They Cum by Appointment Ch. 01


Note. This is a continuation of The Clinic. Please read the six chapters of that to give you an understanding of what ‘They Cum By Appointment’ is all about. I hope that you enjoy it.


The Clinic, Hotel and Spa were well and truly open now. The publicity they got from the opening ceremony was unbelievable. National television had covered it; their phone lines were jammed with enquiries. It wasn’t a one day wonder; the world’s media picked up on it. Television crews were appearing every day. Jean had given an excellent opening speech. She looked amazing in her gold chain of office. After the opening ceremony, Jack had met Jean in the reception area of the Hotel; Jean looked terrific in her outfit, which showed her curves to perfection. Her gold chain of office gave the appearance that it was moulded around her massive tits. Jack also had the feeling that she was pushing them out for him. Jean said, “Jack, this has been a wonderful opening ceremony; the media are loving it. I am in room 44, it’s a gorgeous room with a king-size bed. We’ll be much more comfortable there. I have still a couple of interviews to do, but I can be there in an hour. If you see me leaving earlier, then just follow me.”

Jack then saw Gran, he complimented her on her beautiful dive into the pool and swimming so many lengths to officially open it. Gran said, “Jack, this will be a success; the green bracelets make people so relaxed, they give a feeling of security. I have been approached by a couple of lovely ladies who are staying in the Hotel for a week; both of them love it here.”

Today, Jack wasn’t the only male around; Gary, the Architect, was there. Several of the companies involved in the construction of the project were there. Jack was the only male with a green bracelet, stethoscope hanging around his neck and dressed in white. Then he saw mum chatting to an attractive lady in her fifties. Jack went over to them; mum said, “Jack, it’s going so well; let me introduce you to May, May’s been a patient of mine for ages.”

Jack shook May’s hand as he said, “Hi, I’m Jack, pleased to meet you, May.”

May was squeezing Jack’s hand suggestively; there was something very sexy about May. Then mum said, “May would like to have you check her over; she’s very interested in the services that you can offer her; I’ll leave the two of you so you can get to know each other.”

Jack said, “Shall we go into the bar May? I don’t know about you, but I need a drink.”

May smiled then said, “After five, in the afternoon, I always need a drink.”

Jack laughed then asked May what she would like to drink; she told him a dry white wine. Jack ordered two glasses of Chardonnay. They sat at a quiet table in the corner. May said, “Tomorrow, I go to London to visit my daughter, she’s an Accountant in London. I’ll be there for a week, how do I make an appointment on my return? I would make one now, but I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back.”

Jack gave May his card with his mobile number on it, then said, “May, that’s my personal mobile number, message me when you know that you’re returning. Tell me a bit about yourself?”

May smiled then said, bonus veren siteler “I’m married, but in name only. My husband is older than I am. I come from a family of old money; I’m financially independent. I still have needs and urges. I am fifty-seven, my body is still in good condition; it is also not unpleasant to the eye. I am bisexual, I have several girlfriends. I will also use this new Leisure Club for a little relief. I am open-minded, I enjoy affectionate and intimate sex. I prefer a cock to a dildo. I want and need physical sex with a man. I am not selfish in bed; I love to give my partner pleasure. I find you very attractive. I’m looking forward to our first appointment. I would like to say one thing, Dot has shown me your Consulting room; I find it functional but sterile. Do you have a bedroom that we can use, or should I book one of the rooms in the Hotel?”

Jack thought for a minute, then said, “I may be able to offer you a room on your return. When you message me next week, I’ll be in a position to tell you then.”

Gran had suggested that Jack could use his bedroom as it connected to the Clinic. It also had a small lounge and an ensuite bathroom; it was self-contained. May replied, “I’ll do that; I have a lounge at home we could use for a home visit; I prefer a bed, I like to be noisy in bed. My husband and I have separate bedrooms; we have had them for years. To use my bedroom wouldn’t be a wise thing to do.”

Jack squeezed May’s hand then said, “I like your style May, I look forward to your message.”

They finished their wine, then May left; Jack went to the Reception, everything was going well. Then Jean walked into the Reception, she said, “Jack, this place is alive; I thought that on the Council, we have a Health Quango, a doctor on it has now retired. I can put your name down as a replacement; he was an old fuddy-duddy; we would be better with a younger mind there, would you be interested?”

Jack replied, “I have my degree; I have a broad knowledge of Medicine, yes, why not?”

Jean smiled then whispered, “Darling, let’s go to room 44, then I can tell you more about it.”

They got into room 44, Jean went to the bathroom, she asked Jack to strip and lie on top of the bed as she’d only be a minute. Jack had some lube in his white coat pocket; he left it on top of the bedside cabinet. Jean came out of the bathroom; she was naked apart from her green bracelet. She looked so erotic as she carried her chain of office, which she placed on a chair in the bedroom. Jean said, “Jack, my fantasy is that I want to be fucked wearing my chain of office; I’ll leave it there this now as it will get in the way while we’re getting warmed up.”

They lay on top of the bed, kissing and touching for several minutes, then Jack said, “Jean, do you want to cum when you’re wearing your chain?”

“Yes, Jack, I want to be fucked, and I want to cum when I’m wearing my chain.”

“Jean, I’m going to make you cum a lot tonight.”

He then positioned Jean on the bed so that they could 69; Jean was sucking Jack’s stiff cock lovingly, he spread her thick cunt flaps open, out popped her bedava bahis huge hooded clitoris, Jack teased it with his tongue then started to suck it as he finger fucked her wet pussy with two fingers. Jean loved it. She was purring with pleasure as she pushed her pussy against Jack’s mouth. Jack felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth, but he kept on sucking her huge clit. Then Jack slipped a finger inside Jean’s tight ass, he had used her cunt juice as lube, Jean loved it, she said, “Jack, that feels so good, nobody has ever fingered me there before, it feels so enticing, I love it when you do that. Can you give me another finger?”

Jack knew then what he would do now; he reached lube then lubed three fingers; he started with two, sucking her clit as he ass fucked her with two fingers. Jean was going crazy with it. She was now pushing her ass hard against Jack’s intrusive fingers. Then he slid in the third finger; a couple of minutes later, Jack felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth. He held her cum in his mouth, then came up; they cum kissed for several minutes, Jean’s tongue working hard, transferring her cum into her mouth. Then Jean said, “Jack, that was beautiful; I have never done that with a man before.”

Jack then lubed his stiff cock; he got Jean on all fours on top of the bed, her ass at the bottom of the bed level with his cock. He then got Jean’s chain of office, he put it around her neck, it just hung, it looked so erotic. Jack then said, “Jean, I’m going to ass fuck you first; I’ll be very gentle, to begin with; if you have any discomfort, then let me know. Just relax and enjoy, darling. “

Jack’s cock slid easily inside Jean’s lubed ass; Jack was very gentle with his movements, then Jean had taken his full length without a word; Jack said, “Jean, how is it for you? Are you comfortable with it? Have you any discomfort?”

“None at all, I’m just thinking of how good it is; it feels amazing; the head of your cock is hitting and stimulating my G-spot, Jack. Can you go a little harder and deeper? I’m going to cum soon.”

Jack move up a gear then said, “That’ll be the first time you have cum wearing your chain of office. Cum for me Jean, I’m going to make you cum a lot today.”

Jean had her first vaginal orgasm two minutes later, her second followed four minutes later. Jack just kept pounding her ass relentlessly. Her third vaginal orgasm was massive; her whole body was shaking and trembling. Jack let her compose herself, then pulled out of her ass and slipped his cock inside her dripping pussy doggy style; Jean said, “Jack, that was amazing, I’ve never cum so intensely in my life, three beautiful orgasms, I didn’t think it was possible. That feels beautiful; the head of your cock is hitting my cervix now; let me feel you squirt your cum on my cervix again. “

Twenty minutes later, Jack obliged; they both climaxed within seconds of each other. It was another massive orgasm for Jean. Jack pulled out, then turned Jean around; they hugged and kissed. Jean had to take off her chain of office as it was jagging into each of them. Jean said, “I wonder if any of the other holder’s of this chain deneme bonus has ever fucked while they have been wearing it, I am sure that it would have happened, but only the chain can tell us. Jack, I can now guarantee that you’ll get the Quango job; we meet once a month for a couple of hours. You will be paid six thousand pounds a month; that’s my little way of saying thank you for what you’re doing to me.”

Jack kissed Jean lovingly, then said, “Thanks Jean, you know that I’ll work hard for you. I have enjoyed tonight; I’m going to have a shower, then I’ll go and help mum.”

Jack went back to the Hotel reception, mum and Gran were there. They went into the back office, all the males had now left, the residents and members of the Leisure Club were all swimming in the pool, all they were wearing were green bracelets, they all looked happy. Jack and mum went to bed; mum said, “Jean was wonderful today, the way she spoke to the media afterwards was first-class, she has done us a lot of good today.”

Jack then told her about the Quango job; mum was impressed. Jack also said to her that he would look after her sexually. Jack also said to her that he would have an appointment with May when she got back from London. Mum then told Jack about one of her patients, her name was Connie Cook, she was a widow, her husband was a very wealthy ass hole. Five years ago, he had infected Connie with gonorrhoea, mum had treated her for it, Connie never had sex with her husband again. They only had one child, a son, who died in a tragic car accident six months ago. Connie was heartbroken about his death. Connie wanted to meet Jack next week. Mum also said that she’d seen Isa at the opening, she would see Jack on Saturday.

On Friday, Jean phoned Jack to tell him that he’d got the position on the Quango and the next meeting was in two weeks. On Monday, Jean came for her mammary scan; she was clear. Jack took her to his bedroom, Gran had organised everything; they would use a downy in Jack’s bed with large bath towels for his patients to lie on. It worked well. Jo had set up a Bistro so that the Clinic’s staff had a place to have a coffee and something to eat. Jack could also use it. It was an informal place where Jack could talk with patients.

Jack was in the Bistro on Monday lunchtime, his phone beeped, he had a message from May, it read, “Hi Jack, hope that this finds you well, I’ll be back on Thursday afternoon, have you organised a bed or should I book a room in the Hotel? How did the opening go? I am sure that it went well; I saw it on the news, the Lady Mayor spoke so well, and so did Dot. You couldn’t buy that advertising; I was impressed. I’m a bit boring in terms of underwear; I’ve been in a couple of lingerie boutiques, I’m going to splash out a bit for you, would you like me to wear some sexy lingerie for you? With push up bras, they make my tits look enormous. I have seen some crotchless bodysuits and Basques, would you like me to buy some of these too? I’m looking forward to our first appointment on Thursday. Love May xx.”

Jack replied, “Dear Mary, I’ve the bedroom sorted out. The opening was amazing, all our rooms are fully booked for the next two months, the place is so busy. I love nice lingerie; I like everything that you’ve suggested. Let me know exactly when you’ll be at the Clinic, and I’ll create the appointment. I am looking forward to seeing you on Thursday. Love Jack xx.”

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