend,” Jack tells us. “I know buddy. But don’t say you are gay just yet. Sometimes things change.” “No, I don’t think so daddy. But I will wait like you say.” I get up to put the finishing touches on supper. I serve Sheppard’s pie, which the boys and I really like a lot. We add a few pieces of bread to make it a hearty meal. Once we finish eating, the boys get the kitchen cleaned up. I check it out and it’s certainly not dirty, but it sure isn’t as clean as Lupe’s kitchen. I decide I need to work on that. But, later. I go out to the RV, get a bolt of red fabric, and bring it in. I measure using the boys because they are respectively pretty close to the same size as the girls. I cut some material and start sewing it together with the sewing machine. I hadn’t intended to stock any red fabric, but I got a really good deal on this material with the thought it didn’t matter what color I wear. However, it’s just perfect for the girls, I think. I get one dress put together, kind of, and have Jack try it on as he seems to be the same size as Amy the 10 year old. I think it looks okay, but I don’t guess I will ever make a living as a dressmaker. I get some buttons and sew them on by hand. I start work on another dress for Layla, which Eddie puts on so I can make some adjustments. I put on some buttons on it as well. I get the third dress done and have Jim try it on since he is about Maria’s size. He is a little guy, but I love him so much. At this point I have the three dresses kind of completed. I have to hem the bottoms and the sleeves but I think they look pretty decent. It really doesn’t take as long as I thought it would take, and soon we ataköy escort all sit down to watch a movie. Jack sits on my lap and Eddie and Jim take the couch. After the movie it’s still not too late, so I make some popcorn and we watch a few old TV shows I have and we enjoy them. We head off to bed after taking our showers. When I get to bed, Jack is laying on top of the covers slowly playing with his hard cock. “Daddy would you…” “Yes.” “I didn’t finish asking yet.” “Whatever you want, Jack, I will do it for you.” He grins. “Anything?” “If it’s what you want, I’m sure not going to argue.” I lay on my back and he lathers up my cock with some lotion. He straddles me and slowly pushes my cock into his hole. I feel it pop through the barrier and gasp just like I do every time. “I was thinking about them girls and how the other boys want to do this to them. It got me excited and I been waiting forever to come to bed.” he explains while he slides slowly down my cock until it is in as far as it can go. Jack leans forward and is chest to chest with me with my cock in him. He starts rocking back and forth on his knees and I feel his hard little guy rubbing against my tummy as he does. I grab a bit of lotion and slip it on my tummy to give him better sliding power. “Oh daddy, that’s so much better.” he says, grinning. He works up a pretty good pace and I grab his hips because it just feels right. “Oh daddy!” he moans out as I feel him start his drymax. He starts to slow down but my cock isn’t having that, and I start sliding it in and out of him at the pace it wants to go. “Oh daddy, I love to feel you inside me. Oh, do it harder! Please do it harder!” I grab his leg and tuck it, roll over, and lift his legs up. Then I start to really hammer his tight little boy hole. “Yes daddy, just like that. You are hitting my magic spot,” he pants as grabs his boyhood and starts to pound it as hard as I am pounding his ass. “Jack, I love you so much! You are such an amazing boy.” “Oh daddy, I’m going to get my tingles again. Oh gooooosssh daaaadyy!!!” he nearly shouts. “Yes Jack, oh fuck! Here I cum, buddy!” I slam it home as I feel Jack’s ass start to twitch around my cock. I feel the pulses of my cum shooting up into him, and just looking at the look of satisfaction on his face makes my cum even harder. After I feel the last burst shoot inside him, I leave my cock buried in him and bend down to kiss my boy Jack. We kiss quick little kisses on the lips and then I slowly remove myself from him. He lets out a sound of sadness when it pops out. He lays there a good two minutes, catching his breath as I do laying next to him. He gets up, goes to the restroom, and comes back a minute later with a wash cloth for me to clean myself off with. “That was nice. I would have gone in after you were done.” “I figured I was already there, so I got it.” “You are such a sweet boy.” I clean myself off and lay the cloth next to the bed while he snuggles up against me. “Daddy?” “Yes?” “I don’t think you are right. I don’t think I need to wait. I’m gay. I’m so gay I can’t even think about what it would be like with a girl. I look at their pussies and they just look, I don’t know, icky.” “They look icky?” “Yeah, daddy. They just don’t look like anything I would ever be interested in.” “Well sometimes, buddy, things change.” “No, I don’t think so. I think I am always going to want to do that with you.” “I am glad you like it. But I will never ask you to do it; I will always wait for you to ask. I don’t want to ever feel like I did with Eddie. I know he said he wanted me to do it, but after the first time I felt so bad about it. I feel like somehow maybe I pressured him into it.” Jack started to say something but I put my finger to his lips. “I know you wanted to do it. But I never want you to feel like you have to do it. I never want any of you boys to feel you have to do anything.” “We know, daddy. We know,” Jack assures me, and he dozes off into a happy slumber. I hold him and think about everything that has happened since I moved here. How everything is nearly perfect now. How we keep meeting more wonderful people and how the future is starting to look brighter ever day. I doze off thinking about Mario talking on the radio to far-off places and then I’m zzzzzzzzzzz. I believe there are about 7 chapters left in this story. At least that’s what I am ail

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