Truck stop


Truck stopI was craving some cock the other night… I was tired of dildos, they just never do the trick. Grindr was slow with limited options, so I needed another way. I figured the local truck stop would have some potential. I took a shower and shaved myself smooth, I did an enema in anticipation. I dried off and checked myself out in the mirror, I saw a young smooth boy made for cock. I locked my penis in a tiny pink chastity and put my favourite plug in my well trained ass. I slid my black thong over my long smooth legs, it sat between my bubble butt cheeks perfectly. I put on a tiny black mini skirt which barely covered my butt, and followed that with white thigh high socks. A pink tube top went over my tiny flat chest. I topped it all off with a set of black five inch heels, hoop earrings and black lipstick. I threw my shoulder length brown hair into a ponytail and was out the door.I strutted through my apartment halls and down the dim stairwell, through the musty lobby and out into the cool, dark night. My heart raced, there was nothing more exciting than being dressed like a whore and walking the streets at night. I couldn’t wait to find some big hard cock to please! My walk to the truck stop was uneventful, after 10 minutes of walking my heels were getting uncomfortable. kaçak iddaa I was surprised there were no guys along my way. I took a deep breath and began my strut around the small facility. It was a gas station, restaurant, washroom/shower and hotel combined. It was surrounded by a huge parking lot making the tall apartments from which I came look small and distant. Street lights were placed in the lot but their orange glow barely illuminated the cracked pavement. A dozen semi trucks were clustered closer to the building. I checked each one out, it seemed they had been there a while, the windshields were covered in frost. I shivered, time to go inside.I went around to the back where the washroom sign was and entered the mens. Fluorescent light flickered throughout the run down place. Graffiti covered the walls and mirrors. I could hear a man showering. I leaned against the green tiles of the wall as sexily as I could and waited. Not much longer and the shower turned off. He whistled a tune as he dried off. The stall door opened and we came face to face. He was 5’10” with a stocky build. His salt and pepper hair matched his beard. His look of surprise quickly turned deviant. The towel around his waist hit the floor and a thick piece of meat swung between his legs. I squatted kaçak bahis down before him and took his cock in my hands, I could just barely hold onto it! I started sucking him to get it hard. He was very vocal, moaning and grunting with lots of “fuckkkk” and “keep going.” His big hand pushed on the back of my head forcing me to deepthroat. I could get almost all of it in and gagged on the last two inches. It was really sloppy and wet, the sounds of my drool hitting the floor echoed throughout the room. He shoved hard and his whole cock penetrated my throat. He held me there and pinched my nose. I choked and gagged on my spit. 10 seconds, 20 seconds. At 25 seconds I puked on his cock and he let me go. Luckily, I had prepared for that, eating nothing but milk all day long. He pushed my face to the floor and made me slurp up my creamy mess and swallow it all down. After an extensive throat fucking with lots of puke and slop he stood me up and undressed me out of everything but my socks and heels. He walked me outside into the parking lot and made me kneel. He went balls deep in my mouth and moaned as he started to pee. His piss flooded my throat and made me puke again. He stood back and pissed all over me then made me slurp it up off the pavement. He told me to crawl to his room. illegal bahis The rough pavement hurt my hands and knees but I was a good boy so I did it for him. Besides it felt so humiliating having him stare at my ass as I did it. Outside his room door he pulled out my plug and shoved it into my mouth. Inside the room I was thrown onto the bed. He got behind me and grabbed me by the ponytail. I begged him to fuck me as hard as he could. There was a moment of anticipation… then he shoved his rock hard cock in and began pounding my ass so hard. I was about to cum! He held a cup below my cage as he pounded my hole. Only five minutes after he started fucking me I sissygasmed. I nearly filled the entire cup! He put me on my knees and took the plug out of my mouth. He poured my cum all over my face. Then he throated me some more. It was so humiliating getting used with cum on my face.He brought me outside again, we went to his truck. He got some handcuffs out of the glovebox and cuffed me behind my back. He bent me over under a streetlight and railed me fast and deep. He moaned that he was going to cum. He pulled out and pushed me to the ground, I sucked his big balls as he jerked off. Then he blasted my face. It went in my eyes and my mouth and everywhere else. I deepthroated his cock as it softened. He looked me in the eyes and laughed. He held the handcuff keys up to me and then threw them across the parking lot! I stood there dumbly as he went back to his room.The end of part 1

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