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Subject: Theme Park With Dad – Chapter 2 Nifty provides a vast resource of reading material for all tastes genders and genre’s. This free website needs your help and support to keep it running. Your donations keep it free. Please give what you can to help by clicking the link. https://donate./ thanks! WICKR: wankingishot Email: ail Thanks for the wonderful feedback and messages. I will try and get back to you all as soon as I can, but there has been big response, so forgive me if it takes a little longer to say hi and thanks personally to you. M/b M/b/M Incest Previously… We walked off laughing trying to decide what ride to go on next. John came and walked beside, `you really get laid in the toilet?’ He asked. I looked at him, shook my head and said nah… it was piss, I didn’t shake it enough. Hoping he’d buy the lie. He looked at me frowning, `oh okay.’ He said. `Oh by the way, I thought have a piss in the disabled/changing room only you beat me to it. I saw you go in fifteen minutes ago.’ He said it quietly, I looked at him. All the colour leaving my face, I felt hot and dizzy. `And I saw you come out, with the boy and with I guess his dad, nice one man.’ He raised his eyes, then looked at the damp patch. He winked at me and walked off. Fuck I thought, oh fuck he knows. He turned and grinned and waved at me to catch up, I did quickly before he could say anything to anyone. `We’ll talk later’, he said. He patted my ass and chuckled. I was so screwed. Theme Park With Dad, Son and a Stranger Chapter Two I’d gotten home from the day out around eight that night, I went in and headed upstairs to my room. I sat on the bed and replayed the day in my mind, this sort of shit doesn’t happen to me, ever! I’m just an average guy really, sure you might take a second look on the street, I’m not ugly. But I’m just well, me. My names Daniel but most people call me Dan or Danny. I’m twenty seven years old I’m pretty tall, well I thought I was till that guy in the park. I’m around six feet four and a half inches tall, I’m fit but I’ve got bulk, not fat, but bulk! I have a large frame and my muscles are defined. Although I’m broad and big I’m not like a body builder. I don’t want to bulk up that much, I’ve got weights in the garage I use a few times a week and I run every other day. So as I said I’m pretty fit. I have dark short hair it’s not black but very, very dark brown, some times I brush it forwards other times I spike it. Today it’s brushed forwards, my eyes are the same colour as my hair but they have the warmth and richness of hot chocolate. I’m tanned all over thanks to numerous sunbed sessions, yeah it’s vain but I don’t look good pasty white. I’m covered in dark hair over my chest, mainly my pecs. It thins out to a treasure trail leading down to my bush, which is trimmed so it’s tidy. My balls are smooth and I guess my ass is hairy, though cause I can’t see it I don’t pay that much attention to it. My cock, well you know about my cock… it’s a nice thick eight inches, uncut. The skin slides easily over the glans and I tend to leak bad with precum, like a tap. Looks wise I know I’m definitely not ugly, but I’m no Brad Pitt either. Oh and I’ve a short trimmed beard, almost stubble like and a smile that can melt ice, it’s a real cracker and has gotten me laid more time than I can count. Currently I’m living back at home with my parents and younger brother who’s just hit fifteen, for these past six months mum and dads spare room has been home since my divorce. My ex and I have a pretty good relationship, we married far too young and realised we’d become more friends than lovers, so we parted, sold the house and stayed friends. I was awaiting the house I was to move into to be finished being built then I was back to the single life. I’ve been saving every penny and hardly been out when one of my mates suggested a day out at a theme park. And that’s where I think you came in… As I said I got in around eight I went straight to my room stripped and grabbed a towel and headed off to the bathroom across the hall. I used the toilet and jumped in the shower, I was a bit grimy and needed to freshen up. Especially my cock after all it’d been up an ass, even if it was a tiny ass. I was soaping myself, my hands smoothing over my chest and as I passed over my nipples I thought of that guy, Edward chewing on them. I chubbed up but ignored it. I tried thinking of anything else, but my mind went back to the small ass and my cock sunk into it up to my balls. I was soaping the long thick shaft, my hand was violently wanking at the memory. I came hard and fast, crying out with pleasure as I came, I shot thick globs everywhere and had to squat down till I got my strength back. I resumed soaping and rinsed off and dried myself. I hung the towel on the rack, knowing it’s just me and my younger bro here I headed out of the bathroom naked, and headed back to my room. My brother at that moment came out of his room, `thank fuck I’m dying for a piss’ he said. As he passed he stared intently at my chest and I would have sworn he licked his lips when he saw my cock swinging . `Watch your language, if the oldies here you talk like that they’ll blame me! ` I said chuckling. He laughed too. And patted me on the back as he passed. I headed into my bedroom catching him looking at my ass in the mirror on the wall as I entered. I shook my head, wow you pervert I thought to myself, you really need to get a grip he wasn’t staring at you, I said to myself. I laid upon the bed still slightly damp, next thing I knew it was ten the next day, I’d slept nearly fourteen hours. I awoke to my phone vibrating and falling on the floor, letting me know there was either a phone call coming through or a text. Glancing at the screen I saw there were seventeen missed calls and eighteen messages. I had numerous missed calls and masses of texts from John. One call was from a withheld number, a few spam texts and the other simply said `It’s Edward, you’d better call this week’ there was also a short video. I hesitantly opened it, there was me fucking his kid. I sat there looking at the phone, shit this guy meant business, so I spent the next thirty minutes on the phone to my network provider and now had a new number. I felt relieved but a big part of me was disappointed as it was fun fucking that kid but I just couldn’t risk it again. It’s now been three weeks, and I’ve been studiously avoiding John since the theme park `incident’ In fact I’ve been avoiding everyone. But this morning I awoke to the phone ringing, I fumbled for the phone on the bedside table and answered, I was thick with sleep, fuck, it’s my day off, every bodkins not to call me on. Friday, who’d be calling me this early. I glanced at the screen thanks to caller I.D I knew it was the lawyers for my new house. Blah, blah, blah… there was a problem with the house, blah, blah, blah… a big fucking problem. The developer had gone bust and a new one was being brought in, could I meet them today to discuss the continuing build. I reluctantly agreed to a meeting in just under an hour. I hung up, laid back and sighed, then I must have fallen back asleep again, I looked at the clock. FUCK!!!! I was late, not just late but almost two hours fucking late! I stumbled out of bed hit the shower and was out the door in less than fifteen minutes. I got to the site and ran passed the secretary in to the inner office, it was empty. `Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!’ I shouted, I collapsed into the chair by the door, and leant over my head in my hands. I head a doormat the far end of the room open and close, `Is there a problem?’ Said a deep husky voice. `You could say that’ I said sitting up, I looked and then I froze. Stood there in the tiny office in an impeccable suit and tie was a seven foot giant of a man, tall handsome and bearded, it was the guy from theme park, Edward. I felt my face flush, then I went cold and pasty white as the cool drained from my face, my breath came in huge gasps, my chest had tightened up and I could hardly breath. Fuck I was having a panic attack, I once again leant forwards, this time putting my head between my legs. `Easy boy’ he said. `Breath, slowly, in and out, in and out, just focus on my voice in and out. Just like when you were fucking my kid’ he said. `Saying that is not going to calm me down asshole’ I said acerbically. He chuckled as he walked over to me in a swagger that was all cowboy not builder he bulge seemed to thrust as he walked, he placed a big paw on the back of my neck. His skin was cool and I felt the callouses upon his palm, clearly from years of hard work. `You didn’t call me, boy,’ he didn’t sound angry as he spoke but there was an air of disappointment in his tone. Somehow I don’t know why that made me feel really shitty. `I was scared, I just fucked a kid, I was paranoid.’ I said. He again chuckled `S’okay… You’ve nothing to be scared or paranoid of, or about, you can let it all go, after all, I’m here now.’ I froze where I sat, I looked up at him with my eyes without moving my head. He grinned at me, those pearly white teeth seemed to have an evil glint to them. He leaned in close to my ear, `do you remember what I whispered to you when we were leaving the park…’ I slowly nodded, feeling sick to my stomach. `Good. That makes it easier’ He whispered. He reached over to the door opened it and told the secretary she could go, he closed the door and turned the key and pulled the istanbul travesti blind down over the windows beside us. I sat there and closed my eyes, `Jesus fucking Christ!’ I whispered to myself my hands were clasp so tight together the skin was mottled. It was then I heard the popping of button fly’s being opened, then the clinking of his belt and the rustling of fabric as his trousers slid down his hairy thighs. I felt smooth skin against my lips, and his hand was at the back of my neck again. `Open up’ he said softly. I slowly opened my mouth I licked my lips and felt the spongy head of his cock enter. He sighed, and pulled me deeper on to his shaft, I felt it begin to thicken and swell in my mouth. My tongue began to work the underside of his purple knob, my mouth was filling with saliva, I was amazed at the taste. I expected to feel repulsed at having another man’s cock in my mouth, but maybe it was the shock, that didn’t even enter my mind. I felt him push in deeper and hit the back of my throat, I gagged, he pulled back. `Now when I say swallow you do it!’ He commanded me. `Now swallow.’ I obeyed, I took a huge gulp and felt him push and then slide down my throat, he pulled my head forcefully on to his meat until my face was in his thick bush I felt him grind his groin in to me. `Oh baby, that’s good, work that throat.’ He whispered to no one. My hands pounded against his thighs, `Now you stop that. I’ll let you breath in a minute’ he said. I looked at the hairy groin in front of me and saw little white stars exploding in front of my eyes, lack of oxygen I guess. He slowly let his cock slide slowly out my mouth, along trail of thick saliva coated it. He pushed it in again when I wasn’t expecting it, he just rammed the whole thing in and it slid down my throat. Again I pounded his thighs, `yeah boy, chew my meat…’ He groaned low and loud. I gagged but was held in place as he began to skull fuck me. `So hot, so good, swallow my cock, boy take it all nice and deep.’ In and out, in and out, I watched mesmerised almost like I’d been hypnotised as his cock slid into and out of my mouth. Back and forth, back and forth, in and out, I felt his balls slapping against my chin with every thrust as he slid in deep. Drool and snot we’re pouring out of me but he just didn’t care or let up. Fifteen minutes of jaw aching pounding and he started to speed up. Shit I thought, I know what happens now… `Oh yeah boy, get ready, I’m going to cum and you’re going to drink it all down you’re not going to waste a drop are you boy. You hear me?’ I groaned, it was all I could do to acknowledge the command I had been given. I felt it then, he pulled out and left the fleshy head on my tongue , his shaft swelled and the salty liquid blasted into my mouth. I quickly formed a seal around his meat and swallowed. The salty taste wasn’t too bad and I tried not to waste any, but there was so much. Some spurted out the corners of my mouth, his cock just pumped and pumped his load in to me some shot down my throat my mouth was full to over flowing. At last he seemed finished and let it slide out, I had cum all over my stubble and on my chin, he used his index finger to keep scooping it up and feeding it to me. He reached down and pulled his trousers up and handed me a handkerchief to wipe my face, `that the first time you sucked dick?’ he asked. I nodded, `not bad kid, but you need to mind your teeth’ he mumbled. `You gotta work today?’ Like a small boy I just stood there, I shook my head no, `it’s my day off’ I said. He smiled and nodded `good.’ Let’s head out. He unlocked the door and we headed out the site office to a group of trucks, vans and cars. He pulled a key fob from his jacket pocket and the lights flashed on a big four-by-four. `Get in.’ I dutifully complied. He got in started the engine and off we went. `He made a call enroute, `We’ll be there in thirty or so, have him ready for playtime.’ Was all he said. After that we drove in silence for about thirty minutes or so, just the radio playing random songs from the eighties. We pulled into a big drive, electric gates whined as they opened and we parked in front of a huge treble garage. We exited the car and headed to the side gate, and in through the kitchen. A tall blonde was there. She had a hell of a rack, big tits, tiny waste and nice high and tight ass. She looked me up and down, as I took her in, shook her head and laughed, `not a chance sunshine.’ She said as she passed me by. She turned to Edward, `Luke’s upstairs playing with his legos… he’s all prepped… for you.’ She grinned as she walked over to Edward, she leaned in close and whispered then kissed his cheek patted his ass and walked out. Edward smiled at her and headed off through the other doorway, a large staircase was to the right of the entrance hall, he took the stairs two at a time and I followed. Sure enough there in his room was Luke, he was sat there with a mass of Lego’s in front of him. He saw his daddy and jumped up and ran to him wrapping his arms around his legs his head nuzzling in his crotch. The boy was stark naked, he saw me and giggled and then rushed over to me wrapping his arms around my thighs. His head pushed into my crotch. Edward smiled again. He took his jacket off then started unbuttoning his shirt, he looked at me, `strip’ was all he said. I hesitantly started to unbutton my shirt, why I did as I was told, I had no idea, why I did I feel this man had so much control over me? I pulled off my shirt, then kicked off my Nikes in to the corner of the room then popped the buttons on my jeans and shuckers them off. I left my boxers on though, I just hooked my them under my balls. I was stood there in just white tennis socks and tartan boxer shorts. My hands hiding my cock, Luke stood in front of me, he licked his lips and moved my hands, `mmmm yummy,’ he said and slowly opened his mouth. His mouth seemed to approached me slowly, almost in slow motion as he then took my soft cock into his mouth, my legs trembled. Edward had stopped undressing and stood mesmerised as his boy began to gently suck my cock. Luke held the shaft with one hand and pulled my balls gently downwards with the other, my cock was hardening fast. His daddy had clearly taught the boy how to please a man, as it grew the head was swelling, filling his mouth and less shaft was entering until I was rock hard and all he could get in his little mouth was just the purple knob. He suckled on the glans sending pleasure radiating throughout my groin. I tweaked my own nipples, something I’d never done until Edward awoke the pleasure in them three weeks ago. I didn’t even remember raising my hands to do it, I just felt the teats between my fingers. I stood there and watched this tiny child chewing on my cock, and yes it was perverted, but fuck it was so hot. I let go of my nipples and moved my hands to the boys head, I wanted more of my shaft in him. I looked at his dad as I linked my hands together and placed them behind the boys head, I pulled him on to my shaft as I pushed with my hips. My cock slid in and quickly reached the back of his throat, I felt him begin to swallow and I pumped it in. I watched entranced as my shaft suddenly slipped in and kept going till his little button nose was pressed up against my pubis. He was moaning I could feel the vibrations through my shaft, my legs were still trembling. I eased the long shaft out of his mouth, it was covered in thick saliva, before sliding it back in as soon as he’d gotten his breath. I held his head there this time pushing hard. Just like his daddy had done to me an hour or so before. Edward had a sneer on his face as I face fucked his boys face. I released the kid and he gasped for air, taking in huge lung fulls. Edward again began to undress, I saw the tell tale bulge in his trousers I licked my lips, but have no idea why after all I wasn’t a homo. He looked at me and smiled, he let the trousers fall to the floor before stepping out of them. His underwear bulged obscenely, they clung to him like a second skin. I could even make out the veins on his hard meat and the outline of that fat cock head. He came and stood beside me, his fingers caressed my chest flicking my nipples lightly. I felt all trembly especially as Luke had again started sucking my cock, his tongue darting out, licking the juices that flowed from my gaping piss slit. Edward pushed his groin into me I felt his hard cock grind in to my hip, my breath caught in my throat as I inhaled. I felt his breath at my ear, `that’s it boy, fuck his face, fuck my boy’s mouth. Then I’m going to let you slide your fat clock into his tiny cunt, you want that boy?’ He asked me. All I could do is moan, a weak and pathetic moan that escaped my chest. He tweaked my tits and I moaned really loud now, he tugged and pulled the flesh. Luke was drinking down the sweet honey that was my precum that seemed to be pissing out of me from his fathers ministrations. `Luke, bed now’ Edward said it firmly clicking his fingers and pointing to the super king size bed. Luke detached himself from my leaking shaft and climbed with difficulty onto the high bed. He was on all fours, his tiny ass pointing high and proud, the tiny mounds slightly spread showing a tight pink asshole. Edward guided me closer to the bed and awaiting boy, I felt the giants hand on my shoulder gently push me to my knees. `Eat him’ he said, again it was a command I felt obligated to obey. I kadıköy travesti spread the cheeks wide, they were so soft like a bakers bread dough softly risen. The hole was almost tightly sealed, a small gap right in the centre. There was a wide purple bruise surrounding the ring, this kid obviously had a lot of fucking done to him. I leant in closer. I’d never eaten ass before, I was a bit hesitant, when I felt Edward’s hand at the back of my neck, `I said eat him’ he said forcefully. My tongue slid over the smooth puckered ring, he tasted sweet and clean not at all like I imagined an ass would taste. I probed the hole and began to lap, my tongue started to explore the boy flesh on its own. I lapped and ate him going as deep as I could get, I was a man suddenly possessed by this desire to eat the boy. Luke was sighing and moaning, my hand reached between his legs, his little cocklett was hard as rock, I pulled the hard flesh backwards and slid down the tiny shaft. I shuddered with desire as something in my head clicked into place, this was what I was meant to be doing. I wasn’t the red blooded pussy fucking man I had always thought I was, no I was a deranged sick boy fucker. The thought made my cock pulse and leak even more, the precum was dripping down my shaft. Edward was breathing heavily as he watched over my shoulder as his small boy was defiled by a stranger, I felt him firmly against my ass. His hairy chest resting on my back I felt his nipples poking through the hair. He rubbed them gently over the skin on my back sending sensations through me that were all new. He pulled back, I felt the tartan fabric slide down my ass, I felt small kisses down my spine, interspersed with soft licks. I continued to eat Luke’s tiny cocklett and asshole alternating between the two. Edward reached my ass and breathed in the funk of the days sweat, now his breath seemed to judder… I felt the wetness of his tongue as he explored the valley of my ass cleft. He firmly gripped me and pulled me into a better angle and sank his face in between the hairy globes. `Oh fucking hell’ I sighed. I felt him moan, the vibrations adding to the pleasure. We ate, me his small boy, and him my ass. It was amazing, his tongue probed the virgin flesh of my hole, he came up for air kissing along my back, his hand resting in the centre of my spine holding me in place eating boy ass. It was then I felt a slight pressure on my hole, my eyes opened wide as I realised it was his finger, and what it was about to do. My eyes opened wide! He must have felt the tension in me, but his hand held me firmly down as his meaty finger slipped inside my hole. My mouth came off the boys hole, `Noooo’ I whimpered. `Shut up boy, you’re going to need this to loosen you up for my cock.’ He was completely authoritative, there was no questioning him, my head sagged downwards. `Relax son, just enjoy it, trust me you really will. Now forget all your preconceptions about being less of a man if you’re fucked. Trust me, I’ve fucked enough men and boys. You’ll be no less of a man with my cock sunk in your man cunt than you were before. Now shut the fuck up and eat the boys pussy. He reached over to a fine cabinet slid open a drawer and pulled a few things out, one was a small leather bag. I felt pressure on my thighs and heard tearing as my shorts were ripped off me. `Now that’s better, my, now that’s a beautiful little man pussy.’ He said. I heard rustling but kept my eyes front, I didn’t want to know what was going to happen at this point. I felt pressure around my balls and cock and a small snick sounded, I felt a tightness and realised he’d put a cock ring on me. Another snick and I heard a squelch and felt coolness on my hole, I again felt his meaty finger circle the puckered flesh. `Breath out, and push out gently’ he said. I did as he asked and felt him enter me again, tingles shot up my spine. I felt betrayed by my own body as the pleasure seemed to emanate from his finger in my asshole. I took a chance and glanced behind me, he looked at me long and hard and grinned. I saw the lube and reached for it, I slicked up my fingers and sunk two into the boy in front of me. I wasn’t gentle either but his hungry cunt swallowed them all the way up so my hand was tight against his smooth ass. I pulled them out watching the lining of his hot hole slide over the flesh as I extracted them. I sunk them in again, fast and hard, pulling them out slow. I hooked them inside him and felt the small boy button, he squirmed and squealed from the intense pleasure. Edward seemed to be watching my movements and repeated them on me so as I fingered his boy, he fingered me. I squealed as I felt another finger join the index one buried in my hot hole, my cock was dripping a thin line of cock snot, hanging from the bulbous head to the carpet below where it was pooling. Edward worked my man cunt as I worked his boys. I felt tightness again and realised he now had three very fat fingers in me, the stimulation was incredible, that’s when I heard him rustling in his bag again. A small bottle appeared before me, `huff it deep, each nostril, then repeat, I want you doing it till I tell you to stop.’ He said. I used my thumb and index finger to spin the top, it span and fell to the floor. I huffed in deep, first one nostril then the next, then repeated and repeated gain. My head exploded, I looked at the boy cunt before me. I had to be in it. I straightened up lubed my cock and sank into the tight boy pussy before me, all in one fluid motion I was sunk to the balls in the impossibly tight little orifice in front of me. Luke moaned and groaned, `fuck me’ he sighed, `mmmmm fuck me deep, oh fuck me’ I started to thrust when I felt hands at my hips. `Easy boy’ Edward said, `you want to make it last.’ I felt him reach past my side and pick up the lube, I heard the cap click. `Now huff again, boy’ he said. I obliged I removed my thumb from the open mouth of the small bottle and huffed deeply, again my head exploded. I felt his slippery cock head at the entrance to my asshole, `Now push out’ Edward said. I pushed out like I was taking a shit. I was expecting fire and stinging but it was anything but that. I felt the big mushroom head enter and the flesh of my ass ring snap in behind his glans, then he kept going. I sighed as I felt the pressure build as he slid into my bowels. My head fell back so I was suddenly staring the ceiling, `oh yes, yes, yes, deeper, deeper, fuck my cunt.’ I could hear someone speaking obscenely, realisation dawned when it was my voice I heard ringing in my ears. I felt him moving in close to me, I felt the hair from his bush against my ass. He pushed in deeper and harder. I pushed in deeper to Luke, we all moaned. Luke and I moaned and in perfect synchronicity cried out `fuck me!’ I pushed into the boy and as I thrusted I felt the giant cock in my ass rub over the magic button in my own ass. Neurones that had long laid dormant in my brain awoke and fired pleasure to all the synapses that were deeply in slumber before. Almost every cell of my entire being awoke and felt as if it was being caressed and stimulated. I pumped in to the boy, my shaft glistening, I stared as the skin from inside his cunt dragged over my hard flesh as I pulled it out of his ass, before again pushing it in deep, as I did, I felt his father doing the same to me. Hairy arms came around my chest, I felt him twist my nipples gently, I screamed out `oh yes, please, daddy, please, oh yes, more, more, more. Oh daddy fuck me!’ Edward chuckled, `I told you boy, you’d love it.’ He twisted my tits and pumped me, long deep slow strokes, my ass seemed to be made for this great big nine inch fuck stick. I looked at Luke, I pulled his legs out from underneath him so he sank on the bed and flipped him over. My cock still embedded in his boy cunt. I pulled him by his legs back on to me. He was so close to us we look conjoined, you couldn’t see when I began he and ended it was that close between us. What you could see was my hairy pubes, not a hint of my shaft as it was sunk all the way in his tight cunt. I lubed two fingers and wanked his hard cocklett, I bunny fucked him hardly taking the shaft out. I felt his fathers cock moving in me as I pumped the kid full of man cock. Luke’s heels, dug into the bed, then his hips rose and fell wildly, his eyes were closed, his lips pressed tight, his head snapping from side to side, mmmmmmssss and ahhhs were softly escaping him. He pumped his cunt repeatedly on my shaft. Then as the pleasure built the volume of his cries increased and he began to really moan loudly, I was going to gag him with my hand like we had in the cubicle weeks before. Edward saw, and just shook his head. `No need here, let the boy cum loud and proud,’ he said. I felt Luke beginning to spasm and his groan got so loud, his hips were wildly bucking on my meat buried in his cunt. `I’m cumming, daddy, I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhhhn’ I felt his ring squeeze me tightly. So tightly I lost it then and there, I flooded his guts with my cum. I shook and shuddered and groaned loudly. Edward felt my own ring tighten, so he pushed in deep, `I’m cumming boy, your ass is mine. Your daddy’s cumming in your man cunt.’ I felt him push hard and felt as if I’d split in half as his cock swelled and shot deep into my guts. He shot and shot, I felt at least five or six huge spurts as he fired his seed deep into me. I felt his sweat drip onto my back, bakırköy travesti I was drenched and dripping onto Luke who lay there staring at the ceiling. He too was coated in a fine sheen, glistening like the many faceted precious jewel he was. I laughed then, a huge roar, and pushed back, Edward’s cock was still hard, I slid backwards and forwards a few more times, I felt Edward shudder and hold my hips. `Enough… he chuckled, I’ll fuck you again but give an old man a minute to recover.’ I felt his cock slide from my ass and I suddenly felt empty, my own cock began to shrink and slid from Luke’s pussy, a long trail of cum dripping out. The boy immediately put his fingers in to his hole and began to scoop it up feeding himself my cum. It was nasty but so hot. I quickly fingered him slamming them into his pussy, it sounded gross, this obscene squelching as my cum slid out. I banged his hole and he moaned and his cocklett hardened. Oh the benefits of youth I thought. I quickly used my cum coated fingers and wanked the boy, my fingers slid up and down the small shaft, the tiny pink head peaking through the tight foreskin. It took just under three minutes of wanking the child for him to cum again. He was now laying still on the bed propped up on both his elbows grinning. I couldn’t help but smile back at him, I leant forwards and kissed him gently, he opened his small mouth and our tongues slid into each other. `Oh that’s hot’ said Edward. Then my phone began to ring, it cut off then began again, and again. `Someone’s persistent’ said Edward. `Yeah, I think I know who it is.’ I said. Edward just raised an eyebrow indicating me to go on. `It’s my mate John, he’s been pestering me since the Theme Park. He saw us all exit the changing room… he sorta thinks he knows what happened. Don’t worry I didn’t say anything to him.’ I suddenly realised how scared I sounded, this big man could easily kill me and bury me and no one would ever know. `Easy kid, these things have a way of working themselves out. Now call him back.’ I looked at the big man, `are you fucking nuts?’ I exclaimed! Edward moved with the speed and grace of a cheetah but the strength of an elephant, he had me gripped hard against the wall. `You do what I fucking say, when I tell you understand?!’ My head had slammed against the wall, it stung and I was a little shocked by this extreme show of strength and hyper masculinity. `Yes, yes… Sir!, I’ll… err, I’ll call him now, shall I?’ Edward released me, `good boy, yeah call him now.’ I went to the missed calls and tapped Johns number, it began to ring, on the fifth ring he answered it. Edward held his hand out for the phone, I handed it to him silently. `This is Edward Hamilton, your friend has just fucked my son, I’ve just fucked your friend. This is my address… he carried on talking quietly, chuckling with John while I paced around the room. After he hung up I looked at the big man, a burning anger erupted through him, I stood glaring at him, gobsmacked at what Edward told my friend. I guess I was probably in a state of shock at what Edward had just said. Now I know I just stood there with complete incomprehension written across my face. In a swift motion I took a swing at Edward’s jaw just as he hung up the phone to John, the big man caught my fist easily. Calm down boy, heck what is your name anyway? I can’t keep calling you boy’ he asked. `Dan, Danny or Daniel whatever you want, why did you tell him that, why would you do that! Why!’ I exclaimed! Edward released Dan’s fist, he sat on the bed `your friend John is very much aware of what happened. He wants to see Luke maybe try out the boy for size… and to be honest, I want to see my boy fucked by as many men as I can. He needs more cock, the tyke is insatiable. You’ve seen him, he needs it, so as long as he wants it I’m prepared to give it to him, and to you. You liked it, admit it, you loved having me fuck you, deep in your guts.’ Dan sat on the bed, all the fight had left him, Luke was laying between them. The boy reached out and stroked Dans and Edward’s cocks. Dan looked at the boy and sighed. He leant forwards and started sucking the kids cocklett, it hardened quickly. Edward looked at Dan, he knew he had the man right where he wanted him, he smiled happily to himself. `Nice as this is we need to get ready for John, let’s hit the shower.’ He stood holding out his hand, Dan let the cocklett slip from his mouth, and stood and they both held out their hands for the boy to grip and help him stand. Once all were up, he led them to the en-suite bathroom. The room was big and everywhere you looked was white marble with thin veins of gold and black. A huge shower stall was against one wall open on two sides with a huge shower rose above and multi jets embedded in the wall. Edward started the water running, in minutes all three of them were lathered up and soapy. It was then that Edward got another spray with a long hose and a tapered silver tube. He directed Dan to the wall, his ass was so soapy the long slim silver tube spray water from the end gently. He inserted it and as the spray entered his ass he began to gently fill. `Hold it in and then go to, the toilet and let it out.’ Trust me you’ll appreciate it…’ said Edward. He repeated it three times till Dan felt washed out. Once clean inside and out Edward washed his ass thoroughly for him letting his finger slide in his hole with every pass. Dan’s cock chubbed considerably while he did it. Out of the shower and now dry Edward led them down the stairs to the ground floor then to another door and more stairs in to the basement. Luke clapped his hands in excitement when he realised where they we’re going. Dan frowned at the top of the stairs but a little gentle tugging on his cock from Luke and he was off down the two flights of stairs. A well lit basement met him, a basement like he’d never seen before. One wall was all mirrors, on another were shelves with all manner of sex toys on them, in the middle of the room a sling was suspended from the ceiling by chains. To the rear left was a chair. `Sit’ commanded Edward, Dan sat in the chair, not a normal chair but a birthing type of chair with stirrups for his feet and plenty of access to his ass, there were also leather restraints on the arm and head rest. Dan sat with some trepidation, `hey, don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. We’re just going have some fun’ Edward said it with a softness in his voice that put Dan somewhat at ease and he relaxed into the soft leather of the chair. Edward began fastening the restraints, the soft fur lined leather straps bound his legs wide apart on their individual stirrups, his wrists and upper arms again were bound, and a slim strap went over his forehead to keep him immobile. He looked wide eyed as a ball gag was gently inserted to his mouth, and a blindfold completely blacked out any light. Next, on went ear defenders. He was completely sensory deprived. He was getting hard at the thought of what was to happen, again he felt tugging around his cock and felt the smooth leather of a cock ring being fastened around his chubbing prick. Next cool gel was being applied to his asshole, he felt the fat fingers of Edwards hand as they gently probed him, first one then two fingers slid in, and he groaned. He was hard again. The fingers were removed and he felt something thicker inserted, he moaned at the girth and the length. God he was a cock slut, from just being fucked once by Edward he thought. His breath was hard through his nose and he moaned through the ball gag. Deeper it went into his man cunt, out and in, the hole was on fire, the nerves of his cunt sending sensations buzzing along his nerve ending in his brain. He felt pressure on his nipples, then something clamped first one then the other, what felt like a chain linked them, then it pulled tighter and another click and the chain attached to his cock ring. As his aching prick bobbed and danced it pulled the thin chain attach to his nipples. He moaned from the pleasure. It became a cycle of pulsing, pulling, groaning and precum flowing. His ass was being expertly fucked, long smooth strokes, deep and slow. But then something felt different, he felt like his insides were being stretched wide at the end. His prostate was being stimulated lower down, the mix of sensations had him unable to think such was the sheer pleasure, extreme to the point but with no release at all in sight all he could do was moan and squirm. He’d endured forty minutes of this anal intensity. His cock was pooling precum on his stomach when he felt the ear defenders removed, there was total silence so much so he thought he still had the mufflers on. Then he felt the tugging around his eyes, he instinctively closed them. The bright light in the basement making them water, so he had to blink to adjust to the sudden brightness. There between his legs was Luke, his arm deep in Dans guts, right up past his elbow to his bicep. He was seeing but not seeing, his brain not understanding that a small boy was fisting his asshole. Baffled he looked to Edward. Then as he looked he saw movement in the room to Edward’s left. Edward stood there grinning watching Luke fist his man cunt, he was naked and hard, but so was John who was stood beside him, and beside him was Kevin, Billy, Alex, David, Peter, Sean and Dan’s little fifteen year old brother, Michael. All watching him get fist by a small boy, he groaned through the gag and his cock flexed and spasmed as shot after shot of huge thick ropes of cum splashed over his hairy chest. Edward grinned, `now who’s next?’ He asked, my brother stepped forwards `Me, Sir. I’d like ago on that pussy’ he said. To be fty//gay/incest/theme-park-with-dad

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