Their New Year’s Eve Tradition 2021


“I’m so close,” Janet groaned. Her fingers were a blur as she reached for her peak.Brad said nothing, dancing on the edge, desperately trying not to go over it. His wife had been teasing him, starting and stopping him and herself for an hour that seemed like three. Not that he would complain. He was so turned on, he’d do anything she said; the question was, would his body obey?Her genitals were swollen, flushed, and dripping from the long session. His would be sore later, but he kept them well-lubed through the pumping, squeezing, and, yes, slapping. Janet was an experienced jerk-off instructor and knew how to push him to higher degrees of excitement then pull him back, spinning his nervous system with delight.Brad loved it most when she joined him. But he also loved it when she just drove him crazy. And he loved to watch her play with herself whether or not he was about to cum. Most of all, he loved Janet.He dared not touch his cockhead, shiny with a mixture of lube and pre-cum. One hand gripped the base of his cock while the other massaged his balls and roamed his body. His grunts and wiggling were well-justified but exaggerated for her entertainment.“Almost,” she gasped. Her other hand wrenched her nipple in a way only her current state would allow. “Al… most,” she held her breath and so did Brad.“Shit!” she cried, “I lost it.”Brad stifled his pained reaction and hoped she didn’t see his face at that moment. He lifted his hands, letting the sweet anguish of denial ring through his body.Janet had stopped but pressed one hand against her crotch as the other brushed the clinging hair from her sweaty forehead. She closed her eyes, slowly shaking her head, her frustrated face inflicting pain in Brad’s chest.“I’m sorry, my love,” she sighed. “My clit is tingling and I want it so much but I can’t get there. Maybe I’ll take a break and try with my vibrator, but I’ll feel terrible if I keep you from cumming any longer.”“Please don’t think that way,” Brad tried to comfort her. “I’m just as frustrated as you are, despite what my prick says.” Both laughed to see it bob, trying to get the tiny additional stimulation it needed to launch. “You know I’ll save it for you.”“That will make me feel worse,” she complained. “Let me count you down and I’ll at least have accomplished something.”“You’re so good to me,” Brad cooed. Although he would never have insisted, neither was he going to object.“Okay, here we go. Ten!” she began, relaxing and taking a bahis şirketleri deep breath. “Nine.” Her hand gently spread her pussy open. “Just so you know how turned on you got me.”His eyes stared at her delicious flesh, his tongue licking his lips. How he wished he could bury his face there.“Eight… I want to be ate!” she teased. She had said the same thing on an earlier countdown she had evilly aborted at three. “Don’t worry. No more stopping,” she reassured when she saw his tense reaction. “Seven. Six.”Brad was pumping slowly, getting back to the edge. It would take only a few flicks when it was time. Mesmerized by her fingers riffling across her folds, he sank into a memory of the aroma, the taste, the slippery, sweltering softness against his face.Her own ardor banked, Janet took time to see his muscles ripple as the tension built throughout his body. His hand traversed his whole shaft, his fist mashing against his balls, then pulling the loose skin upward until only the tip was clutched by his last two fingers. Hips countering the strokes, his hand plunged downward three times for each count.“Five. Four. Three,” she matched his rhythm. There was no stopping, his fuse had been lit. “Two. One. Cum for me Brad!” she sang.And he did. The first spurt reached his neck, then more painted his chest and belly. It was a week’s accumulation augmented by an hour of stimulation. He writhed as the spasms shot through him, softly crooning, “Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet.”Seeing his sweaty body dancing with the ecstasy she had inspired, she felt a glow of satisfaction and pride in the pit of her stomach. She loved him so much and loved making him feel good.Although she had stopped trying to climax, her hand still soothed her inflamed tissue. She knew it turned him on, so she had continued self-caressing as she counted him down. Watching his strong hands milk the last drops from his dick and hearing him repeat her name deliriously made the heat in her belly grow and spread.“Oh!” She sounded like she finally remembered where she had left her keys. More like a hot shower than an explosion, she was drenched in bliss before she understood it; the contractions were late and slow. When she regained her thoughts, she saw his hopeful stare.“That was different, but I think it still counts,” she giggled. “Watching you erupt must have been what I needed to set me off. I was hardly touching myself.”“I’m so glad. After how you made me feel, you certainly deserved bahis firmaları a reward.” He was mopping himself off. “I’m going to take a hot shower; you’re welcome to join me,” he grinned. “I won’t mind if you decide to use the vibrator—before or after.”Brad felt the expected pang arrive. From experience, he knew there was no way to avoid or delay it. Dragging it out never made it any better.“Merry Christmas, my love, my everything,” he said. The Christmas Eve session had lasted past midnight.“Merry Christmas, my wonderful husband,” she replied.With two blown kisses, they broke the connection.The pandemic had separated them. When his sister, Susan, got sick, Brad had gone to care for her. She was fully recovered now, but with the current conditions, it would be risky to travel home.Janet and her brother, Barry, had to take care of their mother. They had to be extremely careful not to let her get infected. Even if Brad tried to come home for the holidays and avoided getting it, he would have first had to self-quarantine away from Janet for two weeks. So they resigned to being apart for the holidays.They did the best they could with remote sex. Sadly, it seemed that their twelve-year tradition of climaxing together at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve would end. Trying to make the distant sex special, they did a week of abstinence before the practice run on Christmas Eve.Christmas morning, after breakfast with his sister, Brad retreated to his bedroom to cam in private with Janet.“I don’t think taking a week off helped,” she lamented. “It might have made things worse.”“Maybe we should do it every day, to get back in form,” Brad suggested, playfully.“I admit, I didn’t expect you to follow the rules, but the amount you produced showed you had been saving it up,” she giggled.They were opening each other’s private Christmas presents.“Oh, it’s lovely!” Janet exclaimed at the complete lingerie outfit, his present to her. “Let me try it on.” She disappeared from view for a few minutes. Returning, she strutted and twerked in the bordello-red heels, stockings, garters, panties, bra, and long, filmy gown. She looked as fabulous in it as he expected.He was surprised when he unwrapped and opened his package. Inside were a half-dozen further-wrapped items—flat, flexible, six-inch squares.“Only unwrap one, and don’t open it,” Janet warned.Brad tore off the colorful paper to discover a pair of pink panties, sealed in a plastic bag.“I don’t kaçak bahis siteleri think they’re my size,” he laughed uncertainly.“They’re not for you to wear, silly,” her face filled the screen. “They’re to sniff!”Brad felt a lump in his throat, picturing his wife spending the time to wear and preserve them, then wrap and send them to him.“Thank you, my love, what a thoughtful gift!” he gushed.With her encouragement, he opened the plastic, the recognizable fragrance making him hard.“We have time for a quickie,” she suggested, standing and lowering her panties to her ankles.He pushed down his bottoms and grabbed some lube from the nightstand drawer. She had the advantage of being at home, so she picked up her favorite vibrator.His pole grew and stiffened as he watched her buzz her pussy. While stroking himself, he inhaled her scent, making his mouth water. She snickered to see one hand wiping his face with her panties while the other milked his dick. Visualizing herself sitting on his face, using her hand to return the pleasure, drove her to the culmination that the insistent toy produced.Her moaning got his attention and he watched her squirm as she orgasmed. He was not far behind and when he felt the pressure go critical, he used her panties to catch his semen as he groaned his release.“That’s okay,” she laughed. “You don’t have to send those back!”“I’ll have to make sure Susan doesn’t find these in the laundry,” Brad chuckled. “She might have some questions.”The two got cleaned up and dressed. Brad helped Susan in the kitchen while Barry brought their mother to spend time with him and Janet. They kept the connection going through dinner, making the best of a bad situation.After dessert, they exchanged less-intimate gifts. Barry and Susan had conspired to get everyone virtual reality headsets. They spent the rest of the evening figuring out how to use them and trying out some games. It took time and practice to get used to the glove controllers.It helped them forget their predicament for a while, seeing each other as avatars in the game. Just before Barry left with their mother, he gave Janet one more item—a 3D camera.“Maybe you can figure out how that works before New Year’s Eve,” he winked. “Susan’s giving him one, too.”The next day, Brad and Janet set up the cameras. Together with the 3D goggles, they could see each other in virtual reality. Unsure whether it would make a difference, they added it to their sex play that evening. Like an old 3D movie, close up views of his penis or her breasts were more comical than titillating. Nonetheless, using the glasses did eliminate the screen and made it seem more like they were in the same room, if still out of reach.

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