Vanuatu Diaries


The path to one’s soul is often bumped with her deepest and darkest secrets. The key to open the lock to the treasure is often comforting persistence and a strong desire. After all, all it takes, sometimes, is a firm, slow albeit gentle push for the lock to give way to the treasure.It was a hot summer day off coastal Vanuatu. The sun shimmered brightly in the true blue ocean, the waters foaming with a roaring intensity. The coast was adorned with small tropical restaurants, eateries and other hangouts. A cool breeze made the sun tolerable. The location was buzzing with tourists in tropical attires ranging from sundresses and shorts, right down to bikinis and sarongs.Bridget, Charlotte, Katrina and I were sitting in cane chairs sipping tropical sunshine dashed with abundant amounts of tequila. We were all wearing sundresses and two of our hats had gone with the wind. It was late in the afternoon and we started drinking right after lunch, which made it difficult to tell if we were glowing and glistening because of the tropical sun or the amount of alcohol we had consumed.As usual, we were the giggliest bunch and our giggles were often punctuated by sudden coughs from sipping a cold bevvy. Bridget and Charlotte had a silly way of getting me and Katrina drunk and giggling about and today was no exception.Charlotte often said, “Sharon, the freckles on your body often remind me of an old map of London ‘burbs!”That would set another explosion of laughter from Bridget. Katrina would wait a while and then soon join in with the laughter.Charlotte had a lovely charming smile about her and a hair that curled oh, so nicely, bobbing like lilies over her shoulders. She was also the slimmest of us all even though she had a teenage daughter and had seen more winters.Katrina had short chin length hair and was the quiet girl next door. She had a sweet charming smile and the deepest ocean blue eyes.We would often joke about Katrina wearing spaghetti straps and a sundress, “be wary love or those melons might bounce out”.Oh, the way she looked angry, beautiful and charming all at the same time made us all giggle.Bridget was in her bubbly bright sundressy self today, her pigtails almanbahis şikayet colored orange and blue. She still had her hat on though she looked better without it. She had a lovely crisp voice which could cut through any commotion and still sound soft and soothing.We hadn’t met for a long time and after my divorce, it seemed like the perfect time for a holiday.”C’mon Sharon, spill it all out. I always think it best to cry and let it all out,” Bridget said.And so, the first evening we arrived at the resort we spent drinking bevvies while I chatted away crying and laughing, often joined by Katrina and Bridget in the crying and all three, including Charlotte, in the laughter. Charlotte was there holding my hand as I cried.It was the first time I shared that our marriage was a scam. We never ever had any physical contact but for the occasional hand holding and sideways hug. The ladies didn’t know about my total lack of attraction for the male human species. Given my strict religious upbringing, I never had a chance to talk to anyone about how I felt as a teenage girl when I saw other girls. And, now at forty-two, it seemed like the feelings were all still there but I didn’t have the confidence to date.The sun seemed as if it was going to melt into the ocean, the orange and blue over the horizon quite similar to Bridget’s hair. My arms, shoulders and upper chest were glowing and tanned beautifully. And so was Bridget’s, Charlotte’s and Katrina’s. Whether it was the sun or the countless bevvies we had, I don’t know, but I felt as if I was suddenly phasing out with Charlotte and Katrina holding my hand and saying something indecipherable to me. Were they smiling?I was waking up. Were we back at our resort? It didn’t look like it. It was dark and candlelit. It seemed like a warm humid dungeon, large without any furniture but for a large four poster bed with white drapes and linens. There was a large red ribbon hanging from a hook in the ceiling. Bridget, Charlotte and Katrina were in there with me. But, instead of fanning me or sprinkling my face with water they were…~~~Charlotte was holding me from behind slowly undoing my zipper and peeling my dress almanbahis canlı casino off… Bridget and Katrina holding me from the sides and front… Bridget wrapped the two ends of the ribbon around my wrists… and then softly pulled it till my hands were raised above my head… not too tight… Charlotte was kissing down my neck softly peeling the dress till her lips reached the clasp of my bra.She kissed around it and I am sure I heard her whisper, “soon, very soon, I’ll be unclasping you.”Bridget and Katrina peeled the spaghetti straps off of my shoulders, which were tanned but for the skin under my bra straps. They were peeling the sundress down my front, their fingers liberally brushing my bra-clad breasts. The sundress pooled at my feet. My whole body was perspiring and not from the tropical heat but from having my three friends close to me.I was scared, wondering to myself, ‘Do they know that David and I never consummated our marriage?’I was a virgin when I met David, not because I didn’t feel the passion or lust, but, because I was never and still am not attracted to men. I never came out. How could these women tell? Was it from the drunken rant the other evening? Did I open my vault? I didn’t care. I wanted them to go. All the way!Katrina was kissing her way up my legs, thighs… softly nibbling my flesh; till she was in my most intimate place. Her nose bumped right into my underwear as she kissed my core over the fabric.Bridget was kissing all over my upper body. Her hands were holding me tight around my waist and her lips kissing my upper chest. I could inhale her sweet scent and I could feel her inhaling mine. She was kissing her way up from my upper chest, neck till her nose tip bumped into my nose. We were both breathing heavily, our chest rising and bumping into each other softly, she still in her sundress and I in just a bra.I closed my eyes. Her velvet soft lips meshed with mine as we kissed. I was softly sucking her lips and breathing through her.Oh, how I wanted to let go the ribbon and cup her face but Charlotte saw that coming and tugged on to it, “let it build sweetie…” Charlotte whispered.My first kiss with a woman. almanbahis casino My first kiss, ever! I could feel Charlotte holding the ribbon with one hand and teasing and kneading my body with the other… biting my neck and whispering softly to tease me.She whispered and commanded, “Hold the ribbons!” and then Char’s hands slid down my shoulders over the bra straps on the back till she was at my side breasts level and her hands slid toward Bri’s back.Charlotte unzipped Bridget’s dress till it was loosely held by two spaghetti knots which she undid easily as we all chuckled. Bridget pulled back a little and down went her sundress. Bridget slid her hands around my waist again to hold me tight and kissed me hard. Her tongue slipped out and poked my lips and on instinct, I opened my mouth just enough to let her tongue in and dance with my tongue. I don’t remember how long we kissed till I felt Char’s hand cupping my face and Bridget and I stopped kissing.Bridget smiled and I turned my head back to kiss Charlotte much the same way only Charlotte was moaning and gasping into the kiss as Bridget softly curled and pulled at the tendrils at the base of her neck. Bridget unzipped Charlotte and Katrina so, so quietly and suddenly we were all in our underwear.Katrina hooked her fingers into my underwear and looked up into my eyes smiling softly. Bridget and Charlotte were softly running their hands over my bra-clad breasts squeezing them ever so firmly yet gently eliciting the deepest gasps and making me throw my head back.She peeled my underwear down swiftly yet gracefully till they pooled at my feet. My deepest most intimate secret was exposed. The rose was covered in golden tendrils glowing and glistening softly.My heart was beating hard and I was gasping and moaning not from Bridget and Charlotte’s ministrations but from the realization that, ‘no one had ever seen me this close, so intimate. What if I… what if she entered me…’Katrina parted my thighs and kissed my rose, her tongue parting my soft golden tendrils and I could hear her soft gasps as she tasted me. I could hear the greatest gasp a woman elicits from Charlotte, as Bridget unhooked her bra. The freedom!Charlotte was quick in returning the favor and Bri’s girls, or as Katrina called them, melons were rolling free. They both shed their bras and I could see the most plentiful and beautiful breasts on Bridget. I could feel Char’s girls hugging my back.

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