Watching my step-sister


My name is Ariana and I am 18 years old. I have long dark hair and dark eyes and nice firm young figure. I have small firm breasts and a flat belly. I go to college and have my fair share of hookups with guys, but nowhere near as much as my step-sister. My step-sister is a right little whore. Isabel, my step-sister, is twenty-three, and like I said, she is a right little slut. She loves sex and tries to get with the guys as much as possible. I say guys, she is bisexual and goes with everything, girls, guys, she’s even told me that she has been almanbahis with a crossdresser and a transsexual. I go to college and have to take the bus home every day. Isabel works locally and has no qualms about bringing strangers home for a one night stand or a quickie. I’ve often come home to see a stranger leaving, like I said she’s a whore. Mum and dad are hardly around, mum works full time as a secretary for a paralegal and dad is away on business a lot. Mum doesn’t usually get home till about nine in the evening and dad, when he does almanbahis yeni giriş come home, gets home about eleven. Us girls usually fend for ourselves, but we are fully grown so it’s all fine. It was an afternoon like every other, I had finished classes in college about three, slightly earlier than usual. I also got a lift home from a friend, making me get home a full hour earlier than I usually do. I opened the door to the sound of my step-sister groaning. I slowly walked up the stairs, walking passed Isabel’s room, her door was almanbahis giriş wide open and I could see her having sex with some burly bald guy. I didn’t recognise the guy, but Isabel seemed to be having way too much fun. The man was fucking her missionary, her legs and arms wrapped around him. She was groaning and whimpering as he really went to town on her. He slammed hard, making her voice jump with each thrust. I know it was my step-sister but I couldn’t look away. It was mesmerising. I absent-mindedly slid my hand over my chest, caressing my breasts over my clothes. It was so hot watching them, the thought that they didn’t know I was there was fun too. I slowly undressed, stripping off so I was completely naked. I slid my fingers over my slit, I was already quite wet.

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