The Shrekening Or Swamp Juice


“So, Blake, if you could fuck any of the Disney Princesses who would you pick?” Chris asked before taking a large chug of Surge and burping.These were our usual school lunch conversations. It was always full of ‘would you rather’ or ‘if you could’ or ‘have you ever.’I had the answer on the tip of my tongue and barely stopped myself. No way was I going to say that I wouldn’t pick a Disney Princess, I’d pick Shrek. I felt myself harden a little at the thought and hoped they didn’t notice. I knew I wouldn’t be able to live that down so I blurted out, “Jasmine,” instead.”Good choice, my dude, that scene with her in chains gets me every time,” James said with a chuckle before saying that he would pick Cinderella and not let her go home at midnight. “Her clothes would be in shreds anyways once I got done with her,” he said high fiving Chris who then picked Ariel. His reason was simply, “Seven Vaginas.” It was a frequent back and forth, but for whatever reason Chris insisted that mermaids were somehow hiding seven vaginas in their tails.Night after night I had dreams about Shrek taking me in his big burly muscular arms and raw pounding me like the savage underrated prince he was.I called these dreams the Shrekening and I always woke up with my belly covered in cum wishing for a reality in which this could happen. But ogres weren’t real and I wasn’t Princess Fiona, although sometimes I dressed like her and dry-humped my giant Shrek plush with furious abandon. The closest thing to it was a guy at school who burped and screamed about nerds and looked like he should have graduated about ten years ago, or so I thought.The clock read 11:11 pm and I closed my eyes tight and made my wish. So far birthday candle wishes and shooting star wishes had failed me but like Walt said, “You gots to believe in magic or something.” Actually, I can’t remember exactly what he said but it was something like that.So a few days later when I was walking home from school taking my usual cut through the woods and heard, “GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!” I jumped out of my skin. At first, I thought Chris had followed me and was playing a trick on me but the voice was far too deep to be him.”What?!” I stammered and looked around me. To my surprise, there actually was a swamp that I hadn’t remembered being there before and a hut with a thatched roof. Looking out the window of the hut was a big scary green monster face that startled me.”You heard me… I said get,” the big green man said firmly from his place at the window.Despite his stern conviction, I didn’t move. I couldn’t if I wanted. My legs felt like heavy jelly-filled weights.And when he got up and started coming towards me I realized he wasn’t just a green man, he was an ogre. I gave a girlish squeak of terror and everything went black.When I woke again he was leaning over me. “You hit your head kinda hard. I didn’t mean to scare you, I’m just a hermit ogre… not really used to being around people… “His voice was more gentle than before and he didn’t seem like he was going to rip me into shreds any more.”Are you Shrek?” I asked my voice isvecbahis filled with obvious confusion.His big green head tilted a little as he looked at me with a slightly bewildered look on his face.”Who’s Shrek? My name’s Charlie. I just moved here last night after I broke up with my boyfriend. He got the swamp but the joke’s on him, I made a new one,” he said with a chuckle.”Oh, I’m sorry about that.. breakups, uhh, they can be hard…” I said even though the only break up I had was way back in the third grade all because I didn’t give her the posters out of my tiger beat.Realizing I hadn’t introduced myself I awkwardly mumbled, “Uh, my name’s Blake by the way.””They sure can be, but hey, where I’m from ogre ass comes and goes but I will miss my Merry Mushroom tea set. That thing was a bitch to find and complete.””Damn, your world sounds pretty nice. I’ve always had this fantasy about having dirty raw passionate sex with an ogre,” I said before I could stop the word vomit.My face was burning and turning bright red. “Oops… sorry, I didn’t mean to be so blunt… I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed.”I don’t know what I expected him to say because I couldn’t really think at the moment but what he said shocked me and made me throb more than ever before.”That’s good because I’ve always wanted to hard fuck a nice twink ass. In my world, all you can do is get on Swamphub. There aren’t exactly twink ogres.”I looked at him sweetly, batting my long eyelashes at him. “Can I be your rebound twink?”My heart fluttered in my chest and I felt a warm dreamy feeling coming over me. I couldn’t believe I was sitting on this sexy ogre’s bed flirting shamelessly with him.I wanted him to throw me down like a WWF wrestler and make me submit to his monster cock before drenching me and filling me with his swamp juices.I once had a Shrek Hostess Twinkie. It was filled with a green creamy filling instead of the usual white and instead of biting it I sucked it all out and I wondered if ogres had green cum. Now I was finally going to find out. It was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.”I’m pretty hungry and you look like a total snack,” he said matter of factly before leaning in to kiss me.His giant lips crushed against mine aggressively, his huge snake-like tongue dominating my mouth as it shoved inside almost choking me and practically forcing me to deep throat it. ‘If his tongue is this big then his cock is going to completely ravage my virgin hole,’ I thought anxiously before moaning into his mouth.I closed my eyes tightly, hoping this moment would never end, as I sucked on his giant tongue and tried not to cum right then and there.His huge hands were pawing at my clothes, ripping them off me savagely. I could hear the material tearing and shredding. I kicked my Converses off letting them fall with a thud to the floor. Then he finally completed undressing for me, quite clearly enjoying my adoring eyes as he revealed more and more of his muscular body.I almost gasped when my eyes glimpsed his gigantic cock. It was bigger than my arm and thicker than both my legs isveçbahis giriş combined and bulging with veins. A little bit of drool ran down my chin.”Like what you see?” he asked in a husky lustful voice.”Jesus fucking christ. I love it but I don’t know that it’ll fit inside me,” I said, the last part a bit sadly.”You gotta have faith,” he said before winking.”George Michael?” I asked with a smile.”Hell, yes. George Michael’s my jam.”I felt a big goofy grin spreading across my entire face.”I want your sex,” I said, feeling pretty proud of myself for remembering another George Michael song.He moved over closer to me and without warning scooped me up like a sack of potatoes and spun me until I was hanging upside down. I let out a loud moan and then a groan of instant ecstasy as I felt his big tongue begin to probe my tight puckered ass. It was unlike anything I had ever felt.I strained and stretched my neck in order to reach his cock, both my hands gripping it, and yet still unable to fit all the way around it. There was no way I was going to be able to get this into my mouth let alone my ass.I stroked and slowly began running my tongue over his throbbing cock, leaving a long glistening trail as my tongue dragged over one of his many bulging veins. His tongue was hot and wet as it slobbered and licked my ass causing me to moan and convulse a little. Just this was almost enough to send me into some sort of cosmic pleasure overdrive.His tongue probed and somehow worked its way inside my ass, causing me to writhe and twist, but luckily he was holding me firmly as he began to devour me from the inside.His tongue stabbed and thrust hard and deep inside me, so deep that at one point I thought I could feel it in my stomach.”Oh, fuck… ” I moaned loudly as I continued to bathe his cock with my tongue, running up and down and circling the giant bulbous mushroom head, flickering against his pee hole then sliding inside of it.I heard him groan from inside me, his tongue lapping in an almost furious frenzy.I could taste him now as his delicious pre-cum began to fill my mouth, but his amount of pre-cum was more than my completely full-blown explosions. I was amazed and more aroused than I had ever been in my entire life as I swallowed, feeling his hot molten cum run down to the back of my throat.Then I remembered that I had wondered if he would have green cum or not, so I moved my mouth off and looked. To my surprise, it was the same colour as mine.His tongue slowed its jabs as he slowly pulled his tongue out of me, leaving me with an instantaneous empty void that needed to be filled by DILF or OILF cock.I didn’t care now how painful the intrusion of his fat ax-like cock was going to feel. I needed it, I wanted it. I had waited for it and I was going to fucking take it even if was the last thing I did.I felt one of his rough fingers teasing across my ass causing it to twitch and pulse. “I think you’re ready,” he said with a lustful grunt.He spun me around again, this time positioning me so I was straddling his cock. I closed my eyes as I felt the monster isveçbahis yeni giriş lining up and rubbing against my ass and took a deep breath as he began to push and thrust trying to work it in then groaning in frustration and sounding angry as he tried and failed to get his cock inside me.I was crying a little, tears pouring down my face, shaking and sweating nervously. Each failed attempt filled me with sharp searing pain.”Maybe we should stop,” I said sadly, feeling like I had just arrived at Disneyland wearing my Mickey Mouse ears and got told that they were closed for maintenance.He grunted even louder and was starting to lower me back down to the ground when he suddenly stopped.”One… More… Try… ” he said. “Close your eyes and imagine you’re a train tunnel who has no purpose other than to let the train drive through it.”I closed my eyes tight and bit down hard on my bottom lip and imagined Thomas the Train driving through my tunnel.Suddenly I let out the loudest scream of pleasure and pain in my entire life as I felt myself being split almost in two as he drove his big cock deep inside me. I couldn’t believe his train analogy had actually fucking worked. ‘Ogres are magical creatures’ I thought to myself as he began savagely hard thrusting and groaning, I watched as big veins bulged in his temple as his hands lifted me up and then rammed me back down.”This is the best cunt I’ve ever felt,” he growled as he continued to ravage me.”Oh fuck, Charlie,” I moaned as his dick hit my prostate repeatedly like an angry jackhammer.My cock was twitching like crazy now, precum was spilling out of me like a river, I had never seen so much of it.”Fuck me… Charlie. Fuck… me hard. Fuck me until you kill me. Fuck me until you flood my guts with your hot swamp juices. Fucking breed me… you hot ogre bastard.”I couldn’t believe the words that were pouring out of my mouth as he slammed harder. At one point I thought his cock was going to come shooting out of my mouth it was so deep.My ass was clenched tightly around his cock as I began to squeeze and release, wanting to milk him, wanting to feel what it was like to have my insides completely painted with his cum.”Take it harder you twinky little fuck slut,” he snarled’Holy fuck, Charlie is a total beast,’ I thought to myself as my eyes began to roll to the back of my head and my cock began to twitch and pulse more than ever before.”Cum for me you sexy pussy boy,” he said while gripping my hips harder and harder practically breaking them as he impaled me onto his cock, I could feel him pulsating and throbbing inside of me, feel every detail of his veins, it was so intense.His words and the feelings were more than I could take as my cock began to erupt like a mayo volcano, with grunts and groans melting into animal-like screams and roars of raw sex and aggression as he began to shoot rope after rope of thick hot cum deep inside my ass and stomach. There must have been an overload of it because it suddenly came spurting out of my mouth.I must have blacked out because when I opened my eyes again I was back on his bed and the rich aroma of spices filled the air. I looked over to see him stirring a big kettle and was about to ask him what’s for dinner when he suddenly turned as if reading my mind and said, “Ass isn’t the only thing I eat.”  

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