Watching a black bitch fucked by Jerome


Watching a black bitch fucked by JeromeThat afternoon I enjoyed a warm shower and I lay on my bed completely naked. I had decided to take a rest before meeting my Black Master, since my loving hubby had gone out of town in a business trip.I spread my legs wide open and touched my freshly shaved smooth pussy; pulling my lips apart I felt my clit that had become slightly swollen.Then I sighed softly and rubbed my clit very gently, as my mind was being consumed with what would be happening later in Jerome’s arms…It always happened each time I thought of his huge thick cock, slamming into my wet hungry pussy and making me scream like a bitch in heat.My other hand played with my boobs, pinching my hard nipples.I started to get now dripping wet and rubbing my swollen clit like mad.Then I reached over and pulled out my favorite vibrator, the one that was black, huge and fully marked with veins. I got it settled and pushed it gently inside my wet cunt. The soft buzzing felt so good and I love it. I thought again about Jerome`s huge black dick and felt I was close to an intense climax…I groaned and cried as I pushed that nice toy deep inside my pussy. The feeling of that thing buzzing inside me was amazing; slowly pulling out then in again I started to moan with pleasure.Faster and faster I fucked myself, the pleasure rising inside me as I arched my back and cried out a huge orgasm, my body jolting with pleasure before I finally lay lifeless on our marital bed…After a while I woke up and started to get ready for my Black Master. My pussy was still tingling from my earlier fun; it would throb in the morning for sure; because Jerome would pick me up as planned and we would go off for a sensual wild entire night out…I slipped a pair of huge toys in my bag, just in case I could be still horny after Jerome’s dick fucked me as I deserved…Arriving at his place; I put my bag upstairs and then came back sitting in the sofa as I kaçak iddaa cuddled between Jerome’s arms. My naughty hand ran over his trousers, finding soon his cock had already come alive.As my Black Master lightly touched my nipples, they went hard like rocks.He made me groan badly, as I slowly undid his trousers and pulled his cock out. My soft fingers slowly stroked his cock up and down.Then I leaned down on him and sucked the huge black head as I felt Jerome was running his hand up my skirt and into my tiny wet thong…My pussy was now dripping wet with excitement as my black man tugged my thong and eased it off, without any resistance from me.I stood up and stripped; then lying back down and opened my long legs playing with my soft pussy lips slowly. Jerome watched me playing and then he stood and stripped before kneeling in between my spread wide legs…Then I felt his hard black pole pushing deep into my wanting cunt.As his thick black shaft pushed into my pussy lips wide, I groaned loudly saying it felt so good. His hard cock always satisfied me at the most…His rounded hips slowly thrust back and forth as my own juices coated his thick cock. I had a quick orgasm and I begged him for more and more.I wrapped my long legs around his waist as Jerome sucked on my nipples and flicked them with his tongue. I loved it and the harder he flicked me, the more I begged for more.Jerome smiled and ordered me to wrap my arms around his neck. Then he lifted me up still fully rooted inside me. As we climbed the stairs his cock moved in and out slightly making me moan and cry with pleasure…As we got into the bedroom he made me lay on the bed and started to thrust harder than before; his huge balls slapping my ass cheeks as I was unable to stop coming and coming.My pussy was so sensitive; that the slightest movement gave me pleasure.After I came twice on his dick, Jerome lay on his back and allowed me to take control. My hands kaçak bahis were firmly placed on his chest as I moved, my hips swaying back and forth, as I got another brutal intense orgasm…Then he made me dismount his huge hard pole and ordered me to suck it.As soon as he got hard again with my mouth and tongue, I begged him that I wanted it from behind. I got on all fours and Jerome got behind me.He soon fed his monster dick deep into my gaping wet pussy. He held my hips and started to thrust back and forth; every thrust was followed by his hips slapping my ass cheeks, as my own moaning became louder…I knew my Black Master could hold off coming for ages, as he had a great self control and always had me on the edge before taking me down; making me beg for his permission to cum on his cock…I knew I could have orgasms all night long; he was a real sex machine.Jerome fucked me harder and harder like a train; his hard cock slammed in and out of my stretched pussy. I begged him like mad for more and more.My orgasms were more intense than ever; again coming close to a brutal orgasm, it was if Jerome knew before slowing down. The bastard teased me and made me beg for his permission to cum…Suddenly Jerome groaned as his thrusts became as deep as possible, then I felt his cock start to pulse and soon he came deep in my pussy, triggering me into an intense squirting that flooded the bed sheets…My pussy muscles gripped tight his dick and Jerome came until I finally felt his cock slip out of my satisfied cunt.My Black Master collapsed on the bed with his cock still firm but going limp; his breathing was rapid as I sucked like a hungry whore lapping up his cum.He groaned and expelled another amount of sticky semen down my throat.A while later; there was a knock at the door. It was Abigail, Jerome’s slave.She was a very young girl; black satin skin; bisexual and a submissive bitch.Jerome ordered her to strip and give us a show. illegal bahis She got some sensual movements and soon approached to me fully naked. She was really turned on and I started to kiss her.Then I lay on the bed again and Abigail licked my pussy full of seed…Jerome smiled as I moaned and soon had another wild orgasm over that little black bitch’s mouth.We switched positions and I started to get Abigail ready for her Black Master. I sucked her pussy lips, shoving my tongue deep in her cunt.I finger fucked her hard and fast, until she arched her back and screamed she was coming. The black babe now was ready to get fucked by Jerome.He made Abigail to get on all fours onto the bed. I could see her pinky pussy looked very tight. Jerome soon was rubbing his hard black dick against her labia and she moaned with pleasure in anticipation.My black lover smiled to me and gently pushed his hard dick into his slutty black girlfriend. She moaned loudly as I saw how her pussy lips were being spread with every inch of Jerome’s cock slipping into her sweet cunt.He started to thrust in and out as Abigail had a very wild orgasm; her juices dripped from her cunt as it lubricated that black shaft which was pounding her in such a wild way. All of a sudden he pulled out and then I could see how Abigail’s pussy gaped open before it was filled again with that black hard dick.He grabbed her hips and shoved his dick again and fucked her like crazy. The black satin skin girl screamed with pleasure yelling it was amazing.She squirted again and again before Jerome exploded deep in her cunt.Then she collapsed onto the bed and the black cock slipped out still rock hard. He offered his shaft to me and I hurried to open my mouth and taste the mix of his salty cum and her juices…After I got it clean, my black lover kissed me deeply and ordered me to dress up and leave. He said he wanted to taste a bit of Abigail’s asshole; but he wanted some privacy for doing so…because his little black bitch slave was a bit shy…When I was leaving, I turned my head to see Abigail lying on the bed.She was smiling to me and had an evil grin in her beautiful face…

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