The Siren Sisters


Kathy stood outside the hotel restaurant waiting for her friend. Kathy was dressed sexily if not provocatively since she had to return to the office this afternoon. Black Skirt ending mid-thigh, purple silk browse showing her cleavage an opal on a gold chain nestled between her breasts drew a man’s eye to a part of her anatomy she was proud of, a perfect pair of natural C cup breasts, enough to get a man’s attention but not enough to be considered too much or sluttish. Come fuck me shoes finished off her outfit. At the office she cultivated an Aire of desirability but not unprofessional dress, as a legal aide she was often used by the firm to visually please and distract male clients. She was not averse to being eye candy for a good cause. 5-7, fit, busty, great legs and a mane of red hair, she filled the role admirably.

Within a few minutes a town car pulled up and her lunch date and friend Jade stepped out and walked up to her. Jade was a tiny woman in sunglasses, a light-yellow sun dress and a nice pair of sandals. Jade had recently lost her husband Jim to a heart attack. Jade needed some distraction and a reason to go on living and Kat had just the thing.

As Jade reached her, they embraced, in a real hug, not one of those air kiss for show only hugs. They had known each other since college, and she had been Jade’s Maid of Honor at her wedding.

Kat said, “You look good sweetie, better than I expected.”

“Thanks, Kat, and thanks for getting me out of the house. I haven’t been out of sweats in a month.” Jade said. Kat knew she was trying to put on a brave face.

They entered the restaurant and collected their reservation. “Nice to see you again Ms. Cooper.”

“Nice to see you too, Jerome.”

They were seated at a sunny table near the windows overlooking the park.

“All right, spill it. You look much better than you did at the funeral.” Jade’s husband had died suddenly 3 months ago, and Jade had been in mourning and holed up at home since then. Actually it turned out Jim had inherited brugada syndrome, a disease that is like SIDs for adults.

Jade took off her sunglasses to reveal Jade green Asian eyes. The fact that they were slightly red form crying made the green really pop. Jade, whose real name was Anna Maria, named herself after her eye color after being freed from the catholic grammar school her parents sent her too. Her features were Asian and her complexion, slightly darker than a typical Asian was a result of her mixed heritage. Her mother was half Vietnamese and half African American, having been born in Saigon, now Ho Chi Mihn city during the Vietnam war. Her father was Filipino.

She had a lovely round face, short nose and full lips, but Oh those eyes. While her hair was thick, mostly straight and black it did have a little wave to it, the only other trait she had that came from her AA grandfather was an unusually plump ass, for an Asian. While she was a tiny woman she did have what many would call a heart shaped ass.

Jade sighed heavily, “The insurance money is in and the bills are getting paid, but I just can’t get over the fact that Jim, healthy, fit, robust, larger than life Jim, would just die of heart failure at his desk a week after his 40th birthday. It’s not fair! We had plans to grow old together, now I am alone, no kids, an empty house, no prospects, no future.”

Kat asked, “You are being drama Queen. What about work? Have you looked for a job?”

“I let my teaching certificate lapse years ago, I really should have kept up on my masters’ classes and certification tests, but everything was going so well. Jim’s job was good, we were paying off the house, sex was great and life was sooo good. I don’t even know what I want to do. I need some thrills, I need to take a little joy in life. Maybe that will get me back on track”

Katt offered jokingly, “Skydiving? NASCAR? Speed dating? Teaching pre-school?”

Jade smiled then frowned, “Dating? Jim was the love of my life, I will never find another like him. And besides who would want a 35 yo widow lady with no skills.”

“Jade, sweety, you would be surprised how many men you could attract if you decided to stop feeling sorry for yourself and just did something, anything. Set yourself some goals!”

“You’re right Kat, enough of my shit, how have you been?”

“I have been great, I am enjoying the new firm, the pay is about the same but there is a minimum of office political intrigue to deal with, so I am content.”

Jade said, “I have always wanted to ask, how can you afford to live like this?” She said waving her hand indicating the posh restaurant, “On a legal assistant’s salary?”

“Funny you should ask, let me tell you a story.”

There was a pretty woman married to a handsome English college professor who wanted a career of her own so she took some law classes thinking that someday she might try to become a lawyer. The pretty woman decided that being a lawyer was not necessarily for her but sought employment in the legal field anyway because she did well in her classes and understood the law and it’s requirements pretty well.

She landed bahis siteleri a good job. At the firm there was a married partner named Greg, who paid a lot of attention to her. Greg told her that with her physical assets and charismatic personality he would like to groom her for a position in the firm where she would act as a liaison between management and big potential clients. She was interested in finding out more about it.

Greg wined and dined our heroine and one evening at this very hotel after way too many drinks he enticed her to his room and seduced her. She had been feeling distant and neglected in her marriage, so she was more than willing to succumb to his charms. Within 2 weeks of her infidelity another really fucked up event occurred. It was nearing her husband’s birthday, so on a Saturday afternoon she thought she would surprise him at his office with a coffee and a blowjob. When she entered the crowded coffee shop near campus, she was surprised to see her husband sitting at a table with a student, something didn’t seem right, so she faded into the crowd to observe.

The student was male, almost too handsome, and around 20. They were holding hands. The young man got up to leave and then bent to kiss her husband full on the lips. She fled the shop before either of them saw her and headed home. Her life was a sham, not only was she a slut but her husband was gay. Was this karma coming to bite her in the ass for her infidelity? She was nauseous from the emotional conflict raging within her. She didn’t know what to do. Should she confront him? Pretend she didn’t see what she saw? She waited for her husband to get home.

He came home in a surprisingly good mood. When she asked why, suspecting it was his student lover, he told her that something happened that afternoon that made a decision for him that he had been dreading and lifted a great weight off his shoulders. He had seen her fleeing the coffee shop and now that she knew, he felt he could speak and try to set things right. He asked her for a divorce so he could be free to follow his passions, hadn’t she been unhappy in their marriage for the last year? He was sorry that he had neglected her for that long but he just wasn’t interested in being married to a woman any more. She knew from lengthy conversations in bars with gay coworkers that if you were gay, you were gay. No praying it away, no take backs. If being married to a hottie like her couldn’t keep a man on the straight and narrow nothing would. She knew she had to cut her losses, and she did.

During the process of the divorce, she wasn’t all together herself and Greg seeing this took full advantage. Initially he spent more time and energy bedding her, but as things progressed, he seemed to become more emotionally distant. On the day her divorce was final Greg invited her out to ‘celebrate’ that celebration involved anal sex and an envelope with her name on it containing 5 $100 bills.

She stood there shocked while Greg explained that he could not keep things up with her the way he had. His wife was asking questions and he would never leave her since she had an iron clad prenup crafted by her father, one of the named partners at the firm. Greg thought it would be better for her if their relationship were strictly financial and hourly, so he could spend more time with his family. She wanted to throw the money in his face but thought better of it.

She kept the envelope and the next time he called her for her special services she told him alright, but my rate is the same as your billable, $900 an hour. He choked but agreed, the only downside was that he insisted on getting his money’s worth out of her ass. She made a few extra grand in a couple of months but things crashed around them as the ass tried to claim her as a company expense, got caught and the shit hit the fan, his father-in-law insisting that they both be terminated. She got a new job, with an interesting interview. The female partner who interviewed her told her that she had heard some rumors about sexual misconduct with a partner, but she had an otherwise perfect work record and resume. She could have the job with a 10% pay bump if she would consider using her special skill set for the firms benefit, particularly where it applied to new business pitches to European and Asian clients. She agreed.

Through all of this Jade looked appalled. “I am so sorry, Kat.”

Kat replied, “it’s only a story. And it works out in the end, so don’t worry about our heroine.”

Continuing she introduced Lars into the narrative. Lars was a handsome Norseman who owned a cruise line, she told him her story and confided in him that she had enjoyed taking big money for something that she originally did for her ‘friend’ for free. He was looking to the firm to represent them in US ports of call. Lars asked her point blank if she would be willing to spend some time with him on a short cruise to get to know their business. She agreed, he was very handsome and virile.

They left for a three-day segment departing from Miami and flying back from San Juan. Lars treated her like an honored guest and after bedding canlı bahis siteleri her asked if she would be willing to entertain one of his Japanese investors for him. They started with karaoke and ended in the presidential suite. Both Lars and Nakamoto proved to be attentive lovers interested in her satisfaction. With an extra $2k in her bank account she was hooked and launched her side business.

The way it worked out was, Lars would book her on a cruise, checking first that the firm would allow her time off. While on the cruise, she would entertain certain friends of his, the rest of her time was hers to enjoy as she wished on the cruise. She set her rates at $1k an hour $5k overnight, untranslated French was a standard service, but condoms must be worn for all other penetration, vaginal or anal. She made a mint on the first couple of trips using her spare time to work out in the gym to offset calories from the great food and did some work remotely for the office.

On the third cruise she had more time on her hands so she socialized more and found a lovely young internet guy who ended up booking her for an hour but after she sucked his soul out through his dick, begged her to stay the night. She sucked him and fucked him and left him a very happy man after breakfast. She built a website for her services and built up a nice list of clients via word of mouth. She made sure she got to know the head purser and the heads of security on the ships she frequented and tipped them in trade to guarantee their full cooperation. Everyone working on board treated her like a VIP. Things went so well that she had to think about quitting her job at the law firm because business was so good, but she needed that w2 to file taxes, even if she did declare the bulk of her income as ‘consulting’ income.

“So, Jade? What do you think? Is our girl a brilliant businesswoman or a filthy disgusting slut?”

“I suspect I know this heroine and she has always been a great friend and loyal, so I am going with brilliant businesswoman who fancies herself a courtesan. Why are you telling me all this?”

“Can’t you guess? It may be too soon, but I could really use your help. Think about it, I have a trip scheduled at the beginning of next month, maybe you would like to join me for a change of scenery. Let me know if I should ask Lars to reserve you a ticket?”

“Can you let me sleep on it?”


After lunch Jade did a little shopping in the area wishing she could afford some of the nice things she looked at in the posh shops.

Having trouble sleeping with Kat’s story on her mind she decided to get out her vibrator and masturbate. Thinking about Kat’s story got her a little bit wet even if she did think the whole concept was a bit twisted and more than a little dirty. She had always gotten extra excited when she had done ‘Dirty’ things with her husband. She tried to remember what it felt like to have Jim’s tongue on her pussy, his fingers in her, his cock in her. She tried to remember how his cock smelled, tasted and felt in her mouth. In the end she had to hold up his picture on her phone to relive the good times properly. As her excitement and passion grew Jim’s face was replaced by a handsome Swedish looking chiseled hunk who looked very much like the actor Dolph Lundgren. She had her first orgasm in months, and it was good. 2 more followed before she drifted off into a spent dreamless sleep.

In the morning she woke up thinking about whether she could do this. She had always liked sex with her husband but had only been with two other men, she did like sucking cock and her husband told her she was good but then she thought, wasn’t a husband obligated to say that?

Finally, she realized that this was giving her something to look forward to, a goal as Kat had said. With butterflies in her stomach, she called Kat and said, “I thought about this all night, I’m in!”

Sounding elated Kat said, “I am so glad! I love you. Let’s go shopping this weekend for clothes for you for the trip.”

Kat suggested they meet near the restaurant again and shop in that area. Kat had the firm driver pick up Jade and then drop them at their destination. “Thanks Tony” Kat said handing him a $20, “We will cab it home.”

“No problem Ms. C. I am taking some partners to the airport next, I should be back down town in a few hours. If you want, call me I am being paid for the day, no trouble driving one of my favorite ladies.”

Jade was amazed. “How do you do that?”

Kat said, “Easy, kindness, good tips, and in a few rare cases a nice blowjob.”


“Not yet, but I have thought about it.”

They started out at Victoria’s secret. Every woman needs lingerie and proper fitting bras. Next, they went to the shop that Jade thought was too expensive for her, they got her a little black cocktail dress, a scarlet evening gown and shoes.

They went to a younger woman’s shop to find some sexy casual clothes, a couple of flattering bikinis and some good workout clothes.

“This is costing a fortune, how can I possibly repay you?” Jade nervously asked.

“Don’t worry, canlı bahis Lars is paying. The only stipulation is that he wants to meet with you on the trip for a sort of job interview. The clothes will be yours to keep no matter how the interview goes.”

Jade wondered about this ‘Interview’, she had a pretty good idea what might be involved, and her pussy started to tingle.

Before they departed Jade was asked to visit Kat’s personal Physician for a couple of blood tests and a physical

***All aboard***

This cruise was to last 10 days, it departed out of Ft Lauderdale circled around the Caribbean and then returned to Florida.

The purser Clive, met them as they boarded. “Welcome aboard Ms. C”

“Clive, didn’t I ask you to call me Kat?”

“You did, Madam, I will try to remember your preference for informality in the future. This must be Ms. Olson?”

“Clive, please call me Jade… please.”

“My pleasure Jade.”

Kat added, “Jade, if you need anything and I am not around, ask for Clive he will take care of you. Clive? Do you have my schedule?”

“I do indeed… Kat.” As he handed her an envelope.

As their luggage was moved to their suite, Kat chatted away. “Jade, I didn’t consult you on this, but I booked us into a suite instead of separate rooms. We each have our own bedroom and bath so it shouldn’t be a problem. I only have two appointments at our suite, and we will try not to disturb you.”

Looking at the envelope, Kat announced. “The first thing on our schedule is meet and greet and dinner with Lars. Later this evening you will have a private interview with Lars in his suite, while I meet with Max the head of security. You will want to wear the red gown to the meet and greet.”

They entered their suite, Jade was impressed. Separate closets and bathrooms. And then they unpacked their clothes. Jade looked excited but very nervous.

Kat walked up behind her and placing her hands on her shoulders began to rub. Jade shivered. Kat asked, “You got this, sweetie?”

“I know, it just hit me all of a sudden that I am committed now. I probably should have told you before, but… my sexual experience is limited to 3 men, Jim and I had a great sex life, but I am not sure what to expect and it makes me nervous, very nervous.”

“Let me make a call.”

She picked up the ship phone punched in some numbers and said, “Beth, is Marco booked right now? No? Can I get an hour for my friend Jade? Great. Let me talk to him… Marco? dear I am here with my friend Jade, she has an interview with Lars this evening, can you help her relax? Great we are on our way.”

“Let’s go, Sweetie.”


“Yes, now, right now.”

The walk to the spa took all of 4 minutes.

At the spa, Beth offered them each a glass of champagne. Marco, a tall handsome Spanish looking man about 30 came out and greeted them, giving Kat a kiss, he asked. “Is this beauty your nervous friend?”

“She is, Jade, Marco, Marco, Jade. Sweetie, Marco is the best just let him do his thing, you will love it”

Taking Jade by the hand Marco asked, “would you like a shower and steam before we begin?”

“Yes, please”

15 minutes later Marco ushered her into his room and holding up a sheet so she could lie face down on the table. Then covered her with the very thin cool white sheet.

“Would you like the standard Swedish massage or the special massage I give Ms. Kat?”

“Well, Kat said I should trust you and let you do your thing so may I have the special massage?”

“My pleasure.”

Marco moved to the head of the table. First he gathered up her luxuriant hair and put it into a small protective paper ‘bag’ to protect it from the oil, next he folded the sheet down to Jade’s hips and began to drip warm oil on her back and shoulders. He used a combination of long strokes and pressure points on her upper back, shoulders and neck to work out some of the tension. His hands were strong, soft, and warm. The pressure he used was perfect, forceful enough to loosen tense muscles but never causing much pain or discomfort. He ran long strokes from her neck down her spine all the way to her tailbone. Jade, exhaled a sigh of total pleasure. He worked the kidney area and the sides of her torso and abdomen.

Next, he asked, “Are you sure you want the full Ms. Kat treatment?”

Jade replied, “This is heaven, please continue.”

Marco rolled the sheet down to her feet exposing her naked buttocks and ass and pussy, clearly visible in the space between her lean thighs.

He oiled up her legs stroking from her hips to her ankles. On the upstroke he ran his hands up her inner thighs just barely grazing her pussy lips as he continued to work her glutes. Jade inhaled sharply and felt some tingling as her pussy began to moisten. Marco did her other leg in the same fashion. Jade had never gotten a massage this intimate at a standard spa. Next Marco went to the foot of the table and massaged her feet pressing deeply into the soles of her feet and releasing tension she didn’t know she had. Finally, he returned to her hips and massaged her buttocks and glutes deeply and her inner thighs. Without conscious effort Jade arched her back to spread her pelvis and tilt her pussy up towards his hands so he could stroke it. Marco chuckled and using a feather touch tickled her labia.

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