The Secret


The SecretIt was very hot outside. Sweat ran down Jack’s young face as he mowed the last row of grass. Finally he was finished. He pushed the mower into the garage and made himself a glass of ice water. He stood over the sink covered with sweat. His hair was wet and his tanned young body glistened. He downed the water and filled the glass again. He took the water with him as he headed to the shower. He was so hot he left the bathroom door open as he showered. He set the water temperature to the coolest setting he could and tried to cool his body down. The water felt good as he began to relax. He started to lather himself with soap. As he soaped up his genital area his cock became hard as it usually does anymore. Jack had just gone through puberty and any time he touched himself it ended up hard. He gently stroked his big cock into a nine inch nail. He marveled at how big it had grown. Just a few months before and it was so much smaller.Bettie gave the caddy a five and thanked him as he placed her clubs into the trunk of her Mercedes. She hollered over to her friend Suzie. “See you in a few hours.” They had plans to meet back at the country club for drinks that night. Bettie got into her car and drove back to her house across the street from the club. She noticed the lawn had been mowed. She thought about Jack and how hot he must have become mowing. Inside Bettie made herself a double martini over ice. Not her usual way to have it but the heat made the ice necessary that day. She took her drink and headed toward the hallway. When she heard the shower she slowed to look inside the bathroom. She could see her young man in the mirror showering. She almost dropped her drink when she saw him stroking his massive cock. She was stunned by how long and thick his cock was. Her mouth dropped open as she watched him stroke it. Her pussy tingled and her mind immediately thought about what that would feel like between her legs thrusting deep inside her neglected pussy. She became wet. Very wet and she needed it. Her lust was unavoidable. It had been over a year since she had been fucked. She stood there in disbelief in a trance like state. She felt helpless because he was her only son. If he had been anybody else she would have approached him. Jack let go of his cock and it stuck straight out suspended in mid air. Bettie’s bahis şirketleri heart pounded. Jack rinsed off the soap then turned off the water. Bettie quickly passed by the bathroom. “Hi Jackie! I’m home.”Jack’s heart jumped. Oh shit! Did she see anything? Then he thought she seemed normal. If she had seen him she didn’t say anything. He shut the bathroom door and grabbed the towel. He began to dry off. Bettie left her bedroom door open and began to undress out of her sweaty golf outfit. Her and her friends always wore short golf skirts featuring shorts underneath the skirting. The top of these outfits also featured a low neck line showing cleavage. Her friend Suzie turned every man’s head in her little golf suits. Suzie was built like super model. Bettie wasn’t quite as sexy and Suzie got all the attention.Bettie pulled her shirt out from the skirt and took it off. Then she unhooked her bra letting it drop and her tits fell out. Bettie had handful sized breasts with big dark areolas. Her nipples were one inch long and quite impressive. She was still quite stunning at the age of thirty six. When Jack was a baby she had a lot of trouble trying to ween him off of her titties. Next she unzipped her skirt. Just as she let it drop Jack walked by her room. He glanced inside and saw his mom stepping out of her skirt wearing only her lace black panties. “Hi, uh, mom?””Hey the lawn looks nice. Come in here a minute.” Jack was shocked. He had never seen a grown woman naked before. As he entered her room he tried not to look at her naked body. Bettie stood there with her drink in her hand and a hand on her cocked hip. She took a big swig of her cocktail. “I bet it was hot out there. Have a seat.”Jack was stunned. She acted so casual. “I know it was super hot on the golf course. Do you have plans for tonight?””Uh, no, not yet.””Oh. I thought about ordering pizza. Is that okay?” Bettie sat next to him on the bed. She downed the last of her cocktail.””Sure. You know I love pizza.””Wait here. I’ll be right back.”The alcohol went down fast on a hot day. Jack watched his mom’s sexy ass swing back and forth as she left the room. He noticed how her cheeks flared out at the bottom. How sexy they looked hanging out of her panties. She had a killer ass. He was curious as to her strange mood. She seemed different now. bahis firmaları When she returned she had two drinks and handed him one. As she approached he saw her tits bounce and her large erect nipples.. Her curves gracefully moved toward him. Her perfume mixed with her sweat and he could smell her womanly scent. Pubic hair spilled out of her panties and was visible through the sheer black lace. Jack took the glass as he got an eyeful of her sexy beautiful body. He was nervous and almost dropped the drink. “Sip it slowly. I’m supposed to meet Suzie after while at the club. Do you want to go over with me and have dinner or would you rather have pizza?””Pizza.””That’s what I thought but I thought I’d ask. I don’t want you to feel like I’m neglecting you.”Jack felt strange. He wanted to look at his mom’s hot body but couldn’t just stare at her. He had never seen such things and was very curious. His cock began to grow much to his embarrassment. Bettie could tell. Jack became very uneasy and he could not control his manhood. Bettie looked down at it. Jack saw her and panicked. “What’s this?””I’m sorry.””Sorry for what? It’s okay. Let me see it.” Bettie unhooked his bath towel and his huge cock sprung up rock hard. “Oh my God Jackie! It’s huge!” To his stunned amazement she reached over and began gently stroking it. “Wow Jackie! You’re hung like a God damned horse! You’re gonna make some girl very happy with this big fucker.” He was shocked by her language. “I want this in my pussy!” Bettie stood up and slid off her panties. “Lay down baby! Mommy is gonna ride that big cock.” Jack did as he was told. He watched his mom climb over him and straddle him. She reached down guiding his big stick up to the threshold of her pussy lips and slid his head through her slit slowly sliding down onto him. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Her pussy felt so warm and tight. She began to gyrate taking more and more of him slowly pulling up then back down. Her pussy became slicker and slicker until she could take all nine inches. She bucked into him leaning forward. Her tits dangled over his face. “Oh my God Jackie! It’s so deep! Oh! Oh!” She began to make sounds of passion and Jack could no longer hold back. He gasped and moaned. Bettie could feel him shooting up into her pussy. “Yes baby! Shoot it! Come in my pussy! kaçak bahis siteleri “OOOOOOOOHHHHHH YES!” Suddenly a flood of juice came pouring out of his mom’s pussy covering his mid section. He shot twelve big spurts of come up into her pussy. She would not stop pumping him. He stayed hard as she kept going. “Doesn’t it feel good baby?””Yes!””It so deep and it feels so good! Keep fucking me! Its been so long!” Jack felt different now. He began to enjoy her pussy and his cock felt like a hammer. His hands began to caress and fondle her tits now. She snickered. “You like fucking?””Yes!””Feels good doesn’t it?””Yes!””When I get back home I want us to do more of this okay?””Okay.”Bettie rolled them over and let Jack begin fucking her. “Nice and easy at first.” Jack went slow and as things progressed he went a little faster. The sound of his cock sliding in and out of her soaking wet pussy filled the room. “Fuck me! Get that pussy! I need that cock!” Jack sped up. “Oh bay that’s it! Get that pussy! Harder! YES! YES! YES!” Jack raised up on his hands and began thrusting as hard and deep as he could making Bettie squirt. Her hands gripped his arms and her head jerked form side to side as she continued to scream. Jack was amazed by how he was giving her such great pleasure. He liked that he could please her so much. He slowed down to a deliberate in and out. He raised up and watched his cock slowly pull out to the very tip then slide slowly back inside her warm wet pussy. “Oh yes baby! You do it so good! Mommy needs your cock!”Bettie considered staying home. They fucked for over an hour before finally stopping after Jack came a second time. “That was incredible Jack. I hope you liked it.””I did.””You sure? We’re not suppose to be doing things like that you know?””I know.””Can you keep it a secret?””Yes.””It wouldn’t be good for either of us if anyone found out.””I know.””Good. I meant what I said about later on.””I’ll be here waiting for you.””I need to shower now. I smell like sex and used pussy. You can order the pizza. Call Mrs. Layne and see if she can pick it up on her way out here..””Okay.” Jack left her room feeling like a man. He felt strangely confidant now. He also felt energetic and realized he could have kept going on and on with her throughout the night. He began to look forward to having her again.That night Bettie came home feeling no pain. She took her young son to bed and let him fuck her for two more ours before they became exhausted. Jack slept with her that night. It was the beginning of a new chapter in both their lives.

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