Turning Amanda Part 2


We woke around nine when Amanda’s phone rang in the guest bedroom. We laid looking at each other, knowing it was probably her mother.Amanda snuggled closer to me, wedging her leg between mine.“Should I answer it?”“Of course, she wants to know you’re safe, babygirl. She’s your mom.””I know. Am I safe?”.”Not really, I’m going to devour you sometime today, my sweet one.”She giggled, “I like the sound of that.””Yes, go tell mom you’re safe. You snuck a few extras champagnes when I wasn’t looking so I wouldn’t let you drive home. You’re head hurts but, other than that, you’re fine. Your phone was in the living room, and you were in my guest room with the door closed.”“That does sound very reasonable, Renee. I think she’ll believe it.”“Good, now go call her so I can start feasting on your sweet body.”“Yes, ma’am. Sorry.”She kissed me playfully then ran to get her phone. I could hear her talking to Val as I lay waiting for her return. She did just as I instructed her. It sounded like Val bought it, which made me rest more comfortably.They talked for a few more minutes, then Amanda hung up, returning to my bed.Giggling as she cuddled next to me, I asked her how mom took it.”She scolded me for stealing the champagnes, of course. She was glad you didn’t let me drive or get a lift. You scored some brownie points with her for that. I told her the party was okay, and I didn’t think I’d ever want to go to another, it’s just not my thing. She laughed. Other than that, she’s working as usual.”“I’m glad she’s not worried about you. I don’t think those brownie points would help if she found out what we’ve done, sugar.””She won’t. Being here has been eye-opening so far. To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything like this again. I’m enjoying it all so far, well except for the party and I think I can live without weed. It was interesting for a bit, just not for me.”I kissed her playfully, “That’s fine. I rarely use it myself, but it’s nice at times. It helped get you to open up.”“I think another glass or two of wine would have done the same thing the way you were dressed and coming on to me. You are undeniably sexy, Miss Renee.”I grinned, “I’m glad you think so, Are you going to start calling me Miss Renee now?”“I’m still working on something. Do you like it?””In some relationships, I’ve been addressed that way. I don’t know if it would work for us. We’d have to see if this is something you enjoy more than for a naughty weekend.”“Oh? What type of relationship would that be?””One where your mother wouldn’t kill me if she knew we had a relationship to start. So, put it out of your inquisitive mind, sweetness.”She snuggled up to me, nuzzling my neck, “Whatever you want, Renee.”I smiled, “I want you to start over my love and finish what you began last night.”She kissed my neck softly, licking the spot she’d left her lip imprint. I closed my eyes, relaxing as she retraced her steps from the previous night. This time I kept my mouth shut, letting her explore me with her lips and tongue.After gently nuzzling my earlobe, she tugged it with her teeth, then softly kissed it. She whispered how excited she was. I smiled; my eyes still closed. Her hand cupped one of my breasts as her sweet tongue slid down my neck, stopping under my chin. Her fingers found my nipple, which she toyed with as she kissed me full on the mouth.She had learned rather quickly. Our tongues played while she explored my breast with her hand and fingers. Cupping, massaging, caressing, both boobs in turn. When she was satisfied, she broke our kiss. Her focus headed further south. Her hand between my legs, her mouth was taking the place of her fingers that had recently departed my breast.Sucking a nipple while tracing my labia, toying with me, I think she was building up her courage. Her soft moans as she nursed each breast further drove me closer to another happy conclusion. I wasn’t quite ready, hoping she’d continue with her tongue between my legs instead of her nimble fingers.That’s when I decided to push things a bit. My hands had been at my sides during this pleasant interlude, now sifting through Amanda’s hair. I gently pushed her to go further down my body. She looked up at me as I folded her red wisps back behind her ear.“You’re ready, Renee?” she whispered.“Yes, sweetie. If you are.”She smiled, “I am.”Then kissing her way down my tummy to my mons, she slipped over one leg to plant herself between mine. Kneeling, I could see her take a deep swallow almanbahis şikayet as she leaned forward. Her hands massaged my thighs as she placed her tongue on my labia. I felt her move from bottom to top then back again, testing herself.I didn’t say a word as she continued exploring me with her outstretched tongue. She didn’t seem to have any further hesitations as she slipped her arms under my legs, stretching herself out on the bed. I could hear her lapping away at my pussy. The sweet sensations echoed through my body as she started to get into it as she traced my labia.I could sense the sweet aroma of sex wafting in the air as she flattened her tongue once more, sliding it softly over my skin. She kissed the inside of my thigh in the sensitive crevice. Then circled up and over to the other side before moving back to my labia. She slapped it with her tongue then sucked on it gently.I was astounded that she’d enjoy this as much as she seemed to be. Then my brain shut down as she stiffened her tongue, sliding it past my folds. I gasped, which I think scared her because she hesitated for a moment before moving it in and out, fucking me with it.“Gawd, Amanda, that feels so good!”I could feel her smile as she continued. Next, she shifted her position to slip a finger in below her mouth. I couldn’t help but gasp again as both her finger and tongue fucked me to the edge.Suddenly, she changed from a tongue fuck to a solo finger fuck. I whimpered when I felt the change. I was so close. Much to my delight, she began kissing my hood only to slip her agile tongue under my hood to tease my clit.I whispered, “You’re a natural, sweetness.”I heard a giggle as she massaged my clit with the tip of her tongue. She now had two fingers in me merrily pumping away as I reached one of the most unbelievable orgasms in recent memory.I shook as I clamped my legs on her head, momentarily stopping her. I released her much to her relief while those delicious sensations coursed through my body. I lay panting as she slowed down, watching me with her fingers gently sliding in and out. She softly kissed my inner thighs as she eased her moistened fingers back and forth ever so slowly, letting me feel every sensation my body could muster.Finally, I had to ask her to stop. I was exhausted. I came at least twice as she watched and manipulated my body. The girl was amazing in her touch and instinct.She returned to cuddle with me, resting her head on my breast. She could feel my heart racing away as she laid smiling, my honey on her face.She looked up at me, “I enjoyed that, Renee. I started to hesitate, but something in me clicked. I wanted to please you.”Softly stroking her hair, I smiled, “You did, sweetie, you were perfect.”She grinned, sighing into my breast.We lay silently for quite some time until I decided it was her turn. I began softly stroking her hair as she lay against me. She cooed, squirming a bit, getting a little more comfortable.I whispered, “It’s your turn, sweetness. Are you ready?”“I was just getting comfortable,” she giggled.“When you’re ready, let me know. I’m very comfy too, my love. You are just so adorable.””I will. I’m basking in the glow. It’s a lovely feeling. I’ve rarely just laid and talked after making love or having sex. It’s a nice feeling, and I love hearing your heartbeat go from fast to slow.””When you are ready, I’m in no hurry, either. I want you on my face, sweetness. Think you can do that?””You mean, sit there? Won’t that hurt?””Silly, you won’t sit. You’ll be above me so I can lick you to your next climax. Sort of riding my face, you might say. Instead of you laying down with my face buried between those sweet legs. You move back and forth over me. I’ll guide you a bit at the same time.”“Hmm. Sounds interesting. But?””Hush, when you’re ready, you’ll see how it all works. For now, just snuggle with me, babydoll.”She giggled, squirming against me. We lay for a few more minutes until she whispered she was ready. I almost thought she’d fallen back to sleep. She was so relaxed, her slow, soft breathing sounded lovely.Her getting on top of my face was slightly awkward. We moved around, getting into the right position then moved again. After a few attempts, we lined up perfectly. Her pussy was just above my mouth, looking very inviting as she lowered herself within reach of my tongue. I had her face away from me because I wanted full access, and if she were so inclined, she could go down on me. almanbahis canlı casino Sort of a preemptive sixty-nine position you might call it.I began playing with her using the tip of my tongue. From the perineum along one side of her pussy then down the other. I told her to move back and forth slowly. She leaned forward, resting her hands on my thighs. She started sliding back and forth over my tongue as I curled and flattened it intermittently. I could hear her moaning as she varied her undulations above me. The girl was getting the hang of it.I continued lapping away as she varied her motions, figuring out what she enjoyed the most, then concentrating there. Amanda’s nectar was sweet, somewhat like her mother’s. I held her above me, not restricting her movements until I felt she was ready. Then I had her slow down so I could drive my tongue deep within her. She straightened up as I lifted her hood to concentrate on her clit. Her moaning increased as I teased her, circling the tip of my tongue against her little nubbin. Her head was bobbing up and down, hair sweeping against my legs as she moved closer to her climax.I kept her body on my face, swishing and curling my tongue inside. I managed to move one hand so that I could tease her button with my finger. When I did that, she almost reached her apex, so I backed off. I wanted this to last a bit longer. I wanted her to crave my tongue and the pleasure I gave her. We kept at it, bringing her close, then backing off for god only knows how long. Eventually, she practically begged me to finish her off. I smiled to myself as I rubbed her bud, slipping the tip of my finger slightly inside while sucking and licking sweetness. My face was a sweet soppy mess before she climaxed. Now, as she reached the pinnacle, I intensified my tongue action. She drenched, my hair, face, the bed, all soaked with her essence. Her scent had filled my nostrils from the beginning, which I savored, letting her writhe in ecstasy over me.I eased back as the sensations ebbed in her lovely body. When she’d calmed down, she collapsed forward, her head resting between my legs just below my knees. Panting, she managed to thank me for her first real orgasm. I giggled, telling her she was very welcome.After she’d caught her breath, she worked her way back to snuggle with me. Realizing my face was coated with her secretions, that little minx began licking my face. I smiled as she cleaned me off more like a puppy than a kitten. I didn’t tell her to slow because I enjoyed her enthusiasm. When she finished, we talked in whispers until she yawned. I suggested we take a nap, she smiled, kissing me as she closed her eyes. We lay once again all nice and snuggly for a couple of hours. When we woke, a shower seemed like a good idea. We played there also, Amanda receiving another beautiful orgasm from behind via my fingers and the shower massage. I was enjoying having her around, and I think she realized what her mother saw in other women.We toweled off, then dressed, talking about so many things. We had a light breakfast or more like brunch since it was almost noon. After eating and chatting more, Amanda packed up her things to head on home. She was going to return around dinner time for round two of her naughty weekend. There were so many things I wanted to show and do with her, and I told her so.We kissed goodbye, then off she went. I spent the rest of the day relaxing, looking forward to her return. About one in the afternoon, Victoria called, wondering how the party went. I told her most of what happened and that Amanda stayed the night since she was in no shape to drive. Victoria told me she appreciated that. I casually mentioned I didn’t want her to hurt herself or anyone else. The remainder of our conversation was about her and I getting together when she returned. We teased each other about what we were going to do, which was a bit arousing all by itself.When we hung up, I felt guilty as hell, aroused, and wondering if I should do anything else with Amanda. Here I was miss ‘I hate drama’ creating a potential shit storm with Victoria and poor Amanda.I spent the afternoon cleaning up, doing laundry, and working a little on my app. I didn’t get much done with it, pausing from time to time thinking about Amanda. I knew she was enjoying herself so far. I wanted that to continue. However, I didn’t want to mess up what I had with Victoria, either. I figured this would be the only time almanbahis casino Amanda and I would be intimate I was going to make the best of it.My brain was not functioning at one hundred percent, thinking of Amanda, along with the possible consequences of this weekend. I gave up on my app. I knew I’d screw something up and have to debug it because I wasn’t concentrating.It was around five Saturday afternoon when Amanda reappeared at my front door. She had an overnight bag with her and a cute blush on her face when I opened the door. Dressed in denim culottes, sandals, and a white tie-front top, Amanda looked adorable. Her red locks were tied back in a ponytail that swished a little when she swept past me, not waiting for me to invite her in. Any doubts I had about playing around with her vanished.She paused as I closed the door behind her. Her eyes twinkling, she grinned as she dropped her bag then opened her arms to hug me. We embraced as if we’d been separated for weeks and not the scant hours that had passed.We kissed, snuggled in each other’s arms. When we came up for air, we simultaneously took a deep breath.Looking into her eyes, I brushed back a wisp of hair from her face, “I’m glad you came back.”She looked back, her head tilted slightly, “Why wouldn’t I?”“I don’t know. I have way too many things on my mind at the moment. Doubt has a way of creeping in.””Well, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be here until Monday morning, Renee. You’ve opened Pandora’s box of sexual delights. I want to see what all is in there.”I grinned, chuckling a bit, “We won’t get to everything that’s there, cutie. We will discover things you like. Then maybe focus on those.”Her eyes lit up, “I like the sound of that. I do want to be able to walk out of her on my own on Monday, though.”“You may not want to leave when I get through with you.”All she could come up with for a reply was, “Tease.”We both laughed as we headed to my room to put her things away. We discussed going out to eat somewhere before the festivities began. I didn’t want to go someplace I knew Victoria, and I had been before. She’s a creature of habit, and although a casual dinner with Amanda would be easy to explain away, I thought a restaurant that served something her mother didn’t care for would be the best idea.I suggested Sushi to Amanda, and her eyes lit up. She’d only sampled California rolls once or twice in her life. Victoria wasn’t keen on seafood, so this would be another new experience for my little love.I’d been to Ido Sushi a few times in Culver City. It’s quaint with female sushi chefs who put on a good show. It’s sort of like that famous Japanese restaurant where they fling knives and make jokes while cooking. Plus, they are cute, and I like to flirt with them.I wasn’t quite ready to go out, and it was still early. It would take at least an hour to get from my place to Ido Sushi. Saturday nights in Los Angeles are nuts as far as traffic is concerned. Not that it’s easier any other night, but weekends everyone who isn’t working seems to be on the road.I offered her something to drink, and I wanted us both to be sober. I had some ice tea in the fridge. She helped herself, which signaled to me she was very comfortable here.We lounged in my living room, talking, and giggling. Victoria came up now as we talked about family and our lives in general. I’d never actually sat and chatted with Amanda when we all three went out. She could keep the conversation going and seemed interested in my life as much as I was interested in hers. It was nice hearing her perspective on events that Victoria had mentioned to me in passing. I think it gave credence to the saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.We were lost in conversation when I could feel tiny pangs of hunger in my stomach. I looked at the clock, realizing we’d been chatting for a good ninety minutes. I asked Amanda if she were getting hungry, which elicited a sweet purr from her.I laughed, “Food, sweetie.”She grinned, “I know, I was teasing you. Yes, I’m starting to get a bit hungry. By the time we get there, I’m sure I’ll be starved. You might have to feed me.”She glanced at my breasts, licking her lips then back to my face.”You are naughty, Am. I love it. Let me slip something on, and we’ll head out.”I changed my lounge wear to better match Amanda’s casual and cute attire. I wanted something a bit sexier but not slutty to show off a bit if someone I knew was there behind the Sushi Bar.Roman sandals, cream-colored blouse, leaving a couple of buttons loose to tease her and the girls at the restaurant. I debated wearing culottes, too, but thought that might be too weird. So, I slipped on a skirt that stopped just above my knees.

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