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“Untouchable 14”

After such an intoxicating weekend with my special boy, I didn”t expect to really have such a sick feeling in my stomach as I was driving into work the next day.

t it was there. More than nervousness. A guilt. A “shame”. Why? Because I was in love and “other people” didn”t understand? If I gave Dustin up…if I agreed to break his heart, breaking my own in the process…would those “other people” show me any approval at all? Would they even care?

They sit on their high horse, carrying their brainwashed soapboxes with them everywhere they go, looking for opportunities to push their agenda and force their limitations on anyone who would dare to think differently than they do. Find beauty in a place where they can”t. If Dustin and I broke up and our love was destroyed forever…would I get a medal? A parade? A certificate to say, “good for you for not being a pervert”? Somehow, I doubt it.

I parked in the parking lot of the lot, and I waited in the car for a while. I actually let the tension within me keep me from going in early and spending time getting coffee and treats with Dustin like we usually did. As much as his youthful grin would have energized me for the entire time…as much as I hated to think of Dustin”s pouty little face as he looked for me and didn”t see his chosen sweetheart coming to spend time with him…I let the invisible gaze of countless judges and faceless moderators of society win. I let their unspoken voice rattle me into being afraid of love. LOVE! The one force that was put on this Earth to save us all.

I felt like crying, but I didn”t. I stayed strong. And when it came time for the gates to open at work, I got out of my car, and I went to work as though nothing was wrong.

Obviously…something was wrong.

Jack and I had a seriously hard time talking to one another once we opened the store that day. I mean, we could barely look one another in the eye without being disgusted, or wanting to get into an argument that we obviously couldn”t have in the middle of the store during a day shift in the local mall. There was a 800 pound gorilla in the room, and he wasn”t going away. He just sat on the counter, keeping Jack and I from even seeing one another for a majority of the day.

It didn”t help that Dustin was working across the hall today as well. It hurt my heart to downplay our relationship by not paying him as much attention as I usually do, but I felt like every exchanged grin that Dustin I shared in those first few hours of work, only made things worse.

I just…I didn”t see what the hell any of this had to even DO with Jack at all! Why is he mad at me? More than that…why am I letting it get to me? If Jack decided to hate me for the rest of my life, would Dustin and I love each other any less? What does his hatred prove? What does it solve? Nothing. I hate being made to feel sick or “different” for my attractions. I HATE it!

An invisible line had been drawn right down the center of the store. I stuck to my side. Jack stuck to his. If it weren”t for the bare minimum level of communication needed to actually operate the store and complete our duties for the day…I doubt we would have spoken to each other at all this morning. there was just this really TENSE, really aggressive, mood in the air. One that lingered so thick and for so long that I”m surprised we were able to function for as long as we did. Especially when Dustin waved at me from across the hall with a smile, or called the store just to share a few giggles with me like he always did.

EVERY time…I had to watch Jack roll his eyes and grunt with a frustrated sigh, as though to give me a not-so-subtle hint to knock it off. It eventually got to be too much for me. I mean, enough was enough. Jack was my friend, sure…but if it turns out that he needs a fucking reality check, then I was all too glad to give him one!

At least…that”s how the feeling in my gut started out…

Yeah…I was angry. Angry and hurt and ready to scream at him and try to force him to see my point of view if it KILLED me!

t…that”s not what I did. That”s not the conversation we had. And I”m glad that it went the way that it did. Whatever it takes. As long as we got the chance to finally clear the air so we can get on with our lives and get back to normal. You know?

I waited until the store was empty. It happens sometimes in the middle of the day as people make a mad dash for the food court for a quick lunch. I walked behind the counter and Jack was avoiding having to look me in the face. Fine. Whatever. “Jack, look…this is silly.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

“You know what I mean.”

Jack turned around and gave me a glare. “You may think that this is all cute and cuddly now, but your messing with something that”s going to land you in BIG trouble, Eric. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow…but one day this is going to turn on you. And I don”t want to be anywhere near you when it happens.”

Trying to hold my frustration back, I said, “I know what you”re saying, Jack. And I know you”re worried. t I”m telling you…we”re being careful with this.”

“Do you know how many people on the sex offenders list right now were being careful? Look it up. There”s an app for it. That”s you. A red dot on the pervert watchdog list.”

“Stop it, ok? It”s not like that.”

“Really? Well, what is child molestation like?” He said.

“It”s NOT child molestation! Alright? I didn”t pull out a wad of money and buy him off of some pimp to make a whore out of him. I didn”t snatch him off of a playground, or take advantage of him while I was babysitting. We were friends. The closest of friends. We talked every day for weeks. We had things in common. We laughed together and spent time getting to know one another. It”s NO different from how any other two people fall in love. It happened. And I fought against for a long time. I fought it until we were both miserable because of it. t the truth is…I love him, Jack. Maybe you don”t understand, and maybe it makes you feel uncomfortable, but that boy is the brightest light in my life. I”ve never been so in love. I swear…they may say that cocaine is better than sex, but it”s got nothing on true love!” Jack rolled his eyes at first, but it almost looked like he was trying to open his mind just a LITTLE bit more. If for no other reason than to find a weakness in my argument.

“You can make all the excuses you want to justify it but…I don”t know, dude. I”m not cool with this. This is too weird for me.”

“I know. t..e here. Seriously. Look over there.” I directed Jack”s attention to the store across the hall.

“What are we…?”

“Just look.” I said. It wasn”t long before Dustin looked back at us. He looks over at our store all the time, just to see what I”m up to. Instantly, he smiled. His whole face lit up. And that”s when I silently mouthed the words, “I love you”…and the poor kid nearly fell all to pieces. His forehead wrinkled up in the cutest way, his knees dipped a little in a moment of weakness, and he got so shaky that you could practically see him vibrating from a distance. It was too adorable for words.

Immediately, Dustin put up a finger to tell me to hold on, and he was trying to see if he could get a second to sneak out sakarya escort and come over and say hello! t I had to flag him down and tell him to stay still. Hehehe, I”m surprised it worked. Dustin was usually unstoppable when it came to being close to me. He craved the time we spent together. I never had to “chase” him. Never once.

Dustin seemed so disappointed that he couldn”t just race across the hall and smother me with kisses. He just gave me this pouty look, sticking out his bottom lip, and then secretly blowing me two or three quick kisses. Even with Jack watching. The whole thing just…it made him SO happy! And making someone you love happy is the greatest feeling in the world.

I said, “A feeling this strong, this amazing…I”m really surprised that it”s free! Hehehe!”

With a sigh, Jack said, “I”ve got to admit, the little twerp seems to be enjoying himself.”

“Of course he is. Jack, just because we weren”t born in the same year doesn”t mean that I”m just using him. I know what people think about this sort of thing, and you know…some people will ALWAYS think that way. I get it. Hell, some people still can”t accept interracial relationships in this day and age. I hardly expect them to be open minded enough to accept something like this. t…what Dustin and I have together? We”re not asking the world”s “permission” to make it happen. It”s already happened. It”s already real. We”re in love, Jack. Whether people understand that love or not doesn”t change what it is. We just want to be happy. That”s all.”

Jack was struggling with it. Maybe he wasn”t ready to let go of the stigma behind it just yet. t that”s ok. It”s not like I wanted him to jump on a big ol” “Yay, Pedophilia” float and lead a parade through the center of town. t hopefully…as a gay man, who”s been hated and persecuted, mislabeled and misunderstood, thought of morally wrong and sexually deviant…he might find a slight relation to what I have to go through. Except…luckily for him…it”s not illegal to be gay.

Well….not anymore…

He sighed to himself, and we held our first extended moment of eye contact for the day. “You”re really convinced that you two are just…madly in love. Aren”t you?”

“There”s no doubt about it in my mind, Jack. Not one.”

“And he feels the same way?” He asked.

“Jack…hehehe, he is floating in the clouds 24 hours a day. I swear, I don”t know how he holds himself together. Sometimes he makes me feel like I”m not excited enough! Hehehe!” Jack still looked like he was on the ropes though. I said, “I know that he”s really really cute, and I won”t lie by saying that it wasn”t the very first thing that I noticed about him. He nearly gave me whiplash the first time he walked past the store. t…there”s soooo much more to him than that. I see cute boys every day. They”re beautiful, they”re sweet, they may have a heart of gold…but I”d never touch a single one of them.”

That seemed to surprise him. “No? Why not?”

“Not interested. In my MIND, sure. I see a hot boy and think about what it would be like to…well, I mean, you know. t I”ve got enough sense to not risk my freedom on propositioning a stranger. I don”t just lose all self control every single time a piece of ass walks by. No more than you would. Dustin is more than just a cute boy to me.” I think he was starting to get it. “Jack…I would NEVER pursue something like this if I thought it was just about sex. Or fantasies. Or if it was just Dustin using me to get his jollies and vice versa. My love for him is what got my attention…but it was his absolute and unwavering love for me that made it real. I couldn”t break that heart if I wanted to.”

We looked across the hall again, and Dustin was still glancing over every couple of seconds. Giggling, and sporting a blush that nearly overpowered the fluorescent lights above him. Hehehe!

Jack said, “I”m gonna trust that you know what you”re doing, Eric. t I”ve gotta tell ya…I don”t understand this at all. Sorry.”

“What is there to understand?”

“Well…I just…” Jack tried to find the words. “I mean, he”s cute. I can see that. He”s gorgeous. t…how can you find a child sexually attractive?”

“He”s not a child, Jack…”

“How do you find a teenager sexually attractive then? I just…I can”t imagine it. You know? I”m trying, but…it just feels wrong to me. I don”t see the fascination.”

I tried to think of a way for it to make sense. Something that he could visualize. I said, “Do you remember the first time you ever feel in love? I mean, like…the first boy that REALLY got you going. The one that you would see in the hallway or in the cafeteria and suddenly feel like you were going to faint from the overload of utter joy and bliss being pumped through your heart at that very moment.”

A little smirk appeared on Jack”s face, and he said, “Brice Kittman. Oh yeah. I remember him.”

“Do you remember what he looked like?” I asked.

“I memorized every last curve of him! Of course I do. Hehehe!” Jack actually got a little dreamy eyes as he thought back to him. “I was only 14 at the time, and he was a year older than me, but he was so nice to me. He took me under his wing like a big brother, you know? And I was SO in love that it was actually beginning to worry me. He was sooooo beautiful. He had this piercing blue eyes, and these really soft, puffy, lips…and dark brown hair that would sweep over his forehead in the cutest way. And his smile. And his abs…oh GOD, those abs. And an ass to DIE for…!!!”

“Hehehe, ok, I get the idea.” I said. “So, can you visualize him right now? Your first love from high school?”


“And he”s still 15 in your mind right? I mean…your attraction and your emotional involvement in that memory is still wrapped around him as he was back then.” I said. “Well…that”s how I feel. The only difference is it”s not a memory and I”m not in high school anymore. That”s all it is. Boys are cute. I mean teen boys around the world didn”t stop being sexy just because I graduated school and made it past my 18th birthday. What you used to love and worship and drool over when you were that age, I still feel the same way today. Nothing”s changed. If you showed me an old picture of Brice right now, I can look at it and honestly say, “Damn! He IS really hot!” without feeling weird about it. Because…it”s just the truth. Beauty is beauty. Period. Maybe some folks have a cutoff age for their attractions, and that”s fine. It”s just that…I don”t. I want to hug and kiss and see Dustin naked just as much as any other teenager would. Luckily…Dustin chose me. And I”m proud. I”m SO proud.”

“Proud of what?”

“Proud that I can find truth and beauty and love in a place where most people are afraid to look. That”s all.”

Jack rolled his eyes again, but playfully this time. He gave me a little shove and said, “I”m not saying that I”m jumping on your bandwagon just yet, but…as long as you”re good to the kid, I guess I can”t really complain.”

“Hehehe, good to him? Jack…you have no idea just how easily that boy can wrap me around his little finger. You should be worried that he doesn”t end up abusing me!”

I can”t really say that Jack and I really resolved our differences that day, but at least we were able to call a truce. Even if we just agree to disagree, he was tolerant enough to leave it alone. And that”s more than I could ever expect from most people. I think anyone else in his position would have totally shut down on me.

Having that conversation did make me feel better though. Being able to talk about it. Being able to define it. After so much struggling and self hatred, it made me feel good to have someone make an attempt to understand me before condemning the whole samsun escort act itself, or instantly lumping me in with the John Wayne Gacy”s of the world. If only they knew what it was like. The joy, countered by the burden. The love, countered by the “secret”. It wears you down over time. Your heart aches for someone to see boys the way you do. Because without that community, without being able to feel accepted by a group of like-minded peers…life itself can be a very lonely place.

I was enjoying my next day off from work by just lounging around the house. I was in a lazy mood. I didn”t want to get into anything more strenuous than making myself a hot meal for lunch. And that”s when my cell phone rang. As to be expected, it was Dustin”s number. Hehehe, at this point, I doubt I could go more than 12 hours without hearing from him. He sent me messages every time I crossed his mind. And I crossed his mind a LOT! Just like me…that boy was SO in love!

I said hello, and Dustin said, “I”m so HORNY! What are you doing right now?”

“Hahaha! Well, that”s the first time I”ve ever gotten a greeting that romantic!”

“I”m serious, dude! I feel like I”m gonna implode if I don”t get some lovin”. Can I come over?”

Giggling over his rather urgent request, I teased him a bit, saying, “Well, I don”t know. What do I get out of it?”

“You get me. All of me. Any part you want. Just…let me come over. I seriously need to see you today. I want to feel your body, like, on top of me right now. I want to taste you. I want you to taste me. UGH! Dude, if I leave my house now, I can be there in like 25 minutes, tops! Can I come over? Lemme come over!” It was cute at first, but then I heard a female voice in the background. Dustin took the phone away from his face for a second, and called out to her. “Huh? No, Mom…I think I might be going out in a sec! I”ll get lunch from Mickey D”s or something. Say what? Mom…I”m on the phone. Hold on, ok?” Then he turned his attention back to me and said, “So can we get together or what? I want you so bad right now, dude! GAWD, Eric…I”ve been thinking about you all day!”

“SHHHH!!!” I said, a sudden surge of TERROR shooting through me. “Jesus! Dustin…is your MOTHER in the house with you right now?”

“Yeah? So?”

“Dustin! ok, I”m really uncomfortable with you talking to me about…talking…like “this” with your mother in the house. Ok?”

“It”s ok. She”s in the other room.” He said matter-of-factly.

“The other room does NOT make talking like this safe, Dustin.”

“Geez, don”t be so extra, dude. Fine, gimmee a second, I”ll close the door.”

“Dustin, that”s not what I”m…” He was already on his feet and walking over to close his bedroom door. As nervous as I was, I just shook my head and laughed to myself. There was something so adorable about his recklessness sometimes. Jesus Christ, that kid is going to be the death of me.

“Ok, the door”s closed. So…can we meet? I need you, baby. I”ve been humping my pillows all morning. I just…I want to feel you against me. I wanna come over. Just for like a couple of hours. Then I”ll leave you alone.”

“Hehehe, a couple of hours? You really ARE horny, aren”t you?” I chuckled.

“You have no idea. Jacking off just isn”t doing it for me right now. I want you to hold me. I want you to make it like the last time when I spent the night. When can I come over? I can leave now if you want!”

“Hehehe, well wait a minute, I didn”t exactly say…”

“You”ve got the whole day off today, right? Awesome! Me too! Umm…do you wanna come pick me up, or…?”

“Pick you up? I never said…”

“No, your right. Don”t pick me up. My Mom”s here. that would be weird. I”ll come to you. Do you have something to eat at your house? I don”t want to spend any money.”

“Are you even listening to me? Calm down there, jitterbug.” I said. Hahaha! He certainly knew how to bulldoze someone into giving him his way.

“Sorry. I”m just excited. can”t WAIT to kiss you again! God, I”m gonna kiss you so HARD when I get there!”

“DUSTIN! Your mom…”

“I told you, the door is closed. Well, mostly. There”s a crack in it. She can”t hear me. It”s cool.” He said. Why are teenagers so convinced that they”re parents are clueless as to what”s going on in their own house.

I was hoping to get Dustin to stop wiggling long enough to hush him up, but it wasn”t really working. I said, “I really don”t think we should be having this conversation over the phone.”

He whined in the most desperately sexual way, “Then let me come over already. Pleeeeeaaase? I miss you.”

“Hehehe, that”s not going to work. You can”t just…”

“I love you, Eric.” He said, and I smiled while trying to hide the infatuated smile that followed that statement. He took advantage of the short silence immediately. “I love you, and I miss you, and I want you, and…umm…and and and…if you let me come over I”ll totally be your baby boy for, like, the rest of the day. It”ll totally be worth it. Ok? I mean, is that ok? Can I come over? I can leave now. Like right now. Hold on, dude, I”m gonna put my shoes on…”

Trying to stop Dustin from coming over would be like trying to stop an 800 pound grizzly bear with a Nerf gun. Why I bother having an free will of my own when it comes to that boy is a complete mystery to me. “Fine. Just…for a few hours, ok?”

“YES!!!! Ok! I”m coming! I”m on my way right now!” He said, actually walking out of the house. “Bye, Mom!”

“Dusty? Where are you going?” She asked in a rush.

“I”ll be home before dark!” Then I heard a door close, and Dustin was almost out of breath, he was moving so fast. I don”t know what kind of hyper sexual frenzy I had coming my way, but I had better brace myself for it. He sounded pretty worked up on the phone. “Ok, I”m gonna hang up now! t I”ll be there SOON! Ok? I love! God…MWAH!!! Love you, babe! Be there soon!” And then a dial tone. Hehehe, I guess I”m having company, then.

I made sure to clean up a little bit, and I checked the fridge to make sure that I had enough food to satisfy Dustin”s ravenous appetite as well as my own. Then, much earlier than I expected, Dustin called me again, and he”s like, “I”m at your apartment thingy now. I”m right downstairs. zz me in, k?” I let him in, and a minute or two later, I heard the elevator doors open at the end of the hall. Dustin, literally, came running down the hall! Not at top speed, but definitely fast enough to totally bowl over anybody who dared to get in the way. I backed up as he approached my apartment, and before the door was even closed…he flung his arms around my neck and smashed his lips against mine as if he”d never be able to kiss another living human being again in his life!

I had to half drag him in far enough to make sure that my neighbors didn”t accidentally walk out into the hall and get a “show”. Dustin was all over me, whimpering and holding on for dear life. I had to practically peel him off of me just to breathe.

“Hehehe, well…I love you TOO!” I said.

He just grabbed my hand and said, “Come on. Get naked! Get on top of me. I mean it.”

“I thought you were hungry? Do you want…”

“I want YOU! C”mon!”

I was forced into my bedroom, and before I knew it, my blond haired attacker was exposing himself from head to toe. Clothes were tossed off of his lithe young body in a haphazard fury of careless debris, and I couldn”t help but to laugh as he impatiently waited for me to join him. He was soooooo hard! I was almost afraid to touch that thing, for fear that it might snap off like a half melted icicle! And it was leaking a long warm trickle of sweet nectar down the side of the eagerly twitching shaft.

With a smile, I lowered my head to give him a long, sensual, ankara sarışın escort lick…lapping up the heated liquid and feeling the tang of it tantalize my tastebuds as I swallowed it down. Poor Dustin”s legs were shaking, and by the time I had “cleaned him up”…he was producing another offering. Watching the spongy head flare a few times in rapid succession, I knew he was close. In fact, I was surprised that he hadn”t blown his load already.

And this was AFTER he had been masturbating all morning???

Still lost desperation, I felt Dustin tugging on my wrist, pulling me forward. I grinned at him, but he didn”t have time to play around. He said, “Come on. Here…wait…get on top of me. Like…omigod, I”ve been thinking about this ALL day! Put your weight on me! Just, like…just hump me for a while. Just…oh WOW, YES! Just like that! Mmmmm! Yeah!” He wrapped his legs around me, squeezing hard as his smaller body squirmed underneath me. “Now kiss me! God, Eric, please kiss me! Mmmmm!”

things were going a bit wilder than I expected them too, but Dustin just kept clinging to me as tightly as he could while I set a rhythm to rub my hardness against his in a way that drove him absolutely mad. He was whimpering loudly, kissing me passionately, his tongue looking for new ways to increase the connection. To intensify the intimacy. I had never seen him so needy for affection before.

He didn”t break our kiss until a minute or two later, when he was on the edge of orgasm. He turned his head and clawed at my back as he pressed the side of his face on my shoulder. His heaving breaths filled the room with the sounds of sensual union. I could feel the smoothness of his thighs on either side of my hips. Every part of him was perfect. From his boyish blue eyes to the sculpted arches of his tender feet. Dustin”s flesh was like a thick, warm, puddle of buttermilk. You can”t imagine the feel of him. It was soooo soft. There is something about a teenager”s skin that is unmatched by any other material on the Earth. It entices you with every touch. Carrying the fragrance of excess pheromones, which also doubles as an ointment to make it shimmer and glow with a charm all its own. Once you take notice of it…you”ll never be the same. Never.

Feeling his sapling arms and legs tighten around me, I knew that this was the final ten second countdown to his climax. I held him closer to me, my body mashing him down into the mattress. And with a sudden shiver and stifled squeal of pleasure, Dustin found a massive release a full five seconds ahead of countdown!

I loved the feel of it against me, but wow was it making a mess. He was really REALLY horny today! He just kept going, and halfway through his whimpering orgasm, he turned his head to kiss me fiercely once again! As if he wanted to ride it out with our lips connected, our hearts in sync. His body convulsed in the sexiest ways. Soft, smooth, flexible…every inch of him was seasoned with the sugar sweet flavor of youth. How can anyone not cherish the glory of nature”s green like this? How can they not see? Not understand? It baffles me to think that so much unapologetic beauty can go unnoticed.

Even after his orgasm had subsided, Dustin held on to me. His lips quivering slightly with the aftershocks of a mind-blowing eruption. I tried to get off of him, but he grabbed me. “Where are you going? Don”t leave. Nooooo, come here. Kiss me!”

“Hehehe, Dustin…”

“No, come on! Don”t leave! Kiss me. And then…do it again. God, I needed that.” He kissed me again, and before I was able to scoot over from the first mess we made, Dustin was all hard and pulsing and ready to make another.

Hehehe, understand that this took up most of the first hour and a half of him being there. He just kept coming back for more. I thought the kid was trying to break some kind of record or something the way he was going at it! I can”t even remember him going soft more than once the entire time. And that was mostly because he grabbed the remote off of my nightstand and was looking for something to watch on TV. It was the only thing distracting him from attacking me all over again! Hehehe!

I felt exhausted, but in the most magical way. I think he cast a spell on me. Honestly. Because as fatigued as my body was, when Dustin got out of my bed, that sweet round butt of his bouncing slightly as he left the room…I almost wanted to go back in for just ONE more round! Hehehe, you see? This is why older men with young brides have heart attacks!

I heard him rummaging through the fridge for a bit, then he called back, “Why don”t you have any good stuff, Eric? What is this? Where are your snacks at?” Hehehe, a naked teenager looking for snacks. Sorry. It”s not like he gave me a lot of time to prepare.

I holler back, “Just…you get cleaned up. I”ll make us lunch.”

“Everything in here has to be cooked. Don”t you have some chips or some hot pockets or something?”

“What did I just say?” I grinned.

“Ok, ok…just…I”ve got the munchies in a bad way, dude!” He said, and as I put on a bathrobe and met him naked in the hallway, he gave me a smile. “You”re so hot to me. you know that, right?”

I quickly kissed him on the lips and said, “Take a shower. I”ll have something delicious in the works for you when you come out. K?”

“M”kay…” He grinned, and gave me another kiss on the cheek before going into the bathroom and closing the door.

Ok…what to make? I know what Dustin likes. It”s just a matter of putting it together for him. I”ve got some of this…and some of that…ooh, he”ll love this! Hehehe, I can practically see his smile right now. Let me get the stove warmed up and….

That”s when I heard a sickening “thump” coming from the bathroom!

It was a strange sound. A foreign sound. t one that gave me the sinking feeling that something was wrong.

I peeked around the corner…and sitting on the floor in the hallway…was the carpet that I usually put down in the bathroom to keep the floor from being so slippery. I had taken up just briefly so I could clean the house up a little before Dustin got there, but he popped up so fast that I didn”t have time to lay it back down again.

“Dustin?” I said. I didn”t get an answer. “DUSTIN?!?!?!”

I hurried to the bathroom and swung the door open to see Dustin laying on the floor naked, holding his forehead. He was barely conscious. It must have been one hell of a nasty spill!

I rushed over to wake him up and ask him what happened. “I….I uhhh…I think I…fell…” He said.

He must have hit his head on the sink or something, because there was a rather sizeable lump on the side of his head. I tried to wet a cloth and hold it on the bruise…but as he seemed to almost be faint, his eyes glassy, his voice soft, his words almost incoherent…I felt something warm on the palm of my hand as I held his head up.



My baby! My sweetheart! Oh God! Oh GOD!!! This might be serious!!!

I didn”t know what to do! This was clearly out of my hands! I need to…I need help! Fuck…I”ve got to get help!

This could be SERIOUS trouble for me! SERIOUS trouble!!! I have no way to explain bringing a naked 14 year old boy to the fucking hospital with a head wound!!!

t what else can I do??? He”s hurt! My boyfriend, the love of my life, is HURT!

“Ok, let me help you up, hon. We”re going to the hospital…” I said.

Dustin protested for a moment, saying, “No…it”s ok. I think I”m…no…umm…I”m fine…” t the moment I tried to stand him on his feet…he nearly fell over again.

This is bad! REALLY bad! And he”s in my house! A minor is in my house…which means that I”m directly responsible. Shit…

Maybe this is the quick turn that Jack was talking about….

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