Self Shot

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Chapter 2:


After the usual trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth and pee, I laid down naked in bed. I”d been masturbating since I was 11, sleeping naked since I was 12 and hell, started sucking my own dick when I was 13. By then my dick was at least 9″ (23cm) long and I was only about 5″0″ (152 cm) tall. But as much as an orgasm was thrilling, when I was done, I”d look down at my monstrous cock and feel ashamed.


Tonight, I looked at myself and decided to change my point of view. I”d seen tons of porn and had rarely seen any men with a cock bigger than my own. I”d never seen one this big on someone my height. I remember how turned on the bottoms were at seeing those huge dicks though. It didn”t matter whether the guy they were attached to was average sized or tall. It was the cock that mattered. The bigger the dick, the more overwhelming the reaction. Guys went crazy for huge dicks. And on my small body, mine looked even bigger. I really did have an amazing penis.


With years of gymnastics training, I had a great body, too. Granted, it was compact, but ripped. I had tight, six-pack abs, great arms and rock-hard pecks. I was also flexible as hell. I know that most guys, and nearly all women for that matter, preferred tall guys, but I remember hearing about this group for gay guys who were short and the men who were attracted to them. I guess there really is someone for everyone. People tend to think of short men as little boy toys, cute and 100% bottoms, but it”s not true. I sure as hell wasn”t going to let 11″ go to waste.


I leaned over and opened up my nightstand drawer. I pulled out my 8″ dildo and a tube of lube. What was I saying about not being 100% bottom? Let”s say I”m 50%. I may still be a virgin, but innocent? Hell no.


I squirted a generous glob of lube onto my fingers and the dildo, then flipped my legs back over my head. I can stay in this position indefinitely, no worries. All those years of Blog İçerik Tabanlı Sosyal Ağı Sitesi gymnastics had advantages more than just a toned body. I slowly moved my fingers over my tight, hairless pucker, feeling a tingle that made me draw in a breath. One finger slid into me, causing my cock to begin to harden. Given how much blood it took to fill my dick, I”m still amazed that I don”t pass out every time I get hard. With no effort, I guided the plum-sized head of my cinnamon-colored, cut cock into my mouth. As my rod stretched to its full eleven inches, I slid more and more of it into my mouth and down my throat, while slipping a second finger into my ass. Man, that felt amazing, but I knew what would feel even better. After a couple of minutes, fingers out, dildo in. My asshole was tight, so I needed a second to get used to the head of the dildo as it slipped past my sphincter. Soon I was working it in and out like a champ, directing it towards my prostate each time. At the same time, I went down on myself, getting a good eight inches of my huge cock down my throat, while still having enough room left over to grasp it at the base and stroke a bit. Since I was flipped feet over head, my big, low-hanging balls flopped down onto my face, covering my eyes.


With the dildo flying in and out of my ass, I sucked, swirled and stroked my massive dick until the inevitable hit, a rock-hard orgasm that shot ten volleys of cum down my throat and onto my tongue. I”ve always loved the taste of my own jizz and I always count how many times I shoot. Weird, I know.


I slowly released my now-softening cock from my mouth. Besides being the best blow job ever, sucking your own cock means you don”t need to keep a box of tissues by the side of the bed for clean-up. How cool is that? The dildo slowly popped out of my tight hole and I felt my body melt into the mattress, totally relaxed.


I looked at my dick and, for the first time, felt that what I”d just done wasn”t just a desperate need to get off, but an act of self-love. My cock may have been at the extreme right-end of the bell curve of penis size, but it still made me feel great and was nothing to be ashamed of.


That night, I slept better than I had in a long time.


The following morning, I woke up late. It was a Saturday and I was sixteen. So, at the crack of 11:00, I rolled over and opened my eyes. I realized that I hadn”t even looked at my phone since before the incident at the gym. There were five messages from Tyler Jacobs, the kid who”d started the “tripod” ball rolling:


5:10PM: “Jaime I”m sorry. Didn”t mean to fuck you over like that. Still buds?”


6:43PM: “Dude, I think Sesli Kitap Dinle some of the guys may have posted something on social”


7:22PM: “Jaime RU OK?”


9:31PM: “Fuck! This has really blown up. I”m soooooo sorry. Please text back”


10:55PM: “I know I”m a total asshole. You have every reason to hate me. PLZ text back saying you”re OK.”


Mixed in with the texts from Tyler were other messages. Some were from friends, like Eddie Hondo and his girlfriend Mia Roberts. Eddie is a freaking genius. He”d gotten perfect scores on his college admission tests and was also a star of our track team as a long-distance runner. He”s half Japanese and half African-American. I kid him that his name in Spanish, “Eddie Hondo” (hediondo), means “stinky.” He”s also one of the nicest, kindest people I know, and one of the few kids in my school who understands what it”s like to walk in my multi-racial shoes.


His girlfriend Mia was another story. She”s really cute, but her favorite pastime is taking selfies. She”s not a bad person, but she is definitely the center of her world.


Eddie and Mia wanted to make sure I was OK and Eddie, said how bad he felt that I was being made fun of like this.


There was also a text from Megan Magnani, Tyler”s girlfriend, just asking how I was doing and hoping I was OK and one from Connor Martinez, a kid I”d been friends with since grade school. It”s nice to know that more people cared about me than I had thought.


Other texts came from people I didn”t even know. The other texts were mostly rude comments about my mom having gotten fucked by an elephant or that I was some total freak. Others were propositions for sex, but since they weren”t from numbers in my contacts, I had no idea who they were from.


Starting to panic, I checked social media. The comments were in the hundreds. Some suggesting that my choice of career should be either porn star or sex worker. Others saying that if the rumors were true, I couldn”t possibly be human. Other messages said that the senders were available for whatever whenever. There were lots of postings of images of tripods, others of elephants or horses.


Some of the posts were comments about some of the gymnastics videos I”d previously uploaded, saying stuff like,”Wouldn”t mind doing some floor exercises with you” or “Can I vault onto your lap?” or “Can I stick a landing on you?” or “A perfect 11”. The comments were from both guys and girls. Luckily, it seemed that no one had actually snapped a photo of me naked in the gym.


I had the weekend before I headed back to school to figure out how I was going to handle this. I didn”t Exxen want my dick to become all that anyone ever remembered about me.


I figured I should probably text Tyler. He and I had always been friends, not best friends, but we”d hung out together and got along really well, until now.


Me: I”m OK. Really feeling violated. You know what you started was really wrong?


Tyler: I know. I wasn”t thinking. Honestly, I was shocked. You”re fucking huge. Never seen anything like it


Me: I know. I”m a bizarre freak. I get it. But UR my friend. Friends should have each other”s backs. You have no idea how big this has blown up. How do you think I can ever face anyone again? I”ll always be “that freak Jaime.”


Tyler: I”ll try to figure out how to make it up to you. Please, please don”t hurt yourself or anything like that. I really feel like shit. I can”t imagine how you must feel. (Hug emoji)


At that point, I figured there was really no one but myself to dig my way out of this. I thought for a few hours and came up with a plan. There was no denying what people had seen. I do have a fucking huge cock.


By Saturday night I had come up with a post for my social media feeds. I decided to talk to my dad about what my plan was. He read what I was going to post and laughed out loud. “You couldn”t get a public relations firm and a reputation specialist to write this any better.”


On Sunday morning I posted this: “Thanks for all the comments. The rumor is true. I am proudly omni-racial. The genetic test says I”m 21% Southwest Mexico (indigenous), 25% Northwestern Spain (Galician), 25% Ashkenazi Jewish, 22% West African, 3% British Isles (some bastard slaveowner), 2% Southern Spain, 2% other. I”m guessing that the `Other” is horse. Yes, I”m extremely well endowed, especially given that I”m only 5″4″ tall.


“BTW, I”m also 98% gay. I”m saving the 2% for certain female celebrities.


“While I appreciate all of the offers of sex, I remind everyone, especially those over 18, that I”m only 16 and you can wind up in prison for soliciting sex from a minor.


“Also, for anyone who might be tempted to take photos of my junk in the locker room, kiddie porn carries a pretty hefty federal sentence and you”d wind up getting gang banged by guys who are as hung as I am.


“To show that I have a sense of humor, I”m permanently changing my profile pick to a unicorn. No hard feelings. Well, maybe, if you ask nicely.”


I spent Sunday checking out my feeds. Lots of likes, lots of LOLs and very few negative comments. Not surprisingly, the offers for sex dropped like a rock. I”m not against sex. On the contrary. I”m really looking forward to having lots of it. But on my terms, with someone that I really have chemistry with.


By Sunday night, I was feeling a little better, but didn”t get much sleep. Monday would be an interesting day at school.

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