Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins XC Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. fty/donate.html Thanks to all Nifty Staff for their help. Please remember this Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations may be accurate. Included links are fun. … The interaction of characters will be hinted at not described. The story is told by Jake Roberts A Neglected Boy “The Twins” XC [email protected] Justin was crying as he wrapped his arms around Penny saying . . . . “My dog she’s my dog `Dad’ … I love her!” … … Kyle was being kissed … Oh, dog kisses, not real sloppy ones just lots of kisses and the more “The Twins” giggled and laughed the more the Whippets kissed the rug-rats. Hmmmm, rug-rats and Whippets. For Kyle and Justin perhaps the thoughts of the past few days, the pounding during the storm, then Jabbering sinking, and the cold and wet during our time on the raft will fade quickly now; at least I hope so. Time will tell us how the teens will recover they don’t mention it at all. For Kori the loss of Jabbering is immeasurable. For right now, it was happy times. Kyle and Justin tried walking from the living room to the hall made a right turn and down to their bedroom. Sounds from the bedroom were excitement and laughter. Soon rug-rats and Whippets were back up the hall at a slow trot then back to their bedroom then back to the kitchen at a full out run. Whoa! … … Kori and I in stereo on that one. Ok, time for a talk and some rules and the `big one … Responsibility’ … … Kori got the first few words in and it was more like he was starting a lecture to one of his classes … “Look you guys you wanted dogs and now you have them; your dogs not mine not Jakes not Ethan or Keith’s … yours.”………. ………. I stepped in quickly and told the boys that what Kori was trying to say is that you guys aren’t 5 or 6. Now your big boys and growing up means you have to be very kind and thoughtful to your new best friends. Did you know they say that dogs are man’s best friends? … … Justin and Kyle became serious and were paying attention to every word. I suggested that we all, `everyone’ and that incudes Keith and Ethan, go out to the kitchen and have a family meeting. Wow … big smiles from everyone, even Kori. Ethan and Keith put some grapes on the table and we began with some simple rules about in the house. No running in the house and keep the basement door closed and we’ll get a gate for the top; no broken arms or legs, Right? … … Oh, when I mentioned broken legs the rug-rats became alarmed and it was … “no, no, no `Dad’ no broken legs” It was so funny how the Whippets sat right next to Justin and Kyle and looked like they were paying attention to every word Kori and I said. After a few minutes Silence and Penny began to whine softly and it quickly became Whippet talk “they wanted out”. Perfect timing … next responsibility … leash and take them for a walk and we all know they had to go; we all have to go now and then. Yes, they had to go. Yes, they had to pee. No problem and on the way back to the porch they both had to poop. … I didn’t laugh, Keith and Ethan contained themselves quite nicely. Kori simply handed Justin and Kyle the pooper scooper and took the leashes and held Penny and Silence while Kyle and Justin learned how-to pick-up poop. I wish I had a picture of the rug-rats faces as they tried to scoop up poop for the first time. Looking at Kori … Kyle said . . . . “Dad this is so gross and you never told us we’d have to do this … it smells!”. … … … New lesson, new responsibility. Justin stood looking at it for a few seconds before he said . . . . “Geeeeze, Penny you really had to go n that’s a lot a poo.” That little adventure finished and it was back in the house and snacks for the Whippets and lunch for the crew. Hot out of the oven 2 medium ultimate Pizzas. No, not from Elmer’s Store … https://www.elmersstore/our-story … But two of those you get at Wal-Mart then doctored up with a little extra of this and that. Of course, what makes it awesome is adding a little Colavita olive oil, hot red pepper flakes and graded parmesan cheese; not the cheap kind from a plastic jar … … no, this was the kind you buy in a wedge and grate right on top of the hot pizza. Now on to table training for both rug-rats and Whippets. We know how dogs can be when food is on the table. We know how Kyle and Justin can be too. So, we all agreed that when we eat … … then Penny and Silence have to be in their kitchen beds … is it easy to teach them? It was. … … Oh, it was easy to teach Penny and Silence. Justin and Kyle that was another story. Kori, Ethan, and Keith reminded them about 15 or 20 times not to look at the Whippets and explained that it encourages them to come to the table. Kori and I could just see having Helen or Deputy Morgan over for dinner and the Whippets sneaking a little slice of ham or a biscuit right off their plate. Our slightly late lunch was over and now for some real entertainment. Yes, we have rug-rats, and Whippets but, we also have 10 horses. This is shaping up to be a very interesting introduction. Time for the Penny and Silence and the horses to get acquainted. Kyle and Justin lit up like a Christmas tree and their excitement transferred to the Whippets in nanosecond. I did use the term nanosecond and that was a mistake. Ethan and Keith began to share their education on the subject of `nanoseconds’ … “A nanosecond is an SI unit of time equal to one billionth of a second, …… A nanosecond is equal to 1000 picoseconds or ​¹⁄₁₀₀₀ microsecond. *** Kyle `bigmouth’ looked at Keith and Ethan and said … “showoff teens, whatever” … and he and Silence were out the door completely ignoring another word on the subject of `nano whatever’s’. Out to the barn. Kori and I caught up with the rug-rats and Whippets and devised a plan. We would stand near the east door of the barn while Ethan and Keith brought each of the horses in. Justin and Kyle thought that was a great plan because Penny and Silence could see each of the horses as they went to their stalls. First horse through the pasture gate and into the barn was Fargo, my horse. It was difficult for Justin and Kyle to stand still and as Fargo walked past the Whippets backed up a little. Kori and I bent down and reassured Silence and Penny that this was something fun and good. Next horse in was Da Vinci, Kori’s big boy and we all noticed a slight tail wag from the dogs, perhaps a little tail wag from Kyle and Justin too. Keith and Ethan brought in Sydney and Peter Pan, Justin and Kyle’s geldings and now all the tails were wagging at a good rate. Things were looking good and by the time the teens had Domino, Cinnamon, Goliath, Napoleon, Autumn, and last Lukas’s horse Bolt in not only were the tails wagging but those Whippets were dancing and talking. It was all happy talk. Next step was to close the East and West bottom section kocaeli escort bayan of the barn doors and let the Whippets loose. Kyle and Justin reached down and unsnapped Silence and Penny’s leash. … … What happened next … not what we expected … nope. We thought the Whippets would take off like a shot running down the length of the barn. No, they just stood there. I told Justin and Kyle to get down with Penny and Silence and tell them it was Ok and give them a little push. The rug-rats did just that … and, and………… …………Slowly, so very slowly first Silence then Penny took that first step with extreme trepidation. All the horses were extending their necks and heads to see just what these funny little creatures were doing. Little by little Penny and Silence gained more and more confidence. Ethan and Keith were holding Kyle and Justin in front of them like big brothers do. Kori elbowed my side and nodded toward the teens. It was almost like some kind of mental telepathy between Keith and Ethan but, at the very same time they bent down and kissed the top of Justin and Kyle’s head. The rug-rats just turned and smiled at their brothers. Now the Whippets are really gaining confidence and they were poking their noses into everything. Oh no! … no, no…. the Whippets had made their way to just in front of Napoleon’s stall. … … Keith, Ethan and the rug-rats found this quite funny. Silence had found a little dark brown ball about half the size of a tennis ball in front of Napoleon’s stall. Now we all know what it was as Silence, and now Penny, had to sniff then sniff again. Penny thought this was something to play with as she reached with her right foot and dragged it out a little further. I remember my grandfather’s dogs when they found something quite odorous. Now Penny and Silence have played with this little brown ball and found it to be fragrant, intoxicating and very irresistible. Now the “No, no” part. Oh yes, they did just like many dogs at the beach when they find a dead fish … Yes, they just had to put their little heads right down on it and begin to role and rub all over it. Now Penny and Silence are a light tan or sand colour … and now with slightly darker brown markings. Everyone was laughing. What happens next is that those little mutts, referring to the whippets not Justin and Kyle, start investigating every inch of the barn that is until they reached Goliath’s stall. That horse’s name is correct for more than the length of its … well Kyle was first to notice how long it was. However, in this case it also refers to the fact that he is a big boy all over. He stretched his neck till his nose was nose to nose with Silence and Penny. … … Then …… he snorted … loud … seriously we’re talking a very loud wet snort! Whippets were in a state of shock. Penney came right off the ground and Silence had fallen down and I think pretending she was dead. Then it was off to the races. As Whippets do, they began racing from one end of the barn to the other over and over. Finally, Kyle and Justin stopped laughing and captured the racing Whippets. The rug-rats had their arms around the two dogs hugging them and kissing them and telling them how much they loved them till `Justin’s nose’ came right in contact with one of those dark brown streaks. “Yuk, gross … my dog stinks like s..t” … … `Justin! Language’!! … just about then Kyle got a good whiff … it was a real up close and personal whiff. Four people were in uncontrollable laughter and the rug-rats didn’t think it was that funny. The entertainment wasn’t even close to being over because now 2 kids had to learn how to give a bath to 2 Whippets. Silence and Penny were just about as happy as any two Whippets have ever been or could be. Other than Kyle and Justin learning about how dogs enjoy things with intoxicating fragrances those two rug-rats were now the happiest kids in the world. Life had changed everyone was getting back to normal, even the teens. I mentioned the teens because Kori and I did happen to notice the playfulness and frequency of roaming hands when they thought no one was looking. I’m sure things may heat up later tonight … hmmm … that’s an interesting thought, isn’t it? Tomorrow the plan is educating Penny and Silence with the horses outside and a good ride. For right now it’s educating Whippets and rug-rats in the art of bathing. I just realized why Kori and I insisted on Neil installing that new very large tub and shower combination last year. Yes, it does seem that everyone has enjoyed it at one time or another. The thought brings back many smiles of exciting moments … ~~Antonio, Lorenzo, Kris, Ethan, Keith ~~ … Sorry Kori what did you say? I was off in another one of those moments of reflection. … “Jake, your face is a little red, I think your reflection has had an affect on other `things’ but, don’t you think we should teach Kyle and Justin about bathing the dogs? Kori was right so we dragged the rug-rats off toward the back porch and almost had to drag the Whippets because they were still hunting for more little brown balls. Kyle and Justin already had a plan. Yes, they had a plan and it wasn’t a good one … `No’ using the hot tub to bathe the Whippets isn’t a good idea … so their plan got squashed! Kori and I asked Keith and Ethan to let the horses out and freshen up the stalls while Kori and I educated rug-rats and Whippets. Keith and Ethan were happy to help. It’s always that devilish smile that Keith has that says there may be other reasons for their eagerness to help when Kori and I and the rug-rats are out of the way, so to speak. Ethan said that he and Keith may saddle up Domino and Cinnamon. It would be a good afternoon for a ride down past Peter and Neil’s and to the old apple orchard. That would be good for an hour or two while Kori and I are in deep water with the other four characters. … hmmm, whatever they may have in their devious `teen’ minds it was good to see them smiling. The tub was now half full and Justin and Kyle were trying make a plan about which Whippet would be first in the tub. … … Kori said … “Hey, the tub is huge why don’t you guys just put both Whippets in and wash them together.?” … Kyle and Justin thought that was a great idea but, they had an even better idea………… …………Rug-rats dropped their shorts and t-shirts and were in the tub faster than you can say `lickety split’. … … “Dad, (in stereo) can you put Silence I know the rug-rats were. It was water, strawberry shampoo and Kyle and Justin singing some little song in Korean; I think it was rub-a-dub-dub. Kori and I now having had “The Twins” for some time know when they are about to either do something or have some `great’ idea. We need only to see that expression and depending on circumstances at the time we can be happy or become alarmed at what may come next. This time I think we izmit sınırsız escort both knew what our amazing little rascals had in mind. Yes, we were right. If the Whippets were getting a bath, and the tub was this big why couldn’t they get their bath at the same time. Ok, not a bad idea, we could kill 4 birds with one stone … as they say; well, maybe they don’t say it just like that. Kori and I grabbed 2 large `natural’ bath sponges and soaped them up but, … “no, no Dads” … Kyle and Justin said … “you gots to get in with us”. … Sometimes the rug-rats do have good ideas. Now with “The Twins” and much like years ago with Kori there is just something so special about being in a nice warm bath and holding them. It’s like some very special bond. … Well, `not today’! … Today was none of that bond stuff. Today was all play and mostly about the dogs and definitely nothing about me or Kori. Kori and I had to endure an ongoing lecture about `How to give a Whippet a bath’. It sounded like the rug-rats have been running a grooming shop for about 20 years to listen to them explain this and that. “Dad it’s really important not to get water in their ears” … that was according to Kyle and Justin demonstrated how to correctly wash Penny’s face with a washcloth so not to get soap in her eyes. I think Kori and I nodded our heads in agreement 300 times and shook our heads as much as to say “Oh no, your right that would not be good” 45 or 50 times as we were instructed what we could do and what we could never do when bathing the Whippets. When adding a little hotter water Kori had the perfect opportunity to let Kyle and Justin know they would never have to worry about it because Silence and Penny weren’t our dogs they belonged to “You guys” he said and that it was their responsibility. Well, the reinforcement of letting “The Twins” know Penny and Silence were their dogs resulted in hugs and kisses for Kori and me and we even got some kisses from Silence and Penny too. Tub drain open and then a nice gentle shower to rinse off with. I had the largest towels out that I could find and again there was tons of fun and laughs as the Whippets began to rub, roll, and throw themselves all over the towels. We all found out that Whippets also like to get under things like big bath towels and that became a game. If Silence and Penny can do it so can Kyle and Justin. Then it was even more of a game because if Justin tried to get under the towel … so did Penny. I didn’t know how 90 minutes could pass that fast but it did. We were just coming from the master bath when Kori and I heard 4 boys and 2 dogs simultaneously saying “we’re hungry”. Yes, the teens were back from their ride and, `whatever’, and were starving; clearly the rug-rats had worked up an appetite giving baths to Penny and Silence and a little torture to me and Kori. We had planned dinner for 7 so we had time for a good snack of apple slices with peanut butter then sprinkled with raisins and banana with cinnamon and vanilla yogurt. Kori and I had time for a good cup of coffee and tea. Tea made properly … that’s what Kori said and that refers to the way Jonah taught Kori to make it. I say just boil it till it’s black and Kori says you have to pour boiling water over the tea-leaves. “Who was Jonah again?” asked Justin … and then that went onto Kori and I telling stories about our visit to England with his brother Liam that Christmas so many years ago. Then I had to laugh as Kori went on and on about how Simon would tell Kori over and over not to pour the boiling water so fast. Kori didn’t go into any other details of what he and Simon may have done, tried or learned; but he did have a funny little grin when he mentioned Simon’s name. Picking upon that `funny little grin’ and Simon’s name … Ethan and Keith wanted a little more information … was Kori turning a little shade of red? … … “Dad your face is getting all red, did you pass gas or something?” … asked Kyle. … Justin looked directly at Kyle and said . . . . “Why are you being so polite it’s just us and if `Dad’ farted he farted so what, we all do sometimes?” Keith and Ethan are laughing so hard and Kori now is beet-red. I had just taken a sip of hot coffee and it’s up my nose. The dogs are out of their kitchen beds and Kyle and Justin are just giggling silly at the moment. It was time for a walk or something and that `something’ just happened to burst right through the back door and their names happen to be Lars and Lukas. Kori looking at the two of them said . . . . “Didn’t hear you knock but come right in and help yourselves to some snacks” … … That was an interesting invitation Kori made to Lukas and Lars about helping themselves to some snacks as they already had their hands going form plate to open mouths. These two characters that just happen to live about 1,000 feet, or two pastures lengths, east of us are not only damn cute but also starving all the time. My grandfather would have said they probably had worms. I don’t if they have worms or not but Kori and I agree that they do have an insatiable appetite. We know, like the rug-rats, they are adopted but seriously they are just like younger twins of Peter in so many ways. I had to ask what they were up to … Lars, much like Justin, is the quieter one and Lukas very much like Kyle says just what he’s thinking. His brain is not in gear when his mouth begins to move. So, the answer to my question about `what are they up to?’ got this reply . . . . “Nothin, we got kicked out of the house.” Lukas said … so Kori had to ask “why?” and … Lukas continued with . . . . “Neil said we spend to much time on the laptop and if he catches us looking at that `stuff’ again, he’ll throw it in the trash. But Kori we weren’t looking at that `stuff’ … and anyway I know they just wanted some time to……. never mind, forget it……………” Justin jumped in with … “Hey we gots time for a game of badminton wanna play, and the dogs can play too.” … … Lars and Lukas were all in for that. Ethan and Keith ran and brought the net, rackets, and shuttlecocks. … …. Lars, Lukas, Justin, and Kyle, and dogs were out the door. The 4 tyrants were trying to put up the net poles, yep they were trying. Kori and I were on the way out to help them and were a little surprised that we hadn’t heard a particular `something’. Well, I guess I spoke to soon because at the top of his little lungs Kori and I and anyone within a half mile heard Justin scream . . . . “Keith don’t forget the `cocks’ we might need a few.” …………. Justin knew exactly what he said. He can be quite sly at times and I think that was for the benefit of Lukas and Lars. The giggling and outright laughter started and the net poles were on the ground along with rug-rats, dogs and the other two rascals. The game was on hold while 4 boys were getting kisses and nose pokes of “let’s play izmit anal yapan escort more” from the Whippets. Ethan and Keith helped the boys with the net and net poles while Kori and I held onto Silence and Penny. While watching the teens, rug-rats, and the other young hellions we were discussing what we thought was about to happen when the Whippets were turned loose. Young sight hounds, 4 animated tweens, and shuttlecocks. This is shaping up to be one of the greatest shows on earth. Ethan was giving each of the boys a racket and explaining the rules. Keith headed in the house and returned a minute later with drinks for Kori, me, and Ethan. As we sat watching the show to begin Keith was scratching my back and it felt so good. I think there may have been some hidden suggestion in his efforts. Ethan joined us and the game began and so did the show. Penny and Silence were straining at the leash. They started with a soft whine that progressed to full on Whippet talk. Kyle and Justin said . . . . “Let em go Dad” . . . . we did and the show was now in `Act Two’. That shuttlecock thing never had a chance and neither did the 4 boys as we were about to witness. It was Lukas that had the serve. He threw that little bird up and as it was coming down swung the racket and connected with the bird. It was a perfect center of racket contact and that shuttlecock flew just above the net and directly at Kyle. Penny and Silence were running from side to side as the boys had a great volley in play. … … Score 3 to 3 and it was Justin’s serve. There was lots of name calling and who needed glasses and who didn’t have much eye hand coordination. Same kind of distractions you hear at a little league ball game. Well, Justin was about to prove that wrong and so were Penny and Silence. They had been sitting quietly near the net pole watching that bird fly back and forth over the net but, that was about to change. Justin held the shuttlecock at arm’s length and about head high then dropped it. Slam! His racket, looking much like a pro-tennis player, with lightning speed hit that little bird and it was heading right for Lars. Lars had his racket back and just about to swing when that bird found its way right into Penny’s mouth as she tore off to the west side of the yard. The race was on! The funny thing was the expression on the faces of those 4 boys. They all looked like they were catching flies with the mouths hanging open. Penny was at the end of the backyard and Silence staring her right in the face. Both dogs were in the head down stretched out position teasing each other. Much like some kind of springboard Penny was in the air and it was “off to the races”. Those Whippets at speeds of 30-miles-an-hour raced around the yard with 4 boys trying their best to catch them. Finally, Kyle had the brilliant idea to throw out another shuttlecock. Silence grabbed that thing and shook it like it was a rat and she was killing it. Well, by the lack of feathers remaining on it we all thought it was dead. … She killed it! The game was over. Kids and dogs exhausted. I was thinking `great they’ll all sleep good tonight’. Kori had that look, the devilish one, and I knew what was on his mind and I thought it’ll be fun. Best of all rug-rats will have the Whippets in bed with them so Kori and I will enjoy a little time to ourselves. Kori’s cell buzzed and it was Peter saying to send Lukas and Lars home for dinner. Speaking of dinner, I think as soon as the badminton stuff is put away, we should get our dinner on the table. Tonight, it’s lamb roast with all the fixings. A quick washup and it was time for dinner. Justin and Kyle fixed dinner for Penny and Silence and it was a very special dinner for them. We were encouraged to use Instinct Raw Boost dogfood and we like it and so do Silence and Penny. Tonight, it has plenty of added juice from the roast plus slightly cooked carrots that Kori made just for the dogs. Dinner was excellent and finished off with Boston cream pie and topped with homemade vanilla ice-cream from Elmer’s Store. With everything washed and put away it was a family movie for Kori, me, Justin and Kyle. Keith and Ethan wanted to play `some game’. … Yes, that is correct `some game’ and they wanted me and Kori to believe that. We did believe they were playing with something. The movie was over and it was time for bed and Kori and I had planned a little make-believe story that is was best that the Whippets sleep in their own beds in the kitchen. That story went over like a lead balloon! … Kyle ran to the rug-rats bedroom calling Silence. … I don’t know what was wrong with me to even think to say such a thing. I stood looking at Justin as the tears began to run down his face. He was looking at me with such a sad and hurt little face saying . . . . “Dad, no-no Dad my Penny my bed, please Dad? … I hugged him and tried to explain that Kori and I were just fooling. Now I was crying for hurting him like that. I ruffled his hair and gave him a little kiss then I was told that what `other Dad’ and I had said wasn’t funny and not to joke like that anymore. My last sight of Justin was him trotting off down the hall with Penny by his side. Kori and I were up for about an hour and we did walk over to check the horses and barn. The horses were out in the upper pasture and everything in the barn was neat and clean thanks to Keith and Ethan. We stood at the gate to the upper pasture watching the horses in the moonlight and talked about “The Twins”. We obviously had thought they were back to being their normal devilish selves. We were wrong. Justin and Kyle are fragile. It will be more time and more love, a lot more love. It was a quick shower then check in on Kyle and Justin and the Whippets. They were wrapped around the dogs with Penny and Silence’s heads just peeking out from under the covers. Then it was off to bed for both of us. Kori seemed to be somewhere else. Maybe he was thinking of Jabbering or something in his past. In any case the mood had been changed. I keep seeing Justin standing looking at me with those tears, I think it might be a long night. What Kori and I were thinking a few hours ago on the porch and perhaps a little fun tonight had disappeared. I don’t know when I fell asleep but I do know it’s morning. The sun is up and by the sounds and smell from the kitchen so are Keith and Ethan. Then there seems to be almost sounds of thunder. Well, Kori and I got quite a surprise as the bedroom door burst open and 2 rug-rats along with 2 Whippets flew over the end of the bed and landed right in the middle. Those little brats. I don’t know why but we all can tell you that Whippets love to crawl under things and the covers on the bed were no exception. Penny was first and followed by Silence quickly. They just push their nose under the covers and disappear. I got a hug and kiss from Justin … Kori received the same from Kyle. I think it will be a great day. A Neglected Boy “The Twins” Has been running a long time but, the question is will it continue??? The answer to that question is in the hands of Nifty Readers. Authors deserve your feedback it’s the only payment they get. Take a minute to let them ota

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