Travelling Coworker Trouble


Thursday meetings remind me of the monotonous hum of the offices Keurig. The slow whirl of the water heating right before the predictable flow of dark brown caffeinated water comes pouring out. A matter of life for all of five seconds, only to come crashing down as k-cup after k-cup gets dispensed into the trash and the majority of it’s time is left with silence. Just like my current living situation. One boyfriend after another slowly dispensed into the revolving cycle of the desperate companion pool.

Days like today sitting here listening to the CFO spout off numbers and figures for the projected first quarter are about as interesting as the flavors that machine offered. Dark Roast, inviting, strong and gives you the sense of an ability to accomplish something worth undertaking. Morning Breakfast, the warm sun licking at your skin, just enough energy to put you on your A game for the day.

Both rather unappetizing, in the current atmosphere, with a monotone voice slowly rambling on about how our projected outcome doesn’t look sharp due to contracts being down over the holiday season. If they would just consider the expansion of Polymer Industries Advance Robotics Division, maybe, they could see the potential of hitting it big. All of which falls on deaf ears as Mike, the CFO, thinks it’s just another fly by night restructure to free up some funds for the main business. Now Brad on the other hand is a whole different cup of coffee who could possibly be pursued to see the opportunity at hand. Never met an individual quite like Brad. Supposedly, he attended a private college somewhere upstate and obtained his master’s in business.

What he really did, was exert all his time an effort into chiseling his physique that even Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man would need more work. In my current state of affairs, it would be rather inappropriate to dwell to long on how his cheek bones cut sharp lines out of his face or how through his tailored shirt his forearms bulge at the seams from what must be hours spent at the gym each day. How his perfectly pleated slacks bunch up at his crotch revealing ever so slightly the outline of his…..

“Michelle!” A sharp crack snaps me back to the here and now. Slightly red-faced and a touch of flustered carrying through my voice, “Yes Mike?”

“Anything the matter?” he quipped.

“Nothing of importance, other than the fact I think you should really take the opportunity to explore the possibility of Polymer Industries new robotic division. I’m telling you the numbers check out and this could be a huge opportunity for them which could in turn result in a huge pay day for us.”

“What makes you so sure this is something we need to pursue,” bewildered Mike responded

Oh, now he is going to question me instead of cutting me off completely. Fine! I’ve been prepared. “If the sales figure in the robotic industries keep steadily increasing as they have over the past two quarters, I think we are in speculation of a multimillion dollar contract. I have researched numerous outlets and every last one of them are showing a huge abundance of purchases around first quarter with Capex authorizations going through. Brad is more than welcome to go over the figures and double check what I am saying, but I’m telling you this could be huge.”

A brief pause as he mulls over my words and with a contract of a few million on the line, maybe, he will take me seriously for once.

Exasperated, “Fine! Michelle, set up a visit to Polymer Industries in regard to a potential contract. I want every detail they are willing to cough up and I want the report in your findings the following day from the visit. Brad, I want you to accompany Ms. Michelle and I want you to set the arrangements up. She has a lot of leg work and I need you there as a second set of eyes in case she overlooks a detail worth noting. We have a lot on the line if we are going to bid on this and I’m not going to have another lost contract due to some unknown financial overlook. Everyone in agreeance?”

The amount of emotions that flooded through I’m sure were highly noticeable on my face. How dare he question my ability to do my job, but in turn, given me an opportunity to travel with Brad in all that pure erogenous masculinity. As a flush of warm blood rushed to my face, I simply muttered, “Sure.”

“I’ll have the arrangements set as soon as I receive word from Michelle that the meeting is scheduled. I recommend a three-day trip at this point. The first day we will need for arrival and preparation followed by the second day for a tour of the facility and a meeting to discuss the business aspects of the contract. The third day will be travel once again and I’ll be sure to arrive at the office that day to finish the remaining risk assessment of the company. If you have anything further to add, please feel free to let me know.”

Of all the days I would have never expected what I just heard today. Flabbergasted is the only thing that comes to mind. Three days traveling with this Greek god, chiseled sekabet yeni giriş from marble, who walked right out of the Parthenon. I could not believe my ears at what I just heard little lone able to comprehend. The growing hunger in the pit of my stomach further complicates the situation. I couldn’t bare to be in this meeting much longer nor able to look him in the face with what pornographic images were running through my head.

The sweet essence slowly accumulating at the base of my pussy straining against the fabric of my panties just goes to show how much I long for a rock hard throbbing cock between my legs. If he is as much endowed as his physique offers the eyes, I’m sure any woman would be satisfied covering that cock in her climax. Unable to shake my thoughts, twisting to regain my composure made for an unpleasant affair sitting in this chair.

“That settles it. Michelle, I expect a follow up email to notify me of the progress on the visit and Brad, you as well with the itinerary. Dismissed and see you all bright and early tomorrow,” Mike enthusiastically exclaimed.

Rushed as I currently felt I couldn’t bother to turn my flushed red face to either of them as I exited the conference room. I had to get out of there and to my car for a fresh breath of air and a minute to collect myself. This wasn’t happening and I’ll be damned if dreams don’t come true. Just then, a hand grazed my shoulder as a sign to hold up and turn around. Standing in front of me now was pure ecstasy of human flesh. 6’3, no doubt heavily into CrossFit just by the proportions of his chest, shoulders and arms which at the current moment were erect and inviting.

I’ve never experience this feeling before, but I wanted nothing more than to have those arms slowly slide across my back and embrace me with the strength they exude. His cologne was slight, almost citric to the nose, but sweet enough to welcome a second breath. Gazing upon him knocked the wind out of your lungs and made everything south burn with desire. God couldn’t have made a more perfect human than what was currently standing before me.

“Good evening Michelle. I’m sure you have a load on your plate with this upcoming contract negotiation. I’m here to assure you I will have everything on the back end lined out. Please do not worry about anything other than winning the negotiation. I look forward to accompanying you on this trip and if there is anything you need assistance on, please feel free to contact me. Best of the evening to you,” Brad explained.

His tone flat and strong caressed your face as if every word was projected with upmost clarity. Almost to the point it felt like a song and he was playing the keys to your heart. At the current moment he was playing the keys to my clit as it throbbed and slightly rubbed against the silk thong I hardly wear. I’d had enough. I needed to get home, strip these clothes off and jump in the shower. I couldn’t stand another thought of this guy and every second I left standing in this corridor left me that much more soiled.

Physically, as my pussy decided to soak my panties and start leaking onto my leg, mentally cause the only thing I could think of was pushing him into one of the bathroom stalls, unzipping his pants and slowly pulling that throbbing cock out. I would be on my knees in an instance as I swallowed whatever he had to offer. Swallowing every inch to the back of my throat as I wrap my hands around that pulsating shaft stroking him gracefully milking him for that sweet load I know he is going to shoot in the back of my throat. I yearned for it. Wanted to beg for it. Too late now, as he is already left for the day. All I have to look forward to is that hitachi wand sitting in my bedside table. It’ll have to do cause this lady needs a release and now.

Travelling seems to be my nemesis the older I become. The flight from Houston to Seattle leaves nothing in the tank for the rest of the day it seems. Five hours crunched up like sardines in a tin can eagerly awaiting your destination. Only to shamble off the plane just for the instant satisfaction of stretching your legs. Once you finally stretch out, it’s back into a car for another three hours to reach your final destination. Irritable from the lack of sleep and eight hours’ worth of travel, I wanted nothing more than to flop on that hotel mattress for the rest of the evening and curl up with a book.

Only one slight problem to all of that. If Adonis were to walk amongst us during this time, his name would be Brad. Brad in all his marvelous glory and oozing pure masculinity was all I could think about.

Clean cut and fresh shaven every time I’ve laid my eyes upon him. Not a single hair on his head seems to be out of place. The hair which looks to be so smooth and soft, dragging your fingers through it would be equivalent to the soft silky texture of fresh shaven legs on clean sheets.

Mr. Adonious Brad directly spoke with travel and ensured our seating arrangements on the plane were side by side. sekabet giriş Rather generous and maybe a touch of protective, he ensured I had the window seat, which is always my preference. In turn it gave me the perfect opportunity to gaze upon him as he sat next to me typing on his laptop preparing notes for the upcoming visit no doubt. A slight tick about him is the constant jawing while he is concentrating on something. In doing so his jaw line gets accentuated by his jaw muscles slowly chewing and places emphasis on his lips and mouth. The thought of those lips on mine had me fidgeting with my ear buds without much attention to my actions.

“Nervous,” he mouthed.

“This contract could really make or break either of our positions. If we secure this I’d say we have a pretty good chance of moving up the ranks,” I hesitantly replied. His voice is deafening at times. It’s as though time stops and all I can see is his god like body and the only sound is my heart thumping out of my chest.

“Sit back and relax. You’ve got this and you always will. Now, if you’ll excuse me, these charts aren’t going to populate themselves. Two hours till we land and then we’ll be on our way to Polymer Tech.”

The words stung and floated in the air. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks falling off the bed of a dump truck. Not only am I going to be spending five hours next to him, but another three in the car as we head to the hotel. At the rate this is going, I’m going to need a towel between my legs to soak up all the essence I’m leaking out. The faucet has already started to drip and I can feel the slight dampness already cover the lips of my pussy. The burning in the pit of my stomach started this morning as I got a whiff of his cologne.

Matters will only be compounded when we are in a much closer compartment and the a/c blowing his scent all around me. The desire to have his cock chocking and gagging me or filling my cunt to the bursting point is almost too much to bare. I’ve never yearned for a cock so bad in my life, but this guy is playing with fire and he doesn’t even know he is fueling it. Rolling my head to the window I gaze out at the mass expanse of white. I must get my mind off of him and I almost feel helpless. A sudden urge hits me and I can’t take it anymore.

“Excuse me, I unfortunately have to use the restroom.” I coyly explained as I grabbed my purse with the ever-budding plan slowly unfolding in my head.

As I reach the restroom and slip inside I notice not a soul looking in my direction. The coast is clear. Rummaging through my purse, I knew I left my bullet somewhere in my purse. A sudden thought crosses my mind. I left it on the bedside table as the battery in my wand finally let go after a weekend of use. I never replaced it in my purse. Defeated, I wipe my gleaming pussy ridding it of any essence I can. This is going to be a long flight and an even longer car ride.

Whether intentional or not, Brad had to know he was bringing me to the edge of hysterics. The flight consisted of him constantly chewing his jaw and flexing his forearms to release the tension from the hours of typing he spent on the graphs. After my embarrassing episode in the restroom stall and the absentee brain, my extreme lust for the very scent of him quickly turned to raging aggression. All because my forgetfulness to repack my bullet in my purse. This lead to a rather quiet car ride as the smell of that cologne did nothing, but send my pussy into convulsions further intensifying the rage building inside me.

It took everything in me to not yank the steering wheel to the side of the road, unzip his pants and climb on top of him right there in the middle of the freeway just so I could feel his girth slowly inch its way inside me. None of which I had the courage nor the audacity to do. Exhausted and frustrated I lay back in bed forgoing dinner. I couldn’t stomach the thought of seeing him and needed to focus on the contract negotiations for tomorrow. I pick up my phone and start hitting the keys,

“Hey Brad, it’s Michelle. I hate traveling as it leaves me exhausted. I am forgoing dinner tonight, but will see you first thing in the morning prepared for tomorrows endeavor. Have a pleasant evening.”

“Hello Michelle. It’s unfortunate traveling takes its toll on you, but I understand as it’s cramps my style as well. Have a pleasant evening and get feeling better.”

Endearing and sincere his response seems to be. A night of lustful intimacy followed by an exhausted deep sleep of entwined legs and arms would be perfect and the burning desire to have exactly that won’t leave my thoughts. Rolling over burying my head in the pillow I drift off to sleep. Anything must be better than sexual frustration.

The circular pattern around my clit slowly becomes apparent. Could it be Brads tongue? Did he somehow sneak in here and decide he’d had enough? The slow swirl around my labia and gliding around the edge of my clit felt tremendously electrifying, like little electric sekabet güvenilirmi shocks running from the pit of my stomach to the tips of my toes with each gradual stroke. I could imagine his tongue slowly circling me and licking up every bit of essence I leaked out for him. Using his tongue to push further into my pussy, only to pull out and circle my clit some more. I couldn’t take it anymore and needed the rhythm to be faster.

I muttered gruffly under my breath, “Faster”. His rhythm picked up and I slowly cup my breast in my left hand. Soft pillows of skin and my perky nipples sitting atop my D-cup breast feel cool and soft to my touch. I imagine it’s his hand slowly cupping and groping me with the lust of a teenage boy discovering his first set. My back arches at the thought of his large hands squeezing my breast and rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I let out a slight moan as I feel how wet I am. Leaking out this much has never happened before and I know it’s because of how worked up I am. With the rhythm slowly growing faster, I moan, “squeeze harder,” as he starts pulling at my nipple and increasing the pace of his tongue around my clit.

The building continues and I can feel that inevitable warm sensation begins in my feet. It slowly rises at the flick of my clit and ever tug of my nipple till it reaches my now soaking pussy and burst like a popped balloon. The orgasm floods over me sending hot blood to my chest and face. The fire of desire finally being combusted in one flailing second as I cry out in pleasure and all goes limp. I’m out of breath, slight sweat beads have dotted my hair line and I’m by myself. Pussy covered in my climax along with my hand and fingers. I wanted nothing more than Brad to be here, to be the one who got me off, but damn was it close. I roll over too exhausted to clean myself off and stare at the clock. 3:35AM. Three more hours till I get to see my god among gods.

The look on his face said it all. He knew or sensed something was off the second I got into the car.

“Did you have a good night’s rest,” he stated through a smirk

“Actually, I slept like a rock. Travelling wears me out it seems,” playing it cool the best I could. “How was your evening?”

“Very well actually, thank you for asking. I went to the bar for a nightcap as I, myself, were rather exhausted from the trip. I recommend the martini bar as it’s one of the better ones I’ve had as of late. I found myself droopy eyed not long after and proceeded to go to bed. Around 3:30 A.M. this morning I was startled awake by a commotion in the adjoining room. Seems the walls are rather thin and by the sounds of it, the person enjoyed themselves last night,” his tone flat and powerful.

He knew, is the only thing that ran through my head. He had heard me, but could it be? Was his room right next to mine? I couldn’t remember as I checked in and proceeded to the room before he even started the check in process. This couldn’t be, it just couldn’t.

“That’s rather embarrassing for that individual if I had to guess. Wonder if they knew they were being listened to by a pervert in the adjoining room, “I quipped back in a semi-playful manner.

“Glad to see you in a good mood this morning throwing jokes. Embarrassing, probably, but not at the expense of a pervert listening in. I try to respect every one’s personal space to the best to my ability. I just so happened to be in a time and place where it was embarrassing for the individual, in a room with thin walls and enjoying her personal time,” he clearly replied with devious intent.

“Maybe next time you should offer a lending hand,” the words just stumbled out of my mouth.

His head rolls back, a smirk crosses his face and a guttural laugh escapes his lips as he simply states, “The thought is entertaining. I may just have to lend more than just a hand.”

My face felt like it got sprayed by mace. The burning was hot and intense from the flush of blood rushing to it that I immediately looked away. I could barely muster a laugh to sound like I was laughing and joking with the guys. I couldn’t let him know how incredible hot that statement sounded. How the thought of his hands groping and sliding down every inch of my body sent shivers down my spine. My essence had already started to make an appearance as much as my clit was pulsating with the beat of my heart. The exact moment I knew I couldn’t contain myself much longer. I needed to focus instead of day dreaming on a fantasy world only I could be a part of. We were on business and here I am fantasizing about a colleague on a business function. Just then the back-lit Polymer Industries sign appeared ahead of us. Saved, the thought danced through my head, while simultaneously an audible sigh of relief escaped my lips.

The day concluded with an elegant dinner at “Solo il Meglio”, an Italian chain with superb selection of wine and exquisite entrée options, with the company’s head director and his immediate subordinates. The drive back was uneventful as we were both nursing a bit of a full stomach and instead of discussing the day’s events, instead, chose to remain quiet and to our thoughts. I was able to shake the irritating demon of lust from my mind earlier, but his claws I could feel, sinking back in.

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