Subject: Uncle Chuck’s Underwear Drawer (Part 20) Well, here it is, the finale. I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the hijinks of this family of tighty-whitie loving lads. It’s been a great joy to write and has been amazing hearing from all of you that have found this so exciting. Before we get to the final installment (although don’t put it past me to write some additional tales that we didn’t get to see in the story itself), I wanted to share some of my favorite Nifty stories that helped to inspire this and that got me through some seriously hard time. https://www.//gay/incest/dad-jim-and-me/ [parts 1-3] https://www.//gay/incest/smoking-and-stroking/ https://www.//gay/incest/what-i-learned-from-dad/ [parts 1 and fty//gay/incest/easter-service Definitely check them out if you want some more intense storytelling. Now, let’s see how things wrap up… This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Always practice safe sex. Please do not read if you are under the legal age in your country or region. — The rest of the afternoon went by fairly normally. Joey and I had left Uncle Chuck’s rooms in equally torn-apart pairs of tighty whities. I slipped some clothes on over them, as did Joey, and we returned downstairs. Dad and Uncle Chuck came back up from the lake not too long afterwards. They both showered and came back down looking fresh and clean. We prepared dinner together and sat down at the table to eat. “What should we get up to tonight?” Uncle Chuck asked as he took a bite. “I was thinking we could watch a movie,” I said. “Good idea, son,” replied Dad. “Anything in particular?” “I feel like I’ve picked the past few ones…maybe Joey could find something he liked,” I offered. Joey nodded. “Works for me,” he said with a shrug, appearing nonchalant to our dads but I could see the smirk he was hiding. We finished up dinner and all four of us cleared the table, bringing up all of the dishware to the kitchen. “You boys get the movie ready while we clean up everything in here,” Uncle Chuck said, directing us away from the kitchen and into the living room. Joey and I left and walked back over to the living room, grabbing seats on opposite ends of the couch. Joey grabbed the remote and switched inputs on the TV, selecting his dad’s security camera system. He scrolled down to the living room and flipped through to find a frame of me rimming his father while my own dad jerked off. “I think I’ve found the perfect movie for us,” Joey called out to our dads. “You sure about this?” I whispered my cousin, my cock already straining inside the pair of Uncle Chuck’s Jockeys I was wearing. “Never been more sure in my life,” Joey replied. The screen switched from the frozen frame to a screensaver. The sounds of cleaning in the kitchen wrapped up and I heard two pairs of footsteps draw close. In walked Dad and Uncle Chuck, equally unaware as to what was about to happen. “So, what have we picked?” Dad asked, grabbing a seat next to me. Uncle Chuck sat next, between his brother and his son. “Well…” Joey’s voice trailed off, “I was talking with Ryan earlier and he told me about a movie he thought I’d like to see.” He hit the remote and the screen came to life, the screensaver going away and the image moving. On screen, Dad had his cock slung through the fly of his briefs, his hand bobbing up and down on it as he watched the sight unfolding before him. His brother was on his hands and knees, cotton-covered ass in the air with my face stuck between its cheeks. You couldn’t quite tell from the angle and the distance of the camera that the briefs were torn and that my tongue was actively invading his hole. I was completely hard watching this homemade sex tape. I looked over and Dad was aghast. Uncle Chuck made a grab for the remote. “Joey, give that here,” he said. “That’s not for you to see.” Joey held the remote as far away as possible, skipping it forward a bit. The recorded version of me got up from my crouched position and fumbled with the fly to my briefs. I jerked it a bit and then lined it up with my Uncle’s ass. Meanwhile, Dad switched positions, moving around to front of his brother and grabbing onto his head. “Try double-tapping the remote,” I told Joey. He followed my instruction and the image zoomed in. Now you could clearly see the black and gold stripes of Dad’s waistband pressing into Uncle Chuck’s face while my tighty whities nearly blended in with his as I went balls-deep. Joey paused on the frame. “Joey, I know things have changed between us all since we moved in together, but I really think seeing your father like this is over the line,” Uncle Chuck said. “But it’s okay for your brother and your nephew to?” Joey asked back. “And I know this wasn’t the first time.” He stood up and dropped his pants in front of his dad, revealing a pair of Hanes. “I know you felt left out about the shared briefs, but that’s different than Ryan ever seeing me doing it like that,” Uncle Chuck said. Joey turned around, revealing the torn out ass of the whities. “What about when you pretty much did him in these, then?” Joey asked. He bent over, forcing the tear to spread open and revealing a hint of his hole. I caught Uncle Chuck leaning forward a bit to check it out. Joey stood back up and turned to face his dad, the front of the Hanes clearly tented. I watched a father looking at his son’s erection tenting a pair of tattered briefs with an image of himself taking his nephew’s dick up his ass and his brother’s cock down his throat was frozen in the background. I couldn’t help but glance over at my dad, who was taking in the same sight. I wondered if he imagined the roles reversed: me bending over to show him my hole, his dick likely growing in his shorts as he thought about how it would feel to penetrate his only son. Then I remembered I could actually do the same as my cousin. So, I stood up from the couch, next to my cousin. “I’m sorry, Dad and Uncle Chuck. You two have had your own thing going on and Joey and I were talking and I just couldn’t keep it a secret anymore.” I pleaded. “He and I went and found these and I just couldn’t lie.” I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop. I lifted the front of my shirt, revealing the repeating black “JOCKEY” on the waistband, spaced out with an upside-down Y. The elastic was frayed and the front pouch was drooping, which worked well as it gave room for my boner to poke out. I then turned around. The back of the tattered drawers was shredded from where I’d had my way with them. I bent over just as Joey had, although I needed to pull at the extra fabric at my ass cheeks to make sure I was full on display. Joey reached over and grabbed the waistband, hiking the shorts up more and pulling the fabric taut. “What’s the difference between him and me?” Joey asked his Dad, his hand still pulling at the waistband. He released his grip and I stood şişli travesti back up, the briefs now riding well above my hips and forcing my cock to point straight up, leaning slightly the left of the centerline of the Y front, and pressed firmly against the fabric. It had drooled enough that I was now soaking through the thin, single-ply cotton front. A pink spot was clearly visible, with a glob of precum floating just on the surface. Dad leaned forward and gently placed his mouth on my head, his lips slurping up my essence from the fabric of his brother’s underwear. “You know, Chuck, there really isn’t that much a difference between doing this and doing that,” he said, pointing at the screen. My cock jumped at the warmth of Dad’s mouth. I look over to Joey, who had reached into the shorts he was wearing and started stroking himself. “Okay, Joey,” Uncle Chuck said with slight reluctance. “Let’s make it happen. But first, I want you to let your cousin and your uncle warm you up so you’re ready for your father.” Joey turned to me, a hunger in his eyes, and grabbed at my hard cock through the Jockeys. As he began fondling me, I reached down to his bone. It was sticky to the touch; he’d managed to soak through his shorts more than even I had managed to. We were face to face as we were touching each other. I looked over and saw our dads, both watching us and still fully clothed. “It’s not fair if we’re in just our tighty whities and you guys are still dressed up,” I told them, not letting go of my cousin’s cock in the process. “That’s a good point, son,” Dad replied. “You want to go first, Chuck?” Uncle Chuck nodded and stood up from the couch, fiddling with the button of his shorts. He finally set the button free and let the shorts drop. Rather than the usual expanse of white that I had grown accustomed to seeing, we were greeted with a dulled, yellowed fabric. He was wearing one of the pairs from his drawer that Joey had coated in piss earlier in the day. “It’s funny, I went to get dressed and it seems like something sprang a leak in my room,” he said. “Somehow all my briefs got wet.” Within seconds I could smell Joey’s stench on his father’s undies and was surprised I hadn’t smelled them before. Uncle Chuck squeezed at his hard cock and then brought his hand to his mouth, licking up the secretion from his saturated shorts. Joey pulled me closer, our hands falling to the side and our cocks pressing together. I reached down and grabbed at Joey’s ass, my arm long enough to reach past where the hole was torn and have my hand on his skin. My cock throbbed knowing what would be happening soon. I looked back to our dads and, as Uncle Chuck continued to make a show of his piss-stained briefs, Dad stood up beside his brother, tossing his shirt to the side. He then dropped trou to reveal pristine white cotton, looking just like a model out of the catalog save for the obvious erection poking the fabric out. “Just got my shipment in today…had to replace some of my undies that have gone missing or are stained beyond repair.” “Looking good, Uncle Rich,” Joey said, take a good look at the tent my dad had pitched. Uncle Chuck reached over and grabbed at his brother’s boner through the clean cotton. “It feels even better, Joey,” Uncle Chuck replied. “Just wait until you feel it.” Joey tried to break from my embrace to feel Dad’s boner himself, but Uncle Chuck put up a hand to stop him. “Not just yet, my son. You have to let Ryan have his fun first.” I couldn’t believe how cock-hungry my cousin was. It was something about the power of the tighty whities and the musk the men in our family left on them that could drive you just about completely insane. Joey walked over and grabbed the ottoman that we all used to put our feet up on at night and put it in the center of the room. He got on his hands and knees on it, just like his dad had for me the other night. I walked over and took a look at his ass, the cotton stretched tightly for most of his cheeks before descending to frayed fabric, revealing the crack beneath. Dark hair poked through and, as he arched his back even more, the cheeks spread, revealing a puckered spot for me. “C’mon, Ry,” Joey pleaded. I got down so his ass was level with my face, my eyes taking in the sight of hole. I leaned forward, getting closer and closer before I could start to smell his musk. It was like his dad’s had been, but there was something different about it. Within seconds, I had my faced pressed in there, my nose filled with his scent as my tongue tickled his entry point. Joey moaned and groaned as I slobbered on his backside, greasing him up with my saliva. I had a cheek in each hand, pulling them apart form maximum access. After a couple of minutes, I leaned back to examine my work. The pink spot was now glistening. I ran my thumb over it, it reflexively tensing up at the pressure but still allowing entry. I knew it was time. I got back up and pulled open the fly of the Jockeys I was wearing. I reached in and grabbed my balls, bring them and my cock out in one go. The tip of my boner was glistening. I gave myself a stroke–my first since this all began–and a huge glob of precum burbled out of my slit. I aligned it with Joey’s hole and smeared it in, my dick making its first contact with his orifice. “Are you ready for me, Joey?” I asked, still pressed against his rear. Joey nodded his head and pressed his ass back in response. It was enough for his ass to swallow my dickhead. Joey groaned as he felt me enter him and I even heard Uncle Chuck emit a sound of excitement as he saw his son begin to take me in. I held onto his hips, right at the Hanes waistband, and guided myself forward. Inch by inch, I slipped into his tightness, right until I could feel the tattered fabric that hung from his ass tickle my exposed nutsack. I had my cock all the way inside my cousin’s asshole, just as I had had it inside his father. I flexed inside of him and he let out a pant of breath. I held still for a moment, taking in the pleasure of being surrounded by my cousin. “Go on, Ryan,” Uncle Chuck cheered me on. “Give it to him the way you gave it to me.” I began to pull myself back, slipping right back out of Joey. As my tip got close to his edge, I pushed back in, inch-by-inch again, warming him up. It took a few of these before I’d leaked enough precum inside him that I began to slide in and out with ease. I held onto the waistband of the Hanes briefs he wore as I gave him my all. I reached down and felt him through the briefs, which were now full saturated in his precum. He thrust himself back into me as we got into a good rhythm, two cousins going wild in their tighty whities. I looked over to my dad and uncle as I plunged in and out of my cousin’s asshole. Dad had pulled his whole package through the fly of his shorts, just like I had done, while Uncle Chuck just had his erection poking out of his Y-fronts. Their arms were crossed, each fondling the other’s manhood as they both watched me give my cousin a pounding. “Oh, yeah, Joey,” I groaned as my father and uncle beylikdüzü travesti rubbed each other on the couch. “You feel so good.” Joey was whining with each stroke, making me keenly aware that I was hitting his prostate inside. I tried to make sure I hit in just the right way each time in order to exact the most amount of pleasure. “Can I have a go?” Dad asked. I looked down to his crotch again.The purple head of his cock looked completely flush, throbbing in Uncle Chuck’s hand as precum drooled from its slit and all across Unlce Chuck’s knuckles.”Sure thing, Dad,” I replied. “Joey, it’s your uncle Rich’s turn now.” I gave Joey one last full thrust, hitting his prostate as hard as I could, before slowly slipping out. My cock was wet with my own juices, still full leaking as I emerged. I slapped him on the ass before stepping away. Dad stood up and grabbed me as he passed by, pulling for a stream of precum from my cock and bringing it to his lips. He gave me a light kiss on the lips, letting me taste myself on him. I then took his place on the couch, right next to Uncle Chuck. The stank of Joey’s piss from the briefs Uncle Chuck was wearing quickly filled my nostrils. “How did he compare?” Uncle Chuck asked, his hand casually wrapped around his cock and pumping. “Just as good as his father, I’d say,” I replied, grabbing my own cock as we both turned to watch my dad walk up to my cousin, his ass sticking pert in the air. Dad lined his cock up with his nephew’s sticky hole, pressing gently forward. I watched as the head disappeared into Joey, then an inch, then another, before soon Dad’s bush was pressed into the cotton of the tattered Hanes briefs. He groaned in pleasure as he was balls deep. “Your son’s just like his daddy,” Dad called over to Uncle Chuck. “Got a tight hole that takes my cock like a champ.” Uncle Chuck’s eyes were glued to his brother’s body as it began to thrust in and out of his son’s hole. Dad’s waist quickly became a blur of black and gold as he pummeled Joey’s ass, the only sounds in the room becoming the groans of pleasure, the slaps of Uncle Chuck and my fists pounding our meat, and Dad’s balls giving a muted smack against Joey’s white cotton briefs. “Why don’t I get you ready?” Uncle Chuck leaned over and whispered in my ear as he jacked his dick. I looked back at him confused. “Ready for what?” I asked. “Well you don’t think I’m going to let you and your dad just watch me go at it with Joey, do you?” A grin crossed his face. “You’ve already got the hole torn and ready to go. This is going to be the ultimate in father-son bonding. Now get on your hands and knees like your cousin” He slapped me on the thigh, and stood up himself. I soon found myself in a reversed situation. In the same way that Uncle Chuck had been on his hands and knees on the couch begging for me to tongue his hole, I was now on all fours in just a pair of Uncle Chuck’s ratty Jockey briefs with a hole torn in the ass. I soon felt Uncle Chuck’s hot breath as he grew closer. Then, his pucker against mine, lips kissing me gently in my most sensitive spot. And then his tongue slipped inside. I leaned my head down so I could watch my dad dominate Joey’s ass with his cock while writhing in the pleasure of having my uncle dominate mine with his mouth. With each thrust Uncle Chuck gave me with his tongue, I watch Dad give one to my cousin, imagining how it would feel to have Dad inside of me. This went on for a few minutes, Dad’s cotton-covered ass flexing as muttering about how he’d fucked his brother and now he was fucking his brother’s son while Uncle Chuck silently tickled, teased, and prodded me. I then felt my uncle pull away. He shifted positions behind me and then leaned into my ear. “I just want to make sure you’re good and ready for your daddy,” he whispered as I felt something went rub all up and down my hole. He was smearing his precum all over me, lubing me up nicely. I then felt the pressure of his head against me. My ass resisted for a moment or two before the head popped in completely. I grunted as Uncle Chuck mounted me, slipping an inch or two in before sliding back out, only to repeat the process again. I could tell he was spreading his pre-seed as much as he could so his brother could have easy entry. “I’m warming your son up for you, Rich,” Uncle Chuck called out to his brother as he finally pushed all the way in. I could feel wetness of his briefs against my ass, my cousin’s piss dripping down the back of my legs. “Yours is good to go,” Dad responded, grabbing onto Joey’s waistband just as I had done and giving him a series of micro-thrusts before slowly pulling himself out. Uncle Chuck reached around and groped at my cock, stroking it with each thrust inside before letting go. I soon felt the emptiness as he emerged from me. He walked over to Joey, who was still on his hands and knees, and leaned over to give him a kiss. He used his arms to guide Joey up to a standing position. As Joey stood up, the true sate of his arousal became clear. His cock had remained trapped in the briefs and now, the entire front panel was covered in wet splotches, with the most visible at the tip of his tent. I stood as well, walking over to my dad and falling into his arms. Dad pulled me closer, locking our lips and mashing our cocks together. His bone throbbed against mine, our juices mixing between us. I grabbed at the black and gold waistband of his briefs while he wrapped his hands around my back and reached down to my ass. His arms were long enough that he was able to touch my hole, which he tapped at eagerly. Next to us, Uncle Chuck and Joey were wrapped in a similar embrace. Their lips were locked and their crotches were pressed together. Joey had his hands down paying with the elastic leg openings of his dad’s briefs while Uncle Chuck matched his brother’s stance, groping at his son’s ass. We didn’t stand around for long…there had already proven to be plenty of foreplay and we all seemed eager to finally get off. Uncle Chuck led Joey back to where he’d been, but rather than have him on his hands and knees, he laid him on his back. Dad and I watched as Uncle Chuck surveyed his son’s body, his hard cock bobbing out of the Y-front of his piss-soaked Jockeys. He reached down to Joey’s crotch and pulled a leg hole to the side, finally freeing his son’s erection. He gave Joey a light tug, forcing a river of precum to bubble out of his slit. He leaned down and licked it up, keeping it to himself. He then crouched down to bring himself level with the Joey’s crotch. He pulled at Joey’s ankles, and he quickly lifted his legs up. I watched as Uncle Chuck pawed at the hole in the back of the Hanes briefs. He’d already entered the same spot when he’d mounted his dick between my legs and sprayed his seed all over my balls. Now, it was his son’s hole that was on the other side. As if in slow-motion, he leaned in closer and closer until his mouth met Joey’s entry point. He began to enter his son, lapping at the spot that Dad and I had both just had our way with. I was sure he could istanbul travesti taste both of the juices we’d left inside, plus his own son’s tangy musk. As he slurped at his son’s pucker, Dad led me by the waistband of my tighty whities and led me next to where Joey was. I laid down next to my cousin in the opposite direction. I looked over to Uncle Chuck, his tongue still pressed inside his son. He gave me a smile before finishing up his rimjob and standing back up. I lifted up my knees, trying to give Dad the perfect angle to reach my hole. “I’m all ready for you, Dad,” I said. He reached down and felt my spot, his finger dipping ever so slightly inside of me. His face shuddered with excitement. “Good to go, Chuck?” Dad asked, checking with as his brother adjusted his own cock. From my angle, I could see Joey’s hole pulsing, waiting for its third dick of the day. “Let’s see,” Uncle Chuck replied, turning to his son. “Is this what you really want, son? Do you really want the dick that made you?” “I don’t want it, Dad. I need it.” With that, Uncle Chuck began to press himself forward. I watched his slick head dip right into his son. At the same time, I felt my dad inch forward. First, it was a pressure on my hole before I accepted him inside. It wasn’t like when Uncle Chuck entered me. There was something more to it, more primal, as Dad inched himself forward. I looked up into his lust-filled eyes as he sunk the cock that made me deeper and deeper inside. Next to me, Joey was nearly squealing as his wish finally came true. Thanks to Dad and me, he was already pretty loose and he was able to take his own dad quickly. I looked over and Uncle Chuck’s piss-stained briefs were pressed right against the torn fabric of Joey’s undies. Uncle Chuck was balls-deep in his son. Meanwhile, Dad was still pushing forward into me. I knew there wasn’t much left to go. He reached down and gave me a few strokes as he finished his entry. I felt him flex inside, putting pressure in just the right spot to make me groan. He pulled out ever-so-slightly before going in again, somehow seeming to get himself even deeper into my void. I flexed my ass around him, giving his boner an internal hug. He then began to pull out slowly before pushing back in. He repeated this a few times, getting used to the feel of his son around his cock. I hung on loosely to my own dick, giving it a couple lazy tugs but being careful not to do much more. I wouldn’t want it to end too soon. Joey wasn’t getting quite the same treatment from his dad. In the same way that it didn’t take Uncle Chuck long to sink himself in, he also didn’t waste any time to start plowing his boy. He had a grip on Joey’s ankles and was using them for leverage to pump in and out. Joey would reach out and grab at his dad’s Jockey waistband to pull him closer and deeper. Uncle Chuck leaned forward, placing his lips to his son’s and kissing him deeply as he pounded his hole. It was the sight of this that finally gave Dad the courage to start going wild on my hole. The tear in the pair of Uncle Chuck’s shorts I was wearing was wide enough that I could feel his scrotum slapping against my ass each time he stuffed it inside me. Our dads soon matched each others paces, giving us their cocks in neat, evenly-timed thrusts, while Joey and I began to groan in unison as our prostates got pleasured at the same moment. I was side-by-side with my cousin, our legs flung up into the air as we each moaned for our fathers. Joey’s dick bobbed at my eye level, a throbbing shaft emerging from white cotton, with each thrust from Uncle Chuck. Dad stared me down as he made my ass his, fucking me in just his tighty whities. “You two are the luckiest boys in the whole world,” Uncle Chuck said, not missing a beat as he pumped himself into his son’s hole. “Your Uncle and I tried for years to get your grandpa on board with something like this,” Dad said to me. “But it was a different time.” The thought of younger versions of Dad and Uncle Chuck sitting around in their tighty whities, sniffing at a pair of their dad’s briefs, trying to come up with a way to have him share himself with them in the most animalistic way had me feeling light-headed. It was just as Joey and I had done when we planned out how to get our dads excited enough to give us their all. Dad saw me in the throes of passion, my cock bouncing all over the place hanging out of the Y-front. I then felt Dad shudder and buck and lose his balance as he pushed as deep as possible. My balls rested against the black and gold stripes of his Stafford waistband as he reached his climax. Deep in my gut, I felt him begin to erupt. His face contorted and he let out a near growl as his hot seed spewed forth, filling me to the brim. The pressure of him inside, throbbing with such intensity, drove me over the edge. I aimed my cock to the side and began to unload. Volley after volley blasted from my tip, shooting from the air before plopping down onto Joey’s face. A splash covered his forehead, another exploded on this tip of his nose, and still another landed right in his mouth. It just kept shooting out of me to the point that as it began to slow, my cousin’s face was truly dripping in my splooge. Uncle Chuck leaned forward and began to lap up my cum as his thrusts got shallower and shallower. I spotted the familiar face he made and he stood back up, growling as he unloaded into his son’s guts. I could tell that getting filled up by his Dad was having the same effect on his as it did to me, so I wasn’t surprised when Joey pointed his cock my way and sprayed me with his spunk. As we came down from our highs, I felt Dad deflating inside me before he pulled himself loose. I looked over to Joey’s ass. Uncle Chuck shifted his brief-clad ass backward before I watched him emerge from the depths of his son. Joey’s hole looked definitively less puckered than it had at the beginning of our fun. I saw a drop or two of Uncle Chuck’s milk leak past his sphincter, dripping down along his ass crack. Dad tucked my softening dick back into Uncle Chuck’s ratty tighty whities, now not only torn to shreds but covered in fresh cum. He also put himself back into the confines of his fresh briefs. Uncle Chuck’s softening cock sort of packed itself into the Y-front of the yellowed shorts he had on, while Joey arranged himself back into the fly of the shared pair of Hanes. Dad and Uncle Chuck returned to the couch and sat down. Joey and I followed, each of us taking a seat in our father’s lap. Dad’s skin was sticky and sweaty as wrapped his arms around me in a deep hug. I could see Uncle Chuck’s brow dripping, giving his son his own bear hug. The image of Uncle Chuck getting double-teamed by me and my dad was still frozen on this screen. I realized footage of our latest adventure was now saved on Uncle Chuck’s hard drive. We sat like this for a while, chatting about what had just transpired. We decided that we couldn’t just be jumping each other’s bones whenever we felt like it–there had to be some sense of normalcy in the house. So, it was decided that once, every other week, we could all strip down to our briefs (or whoever’s we were wearing that day) and have some family fun time. My cock was already leaking with excitement again, staining the pair of briefs I’d taken from Uncle Chuck’s underwear drawer.

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