Train Journey


Bill and Chuck, a successful couple who had been married for five years, decided to take the train en route to visit Chuck’s parents for a brief ten day holiday. Neither of them could remember the last time they had been on a train and revelled in the idea of doing so. They were a loving couple and the thought of having splendid sex to the rhythmic clattering of train wheels excited them enormously. Having booked their first class tickets, both were delighted with the sumptuous accommodation after they boarded the train at four p.m. It was a seventeen-hour journey and they would spend that night on the train, only arriving at their destination at nine the following morning.Having both had hectic weeks prior to embarkation; both guys opted for an afternoon of relaxation and snoozing. After finally showering and readying themselves for dinner, they made their way to the dining car at around seven thirty. They were very pleased when Peter, their waiter, introduced himself. Peter was a very good-looking young guy and Billy and Chuck immediately gave one another consenting stares of approval once he had introduced himself.Billy and Chuck had an interesting relationship and were not averse to ‘extra-curricular’ activities. In the past, they had enjoyed the added sexual company of many guys from tradesmen to professionals isvecbahis in and around their environs. Their simple rule in regard to this was; that they were a couple and that any third party was always only ever going to be peripheral, simple as that!Peter placed their menus before them and shortly moved off to retrieve a bottle of champagne. Chuck ordered Bollinger, and was very impressed when Peter opened it with no spillage and also did not allow the bottle to touch the glasses, as he poured the beverage faultlessly.Both men opted for the smoked trout starter, followed by vichyssoise. For their main courses, Billy ordered the entrecote served with a chocolate and balsamic reduction sauce, and Chuck selected the sliced bleu duck breast with a Grand Marnier and orange drizzle. The meal was delicious. Desserts followed, and as they later sipped their espressos, Peter, whose service had been excellent, reappeared.“Do you like cognac?” Chuck then asked him, as Peter cleared the table.Perplexed, Peter gave Chuck a quizzical smile, before nodding yes.“What time does your shift end?” Chuck inquired.“Eleven… eleven-thirty… at the latest,” Peter stammered.“Cool,” Chuck replied. “May I ask you a great favour?”“No problem, sir,” Peter responded.“When your shift ends would you mind delivering three cognac glasses to isveçbahis giriş our suite?” Chuck replied, holding up the tag displaying the number of their compartment.“No… not at all, sir,” Peter replied.“Great,” Chuck answered. “We have a bottle of Martell Cordon Agent that we would like to share with you,” Chuck concluded.After placing a very generous tip on the table, Chuck and Billy arose and left the dining car.When they arrived in their suite they had a good laugh about the evening’s proceedings. Their beds had been prepared during their absence and the subdued ambiance of the lighting in their suite, contentedly relaxed them.Chuck and Bill were both in their mid-forties and self-assuredly good-looking. Both guys were happily convinced that Peter was ‘to be had,’ and that he would compliant to their machinations. What poor Peter was not aware of, however, was that a combined nineteen inches of dick awaited him. Both lovers were uncut and extremely well-endowed. After stripping down to their briefs they lay chatting and chilling for the next couple of hours. The momentum of the train and the clacking sound from the wheels soothed them incredibly.Shortly after eleven, there was a knock at their door. Upon opening the door, Peter stood there with three cognac glasses on a tray. After inviting Peter isveçbahis yeni giriş in they asked him to do the honours of pouring their three cognacs. Billy and Chuck sat on the one bed, and Peter sat across from them.They had scarcely begun chatting before Billy said, “You’re a little overdressed Peter, why don’t you get more comfortable?”Gingerly, Peter arose and stripped down to his underwear. Peter had a very neat body; he wasn’t as big as the two six-foot tall men across from him but stood at respectable five-foot-ten inches tall. As they spoke, Peter could also not believe that they were in their mid-forties and would’ve guessed that they were at least, ten years younger.With Chuck doing most of the questioning, Peter went on to tell them that he had been to hotel school, but having grown up in a small town and never having travelled anywhere had decided to take the job on the train, in order to see the country. Once his story came to an end, Billy arose and nonchalantly dropped his briefs. Seconds later, Chuck did the same. Peter couldn’t believe the size of the two uncut cocks that he was observing.As Billy and Chuck were once more seated, Billy extended his arm behind Chuck’s head and began to fondle Chuck’s shoulder. With four eyes egging him on, Peter also got to his feet a dropped his underpants. Billy and Chuck were very happy to see that Peter was adequately hung. As the three of them sat silently observing one another, Billy pulled Chuck’s head toward him and commenced kissing Chuck.Peter sat frozen, watching the hot scene before him.

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