Chapter 3

It is Monday morning once again, the only day of the week that the store is closed. Tommy has lots that he needs to go and buy, and they both desperately want to go to the clinic to get themselves tested. By the time that they are done breakfast, it is still too early to go out, so they just sit back in their nice thick, but still mostly dry diapers, and read until it is time for them to go out.

“I wanna go to the clinic first, but there”s no way that we can arrive together, nor appear as if we”re together in any way. It might even be best if we don”t go at the same time at all.” Tommy said as they were getting each other dressed to go out.

“I agree, but I think if one of us goes in, and then five or so minutes later, the other does, and we don”t even look at each other, that should be fine. I”ve been there, the place is always busy, and I won”t be the only young kid there. We all know why we”re there, and the workers don”t say anything, but you”re right, if I blatantly arrive on the arms of a gorgeous man, someone might just say something.” Enzo grinned.

“Yeah.” Tommy snorted.

They headed out, and Tommy offered to let Enzo go in first, and said that he would go and check out one of the stores nearby and come himself in about ten minutes or so. When Tommy entered, Enzo was not even in the room, and there were only four others there, one was a teen boy of about fourteen, two were men, and one was a woman. He went and registered, everyone knows it is not his real name, there is not one person there who has given their real names he is certain, and the workers know that, but they don”t care. Their sole job is to try and reduce disease, and the fact that they have kids even younger than Enzo come through their doors does not even bother them any more. Just as Tommy was being called in, Enzo was leaving, they had both agreed to get the entire test screen done, even though both are sure that they have nothing, you still cannot be too safe, especially poor little raped Enzo.

There was no talking at all when Tommy entered the room, he was passed the cup to pee in, and he went and did that, thankfully he had stored some, and then, almost as soon as he was out, it was taken and labeled, and a few moments later, the inside of his cheek was swabbed, and then it was labeled and set in the same tray. Finally he was prepped for the blood taking, and that was done as well. As he left, he was given a paper that he had to bring back with him in one weeks time to collect his results, and then he was gone.

Tommy met Enzo at the same store that he had been looking in to wait, and as soon as Enzo saw him, he left the store.

“So, how”d it go?” Tommy asked.

“Same as usual, not really a lot of talking at all, and I hadta remove my diaper and squeeze some pee from it, because, like usual, I didn”t have any, hopefully that”ll be all they need. They”ve always done my tests without it before, since clearly I couldn”t give em any, so hopefully this won”t change anything. I just got the paper to hand back in next week to get my results, since of course Lester Papadopolos doesn”t exist.” He giggled. “How about you?”

“That”s too funny, and I”m surprised you”ve already read that book.”

“Yeah, found it in a trash bin about three months ago, nearly torn in half, but it was still readable.”

“Nice, I have the whole set, so you can feel free to read mine now. As for how”d it go with me, same as usual as well. Hardly any talking at all, just the way I like it. I was able to pee in the cup at least, but not much, that”s for sure. It”s usually enough though.”

“Good. Now we can go shopping.”

“Yep, let”s go Baby.”

Because Tommy does not have, nor need a car, and since he does not even have a drivers license he could not even drive one if he wanted to, they head out to their first destination, walking, talking, laughing the whole way. The grocery store is usually fairly busy first thing Monday mornings for some reason, and today is no exception, but for the first time ever, Tommy does not care. Even though he asked Enzo several times if there is anything at all that he wants, he always said no, since he still has no idea what all he really likes and dislikes anyway. Tommy understands that, since it had been years before he could make decisions like that himself.

They dropped off and put away most of their groceries at home, so that their frozen foods did not thaw, and then they headed out to their next destination. This time Enzo will get to help pick out the diapers that he gets, and when they arrived, Tommy picked what he wanted, and Enzo just went with the same, since, like he said, they are super thick, super thirsty, and super comfortable, so how much better could it be. Tommy agreed, saying that is why he uses them as well, and that even though he has tried the others, the ones they are getting really are his favorites. They grabbed a few other supplies from there, but their wipes, cream, and lotion they had already gotten at the grocery store anyway, since they have the nice baby scented stuff that Tommy really does prefer.

After dropping their diapers back off at home, and since they are having a nice day out, they headed back out to see if there is anything else that they can find that they want. They found a few things in various stores that they liked and grabbed, but probably their best find was a solid wood table and chairs in a back alley. When Enzo looked it over, he said that it is in pretty rough shape, just to look at it, but that it is in just about as good a condition as the previous one had been, only this one is either a really dark wood, or darkly stained, but considering he cannot find any lightness in the scratches, he thinks it is a dark wood. They ended up going back to the store to grab a couple larger carts and a few tools to take the table apart for easier transport, considering that they are walking and all.

It took no time at all for them to be able to break down the table enough to transport it, but they almost could not fit the four chairs. They managed to stack them in well enough that they were able to do it, so that is all that matters. They are not too worried if they scratch something, since neither of them doubt that they can do any more damage than has already been done.

It was a nice walk home, they talked and joked and laughed the entire way again. They put the table back together in Enzo”s work area, and then headed upstairs, where they both want to strip down to just their soggy diapers, and kick back for the rest of the day. Once stripped, they went about putting away the rest of the groceries and supplies, since they had just gotten the cold and frozen stuff put away earlier, but this took next to no time at all to do.

For the rest of the day, they just relaxed, but did it together. When it was time for their diaper changes, they admitted that they would really love to make each other cum, but, like Enzo had said, he is almost ready to cum, he knows it, and he knows how much Tommy wants to taste his first load, and that he himself loves man cream, so wants to taste his man, but that he does not really want to until they both know that it is safe to do so.

The next several days went by, and both are doing well. They help stock the store and bring in the new donations every morning, and then while Tommy is up front helping customers, Enzo is in the back working on his table project. His first step had been to strip the entire thing, for this one needed almost everything sanded, and what had not needed it ended up having to be done to blend everything in together anyway. Enzo was happy to find that it is in fact a dark coloured hardwood. Once it was completely stripped, he went about repairing all the damaged areas, and there are a lot, but nothing that he cannot fix. The problem that he had run into, though, is that he had had no fillers anywhere near the right colour, so he had to make his own with wood glue and the sanding dust, which worked out so well, that he decided that in the future that this would be his main choice, since it worked so well.

Next Enzo had to go about repairing the chairs, since almost all of them were at least a little rickety, all of them squeaked when sat upon, and they all wiggled to some degree. He ended up just taking them apart completely, re glued all the joints, and put screws into them where they should have been in the first place, but had been skipped altogether. By the time he is done with them all, they are rock solid and probably far better than they ever had been before, which is good, because he thinks that this was likely a rather expensive set.

Finally he was able to start finishing the pieces, but he had not had enough of any one finish left to do the job completely, so he found four partial cans that were all the same brand and the same series, just in three different sheen levels, so he mixed them all together, figuring that he would get a sightly shinier satin finish by the time all was said and done. It took Enzo a full two days to finish the pieces, because he put on four good coats on everything on day one, then let it rest until the next day, then he sanded it very lightly and put on another two coats in the lesser hard wearing areas, and four on the harder wearing areas.

Every day Tommy had been impressed by the amount of work that Enzo was doing, and by the time that Enzo was done, he was astounded that what they had picked out of the trash heaps is now the table and chairs in front of him.

“My god Baby, this looks spectacular. You can”t even see the defects any more at all unless you”re looking right at them.”

“Thanks, it was a lot of fun.”

“You”re welcome. What do you think we should sell it for?”

“It”s definitely a much nicer table and chairs than the last set was, and it was definitely a hardwood, so I”d say at least four hundred.”

“I was thinking six, so that”s what I”m gonna put on it.”

“You think it”ll sell for that much?”

“Yeah, I do.”

And he was right, because the next day after putting it on the sales floor, right in prominent view, Saturday now, it sold. It had had a number of people looking at it, and all asked how and why Tommy got such a nice piece and why he”s selling it so cheap, so he explained that it had been found in a garbage pile, and had been in pretty rough shape, but it has been restored to its once former glory, and is now probably better than the original. Two more people came in after it had sold, upset that it had already sold, because they wanted it as well. Tommy figures that had they all come in at the same time, that they could have had a full out bidding war on it.

Enzo now has a problem though, he had used almost all the rest of the donated supplies that he had had in order to do that table, and in fact had not had enough to truly do it. He and Tommy talked it over, and so they decided to send a letter to all the home supply and interior finishing stores in the city and ask for donations, explaining who they are and what they are doing. Together that night they wrote up the letter, and then on Monday, when they went out again, Tommy mailed them all. Of course that is not their only stop, they need groceries and supplies again, and they are both eager to go and get the results of their tests.

In fact, that was their first stop of the morning. They both have their papers with them, and even though they staggered their entrance, they both really are waiting at the same time to go get their test results. Enzo was called up first, and he was handed his results page in an envelope. Tommy was called next, and as soon as he had his, he met Enzo outside, since he had left as soon as he had his, to prevent people from wondering why he stuck around. They are in sealed envelopes, so they both opened them up right away once together, though they ducked into a back alley so that no one would ask questions, and they both read their letters, and then both let out sighs of relief.

“Clean.” They both said together.

“Good.” They said together once more.

“The only thing that they noted on me is that I”m shockingly low on some of my minerals and whatnot, pretty much the same thing I was told the last few times I tested.” Enzo added.

“No surprise really, but we”re working on that, so no worries.”

“Yeah, that”s what I thought too. So, does this mean we can finally have hot gay baby boy sex?”

“Yes, but it doesn”t mean we haveta go all the way today. I still wanna take our time and really learn each other. We both know we can both take anything the other can possibly give, I”m certain that we could quite easily and safely fist fuck each other if we prepare each other properly, we could fuck each other raw, but we”ve both already experienced all that, but what I wanna try for is the mysterious making love. I”ve heard it exists, and that it”s even a million times, or more, better than just being fucked. I”m not entirely convinced that”s possible, but, for once, I really do wanna give it a shot.”

“You know, I couldn”t have said it any better myself, “cause that”s exactly what I want as well.” Enzo smiled warmly.

Even though they both want to go home and start making love to each other, they really do need to go and get their groceries and everything, so they went and bought all that they need and want. When they made it home, they put everything away, but only after stripping down to their soggy baby diapers, and then they relaxed. They are not in need of baby bum changes, but, they are both getting shockingly horny, and before they really are ready for it, they both admit that they desperately need diaper changes, and now.

They decided, as they walked hand in hand to their bedroom, that today is only hands, and so, Tommy encouraged Enzo to climb on the bed first, which he did. Tommy too has seen the signs, he knows that Enzo is likely to have his very first wet cum any time now, and he does not want to risk having it go to waste and get soaked into his diaper. Both admitted that they have not even so much as jacked off in probably two weeks, and neither knows how they have not had even so much as one wet dream.

As soon as Enzo was laying on the bed, Tommy started. Enzo is laying with his head up on a pillow, with his arms up and under his head, raising himself up so that he can watch, which exposes his soft smooth, hairless armpits. Tommy has always wanted to do this, and so, he buries his face in Enzo”s creamy smooth armpits and inhales his scent, and then licks them, one after the other, two or three seconds at a time in each one. At first Enzo giggled, but then he sighed deeply.

Tommy then went after his nipples, and same thing again, he spent only a few seconds at each one, but going back and forth for several minutes. This caused Enzo to moan even deeper.

But then Tommy buried his face right into Enzo”s gloriously soggy diaper, and sniffed and nuzzled in there for long enough that Enzo had to warn him that he was about to cum. Well, Tommy does not want for that to happen until he can watch it, he just wanted Enzo to be nuclear hot, and from the whimpering and sighing that he has been doing the entire time, and how high pitched it was getting right near the end, Tommy can only assume that Enzo is actually hotter than that.

Pulling himself away from Enzo”s Soggy diaper was even harder than his own dick, and Tommy truly did not wish to vacate, but he does want to witness Enzo”s first wet cum, they are both certain that he will, the signs are all there, including seeping of precum, which Tommy had almost licked off almost half a dozen times over the past few days since he started witnessing it, but knew better than to do that, because there would have been no way for him to stop had he done so.

Tommy pulled down the front of Enzo”s diaper, but did not untape it. He left it as it was, just nestled it under his hot little baby balls, and exposed everything that he has in a wondrous way, especially to a diaper lover. This is the way that he has always dreamed of seeing another, and now he is, and it is making him, if at all possible, even harder than he was. Tommy has no idea how he will stave off his own orgasm, he is certain that izmit escort bayan just seeing Enzo cum will set him off, even though neither of them really want that.

With just the barest of touches, Tommy takes hold of Enzo”s proud young erection, and starts stroking it, softly, gently, trying to make Enzo last as long as possible. They both know it is no good, it has simply been too long since his last orgasm, and he is already so fucking hot, but still, they do want it to last too.

Forty five seconds, maybe even a whole minute, that was all that Enzo was capable of lasting though, once Tommy started stroking him. Pleasure the likes of which Enzo never knew existed were coursing through his entire body. He needs to cum, bad, but he loves the feelings that he is experiencing so much, that he is trying with everything that he has to hold on, to just stave off his impending orgasm for just a few more glorious seconds, to experience it for even longer. He fought it, he felt that he could have easily cum after only ten seconds, but he fought it for as long as he possibly could, and then his most amazing cum to date slammed into him, and he blacked out before getting to witness his first eruption.

Tommy felt Enzo”s orgasm start, and so, pretty near aimed his erection straight up, because he knows that with the amount of precum that Enzo is seeping, that he is absolutely going to have his first true cum, and he was not disappointed. Shot number one sailed easily half a meter into the air, arched toward Enzo”s face, and splattered down right between his own nipples. Shot number two followed while shot number one was in the air, and this one lost about half its altitude, and pooled in Enzo”s belly button. Shot number three was about half the altitude as the previous, and exploded forth once again before the previous had even landed, and this one creamed Enzo”s pubis. Then shots four through six coated Tommy”s stroking hand.

“Wow, what an orgasm.” Tommy whispered in awe.

When Tommy looked up to see Enzo”s reaction to that, he found that his eyes are open, but that Enzo just does not seem to be there at the moment. That was when he giggled to himself, he had thought, just like the monitor is on, but the computer is rebooting.

Without even thinking about it in the least, Tommy pulled his hand to his mouth, and sucked off all of Enzo”s still almost clear and thin cum off his hand. The taste of Enzo”s first eruption was heavenly, and Tommy hopes that he gets to experience that for a long time. Before Enzo even came down and came to once again, Tommy went forth and scooped up the rest of Enzo”s offering and licked it all off his fingers.

Tommy is now burning up, how he did not cum himself, he simply has no idea. But he needs to, and bad. Thankfully Enzo rebooted and came to just as Tommy wondered if he could hold on.

“Holy fuck, that was at least a trillion times better than any cum I”ve ever had, and I sometimes cum super hard when I”ve got a cock in my ass.”

“That was amazing. You came so much, and you tasted so fucking good. Sorry, I kinda didn”t save any for you to try.”

“I couldn”t have if I wanted to, I totally passed out.”

“I know, your eyes were open and everything, but I could tell you weren”t there. I even laughed to myself when I thought it was like when the monitor is on, but the computer is rebooting.”

“I think that”s pretty accurate actually.” Enzo giggled.

“Yeah, now, as much as I wish you could play, even for just a few seconds, I”ve gotta cum, super bad here. I”m not sure how I didn”t when you did, so, please stroke me Baby, then we”ll trade places and maybe you”ll gimme a little more of your amazing baby cum.”


They traded places, and knowing that he simply does not have time to play, Enzo quickly lowered the front of Tommy”s diaper and locked it under his balls as well, and Enzo too loves the way this looks, and groaned.

He then took Tommy in a very light hold, and very gently started stroking his man, his baby, and Tommy was right, three seconds was all Enzo counted before Tommy exploded. Enzo too aimed Tommy as straight up as possible, but still, Tommy”s first shot had to have hit a full meter in height, sailed up and splattered on the wall just above the headboard, and started oozing down. Shot number two also exploded before shot number one landed, and this one painted Tommy”s face, nearly fully. Shot number three joined shot number two less than a second later, painting his face even more. Shots four and five got Tommy”s chest, and then his last two pooled in his belly button.

Never before had Tommy experienced an orgasm quite so insane, and though he is on a different plane, he is still with it enough to see the look on Enzo”s face, pure astonishment. Then again, Tommy is just as astonished that he came that much. Never before had he cum so copiously. Granted, Tommy has never held off for so long, nor has he ever experienced just what he has this day.

As soon as the shock wore off, so barely a second after the last shot splattered down, Enzo started scooping up as much of his baby”s cum as he possibly could, and started licking it off. He sighed deeply from Tommy”s taste. He has always loved cum, right from the first time that he sucked his first cock and had his mouth filled with it, there were very few cum loads that he did not care for, but, Tommy”s cum tastes so much better to Enzo than any other ever had before.

“Wow, you shot so fucking much, and you taste so fucking good.”

“Wow, no shit I shot, I”ve never cum that much or that hard before.” Tommy said, still gasping.

“Never knew anyone could.”

“Not sure you”re supposed to be able to do that.”

“It was like a fucking fire hose going off in my hands, I could barely control it.” Enzo giggled.

“No shit. Now, you”re still super hard, and dripping a little, I wanna see if you can gimme another baby cum load outta those hot little baby balls of yours.”

“Okay.” Enzo said happily, and they traded places.

Tommy got started on stroking right away, and now with one massive orgasm out of the way, he tried to really take his time and to allow Enzo to enjoy this. He is petting his hot little balls, though they are growing nicely already, he tickled Enzo”s little dick lips sensuously, and he stroked him as fully as he was capable of doing with the three fingers that he was able to use.

This time Enzo was able to last about three or so minutes, and from the amount of precum oozing, Tommy knew that he was about to get another treat, but he does not expect that it will be near as much as the first one was. And he was right, because this time Enzo only gave up two nice little shots of cum, though he pulsed, trying to eject at least another half a dozen more, but his young baby balls just have not had enough time to produce more.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing.” Enzo sighed, having been able to stay with it this time.

“Yeah, it was, you shot more than I thought you”d be able to. Here, try it.” Tommy said, and then deposited all the cum he could collect, right into Enzo”s greedily sucking mouth, only Tommy then followed his fingers with his tongue, and kissed his hot young baby boyfriend, and they got to share the sweet gay baby cream load.

“Wow, that was amazing. My second ever cum load, and then an amazing cum kiss to follow. I think I like that, and I hope you haveta cum again, so that I can do that for you now.”

“Oh yeah. Won”t be near as big, but I think I have another good few shots worth in me.”

“Then trade places with me Baby, and let me take care of you now.”


As soon as they traded places, Enzo started stroking Tommy just as gently and tenderly, he too tickled Tommy”s balls and his dick lips, and Tommy managed to hold on for a few minutes at least, and then he came. He hit his chest again with his first shot, but then the rest of six more shots filled his belly button and pooled on Enzo”s stroking fingers.

Enzo then scooped up all of Tommy”s cum, depositing it three times into Tommy”s own mouth, but Tommy did not dare swallow it down, and then, once Enzo had deposited all that he could, he too kissed his baby deeply, and they shared the nice creamy cum load, kissing for many minutes.

“Mmmm, never before have I experienced anything like what we”ve done today. It”s just gotta be because I love you so much, and even though we just used our hands, that was still making love if you ask me.” Tommy sighed deeply, contentedly, a few tears even leaking out as he said it.

“Mmmhmm, me too. I really do love you.” Enzo said, and he laid down mostly on his man, and just held him, and Tommy is holding Enzo as well.

They held onto each other for quite a while, until it got too uncomfortable for Enzo to lay in the way he was, and he pulled away.

“I love you.” They both said at the same time.

They smiled so warmly to each other, it made the other feel so good.

“I don”t know about you, but I definitely need a fresh baby diaper, but, today I wanna show you how I sometimes really liketa be baby diapered.” Tommy said.

“Okay, I need a soggy baby bum change too.”

Because Tommy often keeps the bigger baby diapers that are donated, he has a decent selection to choose from, and goes to his closet to grab what he wants. He grabbed four pampers baby diapers, and then two of each of their own diapers. He then grabbed a sharp pick and poked holes in all the diapers but one of their normal super thick diapers for each. He put the pick away, and grabbed a roll of tape, and then went to the bed, where Enzo is already ready and waiting for his baby diapering.

Even though Enzo was curious, he never asked. He has a pretty good idea, mind you, but he has never experienced anything close to what he is about to. Tommy put one of the pampers inside one of Enzo”s already nice and thick diapers, clearly the one with holes in it, and taped it onto Enzo after lotioning and creaming him really well, using easily twice as much as was strictly needed. He then prepared the next diaper, by putting another Pampers into it, and then taped that onto Enzo. He then had Enzo get up onto his knees, and he taped the entire massively thick diaper onto Enzo well enough that it cannot slip down even his narrow little hips.

“Wow, how long can we last like this?” Enzo finally asked once he was completed, the first words he had said.

“We”ll last “til tomorrow morning, easily, and unless we start leaking, we don”t get outta our mega thick baby diapers “til we haveta get ready for work tomorrow.”

“Mmmm, me likey.”

“Good, now it”s my turn Baby, just make sure and put the right diaper on the inside.” Tommy laughed.

“No shit.” Enzo giggled.

Enzo too applied easily twice as much baby lotion and diaper rash cream as was necessary, and then he too got Tommy into his mega thick baby diaper. Once Tommy was taped up properly, he sighed deeply, and let go his bladder, that had already been starting to ache a little.

“Now, we need lots and lots to drink Baby, so let”s go make a large pot of tea, and get a couple glasses of water while we wait for it.”

“Okay.” Enzo said more than happily.

They held hands all the way to the kitchen, and then got what they needed. As they sat there sipping their tea, they played card games, talking, laughing, joking, and just being in love. For almost the entire rest of the day, that was all they did in fact, and when it came time for bed, they just laid on their sides, pressed their lips together, slipped their hands inside each others equally soggy diapers, and pleasured each other for another two cums each, neither of which were near as powerful, nor as copious as their morning cums had been, and though Enzo did have some to offer for his second cum, it was minimal at best, but they both enjoyed it none the less.

The next few days went by quickly and very lovingly for the both of them. They are loving life so much now that they wonder how they had survived it before. They love each other a great deal, and every day that love just keeps growing. Every day they make each other cum, still just by hands, at least twice per day, but one day was three times, and that was a very good day. They hug and kiss and hold each other a lot, they talk lots, and sometimes they just sit and cuddle and say nothing at all, and those are the times that they feel closest to each other. They have even taken to adding a baby diaper inside their regular diapers every day, so that they do not have to change themselves in the early afternoon like they had had to in the past, now they last until after work, when they change each other then, which is so much nicer for the both of them.

During times when Enzo is in the back working on whatever he feels he can fix, and when Tommy has no customers, he has had his computer with him, and is doing research. Finally he felt that he had a pretty good understanding of what he wants to know. So, at dinner that evening, Tommy brought it up.

“Baby, it bothers me that you have what I can only assume are severely repressed memories. I”ve been doing some research, and if you”d be willing, I”d very much liketa see if we can figure out why you can”t remember anything before about the age of seven.”

“Why though?”

“Too many questions, not enough answers. You”re incredibly bright and driven, you can”t possibly have learned that on the streets. I see how you look at things, you have an inner brightness to you that shines bright, and I wanna know where it comes from. If that was in fact your mother, I wanna know what happened to make you homeless, and I think you have the answers. I sometimes wake in the night and you”re dreaming. I hear you whimpering, saying no, please stop. I think you witnessed something, and I think it”s affecting you in your dreams.”

“I don”t dream though.”

“You may not remember dreaming, but you do dream, everyone does. You”ve never waken up to a bad dream while you”ve been here, at least that I”ve noticed, but did you before?”

“I”d sometimes wake up in a cold sweat, but never knew why, I always felt scared, but then, I was living on the streets, I was always a little scared anyway.”

“I think you were having nightmares, possibly about what happened.”

“What if I don”t wanna know though, what if it changes everything?”

“Then we don”t do it, but it”ll never change how we feel for each other, nor will it change where you live, this is your home, for as long as you want it.”

“Sometimes not knowing is the safest answer though.”

“Yes, and I”m of the firm belief that no one needs to know everything, but, we should at least know the whole story of ourselves, so that we understand why we do what we do.”

“Okay. I”ll do it.”

“Thanks Baby.”

For the next several days, they did small exercises to try and unlock the memories that Enzo may have purposely hidden. Tommy had to be very careful not to insinuate anything though, so as not to impart false memories to come forth instead. Tommy knew that he was getting there, when one night, Enzo said that he remembered his dad, who had been a scientist. He said that he remembered his dad teaching him all sorts of neat things, and that in school he had had to skip kindergarten and grade one, because he was too far ahead of the other kids. Then a couple days later, Tommy managed to find out what had happened to his dad.

“He, he was telling my mom that she was crazy, that me and him were leaving her, that she was mentally abusing me, and other shit. I was in the room, I wasn”t supposed to be, my dad asked me to go to my room, but I snuck back in. He never even raised his voice, but she was screaming at him, and then, then she grabbed a knife, they were in the kitchen, and she stabbed him, she stabbed him lots, she just kept stabbing him. I yelled, I screamed, I begged her not to do it, to stop, but, she hit me, hard, and I saw my mom kill my daddy. We left right away, we drove, we drove for so long, “til the car ran outta gas, izmit eve gelen escort and this is where we stayed, living on the streets.”

And then Enzo burst into tears.

Tommy grabbed him, pulled him to himself, and just hugged him tightly. He held his baby for close to an hour when he just passed out. The sobs that emanated from Enzo choked Tommy up, and he found himself crying every bit as much as Enzo was. No wonder he had buried it. No wonder he was so scared all the time. Deep down, he had known that his mother was a killer. It had not been others that he had been afraid of, it had been his own mother finding him that he had been so scared of. He had told Tommy before that even though he had seen his mother a few times since going off on his own, that he purposely hid from her, and he had wondered why. Now he knows, Enzo had known deep inside the whole time what his mother was truly capable of.

Once Enzo passed out, Tommy carried him to their bedroom, laid him in bed, and then covered him up. He then went and grabbed his computer, so that he could ensure that the memories were not false. He had gotten Enzo”s dads name, so it would be an easy find if it did in fact happen.

He was both sickened and happy to find that the story was in fact true. It was currently a cold case, they had never been able to locate Enzo”s mother for questioning, and though they had a considerable suspicion that it was her, she had simply vanished, as had their young son. Enzo would have been just about seven when it had happened, which explained everything perfectly. Tommy decided to use an email program that was supposed to be secure, created a throwaway account, and then emailed the police a tip about the possible whereabouts of Enzo”s mother. Of course he never said a thing about Enzo himself, he would let the police think that he had just been another victim of his mother, or maybe a victim of the streets, they are far too common, and there are any number of unnamed street people buried, even including children, so they will not search for him after they get his mother and she tells that he disappeared a year ago.

As soon as Tommy finished that, he went to bed and cuddled up to his baby, so that he could feel the closeness of Tommy, Tommy knows that this is the one thing that Enzo will need most of all right now. It was a little better than an hour later when Enzo woke up.

“How you feeling now Baby?” Tommy whispered.

“I was always so scared of her, now I know why. She killed my daddy.”

“Yes, she did Baby, and I”ve tried to ensure that she goes to jail for it, and gets properly punished.” Tommy whispered again, and told him what he had done.

“Thank you. You didn”t say where I was, though, did you?”

“No. We”ll let them just think you were one of the many street kids that ended up in the morgue. Nothing good can come of them finding you, not now. I don”t want you having to go to court or anything, you never needta say that out loud ever again. It”s enough that we now know, and I”ll help you heal from it, because I don”t think you ever have. It”s in the past, it”s done, we can”t do anything about it now. But now you at least know where you came from, and who your dad was, and even why you”re so much brighter than a street kid should be.”

“Thanks.” Enzo whispered.

“You”re welcome Baby. Now, you”re getting super soggy, so let me change you, and we”ll give you a nice thick baby diaper to hug you closely, would you like that?”



Tommy took care of getting Enzo all changed, and it was a mark to show just how much in turmoil Enzo still is to find him absolutely flaccid, and almost hiding inside, when Tommy opened his diaper up and exposed him. He never even grew in the slightest as Tommy cleaned, lotioned, and creamed him up as slowly and gently as he could. Finally he taped Enzo up into a nice triple thick baby diaper.

“He used to diaper me up almost as nicely.” Enzo smiled sadly.

“So this is something that you”ve had your whole life then?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I remember that was one of the things my mother abused me about, not being able to pee in the toilet like a normal fucking person. I think my dad took me to the doctor to find out what was wrong, but I don”t remember exactly what it was, just that there”s something inside my head that never developed properly. I think I remember something about being born so prematurely that they didn”t think I was even gonna survive. I remember my daddy being so proud of me the first time I read him a book, I don”t think I was in kindergarten yet. My mother just called me a freak of nature. My daddy always hugged me and kissed me, my mother tried never to even be in the same room as me. She hated me, I think, she resented me. The day she killed him, I think he even accused her of forcing herself to go into labour early, to kill me, because she never wanted me. Why would she”ve kept me though, if she hated me so much.”

“I don”t know Baby, there”s still so many unanswered questions, but now we at least know the answers that we needed to know. I doubt even your mom knows all the answers, to tell you quite honestly, and even if we could ask, I”ll never let you near her again.”

“I never wanna see her ever again anyway.”


“Would you like a soggy baby bum change now?”

“Yes please, but no playing.”

“Honestly, right now I”m not even in the mood for that.”

“Yeah, I know, me neither.”

Enzo slowly and lovingly cleaned, creamed, and diapered Tommy, and Tommy did not get in the least hard either.

For the rest of the day, they sat back and relaxed, they talked, and played games together. While Tommy never asked Enzo any questions about his family, every so often, Enzo would add something else that he remembers, and now Tommy is starting to finally understand who Enzo truly is. Enzo even admitted to having a special friend in grade one, that his mother had caught the two of them playing in a very naughty way, he admitted that they had been sucking each others tiny little dinkies, they were both diapered and had just pushed them down. Enzo had never been ashamed of the fact that he had had to wear diapers, and his friend had to wear to bed, so they were good friends with that one shared thing. Enzo said that he even got his friend into his diapers during the day a few times, and they enjoyed that, a lot, especially changing each other, which his dad only laughed when he caught them doing so, and rubbing the cream in really well. His mother, on the other hand, thought he was Satan spawn.

When it was bed time, they changed each other, then kissed and cuddled, and fell asleep. Tonight Enzo had what Tommy thought was probably his most peaceful sleep. Even though he had finally broken open his horrible past and exposed what had truly happened, his mind can now finally be at peace, for he does remember it, and has a wonderful boyfriend helping him to work it all out.

“How do you feel this morning Baby, I never woke last night to feeling you dreaming?”

“I……I actually feel better, lighter, like a weight”s missing.”

“Good. Now that it”s out in the open, and you”re working through the pain of it all, I”d hoped that you”d finally getta be free of the pain. Sure, we both know there”s gonna be a few bumps in the road to travel ahead, but now that you”ve relived that day, and we”ve done what we can to expose the truth, I think that you”re gonna be just fine.”

“Thanks.” Enzo said, and then soundly kissed his baby.

As soon as Enzo broke the kiss, he spun around so that he can access his baby boyfriend”s diapered dick in the way he so desperately wants and needs right now. Tommy likes where Enzo is going with this, and as soon as they are in range of each other, they push down the fronts of each others soggy baby diapers, expose each others hardness, and then engulf as much as they are able to in the positions that they are currently in.

Neither has ever experienced a sixty nine, most had not been in it for either of their pleasure, especially Enzo, but even Tommy had rarely had a partner that would suck him, though he sucked nearly every one of his partners, it was rare for the favor to be returned. Together, though, they not only enjoy doing it to each other, but receiving it from each other as well. They are currently very much enjoying it together.

With very little surprise, neither was capable of lasting more than just a few minutes, and when Enzo came, for he was first this morning, Tommy came a quarter second later and they filled each others mouths full of the cum that they crave.

Both are still hard, neither wishes in the least to stop, and so, they continue sucking each other for another two baby boygasms. Tommy fed Enzo cum with all three orgasms, though his last was minimal at best, whereas Enzo gave up all that he could in only two, and so, his third was dry. Both are now very satisfied.

Enzo spun back around and kissed his man deeply, tenderly, they can taste themselves still in their kiss, and it is making them even more passionate because of it. For damn near half an hour they kiss and hold each other, before finally breaking apart.

“Wow, that was amazing. I”ve never done that before.” Tommy said.

“Really! I mean, I”ve never experienced that either, but not even you”ve done that before?”

“No.” Tommy said, and then gave a brief history of his cock sucking escapades.

“Wow, well, anytime you want it, you can bet I”ll be more than willing as well.” Enzo grinned brightly.

“Yes, well, likewise.”

“Good. Now, we need soggy baby bum changes and breakfast, so, shall we go about getting both Baby?”


They double diapered each other once again, like they have nearly every morning since the first time they did so for each other, and then went and made breakfast. Today is Monday, so it is shopping and cleanup day. Today, however, they know that they have to take the bus and go to several places, because the letters that they had sent asking for donations had been responded to, and fully seventy five percent of the places they mailed to responded that they could donate some materials.

They went and did their shopping first, definitely not forgetting to stop to buy lots of diapers, took all that home and put it away, and then hopped on the bus to their first destination. Here they got several cans of stains and finishes that Enzo will be more than happy to use up, as well they gave him a few other things for finishing that will come in handy. The second and third had much the same things, but the fourth gave them all sorts of supplies, like paint brushes and sand papers and whatnot. The rest of the places gave them varying amounts of whatever they cared to give, and every time Enzo thanked them deeply, while Tommy gave them a donation receipt so that they could write it all off. They also bought more stuff as well from pretty near every place, since Enzo needs and or wants it, and because it is for charity as well, Tommy will happily write it all off anyway. They had had to take things back to the store three times to offload, and they both had a decent sized cart with them for carrying goods, so that was really good. Now Enzo feels that he will be set for at least a little while.

Tommy had also printed a sign and put it in the window stating that they are gladly accepting donations of finishing supplies and very well worn furniture to be refinished for charity, he did that a few days ago, and already they have had a few decent donations. They have gotten several cans of paints, stains, clear coats, fillers, and whatnot, none full of course, but every bit helps. They also get plenty of brushes and sandpapers and other things to use, as well even a few good power tools that will come in very handy.

The next day, Enzo got started on a really nice antique desk that had been beaten to shit, painted probably twenty or more times over its life, and Enzo hoped would be very nice once done. It took the better part of an entire week to do so, but he had stripped it completely, refinished it perfectly, and then put it all back together, and now it looks like a million dollars. Tommy put it on the floor for four hundred dollars, and this time it did go into a bidding war, and he ended up getting six hundred for it. Enzo is clearly very happy with this.

Every day they still cause each other to cum at least a few times, usually in two sessions, and most often they simply stroke each other still, but they sure do like sucking each other, and while they do prefer doing so at the same time, they have gone one at a time a couple times as well.

It was a Friday night, when they were on the computer, looking at the local news, because Tommy has been waiting for this, when finally they found a report of a suspect of a cold case murder almost six years ago having been arrested. They showed a picture of Enzo”s mother, and then the basic story was told. At no time did they mention Enzo, though, which Tommy felt was slightly odd. That came out two days later that his mother admitted that she had probably killed her son as well, but could not say how or why, because she cannot remember, and because there is no more information on that, they simply had to close the case, and charged her with his death as well. She was not likely to get out of jail any time soon anyway, since she admitted to killing at least three, possibly even four other street people, but she had went through psychiatric evaluation, and was deemed highly unstable, multiple possible mental health issues, and was remanded to the local psychiatric prison, where they do not feel that she will ever be fit to leave. Both Tommy and Enzo breathed a sigh of relief at this.

“I worry about something though.” Enzo said after reading the final article.

“What”s that Baby?”

“Is it possible that what she had could”ve been passed down to me. I can”t imagine that my dad would”ve went with her if she were crazy when they met, so, how and why”d it happen, can it happen to me too?”

“Who”s to say Baby. I admit, I wondered the same thing myself after getting the entire story from you, so I”ve done some research, and most things say no to that, but that, simply put, they have no idea what causes that sorta thing to happen, but that they don”t feel that it can be passed down, as a general rule.”

“Oh. Okay. I want you to promise me though, if I start acting like that at all, make sure and take me in right away so that I can get treatment please.”

“Of course Baby. We know that this is in your family now, so we”ll both be sure and watch out for any weird things, and we”ll know as soon as it does. I don”t honestly see that happening though. If living how you did before, experiencing all that stress didn”t cause you to snap, then I doubt very seriously that you ever will.”

“Why”d you check?”

“More curious than anything, but I also knew that eventually you”d risk asking yourself that question, so I wanted to have the answers for you, so that you wouldn”t panic.”

“Oh, okay, that makes sense, I guess.”


Another several weeks have passed again, and Enzo is averaging one piece per week that he can refinish, and he is doing spectacularly well in it. Every piece that he refinishes he ends up selling for easily ten times more than it could have possibly sold for before hand. He has started his healing process, and is well on the road to mending his many hurts, but even he feels some angst and anxiety about what happened, and what could possibly happen to him as well, but he and Tommy talk it out and are working it out together.

Every day, Enzo and Tommy diaper each other lovingly, and more often than not pleasure each other by either hand or mouth, though they do prefer by hand, preferably while kissing each other deeply at the same time, and then they share each others cum, slurping it all up, and then sharing it in nice sloppy cum kisses.

Often times, on their day off, after shopping in the morning, they will triple, or sometimes quadruple diaper izmit otele gelen escort each other, and pretty much every day they double diaper each other, though a couple times they even dared to triple diaper each other as well for while they worked. Enzo never cared one way or the other, and really, almost no customer ever saw him more than in just a quick passing moment, and Tommy almost never left behind the desk, where no one would see his lower half anyway, so no one ever really noticed what they were wearing, so it was just fine.

The love that had been building in the two just keeps growing and growing, day by day, they have no idea how they can feel for anyone what they do for each other. Enzo even claims that the love he remembers from his dad, which was substantial, pales in comparison to what he feels for Tommy, and Tommy simply never recalls feeling this for anyone before.

Even though they both still desperately want to make love to each other, both are still holding off, neither feels that he is ready for it yet. They both feel that there is still much for them to learn about each other, and are both happy to take that time. They both know that there is nothing that they cannot take, not now, but the one thing that they want and need above all else is to truly make deep love to each other. They know that it will happen, probably soon, but they are okay in holding off as well.

Before they know it, winter is slipping away, and Enzo has been living with Tommy almost exactly three months. They still make love to each other every day, usually just by hand while kissing, but also many times by mouth. They have still not made love to each other, but they both now feel that they are ready for it.

Enzo has now healed from his past as much as either he or Tommy ever felt that that he could, and even Tommy feels that he too is healed from his past. Neither has many good memories of the past, and those bad memories had held them back. In a way, though, this makes their love that much more special. They have told each other everything that they know of themselves, and even Tommy has remembered things from the past that he too had buried, and now, they truly know and love each other because of it.

It is a Sunday night, they had just had dinner, when Enzo stood, grabbed Tommy”s hand, and silently led him to their bedroom.

Tommy knew, somehow he just knew, and he also knew that he is as ready for it as Enzo is. Shockingly enough, even though they both know what is about to happen, neither are even hard yet. This is about deep love, and though they know that soon they will be very hard and very ready, it is not yet that time.

With not even so much as one word, the two lovers laid on the bed and kissed, deeply, tenderly, lovingly. They have shared some amazingly deep and tender kisses, passed their love back and forth countless times now, but, somehow, this time it is different. They both know that after this, nothing can ever break them apart.

For nearly half an hour, they kissed each other; slow, deep, passionate, and above all else, loving, holding each other, moving nothing but their tongues.

Tommy was first to start moving his hands, but Enzo followed suit only half a second later, and they simply stroked each others bare skin everywhere that they could reach. They are both in only a single thickness diaper, somehow they had known what the other was needing, and this was all that they did for each other, but not once did they stroke the other anywhere near his diaper.

For easily half an hour or more, this was all that they did again.

Enzo was the first to slip his hand inside Tommy”s diaper, and Tommy followed suit and slipped his hand inside Enzo”s diaper as well, and together they started petting and stroking each others bare baby bums. Easily fifteen minutes they did that, not even slipping inside each others cracks to play, that is to come, but they are still being shockingly slow and tender.

Tommy slipped his fingers inside Enzo”s moist little crack, and Enzo did the same to Tommy, and softly and gently they tickled each other like this. Neither ventured inside each other yet, until, almost fifteen minutes later again, Enzo did so, and so, Tommy followed suit.

Both find that the hole that they are investigating, searching, learning, enjoying, is already well lubricated, it seems that they are both producing plenty in order to make this enjoyable, and neither feels that he needs to add any further lubricant at all. They easily slip two fingers inside each other, and they sigh deeply as they do.

Both are no stranger to being stuffed full, and in many cases beyond full, to the point of damage, so, two fingers really is nothing to them, yet, at the moment, it is everything, and then some. For probably half an hour more, they use only two fingers inside each other, pleasuring each other, truly making each other feel amazing.

They are both hard, yet neither is anywhere near cumming yet, shocking considering how long they have been going for already.

When Tommy slipped a third finger as deep inside Enzo as he possibly could, Enzo did the same to Tommy, and they both moaned lowly into their kiss, yet they are still kissing and making tender finger love to each other.

When Enzo made just a tiny move, Tommy knew that he was ready, and that he wanted to be made love to first. Truthfully, Tommy was just about to do the same thing, and he had hoped that he would get to be made love to first, but Enzo did so first, so he will get to be made love to first. Tommy rolled them so that Enzo is on his back, they pulled their fingers from each other, and doing so for only as little time as he possibly could, Tommy broke their kiss to prepare them both.

The look of both love and trust on Enzo”s face as Tommy prepares his hot diapered dick is more than Tommy thought was possible. Once Tommy had his erection poked out the front of his diaper, the look of hunger that appeared on Enzo”s face outshone even the look of love and trust. Tommy then prepared Enzo”s soggy diaper for penetration, and once he was ready, Tommy laid back in position, pressed their lips together once more and kissed his baby deeply, all while he was slipping himself as deep inside Enzo as he could solely by feel of his erection alone. They are once again holding each other, their arms wrapped around each other, and as soon as Tommy started slipping into Enzo, Enzo also wrapped his legs around Tommy, to pull him into him even tighter.

They are not moving their hands at all, they are simply holding each other, and as soon as Tommy was as deeply inside Enzo as he could be, he also stopped moving, and just stayed inside his baby, enjoying the amazing feelings, and once again, the only thing moving are their tongues.

It was easily ten minutes of just holding each other before Tommy started moving at all, and even when he did, it was agonizingly slow. He would pull all the way out, until he exited Enzo fully, and then slip all back in, only every stroke took close to a minute, and still everything was by feel of his erection alone.

Never before had either ever felt anything so wondrously amazing in his entire life, and they have made each other feel very good already countless times. Neither has any idea how they are managing to hold off their orgasms either, because after nearly ten minutes of making love, they are still going strong. They are both building up, but it is slow and wondrous, and both wonder if they are going to survive it when they do finally cum. Enzo is hoping that he does not cum at the same time, because he truly wishes to make love to Tommy as well and give him all the cum he can, but he is already certain that it is a forlorn hope.

For nearly ten minutes more they are able to last, and as feared, as soon as Tommy started cumming inside him, Enzo too exploded, filling the front of his diaper with an even larger load than he has yet managed. Tommy, however, pumped probably four or maybe five orgasms worth of cum deep inside Enzo, and then his screaming bladder had all that it could take, and he filled Enzo with that load as well.

They both admitted how much they had dreamed of this, and now that they are experiencing it, it is simply nothing like what they had dreamed it would be, it is so much more. Without even thinking of it, Tommy continued his long slow motions, continuing to make love to his baby as deeply and slowly as he is capable. Still the only things moving are their lips and Tommy”s hips, they are just holding each other otherwise.

It was nearly fifteen minutes later that Tommy exploded once again, only this time Enzo was able to contain his orgasm. He knows that he will not have a lot to spare, and he also really has to go pee and is in pain from it, something that he had only found out recently about, since he cannot pee when he is hard, and he knows how much Tommy wants as much as he can give to him.

As soon as Tommy”s orgasm let him go, he stopped all movements, and for easily ten minutes, they stayed just like that, still other than their tongues, and even though Tommy is no longer fully hard, he is still more than hard enough to still be well inside Enzo, right where they both feel that he belongs, though they also both feel that Enzo belongs inside Tommy, and they both want that very much so, but soon, not yet, no, right now they are enjoying this intimacy very much.

When Tommy finally gave just a tiny move, Enzo knew that his time is up and that Tommy desperately wants to be made love to now, and so, they flipped over, so that Tommy is now on his back, which effectively pulled Tommy from inside Enzo. If it were not for the nice thirsty diaper that Enzo is wearing, he would likely be making a mess, not like either would care right now, but he is wearing a nice thirsty diaper, and it is catching everything that Enzo is leaking out quite nicely.

Amazingly enough, considering how long that they have gone for, neither is getting tired yet, they are only half way through they know, and they both wish for their second act to take every second as long.

And it does, too.

After kissing for another few minutes, Enzo pulls away, pokes the holes in their soggy diapers, pulls out his erection, and as he slips inside Tommy”s diaper, Tommy also wraps his legs tenderly around Enzo, and as Enzo guides himself in by feel of his erection alone, Tommy also tenderly pulls Enzo in.

Once Enzo is buried as far inside Tommy as he can be, he too stops all movement, other than their lips, and they kiss once again for several minutes.

Now that the main pressure has been relieved, at least in their balls, because Enzo can seriously feel his bladder now, when Enzo does start, after nearly thirty minutes again, he goes every bit as slow as Tommy had done and they manage to last just a few minutes longer. Tommy did not cum again, but Enzo sure did, and if possible, it was even larger than his first had been, and he fills Tommy up as full as Tommy has ever had before, but then, Enzo”s poor baby bladder had also had enough, and he started peeing, far more than he has ever managed to before, and fills Tommy up wondrously full, both of them sighing deeply into their kiss.

Enzo pauses once again to enjoy the feelings, and for another ten minutes or so, they only moved their lips again. When finally Enzo did start thrusting again, once more just as low and deep, it was to be their longest act of the night. For well over thirty minutes, Enzo very slowly made love to his baby, it was so very slow and tender, so much more loving than either ever thought was even possible, they have now spent more time making love to each other than any previous ten to twenty fuck sessions had taken in full. Though they are in pain from going so long, it is a most wonderful pain that they truly do hope that they get to enjoy many more times in the future.

Tommy managed to build up to another cum, and he was the first to explode this time, and as such, he took Enzo with him and they exploded fantastically. Enzo only had a few more drops of cum to feed Tommy, but he was only too happy to receive them.

Enzo slumped down, they are now no longer even kissing, they are not moving at all, Enzo is still about half hard and still inside Tommy, and both have loving tears streaking down and they just hold onto each other for dear life.

When finally Enzo shrinks down and slips from Tommy, they both sigh in deep love and loss from that most special time, and Enzo presses his lips to Tommy”s once again, and they share another ten minutes of the most tender and loving kisses that they have yet to feel.

At the same time, they pulled apart and said, “I love you.” They both whispered it so softly that they barely heard it, their first words of the entire night, but they did, and that is all that matters.

Wordlessly they changed each others diapers, cleaning, creaming, and triple diapering each other like they deserve, and then they crawled back into bed, all wrapped up in each other, kissed, and then fell asleep.

Tommy had never felt that he had been so damaged as Enzo had been, but, in the end, after finally making such deep and tender love to each other, he realized that he had been pretty near every bit as damaged, and after making love to each other like that, they were both as healed as any could possibly be.

After that day, they made love to each other only once or twice a month, but almost every time was soft, slow, tender, and loving, not once did they ever just fuck each other, they had both been fucked too many times for that, and they enjoyed making true love to each other far more.

Most days they simply suck or stroke each other to the release that they need, and even though it is still slow and tender and loving, it is by far faster than when they make love to each other.

As time progressed, Enzo did grow, though he never did get very big or tall, both he and Tommy were very satisfied with how well his baby diapered boy bits grew, and he ended up with a very fine erection that was every bit as fine as Tommy”s is.

Of course their love of diapers never left them, and there is rarely a day where they are not at least double diapered, they love changing each other, and making the other feel very good during his soggy baby bum change, though they rarely cause each other to cum during a soggy baby bum change, they just make each other feel very good.

Enzo also continued refinishing furniture pieces, and as time went, he learned more and more, and got better and better, and most pieces that he did looked better than they had when they were new, and every last one sold for far more than they would have otherwise, and sometimes for more than they would have when they were new. Together they ran their thrift store, keeping only as little as they needed to live on, and donating far more than they truly had to to those that needed it around them. Even the auditor that came and audited them one year said that they keep way too little, but both were more than happy to keep their simple life, neither ever wanted anything new or flashy, they were always satisfied to wait until a used one came into the store.

Over the years they also helped numerous kids out, always working to get them into homes where they could be loved and grow, and while they did foster a few here and there for short periods of time, they always found the kids other homes instead, since they really did not have the space or the time to truly raise children anyway.

For as many years as they had breath left in them, they loved and lived, and with no surprise, when Tommy passed in his sleep well into his eighties, Enzo went days later, he just could not live without his baby.

The end.

****Well, there you have it, yet another sappy love story from my fantasies. This story, as many of my others, was inspired by an actual boy that I saw one day. I was at the thrift store, I often find great deals on diapers for myself there, and the boy that Enzo was based upon was there. He was not as dirty and unkempt as Enzo was, but once Enzo was cleaned up, their looks are as close to the same as I could describe them. He saw the diapers in my cart, and they were my size, he blushed a little, and kind of grinned. Fuck, I wish I could have had the courage to talk to him. Sadly, everything after that was pure fantasy. As always, I hope that you enjoyed, and should you wish to do so, please email me at erich5748 at ail. Have a good day.****

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