Subject: Sins of the Father – Chapter 12 This story contains consensual sex between adult males. Please be warned if you are under age or find this sort of material offensive. I retain the rights to this story and cannot be used or published without my consent. Thanks to Nifty for giving me the platform and means to share my first attempt at writing to you. Please donate to help pay for this service Please share your thoughts @ ail Chapter 12 I looked at my dad in disbelief, mouth open-jaw dropped, “Wow!” was all I could say. “Not wanting to sound like a brad, but that was nearly as hot as everything happening to us the last few days!” I told my dad. He smiled, “Nothing can ever be as hot as we have!” he told me and then yawned. I caught him looking at the wall clock and I looked as well. It was nearly midnight. I suddenly felt a little tired but I had so many questions. “The James you talked about, is it the same James that was here this morning?” I asked him. My dad nods, “That was the same James!” he said, another yawn. “I think is time we go to bed, tomorrow is a working day and there are a few things I need to do that I have neglected these last few days.” He stood up, throw the empty beer bottle in the bin and then look at me, “You ready?” he asked me. “Did something happen between you and James as well?” I asked him as I stood up. He smiled, “That is a story for another day!” he said and walked out of the bar area. I followed him protesting, “First you couldn’t wait to tell me about your past, and now that I am hooked you don’t want to tell me!” I said as I followed him into my room. He stops next to my bed and turns to face me, “What would you want more, me telling you about James or me fucking you before we go to sleep he asked me!” those big brown eyes filled with lust. Well, it wasn’t a very difficult decision to make. Minutes later we were in bed, his cock deep in me as he deposited yet another load of his creamy cum deep in me, spooning me, holding me tight against him we drifted off to sleep. My mind was filled with everything that had happened that day and everything my dad told me about him and his granddad and Max. My thoughts spilt over into my dreams. I woke up a few times during the night, my dad’s arm still firmly around me holding me tight, making me feel safe. Load noises woke me up the next morning. I was laying on my side looking at my alarm clock it was already past eight in the morning, the sun streaming in through my bedroom window. I turned on my back, stretching out when it hits me. My mind flooded with memories of the previous day and night and suddenly realised that was I was alone in bed. There were a few moments I thought that it was all yet another dream, but my tender ass quickly reminded me that it was no dream. A smile washed over my face as I just laid there letting my mind remind me of everything that happened. My dad’s voice in the hallway brought me back to reality and I quickly jumped out of the bed, he was talking to Meriam and Sophie, I quickly got dressed and walked out of my room to find everyone in the kitchen. Everything seemed so much lighter and happier than it usually did since my mother had died. “Morning Champ!” my dad greeted me, he was dressed in tight-fitting jeans that showed off his bubble ass and gorgeous crotch. I had to be very careful not to stare, He had a button check shirt on, and as usual, the top few buttons were unbuttoned exposing his hairy chest. God, he was such a handsome man. I also immediately noticed that he called me champ and not the stud. “Morning!” I greeted him friendly, “Did you sleep okay?” I asked him. He gave me the best smile he could, “The best sleep I had in years!” he said. Meriam was doing the dishes saying that she is so happy that we had people over and Sophie was making me a cup of coffee. “Listen, while you were catching up on your beauty sleep, Miriam, Sophie, and I had a little talk. They will stay and help us with the party on Wednesday and then they will be off until next year!” my dad said, “I am sure that the two of us will be able to keep everything clean until they return!” I look at Meriam, “Sorry about the dishes, I was going to clean them but then dad and I got talking-“I wanted to apologise but she interrupted me. “You do not have to apologise, it is nice that there were people here like in the old days!” she said, looking at me and my dad, “Miss Tina will be very happy knowing that you two have found each other again!” “Just like we are!” Sophie added, “The house feels like a new place, a home again!” My dad looked at both of them with so much appreciation, “And we have the two of you to thank for that!” he said. They smiled very impressed with themselves as my dad turned his attention to me telling me that I should shower and get dressed. We had to go into town to get some more things for the party the volunteer firefighters nearly drank everything we bought the other day. He added that he have to go and do a few things quickly that I should get him in his office once finished. I just nodded and turn and leave the kitchen for my room. Behind me, my dad left the kitchen to go to his office. As I walked to my room I saw the bed in my dad’s room was made to look like he slept in it the previous night. It made me smile. We had a very special secret only the two of us shared. I had a quick shower and got dressed and exited my room. My dad was in his office on the phone when I walked in on him. His face lit şişli travesti up when he saw me and he showed me to take a seat. I did, my eyes fixed on him as he continued his conversation on the phone. I was in awe watching him, his manliness, and his authoritarian demeanour. How can one man have so much going for him, and how did I get so lucky not only to have him as a father but also as a lover. I was deep in thought, studying him, taking in every inch of him that I never heard a word he spoke to whoever he was talking to. My eyes took in every little detail of his handsome face, the strong jawline, the stubble, the sexy smile, the big brown eyes, god he was a god among men for me. He was my idol. He was the man I aspire to be one day. “Hi, earth to Martin!” my dad said, and only when he mentioned my name did I returned to reality. I look at him blushing, “Sorry-“I said but he interrupted me. “You okay stud?” he asked me he sat up straight on his chair his elbows leaning on his desk. “Yeah, I am fine!” I replied, “I just wondered how lucky am to have a father and –“I stopped for a moment, not sure if the word lover would be the right word, but my dad made the choice for me. “A lover!” he said. I smile, “Yes, I was just wondering how I got so lucky having a father and a lover like you!” I said, “I know that many people might not understand this thing between us, and I don’t care, all I care about is that I have never felt this happy and loved ever before in my life!” I told him. He smiled as he pushed his chair back and stood up behind his desk and walk around it towards me. “Ditto Stud!” he replied as he hold his hand out to me. I took it and he pulled me up into his embrace.” I love you so much!” he said, and then he kissed me. His arms holding me tight I could feel his crotch against mine. I wrapped my arms around him and try to pull him even closer as his tongue danced with mine. It felt so incredible, so unbelievable and I wonder if I would ever get used to the fact that we were now more than just father and son. He was the first to pull free from the kiss, still holding me tight, I could feel his hard cock rubbing against mine he looked me in the eyes, “Fuck it, boy, do you have any idea what you are doing to me?” he said, his eyes alive with lust and love. I smiled as I look up into his eyes, “I think I know what you are talking about because you are doing the same things to me!” I told him, “And I have to admit that I love every second of it!” He leaned down and kiss me once more, “So do I, and that is the problem!” he said as he let me go and walked towards the office door. Left me confused by his word until I saw him locking the door, turning around he looked at me, “What are you doing?” I asked him, “I thought you wanted to go into town!” I asked him. He had a mischievous smile on his face, “Town can wait!” he said as he unbuttoned his shirt. “All I want now is you.” He said unbuttoning his shirt as he walked back toward me. He pulled his shirt off and dropped it on the chair. His hands moved down to his pants and he start undoing his belt. “What if somebody comes looking for you?” I said I wasn’t looking for a way to get out of what was about to happen I just remembered him telling me that we should be careful. Again he smiled, “Trust me no one will be coming!” he said, stopped in front of me, kicking his shoes off and pushed his pants down, my eyes dropped as his belt hit the floor and I saw that massive veiny cock pointing right up at me. The strong scent of his pre-cum oozing from his cock head suddenly all around us. I quickly admitted defeat, there was just no way in hell that anyone could let this moment slop through their fingers. “Damn, that looks good!” I uttered, suddenly very much aware of my throbbing cock, looking back into his eyes, he had a huge grin on his face. “It will taste even better!” he said. Again, how can anyone in his right mind refuse an offer like that? Well, I couldn’t and went down on my knees before him. The strong musky smell drove me wild as I wrapped my hand around his rock hard cock, could feel the blood pumping through those bog blue veins, and could feel it throbbing in my hand as I squeeze it. I heard my dad utter a few moans as I watch more pre-cum oozing out of his cock head. The smell is overpowering, fuelling my arousal. I could never imagine me loving the smell of piss and sweat combined, it was driving me wild with lust. I squeeze it again, more pre-cum oozes out, I just couldn’t get enough of the intoxicating smell of it, I leaned forward, mouth open, I licked my warm wet tongue over his cockhead, gathering up the godly juices he was so generous sharing with me. More moans from my dad felt his hands on my shoulders, “Fuck it stud, that feels so fucking good!” he said as I continued giving his cock a tongue bath, gathering every drop of his salty juices, the taste addictive, giving me a sexual high that I still wasn’t used to. I squeezed his cock harder, forcing more juices out of it. I just couldn’t get enough of him. I opened my mouth wider and suck only his cock head into my mouth, still squeezing his cock, sucking up all the juices I could get. Both of us moaned with pure pleasure, my dad enjoying the warmth of my mouth around his cock head, me enjoying the salty taste of his man juice. “Fuck it stud!” my dad utters through his moans of pleasure, “I know I have told you this before but that mouth was made for my cock!” I sucked more of his beylikdüzü travesti throbbing man meat into my mouth. “Yeah take your daddy’s cock in all the way!” he begged me through his heavy breathing and moans of pleasure. Hearing him enjoying himself, and begging me to suck his cock gave me the confidence that I could do anything, remembering how I had his cock in all the way previously, I was sure that I could do it again. It wasn’t easy, but I was willing to try. There was no way that I was going to disappoint my dad. His pre-cum with my spit had his cock well lubricated, and after a few failed attempts where I nearly gagged, I felt his cock sliding into me all the way, deep throating his cock. “Fuck yeah, stud!” he cried out. His one hand moved from my shoulder to behind my head, holding my head in place as he started to fuck my mouth, with each inward thrust he hold my head in place, pressed against his body, my nose buried in his pubic hair. Then he would fuck my mouth again, both of us moaning and groaning with pure pleasure and ecstasy. Again very vocal, he told me how great my mouth felt around his cock, how I was born a cocksucker and cock worshipper, I just moaned from around his cock as he continued to fuck his throbbing cock in and out my mouth. At that stage my cock was hard and achingly throbbing still confined to the tight jeans I had on, my dad’s breathing got harder and quicker, his moans of pleasure constant, a sign that he was getting close to shooting his load. As much I loved tasting and drinking his man seed I wanted more. My ass was hungry for his man meat, I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to breed me, I wanted him to fill my bowels with his man seed. It wasn’t easy but I broke free from his hold, pulled my head back and let his cock slip from my mouth, taking a few deep breaths. I stood up, he looked surprised even a little confused, “What’s wrong?” he asked, “Why did you stop?” he asked me, his breathing still deep and heavy. I gave him a big grin, “I want you to fuck me!” I told him, “On that table of yours, which will give you something to think of whenever you are in here working!” I said jokingly. His disappointed and confused expression turn to happiness and smiled, “Well Stud, your wish is my command!” he utters, then he kissed me, his tongue in my mouth slurping up the remains of his man juice. As he kissed me I felt his hands on my belt unbuckling it, pulling the zipper down, he pulled my jeans down and freed my cock from its confines, making me moan with pleasure and relief as he took my pre-cum drenched cock in his hand and stoking it. He pulled away from the kiss and very quickly turn me around and push me down on his desk, spreading my ass cheeks with those big hands and he knelt behind me. Shivers shot through my body as I felt his breath on my gaping ass hole and then without warning, I felt his face push in between my ass cheeks. The roughness of his stubble as his tongue licked over my asshole sent waves of electrifying pleasure through my body, making me cry out with lustful ecstasy. He was sucking and nibbling on my ass, his tongue entering my hungry hole now and then had me moaning and groaning like a dog in heat. Then, as quickly as he started he stop, pulling his face from between my ass cheeks, he ordered me to get rid of my shoes. I kicked off my shoes and he pulled my pants down and lift my legs to pull them off all the way. He pushed me down in the same position I was earlier, this time he kicked my legs further apart, spreading my ass cheeks wider open before rimming me once more. “Fuck!” I cried out, “That feels so great!” I was crying out, going wild with lust, my body on fire, as he prepared my asshole with his tongue and fingers. I was so aroused, that I begged him to fuck me. He stopped what he was doing and told me to get up and turn around and face him. I did as I was told. He then cleaned the table and picked me up on the side of the table and told me to lay down, pulling me down so that my legs were hanging off the table. It wasn’t the most comfortable position. But he wasn’t finished. He lifted my legs and lifted my ass a little and I could feel his cock head rubbing against my asshole. Looking down at me he smiled, “Are you ready for your daddy’s cock!” he asked me. The gods know he looks so hot, standing there, my legs in his arms, muscles bulging, and sweat dripping down his hairy muscular body. “Fuck yeah!” I told him. He moved his hips around, getting his cock aligned with my ass. Then without warning he thrust his hips forward, god I nearly passed out his massive cock head pushed my ass lips open, his fat shaft stretching my ass to its limits, filling me up, his throbbing cock brushing up against my prostate, his body slammed hard against mine my ass cheeks. “Fuck!” I cried out, my body flooded with electrifying pleasures, making me see stars, his cock planted in me. My ass muscles clamping down on him, holding him there in place. I could feel it throb in rhythm with my heartbeat, He was so big and it felt so good. “You okay stud?” he asked me. It took me a few seconds to find my voice, “That’s was fucking incredible!” I told him. My body still tingling all over with electrifying pleasure. He smiled and pulled his cock out all the way again. I was about to protest when he thrust his hips forward, his cock penetrated me once more, his cock shaft filling me, cock head colliding with my prostate, more waves of pleasure flooded my body, istanbul travesti more cries of pure pleasure filled the room. “You like your daddy’s cock thrusting into you, don’t you?” he asked me “Yes!” I cried out. My dad repeats his actions a few times had me crying out with pleasure, begging him not to stop. He was the one who stopped what he was doing telling me that he was close to shooting his load. I begged him not to stop, begged him to fuck me and filled me with his man seed. He ordered me to wank myself, he wanted us to cum together. I did as he asked, wanting to please him in any way possible. A few more deep thrusts triggered my orgasm, and my ass muscles milking his cock triggered his. I felt my bowel being filled with his warm cum as I shot mine all over our sweaty bodies. When he eventually stopped shooting he leaned over, dropping my legs, his cock sliding out of me as he kissed me. He had me moaning into his mouth. He stopped the kiss, wanting to know if I was okay. Breathing heavily I nodded, “Yes!” I said, “I wish I could have that cock in me the whole time!” I added. He laughs, “Be careful what you wished for!” he said as he got up and walked away to his office bathroom. He returned with and towel to clean up. While we cleaned up and got dressed, he asked me if I would okay stopping by Uncle Dirk’s restaurant and having some dinner before returning home. He wanted to ask Uncle Dirk about the side dishes for the barbeque we were planning. “Sure!” I answered He stopped what he was doing and look at me, “You don’t seem happy about it!” he said. I smiled, “I am fine, I promise!” I told him. “But?” he asked me, he knew me too well. I took a deep breath, “I need to tell you something!” I told him. “What’s the wrong stud, no more secrets?” he said, all his attention focused on me. “Well, yesterday while barbequing and Jonathan told me about his sexual escapades he told me something that kind of shocked me.” I told him, “He told me that Uncle Dirk told him that he would love to fuck me!” My dad gave a big sigh of relief. “Shit stud you scared me, I thought it was going to be something bad, something serious!” he said. I frowned, “It is something serious!” I said, “Did you know that Uncle Dirk was into men like us?” My dad was quiet for a few seconds thinking of an answer, “Remember!” I said, “No more secrets!” He look at me, he had a worried expression on his face, “Yeah, no more secrets!” he said, taking a few breaths, “Uncle Dirk and I sorted had sex a few times since your mother died. In my defence, I was hungry for some man on man action and he was more than willing to help me out! “He said. I was speechless, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Did you know about Jonathan too?” I asked him. “That he was gay or that he and his stepdad is sort of in an open relationship?” he asked me. “Did you have sex with Jonathan?” “No!” he answered. “Wow!” I said shaking my head, trying to process everything I have just learned. “How am I going to handle this thing with uncle Dirk?” I asked my dad, trying to change the direction of the conversation. My dad continued getting dressed as he answered me, “It’s easy, if you like him and want him to fuck you then let him!” my dad said. I stood there, shocked, frozen, “Are you serious?” I asked him a little angry and hurt by his answer. “Will you be fine knowing that your friend fucked me?” My dad stopped dressing and look at me, “Honestly no!” he said, “But I can’t keep you from living your life. I had sex with many men in my life, I have experienced and learned so many things from so many wonderful men and many of them are still very good friends of mine. All those men and all those encounters made me the man I am today. Stud like I have mentioned yesterday, you are a little bird learning to fly, you still have so much, to learn, to experience, to see. I wished that I could lock you up and keep you all to myself, but that will be wrong and very unfair of me. You need to experience life so that you too can find your place in this world. All I can do is to provide you with that freedom and hope that you will always fly back to me . . . and if you do find someone special to you, he must know that you are part of the package deal.” He took me in his arms “So please go out and live your life, all I ask is that you will always be open and honest with me!” I was shocked by those words, “I don’t know how to respond to that!” I told him. He hugged me tight, “You don’t have to respond to that!” He said, “Just remember that doesn’t matter what happened that I will always be here for you!” I look up into his eyes, “And what if you meet someone?” I asked him. He smiled, “I am a package deal, it is us or nothing!” he said. That made me smile. “Well, then the same applies to anyone who might be interested in me!” We got dressed and left the office. I went to the car as my dad went back to the house informing Meriam and Sophie that we will not have dinner at home. On our way into town, I asked my dad to tell me more stories about his childhood and mentioned James. My dad looked at me and I could say with all honesty that he looked worried, “Why are you so interested in James?” he said, “Do you think he is better looking than your old man?” I smiled, “Jealous?” He nods, “He is not Jonathan, of course, I’m jealous!” he said. Laughing I said, “Well, he is good-looking!” I admitted it, “But he is not you!” My dad shook his head, “I am only joking, James, is a very good-looking man and an even greater person!” he said and then seriously, “He was the first one I had feelings for before Max and I found each other.” “Seriously, how?” My dad looked out onto the road as he starts to me about his adventures with James.

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