Subject: True Encounters With Men – Chapter 1 All the chapters will be gay encounters in this series. Thanks! True Encounters With Men Fiction by Greg Stevens True Encounters With Men — Chapter 1 These chapters are based on my encounters with men. I have changed the names and places in the story, but all other details are based on my real sexual encounters. At the time of my writing this, I am 45 years old. I am 6’1 185 with brown hair and eyes. My body is mostly smooth. I am married and my wife does not know that I have had sex with men before we met and during our marriage. My first encounter with a guy was when I was 17. At that age I was horny and hard all the time. I found a new online program that changed everything — AOL. I would go online late at night while my folks were sleeping and join chat rooms. I searched out rooms of people looking to talk about sex. Sometimes the conversation was slow, then a guy started chatting with me. He seemed cool and I felt relaxed talking to him. I didn’t have anyone I could really talk to about sex at the time. His name was John, and he was 40 and married. He asked if he could chat with me directly. He told me what it felt like to get a blowjob, something he said his wife didn’t do. I read his messages with great excitement having found someone I could talk to about all my horny thoughts. “Would you like to get a blowjob?” John asked one evening when we were chatting. “Fuck yeah” I said without having to think about it. “Let me help you with that” John said. For a moment I wasn’t sure what he meant. John told me about a motel off the interstate and told me to meet him there after school kocaeli escort the next day. Looking back, I guess I should have been more concerned. I don’t even recall thinking he was the one that would be giving me the blowjob. I was just so horny and excited that I agreed to meet him. I remember getting to the place at about 4:30. It was a winter day and just getting dark. I had no fear, just sexual excitement as I got out of the car and knocked on the door of the motel room. John opened the door and invited me in. John was in a suit and tie; he was about 6’2 and had red hair. His face had freckles and had the look of a married dad you might see in the mall. We sat on the edge of the bed and just talked. It felt weird meeting him in person after chatting with him on AOL for so long. “You’ve never had sex?” John asked. “No never” I responded, feeling embarrassed and excited at the same time. “It’s the best” he said and smiled. Then he placed a hand on my leg and all of a sudden, I sort of understood. Looking back, I cannot believe I was that naïve. John’s hand was warm as it moved up my leg to my crotch. “Is this ok?” He asked softly. “Yeah” I said watching his hand moving closer to my crotch. “Take off your cloths” John said and stood up and began removing his clothes. John’s body was covered in the same red hair that was on his head. Then he pulled down his white briefs revealing his hard cock which was surrounded by red pubes. I remember staring at him, at his dick and his body. I had never been this close to another naked person and especially not one that was hard. John reached for my cock and gently touched it. The feeling kocaeli escort bayan was intense, and I closed my eyes as the sensation flowed through my body. John maneuvered me onto the bed, laying me on the cheap motel blanket, then he laid next to me, wrapping his hand around my hard cock. He turned to me, and I remember looking into his face. There was an intensity, a desire on his face, that I still recall to this day. John bent down and placed his lips on mine, and I didn’t stop him. John then pushed his tongue past my lips and into my mouth. I had never kissed another person like this before and never imagined my first real kiss would be with a guy old enough to be my father. I moved my hand to John’s body feeling his hairy chest then down his body to reach for his cock. It felt so different from mine. As I began to feel him, he moaned deeply into my mouth. Then John moved his lips down my chin, kissing my body as he moved closer to my dick. Then it finally happened; in one big swallow he engulfed my dick deep into his mouth. The feeling was strange. It felt good, but at the same time it felt ticklish causing me to want to stop him. John began to raise and lower his head, sucking my dick deeper into his mouth. “Don’t cum in my mouth” John warned, pulling his head up off my cock and looking at me. His red hair was tousled, making him look intense and sexual, and I had a desire to kiss him again, but before I could he took my dick back into his mouth. John worked my cock, and I knew I was getting close. At 17, it generally didn’t take too much for me to shoot a large load. “Stop” I said, another moment and I would have shot izmit escort it into his mouth. John quickly pulled his mouth off and grasped my dick preventing me from coming. “Do you like that?” John asked, and I nodded, hoping he would start sucking me again. John smiled and moved up closer to me, his hand still holding my cock. “You’re very handsome” He said and placed his lips on mine again. I could feel his passion, and intensity. John moved closer and I could feel his hairy body pressing against me, his tongue in my mouth and his hand stroking my hard cock. I pulled John closer to me and moved my tongue into his mouth. Then my dick swelled and my cum shot between us splashing both our bodies with my hot load. John continued to stroke me; however, my dick had become very sensitive, and I reached between us to stop him. John kissed me a few more times than got up off the bed. My cum clung to the red hair on his body and dripped down onto his hard cock. John took some of my cum and smeared it on his cock and began to stroke himself while I watched. John moved his hand fast up and down his large dick, then placed his knee on the bed and continued to stroke his cock over my body. He aimed his dick at me and cum shot from his cock onto my chest, stomach, and pubes. John stroked himself a few more times until the last of his cum oozed from his dick. Then he went to the bathroom and grabbed 2 towels handing one to me and began wiping the cum from his body. As we began to clean ourselves the room became very quiet. John began to get dressed and I did the same, not sure what to say or do. “Thanks kid that was fun” John said once he was dressed, then he left the motel room and drove away. —————————————————————————- Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/

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