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Watching a Couple FuckI was on a business trip and decided to go down to the bar after a long day. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer and watched ESPN on one of the TVs on the wall. I noticed a cute brunette looking at me. She had shoulder length hair and she was wearing a blue dress. The dress had a lot of cleavage. Her tits were Ds for sure. She smiled at me. I smiled back. She got up. Oh fuck. I tried to act cool. She sat down and said hello and smiled. I said hi and smiled back. She was probably in her mid-30s. She was slim but had nice hips and those nice tits. We exchanged pleasantries. She said her name was Erica. She asked what I was doing at the hotel. I asked her the same. But her answer startled me. She said she lived a few towns over with her husband. Every once in a while. They would stay at a hotel nearby and ask someone to watch them fuck. Oh shit. She pointed to her husband. He smiled. Oh fuck. She asked me if I would like to watch them fuck. She said I could totally jack off and touch her tits. Holy shit. I agreed. I got up and we walked over to the table with her husband. He introduced himself as Jason. He asked if I was cool with watching them. I totally was. Erica was definitely someone I wouldn’t mind watching while she gets dicked. He got up and paid for my beer and we started walking to their room. We got into the elevator and she started rubbing on his already visibly hard cock. She pulled her dress down in the front and showed me her tits as she rubbed on his dick. He rubbed her ass. My dick began to stiffen too. We made it to their floor and Erica hurriedly put her tits away. The doors opened and a young couple waited to get on the elevator as we got off. Erica led the way. Jason grabbed her ass and lifted up her skirt to show me. She was wearing a white thong that disappeared between her round cheeks. I wondered if they would let me grab her ass since they already told me I could touch her tits. We made it to their door and Jason opened it and let Erica and I in. He followed us and closed the door. They seemed a little anxious and asked me if I’d like a beer. I said yes. Erica excused herself to the bathroom and Jason and I were left in the room. He said “Have you ever done anything like this?”I said no. He laughed and said that probably not many people had. He told me that this was the 3rd time he and Erica had done it. He told me not to worry if it felt weird. It was a weird thing and they would do what they could to make me comfortable. Erica came back out and was wearing the white thong and a tight tee shirt with no bra. Her soft tits were pressed against the fabric with her hard nipples poking through. I could see her dark nipples through the cloth. “Ok, are we ready?” she asked.Jason asked me to sit down and go over some ground rules:1. You can feel free to jack off.2. You can’t fuck Erica.3. Erica won’t give you a handjob or blowjob.4. You can touch her tits, but don’t squeeze until it’s painful. You can’t suck on them.5. You can also touch her ass, but you can’t finger her pussy or ass. 6. When you cum, you can cum on her ass or tits.7. You can rub your dick on her tits or ass cheeks. You can’t rub your dick on her pussy or in her ass crack. 8. If I cum before you, we might let you fuck her tits until you cum. But you need to ask beforehand.“Do you have any questions?” Jason asked.“Um…” I said blankly.He laughed “Don’t worry man! You’ll relax as we go along. We’re all gonna cum and Erica is hot as fuck!” Somehow I felt a little bit better, but still pretty anxious. Erica asked if I wanted a lap dance. I said yes. She told me to sit down on the couch. Jason came and sat next to me. Erica walked to her phone and turned on some music. Then she came and stood in front of and in between us. She started seductively moving her hips form side to side. I could see the outline of her pussy in the thong she was wearing. She pulled up on it and some of the thong slid in between he lips. Her tits jiggled as she swayed and lightly bounced. She moved her hips in circles. Erica was really good at this. She reached up and squeezed her tits together and pinched her nipples. She turned around and bent over. The thong was barely covering her pussy. Lips stuck out on either side. There was a dark stubble that ran along the side of the thong. She reached between her legs and kaçak iddaa rubbed on her pussy. Even though her thong was white, I could already tell that the thin crotch of the thong was soaked. There was even a creamy wetness on either side of it. The string of the thong went up her amazing ass crack and the thin string barely covered her asshole. Brown folds stuck out on either side of the cloth. She shook her hips back and forth and her ass jiggled. Holy fuck. She stood back up and turned around. She lifted her shirt up and her soft tits fell out of the tight shirt. She squeezed her tits together and then pinched her nipples again. She grabbed her left tit and brought the nipple to her lips. Her tongue circled her hard nipple and she slowly sucked on it for us. Then she did the same with the other nipple. She spit on that nipple and let her tits go. The spit slid down her tit and down her stomach and she danced. She rubbed her pussy from the front for us. She walked over to us and lad down across both of our laps. She was face down and her beautiful ass was up in front of me. She rubbed her tits on Jason’s hard cock. I could feel her moving her pelvis side to side to stroke my cock too. I looked over at Jason and he reached down and slapped her ass. He said “Go ahead!” So I slapped her ass too. I left my hand on her ass though… Holy fuck it felt great. Jason undid his belt and she helped him undo his pants. She moved out of the way while he stood up and pulled his pants down and off. She sat up on me and started to grind on my dick while I sat there amazed. I looked down at her beautifully arched back and soft ass cheeks as I felt her soft mound of pussy rub against my stiff erection. Jason asked if I wanted a shot of tequila. I told him I did. Erica laughed. Jason poured a shot and brought it to Erica. “Ladies first” he said. He sprinkled a little salt on the tip of his dick. Erica sucked the salt off of his cock and took the shot. It was amazing. He told me we could suck the salt off her nipples. Fucking fuck yes. She seductively sucked on both nipples and then dipped them into the salt. Jason and I sucked her salty nipples and took our shots. It was incredible. “Want another one?” Jason asked. Fuck yes! We repeated the process. “Want a beer?” he asked. I declined. I was afraid I’d get whiskey dick if I kept going. He got a beer and walked back to where Erica was still grinding on me. I saw him take a swig out of the tequila bottle and then chase it with beer. He walked back over to Erica who leaned forward and started to suck his dick. He leaned his head back and exhaled with drunken pleasure. She reached down and started rubbing on her pussy and my balls. She grabbed my hand and put it on her tits. I grabbed her ass with the other one. She stopped sucking and stood up. I had a wet spot on my khakis. She grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed my face into her ass. It was fucking amazing. She rubbed her ass up and down on my face. I could feel her soaking wet cunt and smelly asshole rub up and down on my lips and nose. The scent was un-fucking-real. I stuck my tongue barely out and got a taste of her salty pussy juices. I also felt the folds of her anus slide across the tip of my tongue. I reached down and undid my belt. I pulled my hard cock out of my pants and began jacking it furiously. She stood up told Jason to sit on the couch. He took another large gulp of beer. She laid down on her back and turned her head and shoulders to the side so she could suck his dick. She had me turn with my back against the armrest and she sat her ass on my lap straddling me. She opened her legs wide, setting her feet on my shoulders. Jason and I were each rubbing one of her tits. I could feel her ass crack pressed against my fingers as I was jacking off. My index finger brushed against her wet hole as I stroked and I noticed that she was pressing her slippery cunt on my finger as I did it. She reached down and pulled her thong out of her ass crack and to the side so my ring finger was pressing firmly against her anus. Jason took another swig of beer. Erica reached down and pulled her wet thong off. She playfully swung it around and threw it in my face. The smelly panties hit my face with a wet slap. I grabbed them and pressed them to my nose. The pussy juice covered my nose and lips and the kaçak bahis smell was intoxicating. She settled her ass back where it was but pressed a little harder on my hand. She spit on her fingers and reached in between Jason’s legs and slid her finger up his ass. He moaned. I stared down at her glistening pussy and the creamy pussy juice that was building up on my finger as I stroked. She pressed her slippery hole and asshole hard against my hand as I jacked off. She started rocking her hips so that my fingers were sliding up and down her cunt as I stroked. She started moaning and rubbing her clit against my fingers. Jason put his hand on the back of her head and pressed her head until his whole cock was in her mouth. Erica started to gag. He released her head and she slid his glistening cock out past her lips. As she pulled his cock out, thick strings of slobber connected her lips and his dick. She smiled. Her eyes were watering. “Again” she gasped. He grabbed her head again and slid his cock into her throat. She gagged again. He kept her head pressed there. She gagged more. Then she pulled back and he released her head. She pulled his cock out of her throat and had lots of stringy slobber dripping down her chin. She spit a large amount of it on her hand and looked at me as she slapped it on her pussy. As she pulled her hand away, long strings of spit came form her pussy to her hand and she had streaks of it up her stomach and smears of the thick spit on one of her tits. I looked at her pussy as the spit dripped down her glistening slit and onto my fingers. She reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She raised her hips up a little and slid two fingers in. “We should take another shot!” Jason announced. He got up and Erica continued to masturbate for me. He took the bottle and took a large swig out of it and then poured 3 shots. “Watch this!” he slurred. He sprinkled salt on his balls and handed Erica her shot. She sucked the salt off his balls and took the shot. He bent down and kissed her passionately. Her lips and chin were still covered in the slobber from deepthroating. He told me I could lick the salt off her pussy if I wanted to. I agreed. He put some salt on her clit and I sucked it off making sure I got all of it. Nobody wants salt in their pussy… I took the shot.Jason said he had to pee. As soon as the bathroom door closed, Erica sat up and leaned over putting my cock in her mouth. She slid my entire cock in her mouth and held it there. She gagged. She pulled it back out and immediately gave me a very sloppy kiss. I felt her tongue exploring inside of my mouth. She pulled away and said “He’s really drunk. When he passes out, you can fuck me all you want. I’ll let you do anything. You can fuck me in the ass, you can cum in my pussy, you can come in my mouth and I’ll swallow. Anything you want.”Jason opened the door and smiled. Erica stood up and walked him over to the bed. She told me to lay on the bed and she was going to bend over and let Jason fuck her. I laid down far enough on the bed that my dick was under her tits. She brushed her tits against my cock. She stood up a little and spit in between her tits. They were still streaked with some of the gagging spit too. Then she spit on my dick. She looked at me and winked. Jason took another swig of tequila and came over to the bed. Jason must have taken some Viagra or something because his dick was still hard. He came up behind her and slid his cock into her. She moaned loudly. He started to fuck her and the movement rubbed her tits on my dick. I reached under and began playing with her nipples as my cock slid in between her slippery tits. Surprisingly, Jason reached up and squeezed her tits together and told me I could fuck them. I started to fuck in between her soft tits. He started fucking her harder so I grabbed her tits from him and squeezed them together. She lifted up and spit on my dick again. He started fucking her harder. She moaned and started kissing my chest and sucking my nipples. She told him to fuck her harder. He did. She started to cum. She moaned loudly and breathed hard onto my chest. “I’m cumming!” She shouted. Her body tensed in waves as the orgasm rocked her. I pinched her nipples. As she completed her orgasm, her body relaxed and she laid on my chest panting hard. Jason was still fucking her hard. illegal bahis As she gasped for air, she started licking my nipples again. Then Jason said he was about to cum. He fucked her hard. The slapping sounds and the feeling of the motion transferred from his trusts to her soft tits on my cock was incredible. He started to shoot his load in her cunt. He stopped thrusting and I felt his body jerk as his dick pulsed in her pussy. Once he stopped, Erica immediately turned around and started sucking on his cock. Her pussy faced me and had thick creamy pussy juice built up outside of her pussy. Her pussy oozed out Jason’s white cum and it dripped onto my stomach. She reached back and spread her pussy lips apart as she pushed out another thick glob of semen. She stuck 2 fingers in and pulled them out, spreading the cum around on her pussy. She finished cleaning Jason’s dick and turned back around. She sucked her two fingers clean of Jason’s cum. Then she slowly licked the puddles of cum on my stomach as she stared in my eyes. She licked up some and spit it back onto her tits. It dripped down her nipple. She licked up some more and spit it back onto my stomach. Then she rubbed her tits on my stomach. She slurped up some of the cum and spit it onto my dick. She used the cum as lube as she started giving me a handjob. Jason went back to the fridge and grabbed another beer. He sat down on the couch. As Erica jerked my cock, he slowly closed his eyes. She looked at me and smiled. She immediately crawled onto my lap and slid my cock inside of her. Erica’s pussy was fucking tight. She sat on it and I felt her squeeze my dick with her kegels. She started licking the cum off her tits. I started licking the other tit. She stopped and spit on the tit I was licking. I slurped up her spit. She smiled. I told her to gag on my cock again. She smiled. She pulled my dick out of her pussy. It was glistening. There was her cum, spit, and Jason’s cum built up as a glaze over my dick. She slowly cleaned my cock off with her mouth. Then she stuck my cock into her mouth and slid it into her throat until she gagged. Then she held there while she gagged some more, spit was dripping from her mouth onto my balls. Then she pulled my cock out quickly and jumped up. She pressed her lips to mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. It was slippery. I felt a large glob of her thick stringy spit enter my mouth. I pushed it back into her mouth. She pulled away and spit it out over her tits. Then she got back down and gagged on my dick again. We swapped it back and forth again and she spit it onto her tits again. She was a fucking mess. She had strings of spit hanging off her chin and spit streaked down the front of her, all the way down her stomach and pussy. I pulled her towards me and slid my cock back into her pussy. I sucked the cum/spit off her tits while she rode me. She stopped and spit in my mouth several times. I would always spit it back onto her tits. She would then clean it off her tits too. I told her to lay on her back. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slid it into her asshole. She moaned and I felt her anus clench around my cock, and then it relaxed. I started to fuck Erica’s asshole. I stuck 2 fingers in her pussy. She moaned and I fucked harder. I spit on her tits again and she licked it off. She spit on her hand and slapped it onto her cunt. I spit on her pussy too. The slippery glob dripped down onto my cock and down my balls. The bed under us was a sloppy spit mess. I fucked harder. She moaned. I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth. She pulled my cock out of her asshole and furiously started sucking. I told her to open up and she did. She jacked me off into her mouth as I started to feel the waves of pleasure. I shot the first shot onto her tongue. She closed her mouth around my cock so that she could get every single bit of it. I finished cumming and felt my body relax. Erica kept gently sucking until all the cum was squeezed out. She got every last drop. She sat back and spit my cum onto her tits. It quickly dripped down her stomach. I kissed her passionately. We both cleaned off her tits and kissed for a little while longer while my fingers explored her pussy and asshole. She continued rubbing my cock and balls and even spit in my mouth a few more times. I told her I would eat her out before I left but she said she was tired. She pulled my fingers form her pussy and ass and licked them clean. She thanked me for a crazy night. I thanked her for letting me fuck her asshole after her husband passed out.

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