To the woods


I have known Carole for over twenty years, yes she was a hot wife when I met her as her husband worked away regularly and she liked cock that much that she strayed now and then suddenly latching onto me a couple of years after I had divorced. I soon realised that she was highly sexed and I will be honest and admit to having trouble keeping up with her at times, enjoyed trying though and managed to keep my contacts down to a level that I could successfully cope with. Help was at hand though as her husband became ill and had to stay home and naturally our contact took a back seat for a year or so until his unfortunate death. We tried living together for a while but it did not work so we just settled for a good close relationship which still holds good to this day. It did mean that I found out a lot more about her and once when I joked about her sexual apatite she laughed and told me it was probably down to her teenage years and her early marriage, an account that I will give you later. Suffice to say that it involved Polaroid pictures which she readily showed me and prompted me to purchase a camera with which we had a lot of fun until video took over and we embraced that instead.

We visited one of our local woodland beauty spots to take some naughty photos and eventually she was naked and we had lots of fun for an hour or so. We enjoyed it and went a few more times and often had to hurriedly, and red faced, cover her up as best we could when we were interrupted by passers by, even though we chose well out of the way spots. It quickly dawned on us that it seemed to be the same group of men who always found us and we had laughs over their persistence and felt flattered that we seemed to be a popular couple.

It was a particularly warm and sunny day and two men who we recognised followed us as soon as we arrived, keeping a discreet distance but passing by our spot a couple of times before we did anything. I laughed at their persistence and said they were hoping to see her naked and did she fancy it, she went beetroot red, telling me she did not have the nerve, then noticing my disappointment asked if I would mind if they ogled her body. I was izmit escort excited by then and admitted it would be fun and as there were only two of them we could try it to see what happened. Still blushing she went topless and the men were soon fairly close to us and looking on interestingly as she ended up with just her panties on and I risked her wrath by slipping them down so that her smooth vulva was on display for them, watching them as smiles of pleasure spread across their faces. She did not complain and as we carried on, her poses became more provocative and there were soon two erect penises on show and being masturbated by their owners. They were soon at their peaks and Carole watched as they ejaculated and sprayed their semen towards her before quickly disappearing into the trees.

We saw no reason not to let it happen again and much the same happened when we went a couple more times even though it was different men she still witnessed their shooting semen. I was itching to fuck her while being watched and she surprised me by saying she was ready to try it when I begged her to let me next time. Even when there were three men close to us I was too excited and so randy that I did not change my mind and took my time to strip her and then undress so that we were both naked. She gave them a show as she sucked me for a while and then sank to the grass, legs wide apart and I went into her inch by inch as the men watched. We were both very aroused and it was more by luck than judgment that I held back long enough for her to have two body quivering orgasms before I emptied my offering into her. I stayed up her until I shrank and slipped out, leaving her panting on the grass, breasts heaving as she came back down to earth, the men however did not wait and kneeled at her side as they all masturbated, Carole again a very interested spectator. The difference this time was that she was covered by thick sticky semen as they all shot over her tits and belly before making themselves scarce, leaving us aghast but laughing between ourselves at their boldness. By the end of the summer we had a gathering of faithful onlookers and on our last visit a couple of the regulars yahya kaptan escort caressed Carole’s body and fingered her for her first time while sucking on her hardened nipples and exciting her clitoris bringing her to an orgasm to round the afternoon off. We were hooked now and knew that when next spring arrived we would be back to enjoy more of our new found experiences.

We were rearing to go by the spring and even went a couple of times when the weather was not warm enough to strip for action but were not surprised when we were followed around the forest by a few men, non that we recognised though so we knew we would have to start again to find the right group to let join us. I feel it is the right time to say a few things to prospective couples who fancy trying this type of fun, be very sure its for you as, as you will read in following posts you will end up not being able to control what happens!! We were soon back into the swing of things, the difference this time though was that we always seemed to get a larger audience and the men did not get close like last year, plenty of cocks on show for Carole though and semen was always flowing by the end of the fun, the camera was taken but not used very often and fucking became the main reason for being there. Things changed for the better from my point of view one afternoon when there were only four men with us and I was giving Carol all my cock with every thrust, she had already had an orgasm and was close to her second when the men came in close and started to caress her, adding to the pleasure as she reached her climax with moans and groans of satisfied release. She was still writhing on the grass when I pulled out and the men took turns to excite her further all four using three fingers in her, waggling them round her vagina walls to keep her stretched, aroused and panting.

I was not at all phased by the treatment she was getting, knowing her for the number of years I did already giving me the knowledge that she was a very highly sexed lady and multiple climaxes were bread and butter to her pleasure. She had two very quickly and stayed at her peak for gebze escort ages and four satisfied men dropped their trousers and took it in turn to masturbate for her The new and exciting change coming when one man opened her up so that another could shoot semen over her exposed clitoris and inner lips as the others watched until four capacious ejaculations of man’s milk covered her sex, the thick white semen slowly dribbling into the dark gaping hole of her spread vagina, helped by one of the men covering his fingers with it and pushing them up her so that she had lots of it inside her. She was over the moon when the men left and all the way home chatted and told me it was a perfect end to the afternoon, hoping that something similar would happen the next time.

There were only two men our next visit and they were close to us from the start, rampant from the first moment my bell-end slid into Carole’s vagina, their hands adding to her pleasure as I purposely took my time, wanting to last and savour her insides. She had an intense orgasm and I was nowhere near to my peak and one of the men worked on her swollen clitoris as I continued fucking her so that she quickly exploded in her second under two men’s attentions. Her vagina sucked my semen from me and I pumped into her for ages before I was emptied and she was still squealing with pleasure as she grabbed the nearest prick and furiously wanked it, the poor man having no choice but to shoot spears of sperm over her face and tits in no time at all. She took her time with the other one and savoured handling her third cock of the day, stretching his foreskin right back every stroke, causing him to moan and groan with pleasure but we saw his shaft twitch and pulse within a couple of minutes and with a deep sigh he ejaculated, his semen joining the other man’s on her face and body. It was my turn to be over the moon now but I said nothing for a few days, wanting her to feel excited and ready for our next visit to the forest but she dropped a bombshell by telling me we ought to give it a rest for a while as she was now being handled by a lot of different men and it was not fair on me. No amount of cajoling or persuasion would make her change her mind so no more visits happened for the rest of the summer even though I kept telling her how exciting it was for me to watch her with the other men.

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