The Start of Something New


The movie turns out to be shit and nobody is watching; Daxton is scrolling on his phone, Daren is cleaning up the kitchen, and I’m just staring at the screen not paying attention; a typical Friday evening between us. Dar comes back with a tray of drinks in tumbler glasses. “I thought I’d play bartender. Made rounds of all of our favorite drinks.” He passes me a whiskey sour, a Malibu pineapple, and bourbon; doing the same for Dax who chugs all three down.

I smile, starting with the bourbon, saving the best for last. “Seems dangerous.” His gray eyes meet mine with a devious glint and I know that’s what he’s hoping for. He’s been jittery all day; excited I think, and I wonder what he’s got planned. It has been a while, maybe he’s going to send Daxton on an errand or we’ll sneak off once he’s distracted. Dar sits on the couch next to me so close that I slide into his indent. He takes advantage of the opportunity to wrap an arm around me, trapping my back against his chest. I wonder what his game is with Dax still in the room. I can tell he’s trying to start something.

Daxton eyes us over his phone screen like he knows something is going to happen. He is Daren’s oldest friend and I feel rather affectionate towards him too. He’s hard not to love with his steel-gray eyes always watching you like he’s laughing and ready to share a secret. We’ve shared many flirtatious jokes since he moved in with us almost a year ago. He mediates fights between Dar and me; being both of our confidants. I try not to stare at him, hating that I have a little crush. It’s different ogling a celebrity on TV and eye-banging my boyfriend’s best friend every time he’s in the room with us. He winks at me and I flush, knowing I’ve been caught yet again. Dax clears his throat before he retreats into the kitchen with his empty glasses.

Dar’s breath is slow and even, warming my neck as he nuzzles his nose into me. “Let’s have some fun.” He whispers playfully against me as he nips my shoulder. His words start a warmth in me and I nod eagerly. He pushes my drink to my lips and tips his own back at the same time, his laugh reverberates through me and adds to my excitement. I hear footsteps as Daxton reemerges empty-handed. I try to stand up but Daren clings to me tighter.


I stare at Dax who is watching me playfully. “Let’s give him a little show.” Dar whispers against my ear as he places his hands on my knees, pushing them apart as he slides his hands up, taking my skirt with them. I swallow and squirm, trying to snap my legs closed, and try to twist to look at Daren but he wraps his arm around me tighter.

“Daren-” We’d talked about threesomes and pretended people were watching us but that was always just dirty talk, like whispering sweet nothings in someone’s ear while making love. Once in a while, we left a window wide open but there was always a curtain in the way. Maybe a couple of times we waited until we knew Dax would be home to hear us, but that was just harmless fun. I can feel his grin as he nibbles my ear lobe.

“It’s okay.” He breathes as he strokes my thighs, but stops raising my skirt. “Just fun between friends.”

“I’ve never…” Done anything sexual with an actual audience. My voice trails off and I take a deep breath. “I haven’t done anything like this before.” I whisper frantically, knowing Daxton can hear me regardless. I also can’t deny my interest especially when Daren has seen firsthand how excited I get just talking about being watched or having another partner.

“We’ll start slow.” His left-hand slides under my shirt, finding my left breast. He cups it gently, teasing me over my bra. I swallow, my eyes flicking to Daxton who’s perched on the edge of the couch, leaning forward excitedly, and watching with rapid interest. I can feel Daren starting to grow hard against my back and I squirm again, sliding lower, feeling shy. His other hand continues stroking my thighs drifting higher and more towards my center. He alternates between kissing and nuzzling my neck knowing how much I love hickies. His left-hand pushes my bra out of the way and tugs my shirt up so my left breast is exposed. My face turns scarlet and I bite my lip as I catch sight of Daxton staring at me. I fight the urge to cover myself as I avoid eye contact. Daren pinches my nipples and brings me back to focus. I grab his arms around me and hold on tight, soaking in the comfort of him being right behind me.

“You’re so beautiful, Shay.” Daren sighs as he drops a hand to my panties. His fingers tease me over the cotton and I don’t know if I want more or less fabric between them. I gasp and close my eyes, turning my head to bury it between Daren and the couch. “Eyes open Love.” He instructs, keeping his hand still, waiting for me to follow his directions. I take a deep breath, turning my head and opening my eyes to see Dax staring me down. How many times have I pictured him being the one to watch Daren and me? I never told Daren though. His gray tempobet yeni giriş eyes are full of lust and he looks unabashedly at Daren’s fingers playing with me, taking time to see what I like. I can see how excited Dax is through his jeans and know it’s because he’s watching me and that makes me lose my breath. Daren’s fingers slowly circle my clit applying the slightest pressure. I can feel myself already getting wet and I snap my legs closed.

“Uh-ah.” Daren laughs and spreads my legs further. “Let him enjoy you.” Daren’s fingertips start teasing my clit again in slow tight circles. My breath starts to get shaky. I scrunch my toes and bite my lip trying to stay quiet. His fingers feel so good on me and I want to enjoy it but I can see Daxton’s eyes watching everything I do and it’s distracting. Does he like it? I want him to. Dar’s fingers glide towards my hole stopping just at the entrance, still over my panties. “So wet already.” He chuckles. “You like being watched don’t you?” I shrug, still feeling anxious. “Yes or no?” His left-hand grabs my chin and forces me to look at Daxton.

“Yes.” I murmur.

“Eyes on him.” He demands, pulling the crotch of my panties to the side and dipping a finger into me, slowly circling my hole before pulling out and starting over. My breath is deepening as I bask in the torture. He just teases me never going past his first knuckle. He stops when I start angling my hips trying to make him finger me deeper. Daren raises his wet fingers to my lips pushing them into my mouth. “Taste how sweet you are.” I tease my tongue over him, lapping my juice off of him, while my musk mixes with the remains of the whisky sour. “You’re doing great, darling. How about a reward?”

I peek at Dar over my shoulder, unsure of what I would be agreeing to. Dax licks his lips before sliding off the couch and walking towards me. His gray eyes stared into mine, daring me to stop him. He bends so his head is between my thighs while Daren holds my panties out of the way so he can have a small taste. I let out a huff at the contact, my insides clenching. “How sweet is she?”

Dax raises his eyes to mine before pulling at the waist of my panties. “So fucking sweet.” For once, Daxton doesn’t look like he’s joking; I’ve never seen him more serious and it makes my desire burn hotter. I lift my ass so he can pull my panties off of me before he plunges in full force. I gasp and try to close my legs but Daxton grabs my knees and forces them apart, lapping at me with his tongue, refusing to let me get in the way. “I’ve wanted to taste your pussy since Daren brought you home.” My hands tangle in Daxton’s curly brown hair, and I moan while the heat turns to pressure in my lower region.

I’ve slid down Daren’s chest enough to see his face looming over me, taking in my pleasure. My face flames and I want to feel guilty by how turned on I am by not just another man, but his best friend, but god I don’t want Dax to stop. It was one thing to talk about and imagine having an extra partner, and a whole other thing to have one’s head buried between your thighs. Dax plunges his two fingers into me curling them up. “Fuck.” I gasp, struggling to keep my legs open. Is there such a thing as too much pleasure?

Daren chuckles and moves his hands to my breasts, exposing both of them and squeezing them together. Somehow all of us still being clothes feels even dirtier like we were too impatient to do the most basic thing. Dar plays with my nipples twisting them until there’s a twinge of pain and releasing them before gently rubbing his thumb over them soothingly. I can feel his disjointed breathing as his excitement builds and it only spurs my excitement more. Two pairs of hands-on me are so much better than I’ve imagined. I squeeze my legs together; my orgasm is building too fast, I don’t want to cum I don’t want this to end. Who knows if this will happen again? Daren pushes my legs apart, grabbing me under my knees so I can’t close my legs anymore as he spreads me further for Dax, giving me no choice but to take all the pleasure. I groan as Daxton sucks my clit harder, his tongue dancing over me, pushing me closer to the edge. “Play with your breast, darling.” Daren’s voice sounds gruff.

I oblige by cupping them in my hands and twisting my nipples lightly. “Dax.” My voice sounds breathy as I try to warn him about how close I am. He sits up and I groan my disapproval. His eyes have a wicked glint as he rips his shirt off and pushes his pants to the floor. He sits back in his original spot holding his dick up and ready for me. I peek at Daren over my shoulder unsure of what I’m supposed to do with myself now. Daren pushes me to my feet and gently leads me to Dax by my shoulders. I start to drop to my knees but Daren stops me and pushes me until I’m straddling Daxton. I start to lower myself onto him. He flexes his hips up and grabs my waist slamming into me. I whimper, just happy to be filled.

“Easy, Dax.” Daren tempobet giriş chides and rubs my arms.

He groans and flexes his hips again, his jaw clenching. “You feel so fucking good.” He growls. “So fucking tight.” He tightens his hold on my hips, keeping me in place with a hiss. I lean my hands onto his chest before circling my hips, experimentally, enjoying the sensation of him stretching me. It feels so forbidden; especially with my boyfriend right behind me, rubbing my back. The only thing keeping me grounded is Dax’s fingers digging into me. He feels so much thicker than Daren. I bite my lip while I stare into Dax’s eyes, taking in his awe-struck hunger. I feel my shirt being pulled upward and raise my arms to get it off more quickly, my bra disappears soon after. Daxton’s gaze drops to my breasts and he sits up to take one in his mouth. He bites my nipple and I whimper in shock. He leans back against the cushions and rolls his hips. “Fuck.”

Daren’s hands disappear from my back and I can hear him stripping behind me as I start grinding my hips trying to release the pressure, but Dax keeps flexing and bucking, throwing me off my rhythm and I know he’s doing it on purpose so I can’t cum. “Please?” I whine. “I’m so close.” He stops and gives my hips another squeeze, signaling things are about to get rough. He starts pushing and pulling my hips, setting a frantic pace making my pleasure build fast. I whimper the whole time barely getting enough air between my panting. I throw my head back as I cum surprised to feel Daren right behind me. I sag against him as I ride my pleasure out.

His hands land on my shoulder blades and push me forward slowly so I’m chest to chest with Daxton. I meet his eyes shyly to see him smiling at me. I lean into him for a kiss wanting our new intimacy to last. He twists his tongue with mine and I can taste myself on him and somehow that makes me want him even more. His smooth chin feels like silk compared to Daren’s whisker-covered one. He grabs my face and holds me to him as he bites my lip. I moan as he teases his tongue over my tender lip before he deepens the kiss again. My insides clench and he growls as he thrust into me again harshly. I hear a click and then hear Daren rub something on himself before I feel him behind me again. I lift my head and meet Daxton’s eyes as I realize what’s about to happen. He grabs my arms and kisses me hard enough our teeth clink together. He ends the kiss just as harshly with a bite to my lip.

I feel Daren line himself up and slowly push into me as gently as he can. I cry out and he freezes, holding still so I can adjust to him. Too full. I let my breath out knowing it’s not about to get any easier so I nod that I’m ready. He pushes the rest of his length in carefully. I’m panting trying to adjust to the feeling of being stuffed. Daren’s fucked my ass as many times as he’s fucked my pussy but with them both in me, everything feels extra tight. He groans, bending forward slightly so I can feel his warmth on my back. “You do the moving, darling.” He instructs and grabs my hips. I nod my understanding but don’t move. The guys are panting, both holding still, waiting for me to adjust. Slowly, I push my hips forward, trying to get used to them both filling me up. I moan, feeling almost overwhelmed by the fullness. “Slow.” Daren grunts stilling me with a hand on my lower back. I ignore him and push my hips back surprised by how good it feels to have them both in me. Slowly, I find a pace to rock my hips back and forth to, cautiously.

Daxton reaches down between us and rubs my clit. I moan as I clench my insides, stilling as I tighten up. Both men sharply exhale, enjoying the sensation as much as I am. I keep my pace torturously slow. The pain is almost gone and it’s starting to feel so overwhelmingly good. So full. I cling to the back of the couch using it to anchor myself as I push back into Daren. He groans and brings his hands around to cup my breast. I pick up the pace letting my head fall back against Dar’s shoulder. “You’re so fucking amazing.” Daren grunts.

Daxton flexes his hips up and I gasp. He grips my hips, stilling me as he flexes his hips up again with a moan. I watch him make eye contact with Daren who drops his hands to my hips as well. Then they both start pumping slowly but harshly.

I cry out and dig my fingers into the back of the couch. “Yes.” I hiss as they pick up speed, making slapping sounds with each thrust. “Oh my god.” I moan feeling their different frenzied paces as they thrust into me. “I’m so close.” I try to warn them that I’m building fast.

“That’s right baby, cum for us.” Daxton answers, moving a hand to my clit again. I lose myself bucking between them and lightning flashes behind my lids as I squeeze my eyes closed. I can feel myself scream more than I can hear myself while my hips gain a mind of their own. I slump forward against Daxton still gripping the back of the couch.

Daren pulls out of tempobet güvenilirmi me and lifts me to my feet. “Come on.” He leads me to our room with Daxton in tow. “We’re not done with you yet.” I watch as he removes a condom I hadn’t even heard him open or put on before he crawls onto the bed and rolls onto his back before holding his hand out to me. I take it and let him pull me onto him. I straddle Daren and lower myself onto his dick with a content sigh. He hits so much deeper than Daxton. After the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had I need the comfort of his familiar dick filling me up. I rode him in a frenzy, so sensitive from earlier. I hear the sound of another condom wrapper being opened and my insides clench in anticipation. I meet Daren’s eyes, surprised by how feral he looks. I don’t remember the last time he looked at me with such excitement.

Daren groans as Daxton pushes me forward impatiently. “I’m going to fuck you.” He positions himself behind me while adjusting my hips so they are pressed forward making me take Daren even deeper. “Daren’s not going to move an inch, and you can’t cum, until I say so.” He presses his tip against my asshole. “Understand?”

I nod. “Yes.” I’m so close to being full. So fucking full. He presses into me all the way, not waiting for me to adjust to him. I groan as he thrusts into me, not holding back. He slaps my ass and I know I’m going to have a mark as I yip. He grabs my hips and holds me in place, using me like a toy he can break. I bite my lip starting to feel overwhelmed.

Daren grabs my hands and I lace my fingers through his enjoying how tender he is. He grabs my face and forces me to look at him. “You are so sexy.” He pecks me on the lips, cupping my cheek so I can’t look away, while he moves his other hand to my breasts. I moan as he tweaks my nipple. I can feel my pussy muscles clench around Daren while Daxton goes to town.

“So good.” I pant. “You feel so fucking good.” I don’t know who I’m talking to or if it matters right now. They make me feel so full. “Oh fuck, Daxton.” I whimper. “Please?”

He slaps my ass again and I know that means no.

I’m panting in Daren’s face wrestling with my orgasm and on the brink of giving in. Daren reaches lower, sliding his hand between us and flicking his finger over my clit. “No.” I beg. I’m too close. He doesn’t listen, keeping his circles slow but keeping the pressure firm. “Daren.” My voice sounds so needy I barely recognize myself. “I’m too close.”

“How close?” Daxton rasps, not letting up.

“I’m right there. Please Daxton?” I beg again surprised by how throaty my voice is.

“Cum for us, baby.” I lose myself, throwing my head back and screaming in ecstasy. My hips move on their own accord, meeting Daxton’s every thrust.

“Oh fuck.” Daren groans and lifts my hips, so he can fuck me.

“Oh god.” I whine, feeling another orgasm building fast. “I’m gonna cum.” I mutter lost in the feeling of them stretching me out. I can feel their balls slapping against me and I know from the way their fingers are digging into me that they’re both close too.

“Hold it.” Daxton barks.

I whine and fall forward against Daren. He growls still thrusting into me, driving me to the edge. “I’m right there.” I grit my teeth feeling my pussy clench tighter. Daxton slaps my ass again and I throw my head back with a moan. He reaches around me and grabs my breast and pulls me against him, his grip almost hurts. I rest my head on his shoulder and he bites my neck. “Daxton.” He chuckles.

Daren moves a hand to my clit and I suck in a breath almost losing myself again. “Daren.”

“We’ve got you.” Dar rubs his nose against mine.

“That’s right.” Daxton snarls. “Cum for us baby girl. We’re gonna fill you up.”

I can’t even scream as I topple over the edge. I see stars and when I feel Daren’s dick twitching inside of me as he empties himself; it pushes me further over the edge and I grind against them incoherently.

“You were fucking amazing.” Daren whispers, pressing his lips to mine sloppily.

Daxton nuzzles into me and kisses my shoulder and it raises goosebumps on my arms. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me against him. He nips my ear as his hand travels down my side. He stops at my thigh and grips it, raising my leg into the air. “I’m still not done with you” He whispers.

I gasp as he pushes into my pussy from behind. I rotate my hips getting lost in how good he feels. Daren reaches forward and palms my sex. I feel my eyes roll in the back of my head. Daxton grabs a first full of my hair and forces me to look at Daren. “Tell him how good you feel right now.”

“So good,” I mutter. “I feel so fucking perfect right now.” I moan as he keeps his thrust deep and slow. Daren scooches forward and kisses me, twisting his tongue with mine. Daxton pushes me so I’m on my knees and leaning over Daren.

“You are perfect.” Daxton moans and pushes on my back until I’m flat against the bed laying on my tummy. Then he lays over me. He pushes my hair out of my face before his thrusts pick up the pace. “I’m going to keep fucking you and you have to keep your eyes open and on Daren the whole time.” He whispers in my ears. “If you stop, I stop.” He warns.

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