Subject: The Showings 2 The showings 2: “Moving on from showing” Feedback in good faith, positive or otherwise, will be gratefully received. I’m almost as interested in the attitudes that underlie erotica as in the erotica itself. If you are not submitting stories for publication here, might you not contribute in another form? It does not take a lot, guys, to keep us going … If the site affords you pleasure, why not support it, even if only fty/donate.html (Narrated a number of years after the event, this episode include a few comments, impressions and observations from later times, freely interspersed. Hopefully, the story line has not become hopelessly haywire as a result.) Characters : Henry, black, 47, XXL; a longtime fan of young white lads Kent (narrator), white, just turned 15; got himself seduced by Henry at the urinals in the first episode Arriving home later that afternoon, I saw I had more than an hour before either of my parents would get back from work. I’d just returned from a downtown cinema where, in the men’s, I’d had an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind encounter for a boy my age: a large black man had displayed himself to me, had let me watch him do things with his genitals. He’d got me to touch him, encouraged me to fondle his huge “junk”, which I’d done, following his urging, my mind totally blown away. Then, he’d “completed”, shooting his semen into the urinal as I watched, bug-eyed. I held mine in, with difficulty � mostly, I guess, because he hadn’t instructed me to “go ahead, boy, finish yourself off”. Watching Henry had aroused me more than I’d ever been aroused before, but it was all too new, unexpected, I was too disorientated, I think, too overwhelmed, to take my genitals into my own hands without his direction. Gawking at him and what he was doing, I’d lost all initiative, would have had to be told what to do next, I’m sure. It had all happened so suddenly! Back at home now, I went to my room, still in a daze. I stripped naked, and was fully erect even before I slid my briefs off. Lying down on my bed, I looked forward to an extended masturbatory resurrection of everything I’d been privileged to witness earlier. As I took manual control of my sturdy 6.5-incher (“biggest boy in the class”), I recalled Henry’s massive ebony shillelagh, and how I’d been unable to subdue it to my own young grasp. I took my hand off my penis, opened it out and stared at it the palm, the extended fingers, marveling at how I’d struggled to grip his black cudgel earlier the same afternoon. At that point in my life, I was still far too young to realize how incredibly fortunate I’d been, at the age of 15, to have got my boy hands on equipment of Henry’s size and quality. … By the time I heard Dad’s car in the driveway an hour or so later, I’d gotten myself off three times � for a daily total of four, cos I’d cum once in the morning, before school. Reminding myself to tell Henry about that, if/when he called, I got up, still dazed, took myself to the shower, and let the warm water pound deliciously down on my still blood-engorged, but now flaccid, fatigued, and rather over-worked boy penis. The incredible intensity of those memories of Henry in the men’s faded, gradually, with each passing day, if not hour by hour. After each night’s sleep, they seemed more remote than on the previous day. I resumed my depopulated school life for the rest of the week, boring Thursday, then even more boring Friday. All the Jewish kids would be back on Monday, when things, classes, teaching and learning would resume, return to “normal”. I’d given Henry my phone number, asked him to call in the afternoon, when I’d be home from school, but my parents not yet home from work. On Tuesday the following week, he finally rang. “How are you doing there, Kent?” “I’m good, thanks, Henry. And you, sir?” “It’s life as normal, pretty much. Anything been happening there with you?” “Well, school’s returned to normal now. All the Jewish kids have come back from their religious holidays.” “Yes, can understand that, though we don’t have many Jewish kids here, in the ghetto.” “Yes, I see.” “What are you thinking there?” “Not sure. I’m glad you called, though.” “You don’t mind me calling you?” “No, sir, I like it fine; just please try to make it at this time, not after about 5:30 pm.” “I understand, boy. Ask you something?” “Yes” “You want to meet again sometime?” “I do, Sir, yes” “Nice to know. Let’s see what we can arrange, ok?” “It’s hard for me to know what to do, Sir” “You don’t have to do nothing. You just let me take care of it, ok? You say you want to see me again, so I’m gonna arrange it for us, set it up.” “I do, Sir” “Nice. That’s the main reason I called today, to ask how you feel.” “Thanks for calling. I’d been waiting, actually …” “Hmm, good. Let’s plan something together. You can get away for a while at this time of day, after school?” “Yes, I always have a couple hours or so, from about 2:30 on” “Good. I sometimes do the early shift, get off around 2.” “At the movie theater? You need me to go there again?” “No, my other job” “Ah, ok. Please make it a day when you have enough time for me, Sir” “If you wanna see me, boy, I’m gonna make time for you. I want us to start from where we left off last time. There’s things I want us to do together.” “There is, Sir? Like what?” “Like I’m gonna get you to show me your honey-hole.” His voice was low, gentle. A prodigiously well-endowed black man was sharing adult secrets with me, a fifteen year-old white boy, drawing me in to him, closer and closer. The feeling of doing that kind of private, grown-up sexual talk with Henry got my boy-cock to perk up immediately. “My `honey-hole’? … what’s that?” “You don’t know yet, boy?, I’m gonna show you that you have one.” “I guess I need you to show me, Sir” That’s what I’m gonna do, boy, teach you all there is to know about your honey-hole.” I suddenly felt like sharing something with Henry. “Sir, I just wanted you to know …” “What’s that, Kent” “I cummed three times at home here after I was with you in the men’s” “Good boy. So you enjoyed our time together” “I did, Sir, a lot” “Lovely, Kent. Listen, I’m going to call you again in a day or escort two” “Oh, yes, please do. I’ll be waiting for your call, Sir.” “Bye for today, boy” “Good-bye, Sir. Talk to you again soon.” Two days later, Henry rang again. He would pick me up somewhere near my school on Friday, the very next day, but he wanted to know the least conspicuous place to do that. He did not want me to be seen getting into a car driven by a big black man, he said. I kind of understood what he meant, so I gave him a location on a small side street, a dead-end a couple blocks from the campus, on the other side of the school from where I lived. On this particular occasion, all went like clockwork. Henry was waiting for me, I found the car he’d described over the phone and hopped in. We were off! “I’m going to take you to a friend’s place.” “A friend? Who’s that?” “Don’t worry; he’s not here now, in town. I look after his place when he’s away, which is a lot. He travels on business.” “Where is he now?” “Probably somewhere on the west coast. He won’t be back for a couple weeks. I have his schedule.” “Ok” “I run by his place every other day or so, just to check things out. This is one of those days.” “You want me to see it, his place, right?” “I do; but that’s not all I want you to see.” “You gonna let me see you again, like last time? You gonna show yourself again?” “Sure am, boy; but we’re gonna do more than just have you just look at me, ok? There’s lots of stuff we can do at his place together, while he’s away � you’ll see, cos I’m gonna show you all that stuff.” It sounded hugely exciting � like what we’d done before, but more, and in a different sort of location. I was instantly aroused, but didn’t know quite how to respond verbally. Sensing my embarrassment, Henry put his huge hand gently on my thigh. “Everything’s gonna be alright, boy. You’ll see. You can calm down” The car was put into the garage; we got out, he lowered the garage door, and showed me into the house via the back entrance. I guess that way we’d stayed out of sight of more of the neighbors. As soon as we were inside, in the kitchen, Henry put his hand on my boy-butt; it felt nice, heavy. He chucked one of my butt-cheeks. “Sure glad you wanted to come along today, Kent.” “Hm, I did, Sir, and I do, am glad too” He showed me into the spacious living room, had me sit down on the sofa. “Let’s have us a glass of wine, ok?” Wine was not something I was really used to at that age, but neither was I in a mood to decline Henry’s offer. Two half-glasses of red were poured out. “Take it easy, son. I want you to be totally sober when I drive you back, ok? Don’t want your folks sniffing around and finding out there’s a big black man been feeding you drink n then playin’ witchu, stuff like that. That would not be good for us, if they found that out, if anybody found out.” “Yes, Sir” “Everything we do here is top-secret, yes? � just between you and me.” “Of course, Sir. It will always be our secret.” We sipped, and his arm went lazily round my slim 15 year-old shoulders. The wine went to my head almost immediately, which head I couldn’t help laying gently on his shoulder. “Nice one, boy” I knew both Henry and I wanted to be together again, a lot, the way we’d been the last time. I also knew he was letting me feel very comfortable with that desire to be with him. He was taking things slow and easy with me, talking gently, chucking my butt, not pawing me all over. I guess he was kind of waiting for me to relax, for the wine to help with that, waiting for me to realize I’d accept him automatically, do anything he proposed, like drink wine with him, even though, as a beverage, it was pretty new to me. He was in a jumpsuit, reminding me of his overalls on the previous occasion. I glanced at his crotch area; it was already well filled out, aroused just by his sitting next to me, maybe, turned on by anticipating what was to come. I sensed what was going to happen, and I felt more than ready for it, far more ready than I’d been last time, when things had come as such a total surprise, out of the blue, coming upon Henry like that, in a semi-public venue to boot. I turned my face sideways, towards his, kissed him on the neck, catching a whiff of his mahogany musk. I’d never smelled anything similar, but I liked it immediately. He kissed me on the face, started zipping his jumpsuit slowly down, as he spoke, “Show me your tongue, baby-boy” I produced; he put the pad of his index finger gently on the exposed blade of my tongue, moistening it there; then he raised his finger to his own mouth, licking, tasting my saliva. “Hmm, boy, that’s sure sweet enough for me. Now that you’ve kissed me up here, on my neck, I want you to take me out, and kiss me down there” I did not have to be asked twice. “You’re a good boy. Now I’m gonna tell you something, ok?” “Yes, Sir, what’s that?” “I enjoy watching a nice white boy like you lick my penis for me, so that’s what I’m gonna have you do here for a while.” Once I heard him put it that way, there was, I realized, nothing I felt more like doing, even though I’d never licked a man’s penis before, only had had my own licked, just a bit. I had no idea what it was going to feel like, really. I just knew that, with Henry, it somehow sounded right, to me. With some difficulty, I got him out, still flaccid, taking care that none of his crinkly pubic hairs got caught in the teeth of the zipper. He was huge, fat and fleshy, showing only the very first signs of engorgement. “Hmmm, you’re very gentle, careful with my penis for a boy your age. Now, put your white face down there, boy. Lick my big black cock for me” “It is very big, Henry, Sir. I had no idea cocks come so big!” Shifting my butt away from him slightly, so I could bend over more easily, I obeyed Henry’s request, putting my face all the way down into his crotch. I found immediately that there was, of course, an enormous amount to lick, but I started on it anyway, undaunted by his size, the area of his huge black shaft. “Some cocks do come `so big’, boy, and mostly, those super-big ones will be hanging from black men, you’re gonna find. Hmmm, I do like seeing you down there, a young white boy licking my black penis � most beautiful izmit escort bayan sight in this world!” “Hmm, Sir, you are huge! I like your smell.” He smoothed my hair, pushing my head gently into his genitals, demanding sustained oral attention. “When you feel you’re getting dry, come up here, boy, for a bit more wine, ok?” “Yes, Sir” It was a major project Henry’d given me, licking his entire penis for him. There was so much to be covered; not at all sure I had the saliva in me to do a proper job of it! He was still not erect at this point, remained basically flaccid, full, and blood-engorged, but without much stiffening yet � reveling in my oral attentiveness, perhaps, in my attempt to cover him completely with my tongue. His foreskin alone presented major challenges. I dabbed it with my tongue, then nibbled away at it with my lips and a little bit of tooth behind my lips. All I heard was repeated, “Hmm, good boy. You’re a nice white boy”, punctuated by the occasional deep grunt of relaxed, laid-back sexual contentment. I suddenly realized, this licking of superb Black Penis, this service to a Black Male, was something I enjoyed doing more than anything I’d done to date. Had I found my true vocation, at 15?! Henry got us both off the sofa and led me to his friend’s bedroom. There he undressed me, admiring again my ivory boy-penis, just the way he had at the urinal; but this time, it was not a matter of anybody having to piss right away. Once I was naked, he had me undress him, telling me he wanted me naked around him, whenever we were together. As I worked on getting his clothes off, he confirmed his desire. “You can you do that for me, boy, always have your clothes totally, all off when you’re around me, no matter whether I’m dressed or not?” “I guess so, Sir. You like that?” “Do love having a naked white boy around me, 24/7, yes! � a boy like you” “I hope so, Sir!” I’d got his shoes and sox off, got him out of his jumpsuit, then underwear, had to grip his shaft to work it free of his XL boxers. And there he stood, naked as I was myself, his enormous black truncheon jutting out from his loins, magnificently erect, in anticipation, with that pronounced curve back towards his abdomen, just the way I’d seen it last time, when he’d pumped himself up at the urinal. Turning me round a bit to face him, he went with his huge hands to grab me under just below my pits, picked me up, raised me to his chest, and held me against him there. Then he walked us over to the bed, laid me down on my back on the edge. I was overwhelmed, or perhaps should say “overpowered”. “I need your arms round my neck, boy; your legs on either side of my trunk, clinging to me here. Cling to me like a vine, boy.” He removed his hands from my sides, began to stroke the young boy-torso lying just beneath him, tweaking my nipples, first gently, then, gradually, more insistently. As I obeyed him, wrapping my arms and my legs around his black body � huge to me, everywhere! � his mouth came down on mine. I opened my lips, unbidden, to admit his thick tongue. The tip of mine touched his immediately, but then his went in further, much, much deeper; he licked my tongue, all the way back to its root. He then licked the inside of my mouth, my teeth, my gums, up and down, deep and shallow. He was wiping my mouth, washing it with his tongue, and I loved it, opened wide for him and let him have his way with me, with my mouth. I even felt his tongue on the roof … licking away. Finally, he withdrew … “Hmm, you taste good, boy” “So do you, Sir!” “Now I’m going to eat your nose, and breathe with you, boy, in and out. I want you to breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose. Let me take your breath away, suck it from you, you inhaling fresh breaths through your mouth � got it? Feed me your breath.” “Yes, Sir; I’ll try!” Covering my nose with his mouth, he sucked my breath out of me, so I had to inhale afresh through my mouth. My nose was no good for inhalation, because he’d blocked it with his mouth. But every time I inhaled orally, he claimed my new air for himself, sucking it from my nose. Then he expelled “our air” from his mouth, while I took in a fresh breath, Henry forcing my respiration to fall in step with his. We breathed together like this � two bodies, sharing the same air � for a while, leaving us both kind of breathless. “Your breath tastes so sweet, boy; it kinda gives me a high here. But, you know what, I want to touch you now. Cling to me tight, boy, with your arms and legs, I’m going to pick you up” I was raised off the bed, hanging onto Henry’s body, clutching it, like a baby gorilla in the intimate bodily care of his silver-back Dad” “Good, I like that, my baby monkey-boy” His hands, which had been stroking my torso, went round to my back, then descended, grazing the small, to my boy buttocks, cupping them, softly at first, then more firmly, finally gently squeezing my young cheek-flesh there. After several squeezes, I felt him starting to pull them gently apart, separate them, exposing my boy-crack to the air. Then a finger or two could be felt, cruising lightly up and down my crack, always skipping right over the point where the crack became an opening. “Relax your butt, boy, in my hands � you’re secure here; I’m not gonna let you down. I want you to let me find something there, in your boy-bottom; you’re gonna let me touch that sweet honey-hole of yours.” “Hmm, yes, Sir, please do. I think I’ll like that.” In fact, I already knew I was going to like it. Several years before, when around 11, maybe 12, I’d discovered my hole, started playing with it in the shower, drawn back to it again and again, every time I showered, by how lovely it felt to lather tenderly, then cleanse, rinse with warm blasts from the shower-head. And, what’s more, right at that moment, it suddenly seemed fun to keep that little bit of my anal history from Henry for now, to play just slightly dumb, pretending I didn’t even know what my `honey-hole’ was, let alone that it could be messed with, with, as it turned out, pretty intense pleasure for both parties. But I’m getting ahead of Kent’s story here. When Henry offered to “find something” for me in my bottom izmit sınırsız escort that day, no one had yet touched me there, ever, except, of course, myself. His finger began, gradually, to establish contact with my hole, grazing over it ever so lightly. Still, the first time that happened, my body convulsed with the shock of being touched there, without warning. “Hmm, that disturb you, boy, in some way? How does it feel?” “Very surprising, Sir; I guess I was not ready for that.” “Do you like it?” “I do, Sir … just caught me off-guard” “I see; you’re a sensitive boy in that area, maybe” “Yes, maybe” Having given my boy-anus a short breather, his finger grazed over me there, in the same spot, a second time. I found I could not stifle a whimper, it felt so delicious. “Yes, you’re sensitive, I see, Kent” “Hmm, I guess so. Is that a bad thing, Sir?” “Not at all, boy. It’s what your Daddy is going to make of it, ok?” “Yes, Sir. I’m in good hands, Sir?” “Always, boy. You’re always in good hands with me.” With the pad of his finger, Henry undertook a couple further grazings across my boy-hole, each followed by a quivering throughout my body, a spasm of pleasure, and/or a whimper from my throat. “Hold tight now; I’m going to set you back down on the bed.” As my back felt the bedclothes again underneath it, his tongue returned to my mouth. I sucked it hungrily. “Sir?” “Yes, boy?” “I liked the way you touched me just now. It was beautiful.” “Alright, boy; we’re gonna get back to your honey-hole soon. Kiss me again now; lick my lips, my `stache and my goatee for me. I want them soft and moist for your boy-hole.” After I’d licked all around his mouth area, his chin, he asked me to put my tongue up his nostrils, lick his nose-hair. Then, spreading my legs wide, he got down on his knees on the floor, kissed my inner thighs on both sides, and then proceeded to demonstrate exactly why he called that there a `honey-hole’. He ate my boy-anus, probably for about twenty minutes, starting by licking it, over and over and over, then dragging his `stache and goatee across it, first the smooth way, then the bristly way, urging me, “Open for me, boy” “Hmm, I’m trying to, Sir” After tonguing it for some time, he started to suck on it, ever so gently. There were constant reminders to “Relax, boy, loosen yourself up for me; open it out”. He turned me over, raising me to all-fours, then pulling my body back towards him, so he could eat me out easily from that angle. Again, in that position, there was more, gentle sucking of my hole, but each suck seemed to last longer before his mouth left my hole. It felt like he was trying to coax something out of me � my muscular tightness, perhaps, wanting me to release that, give it up, just let it go. “Your honey-hole, boy, is for releasing, getting rid of things you don’t need; you understand that, yes?” “I do, Sir. I understand its function” “Well, what I want you to release now is your tension, any tightness you still feel down there. We won’t need that for what we’re gonna do next.” “I’m trying, Sir” “Yes, I know you are. Without tensing up in the least, I want you to try even harder for me. Let your honey-hole blossom here for your Daddy” Not sure what he had in mind, I still wanted to do his bidding. I pushed out some, thinking that might relax me. “That’s it, boy. Push out, give me more to suck on, lick.” It almost felt like I was on the toilet, but much, much better … His mouth glommed onto my anus, I pushed out for him into his mouth. “Atta boy, that’s what I need” When I pushed out, I felt his tongue get in further. Since that felt so good to me, I pushed and pushed, as much as I dared. “You doing good there, boy, pushing out for me. That’s what we both want” Finally, he turned me over again, on my back, spreading my thighs wide, coming up off his knees to place his huge purple penis-head at my hole. It had a slippery, kind of slimy feel; he’d been precumming, I guess. “Boy, you want me inside you now?” “Daddy, you’re so big; you may hurt me” “I won’t so much, if you open yourself for me” “I’m trying to, but I’ve never done this before” “Not to worry, son; Daddy will take your honey-hole cherry sweetly” “Hmm, I hope so!” Henry started to wedge his penis, gently, into me. I did the best I could to open to him. “Uuuu, Daddy, you’re so big, SO big” “Big Daddy is good for you boy; you need to learn to take me.” “I want to, Sir. You will be good for me” Slowly, deliberately, Henry worked his cock-head into me. “I’m hurting, Sir … ouch! … hmmmm” “Bear with me, boy. You’re going to love it” I bit down hard on my tongue, so I wouldn’t cry out, letting Henry know how much he was hurting me. It was painful, but I also knew, it was good for me. If I could get through this, adjust to him, his girth, then I felt he could have me anytime he wanted. Henry pushed forward, and somehow, I managed to yield to him, somewhat. His cock-head made its way into my sphincter, and, somehow, from the excitement of getting himself, at least his cock-head, into my honey-hole, Henry just cummed. I felt him, spasming, right inside my anus, on the other side of my sphincter. There were six, no seven, no eight spasms. He was emptying his testicles into me, delivering semen, just not very far inside me, this time. “Umh, boy; you made me cum!” “Was it ok, Sir? How did it feel?” “It was lovely, son. Thank you.” “Any time, Sir. You are welcome.” He withdrew his cummy penis, asked me to suck it. I bent down, my hole numb with the pain, and took it into my mouth. “Lick it clean, boy. Everything you find there is yours” My tongue swirled around and around his cock-head, lapping up everything there was to be found there. “Suck on my slit, boy. There’s more cum to be had in there” Indeed there was. I found several gouts of cum still waiting for clearance in his cock-slit. I sucked them out and swallowed. “Good boy!” Henry turned me over on my back next to him, lifted his head and then went down on my penis, devouring it in one gulp, my 6.5- incher knocking on the back of his mouth. I think I lasted about thirty seconds, before giving up my boy-load to his oral suction. He sucked me totally dry, gulping me down, til I had no more for him. “How was that, boy?” “Hmm, Sir, you’ve emptied me, cleaned me out. I may be empty at the moment, but I fill up again quickly” “I bet, boy. We still have time here. Let’s take a break, then play some more, shall we?” Yes, Sir!”

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