True Story – Getting My Wife Naked Massaged

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I had previously arranged a number of home massage sessions and said that guys I had met at adult education learn to massage classes wanted to meet to practice further and would she be the model.So on over ten occasions, we had these sessions with one or two guys who would come to our home. After exchanging pleasantries, my wife would get undressed in front of them and hop up onto the table. I would recommend to place an eye shade over her eyes to “keep the light out of her eyes” but really it acted more to calm my wife and allowed me to move around to take the photos, videos and webcam her.On all of these occasions it normally just ended up with a pleasant massage for my wife and the guys got to enjoy looking at her close up and massaging her all over.On a few occasions, I told one guy she had a sacroiliac problem and he suggested internal massage which ended up him spreading my wife’s legs and inserting a number of fingers deep into her cunt. There also was another episode which I have shared in another story here where the masseur and I got to do more with her.This latest occasion was a little different. bahis siteleri We both attend the group massage training I found on the net close to our home. There are three rooms, great tables, oils and instructions, the masseur has been massaging for ten years with an average group of six or more, aged forty five and over.He demonstrates to us all and then we pair up and practice. With the group, my wife willingly got naked as the subject. After he demonstrated on her to us all, I took her into an adjoining room and got her naked on the table and put a blindfold on her. Then I opened the door for the two guys in the other room to watch her.One guy has been with us before, so as he was massaging his partner, I was taking turns massaging my wife and I started running my hands between her legs to see if she would object. She wriggled but did not say stop so I opened her legs wider and started playing with her clit then rotated between massaging her tits and fingering her cunt whilst smiling at the other guys. He came in, said hi to my wife and started massaging her and that got her nice and aroused.After that, canlı bahis siteleri at the end of the day there was only the masseur, my wife and I left. She undressed and got onto the table face up and he placed the blindfold on her and started slowly touching her all over. He then instructed me to join him and we jointly massaged her all over. I asked about extra zones and he asked my wife to open her legs so he could show me. He placed the blindfold on her and started slowly touching her all over and he then instructed me to join him and we jointly massaged her all over. Her legs slowly opened and he parted her cunt lips and spread her cunt hairs back to give us both a good view of her labia and cunt starting to get moist. I licked my fingers and peeled back her clit hood to expose her pink little bud for him to work on.I then went to her head end and let him start at her feet end so she had her legs open wide for him to see clearly and as her fingered her clit and cunt, I massaged her tits. This went on for about twenty minutes and he was really working her over, shoving three fingers deep into her cunt canlı bahis and searching for her g spot. She was not objecting and slowly stifling a moan. I decide to up the ante and got him to move to the side as I took my place between her legs and started licking her clit and running my fingers over her puckered asshole and then inserting fingers deep in her cunt.This was a great test of her willingness and submissiveness as this had only happened once before with another masseur and she stopped it last time. I kept licking and sucking her clit and cunt hard and he kept massaging her tits. There was no turning back this time as she started to move her body and orgasm for the first time in front of another man since we have been together.The masseur and I looked at each other and smiled realising that this can be the beginning of plenty more to come. We took off her blindfold and she made no effort to cover her naked body or close her wide open legs as she was relaxed and showed no signs of regret or remorse. I congratulated her on her advancement and said this is what an open marriage can be all about. She just smiled and said we will see.Since that day we have briefly chatted and at first her conscience was getting to her but then she has back to the masseur for her regular massage appointments but has not divulged what went on.

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