The Voice – Chap 5


I was nervous and uncomfortable, but I had to give this a try. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing Michael. Maybe this life wouldn’t end up being for me. But if I didn’t give him a chance to show me this world, I’d regret giving up so easily forever.“Thank you, Jill, for trusting me,” Michael cooed seductively. “Sit in this armchair, darling, and spread your legs open. I want to show Anna what an incredibly sexual being you are.”I took a deep breath. I was trying hard to block out the fact that Anna was sitting on the couch across from me and staring at my naked body.“Anna, doesn’t Jill have a beautiful pussy?” he said, almost bragging like a proud father. I know it was meant as a compliment, but it made it difficult to trick my mind into pretending she wasn’t there.“Jill, I’m going to be in charge of the wand for this session. Just open your mind and your pussy and let me do the rest. I will edge you, and I will force you to come again and again. Anna will be so impressed with how your juices squirt when you cum. Do you have any questions before we begin?”I swallowed hard and decided honesty was the best choice here. “Yes,” my voice squeaked a little, but I cleared my throat and mustered as much confidence as possible. “Would you mind not continuing to remind me that Anna is watching? I find it disconcerting since this kind of play is new to me.”I saw Anna smile and nod as if she agreed with me. I was grateful for that.“In fact,” I said suddenly, with a boldness that shocked all three of us, “I want the blindfold.”Michael frowned, but he said, “Whatever will make you feel protected and respected, my sweet Jill.”Michael handed me the blindfold and picked up the wand, saying, “Lean back, relax, my precious gem, and focus solely on the vibration sensations that the wand creates as I play with your gorgeous pussy. I love how it glistens like sparkling diamonds for me in this light. So wet, so completely succulent, and so mine!”The titillating vibrations of the magic wand were enough to make a girl crazy on their own. But the tantalizing timbre of Michael’s voice had tentacles of its own as well, reach out to caress every other part of my body, working me into a frenzy in no time.That voice made me feel like I was the only woman in the world, despite the beautiful, auburn-haired voyeur sitting here in the same room, breathing the same air, bahis siteleri and, perhaps, loving the same man.Let it go, Jill. Allow yourself to enjoy everything he is doing to you. You deserve this pleasure!I moaned as the wand started to glide along my slick, swollen labia. “Yessss,” I hissed sensually.“Yes, indeed, Jill. You’re such a good girl. Open your legs more; I want to see your delicious, pink folds part for me and show me the opening to your carnal treasure chest.”My breath hitched when Michael slid a finger inside me while the vibrating wand worked its magic on my hard little nub. Even though my heart and my primal desire were now pounding in my ears, I still heard him say, “Good girl”; that praise, that approval. God, how was it possible? But those two words pushed me even further. I let my head fall back against the chair, and in that moment, forsaking all question, all concern, I willingly handed all control to my Sir.“That’s right, Jill. Surrender to me, sweet darling. Let the vibrations take you right up to the edge,” Michael’s enchanting voice said. “Allow your body to ride the crest of orgasmic waves.”But every time that I felt as though I might head off the cliff, he eased up. I could almost feel his Cheshire grin or hear that familiar low growl of satisfaction when I hissed, “No Sir, please,” begging him to end the erotic torture instead of leaving me aching with need.I was nearly breathless now as he continued his erotic assault on my body. The toy’s vibrations pummeled me mercilessly while the hypnotizing resonance of his words had me crying out. “I need release! Please, Michael! Please, Sir! Don’t torment me anymore!”That’s all it took for him to turn the decadent want of pleasure up to the highest setting and send me hurtling over into the abyss of relentless orgasms. My most intimate parts were on display in front of Anna, and I no longer cared. My nectar covered the toy, my thighs, the couch, and, best of all, Michael’s skillful hands.“Cum again, Jill! Give me more,” he demanded, his voice stern now, a proctor ordering me to obey, and I complied willingly.Again and again, he forced one climax after another, my juices spraying like a geyser. My back arched, my muscles held me up rigidly, never relaxing in wave after wave of bliss from the deepest spaces of my body that I never knew existed. I moaned unintelligible canlı bahis siteleri sounds until I could finally scream,“Oh, God! I can’t…”“Yes, you can, Jill! Let go!”I screamed, “Oh, my, fucking, God!” The last and most intense orgasm left me shattered, convulsing in the chair. I was exhausted and unable to speak. Michael removed my blindfold and kissed me on the forehead.With my legs still draped over the arms of the chair, Michael kneeled in front of me and lapped up my juices. Then he sat down next to Anna and kissed her passionately, sharing my taste with her. I have to admit, it was erotic as hell.When the room finally stopped spinning, I whispered hoarsely, “Thank you, Sir.”Anna grinned. “You’ve outdone yourself this time, Michael. She’s spectacular!”Then she approached my chair, took my hand, and helped me sit up. “Let’s meet tomorrow for coffee. We have so much to discuss.”After Anna left, Michael carried me to the bedroom and slid in beside me. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me as if I was a porcelain doll to be treated with kid gloves. He gently kissed my cheek and stroked my hair. I moaned the softest sounds of contentment.“Darling,” he cooed in my ear.“Yes,” I whispered into the darkness.“I really would like for you to have coffee with Anna tomorrow, okay?” he whispered in my ear and nuzzled my neck.“Mmhmm.” I sighed and drifted off to sleep thinking, Anna who?_____________________As I arrived at the Steamy Pot Café, I saw Anna waiting for me outside. I parked the car and took a moment to really assess this woman that I was to share with Michael; the thought was still mindboggling even twelve hours later. As I turned the ignition off, I thought to myselfJeez, do you have to be so stunning? Like, couldn’t you have adult acne or something? Throw me a bone here, Anna! She was even more beautiful in the daylight, standing there unobtrusively with her long auburn hair gleaming like a Hawaiian sunset and her perfect lithe body clad in a simple cream shift dress and ballet flats. Still, she was just one of those women that were effortlessly breathtaking. And it just made me want to punch her in the face!Okay, Jill, put your happy face on and be open-minded. This is for Michael and, well, that’s really all there is, this is for Michael. So, get your not-so-perfectly-rounded butt out of the car.We got our coffee and canlı bahis took our seats at a back corner table. Anna spoke first, saving us from any awkward silence. It occurred to me that she may have done this with other women before if she had been with Michael a long time. A sinking feeling hit my gut like a wrecking ball smashing an old beater car, and I already didn’t like this.“So, Jill, tell me about yourself. What do you do? How did you and Michael meet?” she asked, but I wondered if she already knew the answers to all these questions.I told her my background and story of Michael and me up until now, the dating site, the surprise Uber pick up, the park bench, the gifts showing up at my door, and the gallery opening.“Which basically brings us to last night, and you knocking on the door.” I blurted out with not much tact. As I recounted all these moments, I felt a heat building inside me; that same anger, hurt, betrayal from last night.How can Michael and I go from the most precious, intimate moments that I have ever spent with a man to last night when my heart was literally lying on the floor at his feet smashed into pieces as he told me that he wanted this interloper to be woven into the majestic mosaic that we were building?I think that Anna could see heat in my cheeks and feel the snarkiness in my last remark. Her next words were calculated but kind. She placed a hand softly on mine and said,“Jill, I want to tell you a little bit about Michael. He has been a Dom for a long time, and he has had different kinds of subs over the years. Some were playful and very short-term; others were more serious and longer-term. I started out as the playful one, but we realized we were better as good friends. Yes, we could meet each other’s sexual needs when neither of us was bound, but only as friends. I would never interfere with him and a woman as they are building a relationship. Do you hear me when I say that?” She looked me straight in the eye.I nodded that I understood, her words actually starting to be a salve on my wounded heart.“Michael asked me to be a mentor and a friend to you since he brought you into this life very quickly. Right?” We both laughed.“Well, technically, I guess it has only been nine days.” I even shocked myself when I said the words out loud.“Yes, that is really too fast. And that is why he wanted us to meet. He wanted you to have someone to turn to with questions, concerns, or just general chatting about this life. And I do think when you come down from the clouds, you will have more questions. So please know that I am an ally, not an enemy.”

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