Subject: The runaways Chapter 12 The runaways Chapter 12 Disclaimers: Everything you read in this story is my intellectual property and as such should be treated with utmost respect. The people described are not living, breathing human beings mind you. They exist only in the realm of pure imagination, somewhat. These are my fantasies that I have developed over the years. The people described in the story do not really exist, but are rather the combination of several different people. Thus I am not harming anyone, because they combine features and thus are not really in existence. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO REAL PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL ON MY PART. All other disclaimers/rules/procedures apply. If you are under the legal age of viewing this material (depending upon where you live, that could be any age) please direct yourself to something else that will occupy your time. I’ve read plenty of Nifty stories over the years, and have enjoyed many of the stories that I consider good, now I’m just trying to pay it forward. It’s going to be a chapter story, so if you are looking for a quick toss-off better move onto the next story. Other than that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my story. Constructive criticism/feedback/comments are duly appreciated. Please direct them to my email at hoo. All are welcome! The runaways Chapter 12 Tanners first appointment of the day was with the real estate agent. All of the paperwork had been drawn up and was ready to sign. But before he could do that the bank wanted to do a inspection with Tanner on the warehouse he was looking to buy. The Banker, Roy the real estate agent who happened to be working for Tanners older brother Bryce, and Tanner agree to meet at 9 am to go over the warehouse. Once that was finished and everything was approved, Tanner went with the Banker to finish the paperwork and bring the check to the real estate agency. the whole process took 4 hours and was now noon. Tanner knew Eric would take care of the boys lunch. He had plenty of turkey and ham as well as sandwich bread and if Eric wanted to make something hot. He could make his famous hamburger hot dish. Like every Minnesotan you had to know at least how to make at least one hot dish and knew Eric was a good cook. Back at the house Eric had decided to make sandwiches for the boys. The ones they had the other night went well and figured he would make a hot dish later that afternoon if Tanner was not home around four. He knew Tanner had a full day ahead of him. Because they had talked about it while eating this morning. Eric also made a list of supplies they would need for feeding and taking care of three hungry teens. When Eric brought out the food in the cooler, he stayed and talked with the boys. He found out that they liked the same sports and before the accidental death of their parents played soccer. Willy played forward and was one of the better strikers on the waterloo high school team. While Chase played as a middle back defense man. But that had been two years ago. Eric told them he had played center and was one of the high scorer on the Wilton middle school soccer team, but was thinking about going out for wrestling in the fall because of the hire of a new wrestling coach. He did not actually tell them that he had a crush on the man, because he didn’t know what they would think about him being gay. Not many kids are openly gay in 2006. It is becoming more and more accepted but was still 5 to 10 years away. Eric also showed them how to play some games on the play station 2 his favorite game was Zelda. Around 3 p.m. he went back to the house to start making preparations for tonight’s dinner. Eric had gotten use to doing this over the last two and a half years since his mother died. He was going to make someone a good husband someday. (Tanner) The store was busy as he walked into the front door. Lately the store was showing a better profit margin than his other store in waterloo. By the end of the day he would own six stores total 4 in waterloo, one in Des Moines and a large store in Wilton, MN. He had found out that the one in Wilton was closing down because the owner had passed away and the wife could not manage the store. He actually got the store for a really good price and knew he could make is money back right away. The store had just been remodeled and new refrigeration installed. All he would have to do is rename the store and restock the store. He could still buy from the wholesale company until he could get his warehouse up and running. His only problem would be finding the right person to manage the store. That was one of the reasons he was stopping in the store today. He was going to make an offer to his manager Tom and see if he would like a chance to work a larger store. Tanner just happen to see Tony walk into the store while he was doing paperwork in the back office. He got up and went to talk to the boy. “Hey, Tony right?” “Yeah, What’s up? How are, you know who?” Tony replied. “Can I talk to you in back?” Tanner asked politely. “Sure?” Tony said following the man back into the back office. Tanner looked at the boy and did not realize how good looking the boy was. He didn’t have Willy or Chase’s beauty but he looked really good. He had that charming face and if you notice it you would look twice, Bright eyes for being brown in color. Nice white teeth, You wouldn’t know the boy smoked if you didn’t smell it on him. Once back in the office, Tanner had the boy sit down and closed the door. “Can I ask you a few questions?” “Sure, are the boys ok.” Tony asked. Tanner looked at the teen and wondered if he should trust the boy or not. The teen knew he had help the boys escape, but he didn’t know just how much he could tell him. “All I can say for now is that they are safe and being well fed.” Tanner told him. “Good, do they need money? I got fifty bucks I can give them if they need it.” Tony said as he reached into his pocket and was going to give Tanner if they did. tandoğan escort “No, they are good for now. The reason I wanted to talk to you was the boys left something at a place they were staying and I can’t go get it because I think I am being watched.” Tanner said as he looked at Tony. “You must mean the computer. I’ve got it along with their backpacks,” Tony said. “Really?” Tanner said astounded. “Yeah, I was the one who told them about the laundry room and I figured they wouldn’t be able to come back to get the stuff so I grabbed it. It was a good thing I did, because the cops came the next day and searched the building.” He stated. Tanner began to think the teen was the boys guardian angel. From what he had learned from the boys, He had fed them, told them of a warm place to stay, was willing to give them money and had protected their belongings. “Have you looked at it?” Tanner asked. He could see the boys face turn red. “Ah, Yeah. There is some really bad shit on it.” Tony admitted. “Well, I don’t want to know. Willy asked me to get it and I promised I would.” “Is Willy the oldest?” Tony asked. “Yeah, why?” “Because he was the one who got hurt the most. If I knew back then what I know now I would have done more for them. Plus he was really cool and I gave them some food outside the restaurant I work at.” Tony told Tanner. “That was nice of you.” Tanner said “Do you think you could get me their belongings and the computer. Where going to need it later, so I can help.” “Yeah, I kind of want to get rid of the stuff because a cop has been snooping around.” “Really, Do you know his name by chance?” Tanner asked. “Officer Brandon, I really don’t like the guy. The night I helped you. The fucking perv stopped me and did a body search and felt me up. When I called him out on it he just told me he thought I had something hidden in my pants. I even thought about reporting it to the other cop when he pulled up. But I figured he would just go along with his friend. He is also one of the cops who molested the boys.” Tony stated as a matter of fact. Tanner just looked at the teen for a few minutes. This teenaged boy was in deeper than he would like. But he knew he needed the teen now. ‘Ok.” Tanner said as he looked at the teen. “I need to think. Why don’t you go out and get something to drink and a snack to eat while I think. I need to get the boys stuff but I don’t want to get you into trouble.” Tony was cool with it and both him and Tanner got up and talked to the manager. Tanner went back into his office and tried to think of a plan. after a bit he call Tony back into the office and began to talk to the teen again. He figured he would park his car in the back, so that Tony could sneak around and put the back packs and computer in his trunk which he would leave open. Tanner planned on picking up groceries anyway. So he could load them into the car back there. So that is what the teen would do. Tony got up to leave and said. “Thanks for what you are doing for the guys, I hope you are the one helping them because you seem really cool. If there is anything I can do just let me know. Tony then reached down and picked up a pen and wrote his cell phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to Tanner. “I will see you around.” Tony said as he walked out the door. Tanner decided then and there he was going to reward this teen. So he talked to the manager. When Tony comes in the store, he will let him buy a couple sodas or water and a snack for free, once a day. No time limit other than once a day. Tony would be surprised the next time he came in. Tanner called home and talked to Eric to see how things were going. It was agreed upon before they left that they would not talk about the boys over the phone, since someone could be listening in. Eric gave him a list of things he should pick up and to stop and talk to the real estate agent before coming home. Tanner never notice the real estate agent had called him a couple times. Everything was done so he was not sure what was going on. Once Tanner picked up everything he needed and what Eric said to get he loaded the trunk of the car. Tony had done his job. The backpacks were there along with the computer. After he was loaded he made his way over to the real estate office. He was so excited earlier about finalizing the deal he forgot the keys to the stores and warehouse. Fuck, Tanner thought. Now he had four stores he would have to get ready to open in the next couple of months. He would need to hire extra help to stock shelves, hire a few new managers and store staff. He would have to travel to Minnesota and get that store reopened. Where was he going to find the time to help the boys. He decided to call the boys grandfather and see if he could help in anyway. But that would have to wait until later. He needed to get home unloaded and start supper. (Eric) Eric was sitting in the living room half naked Stroking his 5 7/8 inches as he watched tv. But his mind was not what was on. He was thinking back to this morning. He still couldn’t believe he was so bold as to pull his uncles boxers down and begin sucking his uncles beautiful cock. Sure he only got the tip in but it was the first time ever trying. Sure he had thought about it and he was pretty sure he was gay. But now doing it and tasting his first hard cock in his mouth made him realize he really was gay. Eric knew he was but he liked the feel of the spongy head and the taste of the pre-cum from the tip. He laid back stroking and enjoying the feelings, imagining Tanner letting him finish and getting a huge load of cum in his mouth. But Eric forgot something. He was being filmed and watched at the same time. (Willy and Chase) Chase had just turned off the PS2 and turned on the monitor. His eyes went wide open when he saw Eric in the corner of the eight cameras on display. He was half naked and he was stroking a hard-on. Chase stared at the cute teen beating tekirdağ escort his meat on the television. He put the camera on full view, then reached inside his underwear and began to stroke his own penis. “What are you watching?” Willy said as he walked into the room. He could plainly see his brother stroking his penis through his underwear. “Just this.” And pointed to the television screen with a full view of Eric slowly stroking his cock. “Fuck” he said “I watched him do that last night.” Willy told his brother. “I wonder who he is thinking about?” Chase asked. “Probably some girl back at school.” “You don’t think he is gay? He got hard yesterday while Tanner was taking pictures of me” Chase hoped. Willy was hoping the same thing. He liked Eric, more than he wanted to admit. He wasn’t sure if the teen before him like boys or not. This was the second time he had seen him masturbating. He really wished there was sound because he could clearly see the teen calling out someone’s name. Willy moved next to Chase and slowly pulled the front of his boxer briefs down and began stroking his own six inch cock. Chase looked over at his brother and pulled the front of his boxer briefs down and stroke his hard penis along side his brother. “You ever think about it?” Chase asked. “Think about what?” Willy asked looking over at Chase stroking his cock along side him. “I don’t know, like sucking cock or getting fucked?” “All the time. I am thinking about it right now while Eric is jerking off.” Willy told his brother. While stroking his own cock. “Yeah me too. I wouldn’t mine sucking on one right now.” Chase said hoping his brother would take the hint. Willy did get it but wasn’t sure if he meant his cock or Eric’s. “Do you think you are gay?” Willy asked his brother. “Yeah, kind of think so. I mean yeah, I can’t think of anything else since meeting Tanner and Eric. It doesn’t help seeing you naked all the time either.” Chase laughed hoping his brother got the second hint in the last two minutes. “How about you? Do you think you are gay. Don’t lie because something is giving you away.” “Oh, I know I am gay. I tried to get Tanner to suck me off the first night. But I am not sure he is gay either. I did everything to tempt him. I even kissed him and right now I wished I had a cock inside me. But I am also scared. I don’t know if I will be able to stop. Just looking at Eric and even you, I am tempted.” Willy knew then he said something he shouldn’t of said and now could not take back. “I tempt you?” “More than you should know. This morning after I measured your dick, I wanted to suck your cock.” “Why didn’t you? I would have let you?” Chase said with a smile on his face. Willy wasn’t expecting that answer. Would he have really let him. “But your my brother.” Willy reasoned. “So, don’t you think other brothers haven’t done it?” “Well, I guess they may have.” Willy knew they had, he had seen porn sites that promote incestual relationships with family members. His favorite site is Nifty but he hasn’t been able to read any stories on there for a while. “I am not saying we should do it, but it could be a possibility in the future.” Chase said then rebuked himself. (Fuck why did I say that.) Chase thought to himself. It would be ideal for both of them they knew each other by the back of their hands and they wouldn’t have to tell anyone about the abuse they endured. “Yeah, it’s a possibility.” Willy said disappointedly. He had the door open and then they both slammed the door shut. At least for today. They sat back and watched Eric as he jerked off, slowly allowing the pressure to build in there balls. They both could see Eric was getting closer to cumming, so they worked a little harder on their own cocks, hoping to time their cumming at the same time as Eric. What the two horny teens didn’t know was that Eric was in full fantasy of sucking on his Uncles penis. He shot six full shots of cum on his face, chest and stomach. It was one of is best cums yet. At seeing their friend release his sperm they were not far behind. Tanner would get a full show tonight when he played back the video’s. All three boys hurried and cleaned up because they figured Tanner would be home soon. (Tanner) As Tanner made his way home. He saw the State Troopers car pulling into his drive. He hoped Eric had the boys in the shelter. He didn’t have to worry because the teens never left the shelter the whole day. Tanner pulled into the garage and parked as the Trooper sat in his car and watched. Tanner popped the trunk like he had nothing to hide. He just hope the Trooper would not get out of the car to investigate what he was doing. He carried bag after bag of groceries into the house and closed the trunk to the car as another State trooper and a Sheriff’s car pulled into his drive. He wasn’t surprised to see the other State Trooper car had Trooper Buck, the Sheriff Danial Cusick and David Cocren. The first Trooper Tanner did not know and he just sat there talking to someone on his phone. The Sheriff and David were the first to get out of their car and approach Tanner. “Good afternoon.” the Sheriff said as he extended a hand to Tanner. “Afternoon” Tanner said taking the mans hand. “What’s going on? He asked. “Well, I guess someone reported seeing two boys with you the other night and suspect you have them hidden in the house.” Sheriff Cusick said. “I have no idea why these guys think I even know anything about these boys as you call them. From what I have found out about them through my manager and David here they were teens.” Tanner told the Sheriff while shaking David’s hand. “And the only one here is my nephew Eric and David has met him before.” David just shook his head to Tanner’s explanation. Tanner noticed The Trooper in the other car finally opened his door and stepped out and approached Tanner and the two Sheriffs. “Hello, Young Man you must be Tanner Boyer.” He said but then introduced tokat escort himself before letting Tanner answer. ” I am Major Robert Kline of the Iowa State police and I have a search warrant for the resident of 1445 Cardinal road, Blackhawk, Iowa, would that be this address? “Yes it is sir and it is a pleasure to meet you. How may I address you sir? Tanner asked. Tanner knew there was no way they would find the boys, but he was worried if they took the film and cameras they would see his naked nephew, as well as the photos of the teens body and bruises. “Well, you are a polite gentle man. I had heard that you were hard to talk to.” It was then that Trooper Buck joined the conversation. He was not nice yesterday. But the Major just stared him down. It was then that the Sheriff spoke up and said. “I have known Tanner for the last three years. He is a wonderful business owner and one hell of a EMT, one of the best in the state of Iowa.” “Boyer, Boyer where have I heard that name before? Ah, Yes you have a store on park and first in waterloo? The Major asked “Yes, I own that store are you a customer?” Tanner asked with a smile. “Sir we have a search warrant, Shouldn’t we be doing something about it?” Trooper buck interrupted. The Major turn and stared down the young officer. Then decided he was right. It was going to be a late night and they need to get this done. “Well, my wife is and she loves your store. But we can talk about that later, and just call me Robert, Is it ok if I call you Tanner, Mr. Boyer.” The Major asked Tanner. “That would be fine Robert.” and the two men shook hands again. The Major then handed the search warrant to Tanner who began to read it. It seemed like Trooper Buck was in a hurry. Tanner was happy to see that nothing electronic or cameras or computers were involved just the search of the house. David and the Sheriff began to search the outside while they let the trooper search inside. “Halt or I will shoot.” Tanner heard as he rounded the corner to the kitchen. He was sure the voice came from upstairs. The Major had heard the voice to and headed in the same direction. “Tanner.” a voice cried out. It was Eric’s voice, he was in his bedroom. The Major and Tanner reached the top of the stairs and saw Trooper Buck with his taser out ready to fire at the teen. “Eric are you ok.” Tanner called out. “No this guy has a gun pointed at me.” Eric replied. “Trooper Buck, Stand down.” The Major yelled at the trooper. But the Trooper never moved And said over his shoulder. “Sir, this is one of the runaways, Look he has a cast on his leg just like in the description. So the Doc was right, someone from the hospital reported seeing him with Chase. But now they had it covered. “AH, excuse me but that is my nephew Eric Boyer, he has been staying with me for the last few days. His dad pulled him from school because he was going to be gone and Eric usually stays with me over the summer.” “Put down your weapon Trooper. Now!!” The Major demanded. “Yes, sir.” was all Trooper Buck could say. “Trooper look at the young man, he is injured and there is no place for him to run. Hell he does not even fit the description of the boys we are looking for.” The Major yelled at Trooper Buck. “Go to your car now and wait for me.” He told the officer. “The Sheriff and I will finish the search wait outside for further instructions.” The Trooper did not like what he was told but he did what he was instructed. Tanner had rushed into the room to make sure Eric was all right. Eric was a little shaken but they knew this was going to happen. When the first car set off the alarm. Eric had made his way upstairs and went to his room. He was suppose to stay there till Tanner gave the all clear or till someone found him. Eric held his Uncle until the Troopers left and then said to Tanner. “Did I do ok?” “Sure did, just stick to the plan.” he told Eric then got up and followed the Major. “So who are these boys you are looking for? Tanner asked the Major. “I guess their names are William and Charles Stevenson. They ran from a foster home in waterloo a couple days ago.” The Major told him. “Someone at the hospital reported you bringing one of the boys in to get his leg fixed. But now I can see it was a case of mistaken Identity. Sorry for the way my Trooper acted but he said he was sure you were hiding them here. He said you were acting weird the other day when they came in to get a copy of your hard drive.” “I may have been rude,” Tanner admitted. “But it was because of what he had done. He tossed everything around and even pulled a gun on me for no reason and if you don’t believe me you can talk to Officer Holms or Officer Cocren. They were both here to witness it. “I will take that into consideration when I review this later.” The Major said as they walked around moving from one room to another. Just as they were coming out of the spare bedrooms, the Sheriff met up with them and made his report. “Nothing in the garage and no back sheds other then a storm shelter but that looks like it hasn’t been used in years. Have you seen anything that makes you suspicious?” “Not a thing! other than the way my Trooper is acting. So we will be on our way.” the Major said to the Sheriff and Tanner. “Sir, You haven’t looked in the attic or basement yet.” Tanner said. “Do I need to? the Major said with a smile on his face. “If you were hiding the boys, I couldn’t think of anyone else who could do a better job. Thanks for letting us look around and I will make sure it won’t happen again. At least by my department.” They shook hands, the Major and the Sheriff along with David exited the house and went to their cars. Tanner stood in the doorway watching as the Major walked over to Trooper Bucks car, said something then watched when Trooper Buck started his car turned around and left. 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