Subject: The regiment of the Hussars — part 5 The usual disclaimers apply. If you shouldn’t be reading this please don’t. The copyright of this story is held by the author. This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer- This story will contains descriptions of sex between men and boys. If these things offend you please leave in peace. ************ All comments are welcomed. Let me know what you think. ************ Please remember Nifty and make a donation to help them to continue bringing us these fty/ Story code: military, historical, incest ============================== The regiment of the Hussars — part 5 ============================== Walliams and his comrades ate their food joined by both boys, Tim and Roy. The summer heat was inviting so they decided to take a splash in the river and wash up. Jarvis, Rogers and Walliams went into the water and started splashing each other getting themselves all wet. Walliams shouted for Tim to join them and bring the “savon de Marseille” that was tucked in the saddle pocket. Tim couldn’t take his clothes fast enough and join the men. When he dropped his last piece of clothes, he had a rampant hard-on. Boing, boing, boing swung his dick as he entered the river and was immediately surrounded by three laughing officers and he was wet in no time. “Come-on, Tim, help us out with the soaping.”, said Lieutenant Jarvis. Tim approached the officer and, again, was impressed with the beauty of the man. The sun was setting right behind him and the light flickered on his golden curls. While he was turning away he said, “Soap my back.” Tim approached timidly and started soaping his back. “Don’t be shy, Tim. You know you don’t have to.” In addition to the hand with the soap, Tim laid his empty hand on Lieutenant Jarvis shoulder holding on to it. Gradually his hands started exchanging the soap, lathering up a froth of foam, passing the soap from hand to hand dripping the suds right down between the Lieutenant’s buttocks. He just couldn’t resist. Very slowly his right hand came further down to the base of the Lieutenant’s back and, separating his middle finger, Tim slowly slid it towards the rosebud, first fingering the hole and then, seeing the reaction, he started pocking and trying to stick it into Lieutenant Jarvis anus. Lieutenant Jarvis was moaning and humming and leaned into Tim letting his roaming hand grip Tim’s shlong. He didn’t know if he could take that monster but he wanted to try same day. He felt Tim’s other hand gripping his engorged phallus. “Aaahhhhh, shit!”, the sensation of being gripped by another male human being was thrilling. Tim’s middle finger was stuck in Jarvis ass and he was wiggling his pelvis to get a harder hit on his insides. He felt the other two officers get closer to them and decided he needed to rinse off and get some warmth. “Tim, please, rinse me off. The water is too cold to be standing here for long”. Turning to both Captains Walliams and Rogers he told them, “Please keep the soap if you want to use it. I’m getting out of the water. Save the soap. I only have that piece right now.” And so he did. He walked over to the river bank and sat down to dry with the last warmth of the sunset. Tim sat beside him and shortly both Captains came and sat by them. All of them had boners. Ray joined the group and sat down beside Captain Rogers the one he trusted the most. Rogers smiled and told him, “If you want you can get naked too”. Roy’s face turned crimson but he wanted to be part of it so he took his clothes off. He was shivering a bit with the excitement mixed with embarrassment. Captain Rogers opened his arms indicating that Roy was welcomed so the boy niched himself between Captain’s Rogers legs that immediately closed over him pushing the boy against his chest. Roy could feel the stiffness of the Captain’s dick on his lower back and he pressed a little bit more against it. Roy’s arms went up and closed over the Captain’s arms enclosing both of them in a capsule all to themselves. Rogers put his face against the boy’s and started kissing him on the face and snuggling both bodies together. Roy half turned and opened his mouth once more for a repeat of the kiss that he had enjoyed so much. He let captain Rogers lead and he followed gladly. “Are you comfortable, Roy?”, asked Rogers. “Yes Sir, I am. Please don’t stop. I’m having good feelings but I don’t know why. My pisser is hard again like yours is. But yours is much bigger than mine”. Rogers replied, “Don’t worry about that, Roy. What’s important is if you are feeling good or not. If you are, let it be. Enjoy!” With that they restarted again with the kisses and the cuddling. Right by Captain Rogers’ side Captain Walliams was lying between Tim and Lieutenant Jarvis. Both of them were licking Walliams body using their hands frothing up and down, taking turns, hungry to lick, suck, and taste all of Walliams’ skin. The three of them kissed at the same time exchanging spit while one was jacking Walliams dick and the other was pinching both nipples taking turns on the tits. Then both of their mouths came down, licking and sucking again until they both reached Walliams dick, and again, they both started to suck in earnest licking the head and the corona and making Walliams start to pump his hips up and down increasing the friction his dick was creating with Jarvis’ and Tim’s opened mouths. After a dozen of these pushes Jarvis wanted to entertain himself sucking Walliams and Tim decided it was the perfect time to dedicate some attention to Captain Walliams’ nuts. To accomplish that, Jarvis and Tim raised and opened Walliams legs never stopping what they were doing. While Jarvis was in seventh heaven going up and down on Walliams dick trying to engulf the totality of the stalk every third movement down, Tim was looking at Walliams’ balls admiring the roundness and smoothness of them, licking first one then the other, one into his mouth and then the other, trying both at the same time knowing to keep his teeth out of the way. He pressed the back of Walliams thighs up and back, exposing the beautiful flower of Captain Walliams’ asshole. Walliams was gently moaning and humming to the tune of the expert sucking he was getting from Jarvis. Turning to him Walliams said, “Let me suck you. It feels so good what you’re doing to me. Let me do it to you too.” Without ever taking his mouth off Walliams dick or stopping the motion, Jarvis slid his ass on the grass and laid sideways pointing his dick in the direction of Walliams mouth. At the same time, he felt the wetness of Tim’s tongue touching his perineum and released an exclamation opening his mouth and engulfed the beautiful dick being presented by Jarvis and started to reproduce every movement Jarvis was doing on his own dick. On Captains Rogers’ side they were still sitting on the grass but Roy had turned his body around and was being embraced by Captain Rogers’ strong and masculine arms. Roy’s forehead was on Rogers’ right shoulder and his body was moving up and down. It came naturally. Roy knew what Captain Rogers wanted and he was prepared to do whatever was necessary to please him. First, after prolonged kissing, and fighting with that damned big mustache, Roy had lowered himself and his head and applied all his saliva to lubricate the magnificent cock between Captain Rogers’ legs. The head licked to perfection, because when done with love all can be accomplished; then the corona with his petit longue licking repeatedly the frenulum, while his hands were grabbing Captains Rogers’ balls stimulating them to perfection. Once in a while he stretched his middle finger under the balls reaching for the anus never daring to press more than lightly on the rosebud. He was taking immense joy pleasuring the Captain and he would die before he stopped. But the time came when Rogers pulled him up and he knew. Rogers stuck his index and middle fingers on Roy’s mouth to get them nice and wet and, telling Roy to place his hands on the ground in front of his feet, started licking Roy’s ass, up and down, admiring the izmit escort rosiness of that arse hole, like a flower, using his fingers to open him up, spitting gobs of drool and pushing first the index and then both fingers again and again until the flower started to open up. The kid was almost silent because his stomach was pressed in two. Roy felt Captain Rogers’ hands turn his hips around, pull him towards him, kissing his tummy, and looking up to his eyes. Roy smiled and assented lowering his head down. That was it. It was enough for both of them to understand that the deed was going to be done. Roy opened his legs to the outside of Captain Rogers’ legs and started to lower himself guided by the expert hands of the captain. Roy’s spread wide leg position, allied with the amount of dribble his ass had received facilitated the moment. Roy could feel the head of Captain Rogers’ dick make contact with his asshole. It felt like a branding warm and soft kiss. Immediately turning into a hot iron burn that led Roy to open his mouth and bite Captain Rogers’ right trapezius. It was touch and go. They understood each other and were prepared to accommodate the desire both had. Lightly, Captain Rogers pushed Roy down by the shoulders burying his dick very, very slowly inside Roy’s sphincter at the same time he felt Roy’s teeth clamping more or less on his shoulder muscle according to the good pain Roy was feeling. They were determined. He knew it was possible. He had had other dicks inside him forcibly. Now he wanted this beautiful erect manhood inside him. He wanted to show him his love. Roy kept going down, a moment at the time until he felt that he could not go any further. There was a pause, opened his tight teeth and substituted his bite with a smooth kiss which, in turn, released the muscular contraction of Captain Rogers’ back. Roy had reached its bottom. He had engulfed that wonderful cock and had survived. He knew he could do it again. He took Captain Rogers’ face in his hands and kissed his lips with passion at the same time he raised himself just a little bit to feel the friction. It was a startling feeling. On one side it looked as though he was going to be ripped apart. On the other hand he felt glorious with the itch being scratched inside his guts. The combination of the two of them was driving him crazy. Captain Rogers was astonished with Roy’s willpower and determination to ass-swallow his dick. It felt so tight, so compressed that his dick became even stiffer. He was letting Roy decide when and what to do. He had understood that the boy was in complete cooperation and it was OK with him. Roy had to learn the ropes and be able to acquiesce to future situations of men trying to fuck him. They started a rocking momentum oblivious of what was happening on their side even though the groans were getting a little bit out of hand. They could not forget they were in enemy territory or at least very close to them. But desire trumped carefulness. They kept going on and on. A few meters away another shepherd lad had been attracted by the commotion of the horses and men, and had approached the position undercover a mixture of some tall grasses like bulrush and water reed. He crept slowly and carefully because he knew that there was a war on and he didn’t want to get killed or hurt which was even worse. His nickname was Carrot-top on account of his being ginger and all. He was past fifteen, almost sixteen, mind you, with a bright face full of freckles. He was four feet nine inches tall and proud of it and was dressed in rags, not so proud. He was barely able to cover his privates but he was proud of those. No shoes and no belt. He was leveraging on a walking stick that he had carved of boxwood with a knife he had nicked in a tavern from a man that wanted him no good. Damned them all! He could trust no one. Yes he had been a shepherd but the army had stolen all his lambs and goats. And now what? If he returned to his master he would not believe him and would get knocked on the head and beaten. He couldn’t go back. So he had to move on. He didn’t know where to go next. The night before he had eaten the last of the food he had. He was hungry and afraid. The hunger pulled him towards the encampment. Where there are men there are always some scraps of food to be had. So he was trying. When he started to hear the moanings and groanings he slowed his walk and treaded more carefully. He was walking by the river edge hidden by the reeds. He thought they were torturing some poor bloke like him that owed nobody no money nor nothing. There were evil people out there. Oh yes there were. He did not want to get caught but he was hungry. What was he gona do? What he saw he had never seen before. At first it looked like there were men eating dead people laying on the ground. But then, upon better observation, he saw there were some naked men and boys having sex. He dropped his stick and grabbed his privates. He was getting hard fast. He could see, in the far end, a young boy sitting on a man’s lap going up and down. He figured they were not playing in a see-saw… And there were three adults laying on the ground very close together. And that was clear what they were doing. One was laying on his back, another upside down on top of him and the third was kneeling behind the ass of the first one moving his hips. They were fucking alright. Yes they were. That made him hot. He couldn’t help himself. He started jacking his pink dick with a pinker head while he was figuring out what was happening before his eyes. After Captain Walliams’ ass was lavishly smeared with spit by hungry Tim, Tim pulled himself up, knelt on the ground and started jacking his schlong while with the left hand he smeared the dribble he let fall right into the ass. “Please Sir. Can I fuck you Sir? Please?”, asked Tim. It took a while for Walliams to reply on account of having his mouth filled with Jarvis dong. But he managed to answer saying, “Let Lieutenant Jarvis spit you up, Tim.” Jarvis, as a good service man, raised his head, left Walliams dick fall back on his stomach and tried to mouth Tim’s schlong not very successfully. While raising his head he stopped for a split moment and adverted, “Captain. It seems we have company. There’s a lad by the river spying on us but he’s jacking himself silly. He wouldn’t do that if he had company. What do you think?”, said Jarvis easing his dick out of Captain Walliams’s mouth again so he could answer. “If he is alone let him be. Might as well enjoy himself. Keep an eye on him and let’s continue.”, replied Walliams. And so the sucking and drooling restarted with no big commotion. Jarvis spited more saliva into Tim’s schlong and lubricated it as best as he could. He pulled Walliams balls out of the way and guided Tim’s dick into Walliams’ ass hole. It looked so big that, with the intension of helping out Captain Walliams, he grabbed his ass checks and pulled them apart to facilitate the penetration. It was a slow affair. Jarvis keeping an eye on the river bank, without giving in on his intension, raised Walliams’ dick and continued sucking on it while still pulling Walliams but-cheeks apart for easier access. Jarvis was ready to blow. Captains Walliams penetration by the wonder schlong made him humm and this created a vibration on Jarvis dick that added to the overwhelming sensation he was having with the expert blow job he was giving his Captain. And it did nothing to lower his horniness seeing the wonder schlong going in and out of his Captain’s asshole. That was astonishing! Jarvis stopped sucking the dick’s head and with his tongue started circling the corona intensifying the excitement. He could perfectly see his Captain’s balls raising and he knew he needed to get ready to receive his discharge. He could tell that Tim was in the brink of cumming too. It was all so new to him that he still didn’t have the stamina for a long fuck. So he crunched his dick into Walliams throat and felt the head of his penis enter the gullet, and he started cumming at the same time he began mouthing the cock sauce spewing from Walliams dick and drinking it as nectar from the Gods. Walliams’ spunk was delicious. He knew Tim was done because he received a couple of strong stomach butts in his head and then stopped pumping. So everybody rolled on their backs with the exception of Tim that applied his mouth to Captain Walliams’ anus to retrieve his own discharge. He was a glutton. Rogers had just orgasmed inside Roy but the boy did not let himself disengage from Captain Rogers’ dick so they stayed sitting down in the same position. Walliams used the winding down moments to partake of the information regarding the spy by the river bank. They all got up and started preparing kadıköy escort for sleep. Rogers signaled Walliams and took a foot path in the opposite direction to the river to circle back and corner the spy. Night had fallen and they were laying their blankets under a copse of trees to get some added protection. They did not care to put their uniforms back on again. They would rely on each other’s body warmth. They suddenly heard a scream and the lad came running as he could in their direction stumbling on his lowered to his knees pants. He was easily caught even with some resistance. Carrot-top could use his toned muscles and cane like a barbarian. But ineffective against that many army officers. He was put down and interrogated. There were no issues with this lad and because he looked hungry they felt sorry for him and gave him something to eat. They told him they were going to spend the night in the encampment, he would be welcomed to stay but he would be free to leave in the morning. The lad agreed but did not know what to do or where to sleep. The officers laid down, Captain Rogers with Roy right in front of him. Tim embracing Captain Walliams with his schlong accommodated between Walliams’s butt-cheeks and poor Lieutenant Jarvis alone in the middle. He beckoned him to come and join him which he did hesitantly. At first separated but later, during the night, he ended up being kept close and spooned by Jarvis. And then another night of the mission passed. Early morning broke, Roy and Tim built a fire to cook breakfast and the officers were ready to get going. The officers needed help putting on their uniforms and saddling their horses and Tim was called to help. We was not prepared but the others were even worse. They got around to do it nevertheless. Now the problem was transportation. They only had three fit horses left and a mule. Nothing else. So the ride was going to be a slow one. Walliams decided that Rogers would take Roy with him and Jarvis would take Carrot-top, while Tim would ride the mule. It was his and he could control it better than anybody. So they took to the road in the direction where, according to plan, the meeting with the Regiment would take place. They needed to track their trunks to exchange their white linen and get a proper change, and more importantly, rearrange their staff. They were one boy too many and some of them complete ignoramus of what to do with an army on the march. Walliams as one of the senior officers of the Regiment would be given a chance to choose who he wanted, but out of politeness nobody “stole” staff from other officers. They had to get them and teach them their duties and that would take time. With luck Edwards and James would be agreeable to a temporary separation while Captain Rogers’ orderlies got their army legs. That would take two months. They finally connected with the baggage train and every second passenger dismounted. Captains Walliams and Rogers decided to procced leaving all young ones in the care of Lt. Jarvis. Walliams had decided to keep James and Tim with him. Land Edwards to Rogers who wanted to keep Roy. Carrot-top had to decide what he wanted to do. He thanked the officers for the ride and he would do a look-round. Servants were always needed and he was ready for anything in exchange for some food and a place to rest his bones. He wished he could have stayed with the group of men but no one had invited him. Once everything settled Lt. Jarvis would join the battle front. Both Captains presented themselves to Major Peet’s tent to be debriefed. They were asked by the orderly to wait a few minutes while the Major was notified. No other personnel came out except for the orderly who informed them that they could go in. Once inside they stopped short amazed by the scene in front of their eyes. One of the orderlies, one of the skinny young ones, was being force fed Major Peet’s can size dick. The Major was holding the young men’s head against his pubs making him gag continuously, red in the face and coughing phlegm through his nose. He looked like a rag doll in the Major’s hands. “Wait just a second. I’m finishing here in a spell.”, said the Major pumping the remnants of his orgasm inside the orderly’s gut. Lowering his eyes to the young man he said, “Let’s take it all in. You know how it goes. You don’t want to soil the carpet and you need your daily milk. Lick it all up.” Turning to the Captains the Major, with his rambunctious good humor, laugh and said. “I’ll get to you in a minute.” The young man finally finished globing all the spunk down and dropped on his haunches looking exhausted. Another orderly came from the back of the tent with a wet cloth and finished cleaning Major’s dick. It was a site to be seen: a heavy set of balls, round and low, under a wrist size cut dong with a dark red almost purple flaring glans. It took him a moment to tuck it in his pants what was done by the second orderly while the Major stood legs spread apart pushing his mound in the face of the orderly teasing him to distraction. With a pet on the head he dismissed the orderlies. “Ah! The reconnoiter mission. God job, gentlemen!”, and he accepted the Captains reports and thanked them for forwarding the Napoleon Gun that was in good state of repair and could be added to his own Artillery Battalion. “I know you arrived with a bigger head count then you departed. And I’m not talking about the prisoners.” Winking his eye at them he adverted the Captains that they had to request him prior permission to add any personnel to the troops’ Company. Word had reached him that there were a couple of lads added to the Regiment but because they did not conform to the Major’s preferences he would not claim them. “Care for a glass of Port, gentleman?”, asked the major walking in the direction of the liqueur cabinet at the same time he adjusted his voluminous package. He filled three thimblefuls of Port wine, passed them on, and the three of them saluted to his Highness. “I’m at ease with you. You’ve been in my Battalion since the beginning and I had an itch to scratch. So don’t mind my shenanigans. I don’t mind you being present. I tell you more. I will give you the opportunity, one of these days, to have a soiree with me and a couple of others. I would love to be fucked by both of you. You seem to know what I’m talking about.”, laughed the Major. “But meanwhile we have to talk. I need you, plus your Lieutenants, and a couple of servants, no more than six or eight men, to go on a special mission. It will take you on a several day’s journey on enemy grounds and it’s going to be dangerous. You will carry special safe-conducts for all of you and you will not be wearing your uniform. It’s an undercover operation. You’ll have to be careful. The success of the operation will determine the result of this campaign. Do you volunteer?”, asked Major Peet. Walliams looked towards Rogers and acquiesced, they were always ready for adventure, “Let us know what the mission is and where we should go. We will look it over and discuss with you the best way to accomplish it.”, replied the Captain. Walliams asked, “But if we’re not taking our swords how will we defend ourselves? It’s not proper for gentlemen to go unarmed.” Rogers nodded his opinion. “Well gentlemen, you will be carrying a brace of pistols and daggers. Leave your sabres with me. I’ll provide the pistols from my personal armory. You may rest for a couple of days while we await the guide that’s going to rendezvous you in a small village four leagues west of the encampment. You will not take your riding horses but travel on a four-in-hand landau. Your servants will ride a postilion. As soon as I get word, you’ll depart. Be off then.” “Can we take your leave, Major?”, asked Walliams the ranking officer, “Dismissed, gentlemen.”, replied the Major. At the flap of Major’s tent they got directions to where the junior officer’s tents were set. And so they left to go to their bivouac where they would prepare their disguise. As per custom, they would be separated from the main encampment. The comings and goings of the reconnaissance squadrons were nobody’s business but the leadership. And they preferred not to fraternize with the rest of the infantry battalions to keep the information from flowing into the wrong hands, and controlling the eavesdropping. When they reached their tents they were greeted with smiles from all of their men. Tim took the horses to tend to them, Corporal Edwards and First Private James directed their attention to their masters reaching for them to help them start to disrobe. As per previous accord between both Captains, Corporal Edwards stepped up to serve Captain Rogers and train Roy in his kahramanmaraş escort duties to both Rogers and Schmitt while promoted to First Private red headed James would train Tim to serve his beloved master Walliams. Each group entered his own tent and Walliams asked of Jarvis whatever happened to Carrot-top. Jarvis replied, “It seems they needed somebody to work the kitchens and help out with the butchering so he stayed to help. It will fatten him up a bit. I think he will be OK. I told him that he could always visit if he had the free time and permission.” “Well. We’ll see. I thought he was cute and interested. Let’s hope he doesn’t get damaged there.”, said Walliams. Jarvis was only wearing his pants and boots leaving his torso uncovered. Walliams though Jarvis was a splendid fellow. And gorgeous too, with his flat tapered hips, high chest muscles and those extraordinary thighs encased in the tight white cotton trousers, which were reinforced breeches which had leather on the inside of the leg to prevent them from wearing due to the extensive time spent in the saddle. The breeches were always making a display of his package. As it was common on the upper classes, nobody wore undergarments and the cotton breeches outlined perfectly with definition the form and shape of Jarvis dick. After taking his pelisse and dolman Walliams opened up his chemise and decided to take it off. Now both Jarvis and he were dressed the same way. Topless with boots on. Walliams stepped forward and his left hand slowly reached for Jarvis package. Jarvis waited for it with his legs slightly apart. Walliams had the gentle of touches. He felt Walliams fingertips lightly following the contour of his prick. Both eyes were locked on each other’s gaze. Jarvis followed suit and reach his hand to touch Walliams package. They were both mesmerized with the other, their heads coming together, closer and closer, lips touching, opening, finally closing their eyes, pressing their chests against the other, accepting the tongue that was presented, intruding in their mouths, hungrily tasting each other while their dicks passed from a resting status, to engorged cocks, to right rampant hard-ons. They started pressing their hard-ons against each other’s, hands free to cup the other’s ass cheeks. They could feel on the outside of the breeches, running up each outer side, mid buttocks, a stripe in dark blue tissue that identified their Hussar outfit, ending in a row of buttons down to the top edge of the boots. “Oh my dear friend, how I love you with all my heart!”, said Jarvis possessed by passion. Their faces were cheek to cheek, nibbling at the others earlobes breathing hard and expelling hot air provoking shivers down both spines making their air stand on end on the base of their necks. “Please let me make love to you.”, pleaded Jarvis. Walliams was overwhelmed by those feelings to such a degree that he became frightened to be asked for a commitment. Walliams decided to let the passion flow and talk to Jarvis about love another time. He felt Jarvis push him gently against the trunk which made him sit down. Jarvis lips started trailing the nipples stimulating each in turn with the tip of his tongue. Using his hands, Jarvis was unbuckling Walliams breeches to reach the rigid member. His hand felt the turgidity of the stiffness and the smell that raised from that crotch, a mixture of maleness and piss, of sweat and dampness. Loved it. He was a sucker for all male things. Jarvis was on his haunches taking that fragrance in his lungs reverberating in his brain giving him the utmost pleasure. But nothing was so excellent has the possibility to freely observe that beautiful phallus, exponent of maleness. The heart shaped glans with a corona slightly lighter than the rest. He started to lick it first a mere touch, then a kiss, then the tip of his tongue exploring the urethral opening, enticing a glob of pre ejaculate to cum forth, swiping it away with a slick move of his tongue, savoring the man he loved so deeply. He could feel the beating of his friend’s heart with the tip of his fingers, pulsating on Walliams shaft, sliding the foreskin down letting his lips accompany the motion until they reached the base and bury his nose in the abundant mount harboring a forest of pubic hairs. With his hand he moved the dick sideways so he could plant his nose directly in the inner thighs where the smell was stronger, licking his balls, changing sides, back up again to engulf the precious obelisk that he so much enjoyed. Walliams was excited to the point of orgasm. Jarvis was making such a quick job of it going in cycles from the head to the groin and back again, that he had to warn him, “Jarvis, I’m going to cum.” Jarvis increased his speed and suddenly his mouth was flooding with his adored friend’s seed, coating his tongue, hitting the back of his throat, glueing to his palate intoxicating him to no end. He could feel his own jizz exploding inside his breeches never ever touching his dick. At the same time he started to swallow hard and fast because he did not want do loose a drop of that precious nectar. Walliams was humming and moaning gently, fast breathing, red faced and sweating. Jarvis stood up and snowballed Walliams nectar with him, both calming down and slowing the heart rate. Jarvis sat beside his friend and both of them started laughing hard looking at each other’s eyes. At that time, Tim came inside to inform Captain Walliams that the animals were being attended to and noticed the image. Two of the handsomest men he had ever seen sitting side by side, topless, gleaming in sweat. Captain Walliams had his package out, dick deflated, and Lieutenant Jarvis had a patch of wetness in his mound. Tim, looking at both men in the eye, approached Jarvis, knelt down and applied his mouth to the patch of wetness sniffing it and confirming, that yes, it was cum. “Can I clean you up, Sir?”; asked Tim. “Yes, you may.”, replied Jarvis. Undoing the straps that held Lieutenant Jarvis front of the breaches together he sucked through the cloth and then reached inside and with his own lips took the head of Jarvis dick inside his mouth and used his tongue to retrieve the remains of a very heavy and abundant cum explosion. He quickly finished the job smacking his lips with pleasure. “You really like that don’t you?”, asked Walliams, after observing the eagerness with which Tim dedicated himself to that chore. “Yes I do, Sirs. I love it so. I only need to be around you and be able to do these things and serve you. Nothing more. I’m happy”, replied Tim. “Have you shown your dick to other people besides our group? Tell the truth, you good-for-nothing you?”, asked a laughing Walliams with an elbow bump to Jarvis. “No Sirs. I’ve kept it in my pants all the time. I wouldn’t do that, no Sir. You saved me and I’m honored by you when you ask any sexual thing from me. I don’t need any more.”, replied Tim with an anguished tone in his voice. “OK, OK! We’re not sending you away. But you have to promise to keep it in your pants. We don’t want any other people besides our group stalking the premises, you hear?”, Walliams said keeping his admonishing tone. “Yes Sirs. Never, Sirs. I’ll keep it in my pants.”, replied Tim with a calmer voice. “OK, then. Have you seen Carrot-top around?” asked Captain Williams. “I’ll go looking for him Sir. I’ll bring some news soon to you.”, said Tim going out running. In enters First Private James with planks of wood to set a temporary serving table. “May I come in?”, asked James, “Ready for some supper?” insisted James. Walliams replied, “I will, for sure. I’m hungry. What’s for supper?” asked Jarvis. “There’s grilled venison with greens and some oranges and apples. I’ll bring them in shortly.” James went around setting the table for both officers. They would sit on the trunk for chairs. There was not that much furniture when in campaign. But there were some luxuries they were used to and they did not want to give them up. The silverware and the china as well as the glass goblets were a must whenever it was possible and applicable. James took good care of it all. Gentleman had to be able to receive guests when it pleased them. And they had to do it properly. There was always a couple of bottles of claret or champagne for the more important guests. They always indulged in the requests for them to do the `sabrage’, the uncorking of the champagne with the sabre, a tradition that was a crowd pleaser. Walliams said, “Sit with us, James. Partake of our food. Tim will get his share when he comes back. James grabbed a cobbler’s bench, a pitcher of ale and before sitting down brought in a platter with hot venison cuts, a bowl of greens and bread slices in a weaved basket. They were mid supper when Tim came running in yelling, “Sirs?, Sirs! Please come and help Carrot-top. Come!”, and the meal was disturbed with the commotion. ************ If you reached this page, let me know and drop me a line. Give your opinion. It’s ail Let’s see where this story is going. Hope you enjoyed it.

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