They Meet… Finally

Aimee Ryan

They Meet… Finally

One car is waiting, watching

Several minutes later another car pulls up

The shopping center is not yet crowded, it’s early

The man in the first car sits up at attention when the second car pulls up and parks next to him.

The woman in the second car pretends not to notice

The woman in the second car looks into the rear view mirror and runs her fingers thru her long dark hair

Dab the “Beautifull”

The man in the first car pretends not to notice

The woman in the second car flips down the mirror on the visor and checks her makeup

When satisfied with what she sees in the mirror the woman in the second car grabs her purse and opens the car door.

The man in the first car never takes his eyes off her.

She knows.

She can feel his eyes.

She walks towards the bookstore as planned.

She begins to walk a bit slower

Approx 30 seconds later the man in the first car opens his door and heads towards the bookstore.

She knows

He is not sure if she knows

Men! Jeeze

He is not able to walk slowly

He catches up to her, he doesn’t mean to.

She opens the bookstore door

He takes the front door from her

He is still not sure

She is grinning,,,,,,,, inside

He walks to the planned meeting section “Children’s Books”

She walks left to the café section

He is disappointed

He hoped it was her.

She’s stands tall, great long legs, warm smile, reddish long hair

He could eat this woman all up

Disappointed look

She is giggling,,,,,,,inside, as she orders a cappuccino

Let him wait

Sipping slowly

He looks bewildered

Wipes her fingers on a napkin, tosses into her half filled cappuccino cup

Shakes her long hair and slowly walks over to the children’s section

He tries to look cool

Like he knew it was her all along

She knows different

He looks at her with a question güvenilir bahis mark kind of look

He says her screen name

She nods yes

Nice to finally meet you

“Yes,nice to meet you”

“Do I look like what you thought I would look like?”

“Yes not bad”

“Not bad?”




“just had”


“But YOU can have”

“Black please, no sugar, I’m sweet enough”

“you are, huh?”


Walking towards door slowly sipping the hot black coffee

“Where are we walking?”


“Not to your car”

“No, you’re not a backseat girl”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you’re not a backseat girl”

Benches in parking lot


“So tell me what do you think?”

“Think about what?”

“Finally meeting?”

“I think its good we finally met”


“You have to ask why?”

“Yes I do”

“Because were attracted to each other”

“Is that all?”

“Isn’t that enough?”

“Enough for a meeting”

Attraction is a powerful thing

“So now what?”

He brings his hand up to her cheek

Turns hand around

Gently strokes her cheek with back of his fingers

“Now, I would like to kiss you

But your not a parking lot girl either”

“What’s a parking lot girl?”

“Same as a backseat girl but different”

“How is it different?”

“How is it the same?”

“You’re crazy”

“No, you’re crazy”

She takes hold of his stroking hand, gently, not stopping him from stroking

She loves the stroking

She looks at him, right into his eyes

He doesn’t look away

But not right into her eyes, not yet

She holds the stroking hand tighter.

He reaches with other hand to stroke the other cheek

He looks down

Big black olives trying to escape the bra and come thru her sheer pink blouse





“Why? Not güvenilir bahis siteleri here, that’s why.”

“We weren’t doing anything and we’re not going to either, lets walk”

“To where?”

“Just walk”


Its late fall, slight chill, drizzling, damp

The weather was damp too

“So tell me, what are you looking for?”

“I could ask the same question”

“You go first”

“I like the adventure

The act of the rendezvous.

The thrill of the meet

The danger of getting caught

But that’s me but you’re different”

“How so?”

“First the attention thing

You’re a self-proclaimed attention slut

Attention whore!

Whore, slut

Exhibitionist perhaps

Its not that you probably don’t get attention

You probably don’t have to work for it

You need to dress up

Matching finger, toes nails, lipstick

The FMPs

The sheer blouse

Attention you get but you need more”

“I am not an exhibitionist”

“I know You’re too afraid to be an exhibitionist

But you want to be”


“You open a crack, so to speak, at a time

You tease”

“I am not a tease”

“You are not a tease, but you tease”

“I don’t mean to tease”

“Yes you do”

“You love it”

It gets damper, the atmosphere gets damper too

It gets harder to walk around

The drizzling also makes it hard to walk around

It’s damp and hard to keep walking

The weather is awful too

“Is that all I am to you

an illicit rendezvous?

A little dirty secret you keep locked away inside your head?”


“All I am to you is a slave to worship you

I am the attention slut A Whore!”

“Attention whore I said”

“Whore, slut, whateve

“Attention is what you need

You need it and I supply it”

“Yes you do”

It gets damper and even harder to walk

The weather get worse too, darker clouds

“If iddaa siteleri I promise to be on my best behavior can we talk in my car?”

“If I promise to be on my best behavior can we talk in MY car?”

“Ok I don’t care whose car; it’s hard to walk here”

“Yes I agree, it’s too wet also and it looks like its going to pour”

“Why did I do this on a Thursday?”

‘Do what?”

“Do this.”

“Never mind”

“Here is my car”

“Nice car”

“Thanks, I earned it”


“Long story, not for now”

Turning off car alarm

Opening driver door

Reaching in, opening side door, getting settled.

Looking at mirror, “Look at me, my hair is a mess”

“I am

My hair is a mess too”

The scent of the “Beautifull” fills up the car

He reaches over to touch her cheek

She leans in, tilts her head and kisses him

Mouths locked

Tongues rubbing

Arms around neck

Hands around waist

Pulling closer

Hands up and down her sides

Long red fingernails in hair

Kissing harder

Windows fogging up

Pressing the olives so hard, making olive oil

Hands reaching behind and down

Two cheeks, two hands, two handfuls

Pouring outside

Steamy inside

Pulls away from his hands


Moves around, now sitting on his lap

Hard lap

One arm around her waist

Other hand on bare knee

Pressing olives into his face

Biting thru sheer pink blouse

Long red fingernails open 2 buttons and pulls up pink bra

Pushes olives into his mouth

Wants both in same mouth, impossible, but tries anyway

Hand on knee slides all the way up

Heels fall off

Teeth nibble and 2 fingers explore, deep

The long red fingernails dig into his neck

She digs more fingers into his neck

Four fingers exploring her, deep

Mouth opening wide, engulfing

Knees spreading, fingers deeper

Whole hand almost in,

Pushing against hand, wanting more, wanting deeper




More rocking, pushing, biting

Car bouncing

She is getting all the attention

She loves it.


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