Timestop: The Class Test


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I’m just trying to help with these disclaimers! I don’t want to spring things on anyone. My writing is SUPPOSED to be gross and wrong, which is what makes it so thrilling to write! You SHOULD feel icky reading it! I try to creep myself out as I write, getting into the mindset of a perverted VILLAIN. I do not condone any of the things I write about!

All characters are 18+. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


-Rape / Non-con (but with mutual pleasure)

-Pervy creeping around (crawling under desks/skirts, etc)

-Gross Sniffing / Tasting

-Bit of Foot Fetish

-Cruelty and humiliation


Timestop: The Class Test

The reposeful silence threatened to lull us back to sleep. The trance-inducing ticking of the clock above the teacher’s desk in the front only served as a constant reminder that it was 8:13 in the fucking morning. Senior year. Monday History class. And it was one of the hardest tests of the year. A tediously in-depth examination of the aftermath of World War II. A fun topic normally, but made impossibly abstruse by Mr. Lewandowski. In hindsight it becomes pretty understandable that teachers thought it was a prank. A coordinated effort to get out of class.

For years after I was gone, off to college, even after that, the boys of the school immortalized the date. Celebrating it every year. Calling it ‘Oh-Day’. A day for teasing girls behind teachers’ backs. Moaning in the middle of classes. I never intended it, but honestly it sounds hilarious.

No one ever really figured out exactly what happened, never suspected I was behind it all. And thank God. I don’t know why I got so reckless that day. I mean, I was usually so careful back then, so hesitant to use my power around people I know. Usually avoiding sticky situations like this. But it was just one of those days I guess. I couldn’t take it anymore.

* * *

Someone’s stomach gurgles. Someone snickers at the noise. Pencils scratching away at paper. It’s so goddamn quiet, I’m practically worried people will hear my thoughts. Because I’m definitely not thinking about this test.

How could I? Right as I had entered the class, on the way to my desk in the back, I walked past Alyssa. The girl that sits in front of me every day. The hottest girl in class. My biggest crush. She had just sat down, was getting settled, and her Catholic plaid skirt caught on her seat. Her legs were open slightly, and I saw way up her thighs before she adjusted herself.

Now I’m just sitting here with that image burned into my brain, ten minutes into this damn test, still staring at the first stupid question.

I keep glancing up at the back of her head in front of me. She leans back. Her straight, light brown hair nearly whipping me in the face like it always does. She’s the type of girl who has to make a whole thing out of putting her hair up, stretching and showing off as she ties most of it into her cute, signature ponytail that leaves silky strands draping down on either side of her face.

God, these desks are so small, she’s so close. Smells so fucking good. Her tall, lean body begging to get grabbed from behind. Her polo uniform shirt hugs her athletic form tightly. The soft white cotton clinging to her perky little tits and elegant curves. Shit, now I have a boner. I try to focus on something else to get my mind off her. I notice another girl, Jade, in the row next to us. Her legs. Perfect creamy skin. Fuck. This test is never happening.

I could so easily take everything I want right now. Freeze everyone and explore the class to my heart’s content. But I have to refrain. It’s so easy to get carried away, make mistakes. It ends badly sometimes. Just last month, a girl from my math class switched schools after freaking out so much in the middle of class from what I secretly did to her. No one knew what happened, but I can’t keep being so careless.

But as I stare at Alyssa’s exposed neck now, my dick pulses under my desk.

Fuck it. I look around to make sure no one’s looking, and then I gaze at the clock on the wall above the chalkboard. I concentrate, straining. The hand on the clock slows. A dude next to me starts to yawn loudly… But he never stops, the sharp intake of breath becomes a drawn-out hiss. The clock stops. And the world goes silent. The slight ringing in my ears and my thumping heart are the only sounds remaining. I glance around and smile.

My eyes examine every detail of my surroundings. I need to make a mental note of the position of everything. Need to return everything to where it was before I start time again. Or at least close enough that people can think they imagined any slight differences.

I try to remain patient, pace myself. I’ve got plenty of time after all. But my heart is racing, my breathing heavy with anticipation. The excitement of being able to do anything I want is overwhelming. That girl over there. And that girl too. And Alyssa. Mine for as long as I want.

“I can’t take it. I’ve waited too long for this. Come here,” my voice echoes through the silent room full of people that can’t hear me as I reach forward and grab Alyssa’s ponytail, pulling her toward me. With time stopped, she moves a bit easier than she would normally. Her back arches over the desk connected to my seat. Holding her head in both hands, turning her face up and to the side, I lean forward and immediately maul her with my mouth, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. As if I own her.

I taste her soft lips, coated in girly lipgloss that gives her a juicy look. My tongue driving straight into her mouth, swirling around and violating her. So this is what it’s like to make out with Alyssa! Her perfect, model-like features patiently allowing the treatment. Posture frozen exactly where I position her. Her piercing green eyes stare blankly, surrounded by sexy black makeup that comes to little winged points at the end to give her an edgy, striking appearance. Clearly against our Catholic school uniform policy, but she gets away with it. I kiss and lick all across her face. Her lightly tanned skin, a bit shiny with the perfect amount of sparkly makeup. The tiny spattering of cute little freckles on her cheeks. Damn, she even tastes good. The hottest girl in the class, just leaning back casually. Oblivious to what I’m doing to her.

My cock throbs painfully against my pants. I pull away from Alyssa’s sweet lips, panting. I shove her forward again, then lean down and look underneath my desk, right at her ass. God I’ve wanted to do this for so long! I reach out and grasp her butt from the opening in the back of her seat. Every fucking day, I have to be so damn careful not to bump her with my knees as I tentatively navigate into this little desk that isn’t quite big enough for a high school senior guy. I squeeze hard. It’s so soft! Even through her plaid skirt, I can feel her warmth, faintly make out the shape of her buttcheeks pressed down onto her seat.

I slip out of my desk, looking her up and down. Then glancing around the room, I hesitate for a moment, deciding what to do. The world is mine to enjoy. No one can see or hear me. I’m free to be as weird as I want!

I head to the front of the class, humming to myself, searching around Mr. L’s desk. The crotchety old bastard sits smugly waiting as his students struggle with his test. I find what I’m looking for and return to the back of the class. As I go, I keep looking around the room with a whole new perspective. Jennifer, Maria, maybe even Simone. I can have all of them! Ok, breathe, one at a time.

I return to Alyssa, heart beating out of my chest as I gaze down at the gorgeous girl. I kneel on the hard floor, “God I can’t believe I’m doing this!” I whisper under my breath. On my hands and knees, I crawl up under her desk, slowly delving into her. My hands feel her white knee-high socks as I open her legs and swivel her toward the aisle a bit to gain access. I get hunched down low on the floor, scooting in close. With no one around to judge me, I don’t even care how fucking pervy this is. There’s something about knowing no one’s watching. You stop being self-aware. You’re free to be strange and gross and uninhibited. I have a perfect sort of privacy, in this completely escort public classroom.

My hands slide up her tone legs, lifting her plaid skirt to reveal more and more of her thighs. The same tan skin-tone all the way up. My face between her legs now, I turn to the side and kiss her warm skin. She’s lean and athletic, but the inside of her thighs are as soft as can be. Her sexy scent, pampered and feminine, makes me dizzy with arousal.

I’ve dreamed of exploring this girl. Every day, forced to sit behind my crush. She wants nothing to do with most guys, except the very very lucky few. Might not even know I exist. She’s totally off-limits. But every damn day, glimpses of her legs, her hair and neck, right in front of me. That sexy giggle. Her tight clothes.

I continue further, my head fully under her skirt now. And there before me, pastel pink panties. My cock twitches in my pants as I gasp and stare for what seems like minutes. A tiny strip of cloth is all that separates me from this girl’s pussy.

Then I dive forward without a second thought, pressing my face right into her crotch. Feeling the soft fabric on my mouth and nose, the warmth radiating from beneath. Her silky thighs hugging my cheeks on either side. And her scent all around me. It’s nothing in particular, just a girly scent you’d encounter in some trendy teen store at a mall. But my mind is being strangled by it. I inhale deeply, breathing in Alyssa’s crotch. Rubbing my face around, suffocating myself with her.

I back off a bit, catching my breath, then reach down and pull up the scissors I had retrieved from Mr. L’s desk. I run the sharp point slowly along her thigh, bunching her skirt up out of the way and caressing her warm leg and hip with my free hand as I go. I wiggle the point of the scissors under the delicate pink fabric, admiring the simple yet sexy low-rise-style panties. Snip! Right on the side, on her hip. The cloth relaxes, no longer taut, but stays intact, still covering her. I slide the scissors on the other side. Snip!

The panties now loosely cover her. Holding my breath, my heart racing, I slowly grab the fabric and pull it away, then tug it sharply out from under her butt. My eyes go wide as I reveal the most intimate area of the hottest girl in the class. Against her will. Under her desk. Head between her legs. My face inches away from her bare pussy. And she has no idea.

A gentle scent hits me first. Completely pleasant, a faint musk of femininity. I shudder in excitement. And the sight! Fucking hell. Tan lines reveal pale skin, cut off from a bikini no doubt. Not a hair in sight. Immaculately pampered and clean. She takes so much care in her appearance, even down here. Her outer labia is puffy, a shade darker than the fair skin around it. And between this, her little inner lips poke out. Dark pink petals, splaying outward externally a bit. And beneath it all, cupping nicely from underneath, her buttcheeks smushed outward onto the hard seat under her. God, I couldn’t want this girl any more right now.

And I’m starting to think her body wants this too. A slight glistening of moisture coats her pussy lips, probably from all the attention I’ve given her. I can only imagine what she’ll feel when I start time. I reach out and feel everything, running my hands along her inner thighs, pinching at her soft outer labia, spreading her open and shut a few times with my fingers. A soft, sticky Click Click sound as her pussy winks at me. I sigh in utter bliss, then dive in.

She tastes tart, a sharpness that makes my mouth pucker as I begin licking and kissing her little cunt. I tug on her lips with my own. Dig my tongue as deep as I can into her hole, the tightness such a struggle to invade. I breathe in her scent, air hissing through my nose as I fervently suck and swirl through her folds. Faster and faster, my mouth devouring her in a frenzy of lust. But not with the typical pleasure-giving movements. I do this for myself, to taste her, explore her. What she feels doesn’t matter.

It’s impossible to tell how long I’ve been at her crotch. After a while, I need a breather. I sit back, panting. Cool air so refreshing on my face after so long under her skirt, engulfed by her stifling thighs and pussy.

I stare up at Alyssa as I catch my breath, licking her flavor from my lips, reveling in how perfect this moment is. She’s so unfairly pretty, so popular, ‘out of my league’. She would never allow any of this. But I can explore every inch of her, and she can’t do a thing about it. I glance around the room from where I sit on the floor under her desk. It makes me wonder how she compares to the other girls. No one is off limits to me.

Like Torie, at the front of our row. I stuff Alyssa’s panties in my pocket, along with the scissors, and head toward the front of the class.

The prissy little teacher’s pet is frozen partway through finishing her test. Perfect waves of natural blonde hair flow down to just above her shoulders, a simple little headband holding it all out of her bespectacled face, efficiently. Such a petite girl for her age. Short and dainty. Seemingly flat-chested under her white button-down dress shirt. Kind of baby-faced, yet with a permanent stern expression that says she’s more mature and just overall a bit better than everyone else. Her grades do tend to reinforce that notion I guess.

While Torie always seems a bit bitchy, glaring over her glasses, I don’t dislike her. In fact, I’ve always had a bit of a crush on her. If anyone has to be the know-it-all always raising their hand and speaking up in class, I’m glad it’s her. Her cute, squeaky voice and delicate features are always fun to admire from the back of the room. And now, kneeling down and crawling around at her feet like a fucking perv, I have to admit I like her more than I ever thought possible!

With plenty of room to work with since she’s in the front row, I crawl up to her legs, invading her personal space and groping her up and down. She’s one of the few girls who goes through the trouble of wearing nylons, and I can see why. They give her the mature, sophisticated appearance she’s clearly going for. I rub my face along the smooth material, hugging my arms around her legs and squishing her calves. She’s thin and fit, but not athletic at all. Every inch of her seems to be pliable and fragile.

She has such a subtle, sweet smell. Not at all perfumed or attention-grabbing like Alyssa, just clean, soapy, and fresh. A purity that makes me want to ravage her for some reason, break her in a bit.

Sitting under Torie’s desk, I grab one of her feet and whip off the simple black flat she wears. God, her foot looks so cute in these tights. I lift it to my face, rubbing her sole up and down my nose and mouth, feeling the smooth nylon on my skin, inhaling her smell. A hint of sweat, but that’s it. This girl is so pristine, literally from head to toe. At this point I’m practically hoping to find some sort of flaw on this perfect little angel.

My hands fly up and roughly pry her knees apart, my face shooting forward under her plaid skirt. I throw her legs up over my shoulders and hug my arms around her butt, pulling her in her seat toward me as darkness envelopes my head. Nylon-covered inner thighs rub against my cheeks, and I nuzzle my nose into her little crotch. More of her subtle scent.

My pulsing cock makes me impatient to unwrap this tightly wound goody goody. So I throw her skirt up out of the way, stopping for a moment to admire the sight of her dark tights clinging to her petite figure, teasing at what’s beneath. I groan with anticipation, my hands reaching out in haste to clumsily molest and squeeze everything in sight. There’s a slight heat radiating from her pussy. I need to get at it, now.

I grab and Rip! savagely at the nylons, opening up a hole in the crotch. Revealing navy blue fabric beneath. I tear the tights more, caring less and less about keeping things tidy, and the whole picture is suddenly exposed. Creamy white inner thighs. Little pale buttcheeks smushed down onto the seat underneath her. And a sexy dark blue thong, totally at odds with her no-nonsense, innocent persona.

I laugh out loud, “Seriously, Torie?! Look at what you’re hiding under here!” She might just wear them for comfort or to hide panty-lines, but there’s also the sense that she gets some sort of secret womanly confidence from them.

Then without a moment’s hesitation, I grab the scissors from my back pocket and quickly cut izmit escort bayan both sides of the tiny panties, tugging them roughly away from the girl. Leaving only a gaping hole in her black nylons, and her entire crotch fully exposed before my eyes.

Torie’s pussy is compact and small. Almost cute, except for the wispy little blonde hairs that sporadically cover her crotch. The pubes are sparse and thin, but she doesn’t shave or even trim them at all. Finally, an area she doesn’t pay such meticulous attention to. A pale, almost crude sight, clearly not meant to be seen or played with like this. Of course this is true for anyone’s private areas. No one really starts their day expecting the kid at the back of the class to end up face-first in their twat. But unlike Alyssa, Torie seems so far removed from even considering that anyone will be seeing her pussy, that keeping it tidy doesn’t even cross her mind. The incredible thought of going where no man has gone before, the thought of how forbidden and intrusive this is. The shock, the humiliation she would feel from being so exposed. I run my fingers through her wild, unkempt whiskers, casually invading her sacred privacy.

Right in the center, a cute little slit. Her spongy outer labia completely hides the inner lips. I use both thumbs to spread her open, exposing the inner folds. Delicate, minuscule, light pink lips part slowly before me.

My mouth salivates at the sight, and I can’t resist any longer. I rest my chin on the seat of her chair and push my lips to her cunt, avoiding the little hairs as best I can. My eyes widen as I notice how sticky she is. I don’t think I caused it, since I haven’t done very much yet. She must be like this naturally! I flick my tongue out and taste. It’s sour, almost too much. I dig in deeper. Thick fluids, a tangy flavor overwhelms me immediately. I wrap my arms around her butt, pulling her into my face, fully exploring her vagina. God, she’s so wet already! As I lick and kiss, I can feel her moistening, oozing more of her feminine juices out onto my tongue and chin. Oddly she doesn’t have much of a scent though. Still more of her subtle soapiness, with a hint of sour.

I suck and lap for a few ‘minutes’, until it becomes almost too much. She’s not unpleasant at all, it’s just… a lot. I shake my head at how fascinatingly different girls can be. Glancing up at the frozen little teacher’s pet sitting above me, I rub at my cock over my pants and nuzzle up to a soft thigh next to me. I can’t believe I get to do this! Torie, the little blonde chick in the front row. Leaking her sticky juices all over me.

Backing out from under the desk, I decide it’s time to see Alyssa’s and Torie’s reactions. But first, I need to clean up real quick. I stand and carefully reposition Torie as closely as I can to how I remember her. I gather the panties and scissors, and walk back to Alyssa. Leaning down over her, I grab her head in both hands and rub my face back and forth all over hers, wiping off all Torie’s tangy juices across Alyssa’s mouth and nose. My dick swells painfully against my pants from the mischievousness, the depravity. Then I hastily return her to how she originated.

Just before sitting back down, I notice my test papers on my desk, “Of course, why didn’t I think of this earlier?” I rush back to Torie and copy her answers. There, at least I’ll get some of this thing correct.

Back in my seat, I try to sit so my boner isn’t obvious, then concentrate on the clock and release my grip on time.

The world snaps back into motion, all the typically ignored sounds like air conditioning and the subtle movement from students is almost overwhelming compared to the stillness of frozen time.

And then it hits them.

Right in front of me, Alyssa makes a strange inadvertent guttural noise, and then stifles it, pretending to cough. Simultaneously, Torie at the front of the row lets out a loud yelp of surprise that makes half the class jump and look up from their tests.

Alyssa shifts in her seat, pressing her legs together and glancing down at her lap. Luckily for her, Torie is drawing everyone’s attention. I peek my head into the aisle to get a good look at the tiny blonde.

“What the fuck!?” She yells, whipping around to accuse something of Joe, the guy sitting behind her. Someone gasps. We’ve never heard her cuss like that! Her face is flushed bright pink, and I’m the only one who knows how much it matches the color of the little sopping pussy hidden beneath her skirt. I lick my lips, secretly still able to taste her juices while everyone looks at her. I smile to myself, watching her anger dissolve into confusion as she realizes she’s making a scene, realizes Joe looks just as confused as her. Everyone in the class is staring at her awkwardly. She pushes up her glasses, adorably embarrassed.

“Torie? Joe? What’s the matter?” Mr. Lewandowski demands, frowning over his glasses. Someone whispers something from the other side of the room, and a few people giggle quietly in response to whatever joke they made. It was probably a crude joke, knowing the immature kids in my class, but little do they know the truth is probably cruder.

Torie’s chest is heaving, panic rising on her flustered face. She turns to the teacher, “N-nothing Mr. Lewandowski. Can I p-please be excused?” He hesitates, but nods, clearly trusting the straight-A student. She gets up carefully and shuffles out of the room.

I try to decide my next move as I watch Alyssa continue to squirm in front of me. She discretely wipes at her mouth as she notices something wet, something tangy on her face. No one seems to notice except me. She leans down to get a tissue out of her bag under her desk, a look of disgust and confusion on her pretty face. As she moves around, I catch a whiff of her sweet scent like I do every day sitting this close to her. That girly perfume. But something else too. The unmistakable musk of pussy! I grin, glancing around the room. Everyone is too distracted still. No one else smells. No one has a clue about her wet cunt under her desk. About the panties hidden in my bag. About the flavor on my tongue.

“Ok, ok! Everyone back to work!” Mr. L sternly hushes the mumbling students, and the room goes quiet. I give it a minute, letting everyone return their attention to their papers, letting Torie get further down the hall on her way to the restroom. When I unfreeze time again, it helps if no one is looking at anyone I might move. And it helps to have Torie well out of earshot in case she makes a scene again. Because I’m not done with her. I can’t leave it like this, can’t let her escape. I need all of her.

I wait for the right moment and then stare at the clock for concentration. I feel that familiar fatiguing strain as I pull on the reins of time, wrangling it into submission. It gets harder the more I use my power back to back, but God damn is it worth it today.

I jump to my feet as the air goes still again. On the way, I playfully bend down and give Alyssa a taunting little kiss on the cheek, “Don’t worry, I’ll come back for you later.” Then I hurry out of the room to find Torie.

She got surprisingly far down the hall, a mere twenty feet from the restroom at the end. I laugh as I approach her. She’s frozen in an awkward little waddling stance, knees too close together, hunched over slightly from the speed of her gait.

I let out a whistle that echoes through the eerie silence of the hallway. Grinning ear to ear as I circle around my prey, “Where you think you’re going? You’re not getting away that easily. I gotcha all to myself.” There’s only a single random dude all the way down the other side of the hall. Even if she makes noise after I start time, no one will really notice. And she can jump straight into the safety of the restroom here. Saving her some humiliation is a small kindness, but I guess it’ll ease my conscience a bit. Which is good, because I don’t plan to go easy on her.

I reach out and flip up her skirt, humming to myself happily as I inspect her like a piece of meat. I stop and groan at the sight. She looks so fucking sensual, her dark nylons savagely ripped open all down the center seam. Her milky buttcheeks poke out obscenely, perfect little round peaches. I move around to the front and slide my hand between her thighs, aggressively groping at her wet cunt. I inadvertently bite my lip in surprise as I notice juices were freely dripping down the inside of her izmit sınırsız escort thighs as she tried to rush to the restroom. Fuck I can’t wait another heartbeat! I rush her.

Bending down and grabbing her under the armpits, I lift and shove her back up against a nearby locker, the rattling clang from hitting the flimsy metal echoes down the hall. Her dainty body is probably easy to handle normally, but in this frozen moment she’s even lighter.

I throw her arms up over my shoulders and lift and spread her legs wide. Her feet flop around on either side of me, and my hands cup under her butt to hold her there. I squeeze and grope at her squishy little asscheeks, my face diving forward to kiss and nuzzle at her soft neck. But every move I make is aggressive, impatient.

My fingers spread her ass, spread her sopping cunt, and before I know it, I have my dick out, poking and prodding at her entrance. Her wispy pubes tickling my skin, my hips humping and grinding against her, my cock like a steel rod sliding up under her lips and crack.

One hand under her butt to hold her up, my other reaches for my dick. I aim, and without a moment’s hesitation, I stab up into her. With probably too much force. I should be careful with this fragile little chick, but I can’t help myself! My cock pierces up into her sopping pussy, and there’s almost no resistance. I sigh, utter relief washing over me as her heavenly warmth squeezes in around my meat on all sides. She was plenty ready for me, her body practically begging for it, betraying her.

She’s tight, very tight, her extreme wetness the only reason I can slide in so easily. And based on her personality, how unkempt her pubes are, I’m pretty sure I just took this girl’s virginity! I glance down, no blood. There’s really no way to know for sure. A shiver of excitement runs through me at the thought of how violating this is, how wrong, how intrusive. But a moment later, the pleasure washes over me, and I continue on without a second thought about the poor girl’s womanhood.

I plunge inside her, filling her up, my length a bit too much for her shallow vagina. I stretch her, my tip reaching her cervix in the back before I can fully bottom out. Both my hands returning to their place under her buttcheeks, I grip her ass hard. Her squishy little cheeks make for a nice handle to hold her up against the locker. I start thrusting in and out of her cunt. Without warming up to it. Without a care in the world for how she feels. I take what I want. Use her as my fuck doll. I’m careful not to hurt her, not to go too far, but my pace is savage. Blasting into her, rattling the locker behind her.

Her pussy clenches onto my shaft, sucking on me, like it doesn’t want to let me escape. I have no doubt Torie would be vehemently objecting to all of this, screaming, pushing me away at all cost. But her cunt says differently. Squelch Squelch Squelch! the silent hallway is filled with the most lewd, sloppy sounds of our genitals. Slapping skin as I slam into her again and again.

Her head slinks off to the side in front of me from the intense motion, blonde hair flopping around wildly. I sink my face down into the crook of her neck, licking at her warm skin. Fuck she’s so diminutive and delicate! So fun to manhandle! I inhale deeply, her neck so sensual. Her beautiful, subtle smell makes me light-headed. I groan and ram into her even harder, my fingers digging into her asscheeks and pulling her into me with each thrust. Clash Clash Clash! Against the locker.

I feel the slightest splattering of wetness hitting my balls and groin, so I look down, worried I might have hurt her or something. But I smile ear to ear at the sight. Nope, she’s fine. Her cunt is leaking so much juice that every time I pump into her she spatters little flecks all over us.

God I can’t believe how lewd this perfect teacher’s pet is. Who would’ve thought? Little stuck-up Torie, such a nice toy.

I pause for just a second, glancing at her nice white button-down dress shirt, tucking into her skirt, perfectly up to dress-code. I grab a handful and whip it straight up, yanking it up her torso with one hand, while still holding under her butt with the other. She has another shirt underneath, just a thin white undershirt. I pull both up together.

My dick pulses within her as I reveal her pale skin. Her thin belly, a cute little half-outie bellybutton. Further up, a tight, simple gray bralette. No padding or wires, just soft fabric holding her little mounds in place. I grasp at this too, like a raging animal, thrusting it up to expose her tiny tits. She’s damn near flat-chested, which is why she doesn’t even bother with a real bra. I leave all her layers of clothing bunched up above her boobs as I inspect them, caressing her with my fingers. Pale white skin. Small areolas, almost invisible as they’re the same pale color as the rest of her. And pale pink nipples sticking up at me. Surprisingly hard little nubs, fully erect and begging for attention. I give it freely, pinching and twisting at the puffy little buttons.

I start absentmindedly humping in and out of her cunt again, casually, while I lower my face down to engulf one of her nipples with my mouth. I swirl my tongue, sucking and slurping at her tiny tit. The heat radiating off of her is intense! Her skin is flushed pink. And she’s starting to perspire a bit, her tit salty in my mouth. It spurs me on even more, knowing how much her little body is responding to all this. How hot and worked up she’s getting, and she doesn’t even realize it yet. She has no control, no idea what insane feelings will be hitting her all at once when I finally start time. My cock throbs inside her as I pummel her tight pussy with everything I’ve got.

I smash into the helpless girl, her little feet flopping out to either side of me, my hands tightly gripping her damp asscheeks from underneath. My face hot with the feminine scent from her neck and hair right in front of me. My breathing heavy, my cock pulsing within her, about to burst. Her tight cunt-lips sucking at me, juices dripping down my balls, down her thighs. Her back banging loudly against the locker behind her.

And through all this, my mind wanders. Torie’s great, such a sweet little fuckable girl. But I keep wondering. What are the other girls like? How does she compare? Is she even that great next to Jade? What does Jennifer look like naked? And Alyssa, God I want to fuck Alyssa so badly now. I want to test the whole class. Torie will set a baseline, she’ll be like a control in my little science experiment, something to compare the other girls to. My mind flickers for a split second to a question on the test about the scientific advancements made in the aftermath of WWII. Then all thoughts fade as I’m lost in Torie’s body again.

I lick up the side of her neck, tasting her one last time, a shiver running through me from the salty-yet-sweet flavor. I reach one hand up and grip her throat, pinning her in place against the locker, my hips brutally smashing her as I stare into her girly face, kiss her cheek, taste her lips.

And with one final thrust, I grunt loudly, my beastly groans echoing down the hall. I pull out just in time, letting her legs fall back down to the floor as I grasp my cock with one hand, still pinning her to the locker by the throat with the other.

And I cum. Spurt after spurt of hot cream shoots out all over her crotch. Painting her wispy blonde pubes white, plastering them down. Jizz drips down the crease of her pussy, caking her cunt-lips. One shot running down her inner thigh. Another glob lands on her Catholic plaid skirt. I sigh and enjoy the insane head-rush, the pleasure washing over me, my legs almost giving out. I let the last bit of cum ooze out, and I wipe it onto Torie’s torn nylons.

Still holding her in place against the locker, I sigh and smile. Reality rushing back to me as I realize how lucky I am. Fucking look at this! Torie, the bitchy little know-it-all from the front row. I have her pinned by her throat against a locker. Her face pink and flustered. Tiny tits exposed. Flesh damp with sweat. Tights torn wide open, cunt covered in my jizz, dripping her juices onto the floor of the hallway. Fucking incredible.

And this is just the beginning. I’ve got a whole class full of girls back there. Their bodies just waiting to be explored. Something tells me Torie was far from the best of them. I need to compare them all. Test out each one. And I’ve got all the time in the world.


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