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Watching Noah Grow by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 21 – The Holiday Comes to an End. 

I woke up over an hour before the boys.  They didn”t get up until it was nearly 10:00, and in the meantime I went out to the kitchen to whip up a large batch of pancake batter.  I figured that would be a filling breakfast on a chilly winter morning, as well as something the boys would enjoy, so I was ready for them by the time they got up. 

Once they were all awake and had used the toilet, I began making pancakes, as well as frying some bacon and sausage links to go with them.  I had Noah get out the orange juice and start pouring each of us a glass, as I started putting pancakes on plates and asking the boys if they wanted bacon, sausage, or both. 

I let them butter their own pancakes and add the syrup, although I had to help Glen, and then we sat down to eat together.  “Last night was really fun,” Gus stated with a mouthful of food.  “I ain”t never done nothin” like that before.” 

“Yeah, that was way better than what we usually do at home,” Sam agreed. 

“I always fell asleep before it was the New Year,” Glen added, which caused the others to agree. 

“Yeah, we did too,” the other three confessed. 

“Man, we did a lot yesterday,” Sam continued.  “We did one of our “ventures first, played a bunch of different games, watched two movies, celebrated the New Year and even saw some fireworks.” 

“And we had pizza for lunch and sketti for supper,” Glen added. 

“Yes, I thought it was best to make sure you had lots to do so you didn”t get bored,” I agreed. 

“I had a blast!” Gus stated, giving me a huge grin. 

“It was the bestest New Year ever,” Noah chimed in. 

“I”m glad you boys enjoyed yourselves.” 

“What are we going to do now?” Noah followed, and then waited for me to answer. 

“After you finish your breakfast, I figured we could watch some of the parades on TV next.  We can do that until lunchtime, and then I”ll take you boys home after you finish eating.” 

“Can”t we stay longer and play more games?” Gus whined.  “Mom said we didn”t have to be home until before it got dark.” 

“We might be able to play a few games before I take you back.” 

“Good, let”s do that!” they all agreed. 

“And what”s for lunch?” Glen followed.  He was still eating breakfast and wasn”t overweight by any means, but it seemed as if food was always on his mind. 

“I planned on hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for lunch.  Is that ok with you?” 

“Yeah, I like that stuff.” 

I sat with the boys as we watched the parade and talked about the various floats and other things we saw, and when it ended I switched channels so we could watch the next one.  When that parade ended I had the boys take off their pajamas and get dressed while I was fixing lunch.  It was just about done when they came out to join me in the kitchen, so I had them sit down while I filled a plate for each of them.  Then, we all ate together. 

I had to make seconds for the boys and myself after we”d finished what was on our plates.  Once we were all full, we rinsed off the dishes and I stacked them in the dishwasher before I asked the boys what they wanted to do next. 

“Can we play Clue again?” Sam wanted to know. 

“Sure, we can do that,” I agreed. 

“Can we play Go Fish too?” Glen followed. 

“I suppose we can do that as well.” 

“Can we go outside and kick the soccer ball around after we do those things?” Noah chimed in. 

“Sure, but let”s play the games indoors first, so your food has time to settle in your tummies before you start running around,” I suggested. 

We played one game of Clue and two games of Go Fish, and then we got ready to go outside.  I had anticipated we might do this, since Noah liked to kick the soccer ball around when he was with me, so I had the backyard set up already.  On either side of the yard I had made goals we could aim at.  They were merely two wooden pallets, with one laying on the ground and the other sticking up in the air, with supports holding them together and keeping the one pallet upright.  I felt it was a good way to get Noah to learn how to kick at a goal. 

“Ok, you can see the two goals, so this is what we”ll do.  Noah and I will go against the three of you.  There won”t be any goalies, and if you hit the goal with your kick then you score.  Any questions?” 

It was so simple that there izmit rus escort were none, so we did that for the next hour before we decided to call it quits.  When we went inside, I gave each boy a drink and let them catch their breath, and then I had them get their backpacks and make sure they”d put everything in them, including their pajamas, toothbrushes, and whatever else they”d brought.  I gave Glen a sandwich bag for his toothbrush, so it wouldn”t get dirty on the way home. 

Once they had everything, I had the boys load into the car and I drove them home.  I decided to walk them up to their apartments this time so I could say hello to their mothers and see if they”d had a good time the night before.  I accompanied Gus and Glen to their apartment first, and Gus noticed the door was locked, so he knocked. 

“Well, look who”s here,” Debbie teased when she saw us.  “Come on in.  Monica”s here too, so you can drop them all off at once.  Did you boys have a good time?” 

“The best!” they chorused back, and then they told her about all of the different things we”d done. 

“Wow!  You sure kept them busy,” she said with a grin.  “I”m surprised you”re still standing.” 

“Oh, it wasn”t that bad.  Did you girls have a good time too?” 

“Oh, yeah.  Cheryl was here with us and we polished off all three bottles of wine.  We had a fun time and want to thank you for helping to make it happen.” 

“I”m glad I could help out.” 

“We might even agree to make this a regular routine,” Monica chimed in from the background.  Her comment got the boys cheering.  

“Yeah, we”d like that,” they all agreed. 

“Sorry, I didn”t mean to create a problem,” she apologized. 

“No problem, and maybe we can work something out from time to time.  I know it”s nice to be able to have some time to yourself every now and then, and I don”t mind helping you make it happen.” 

“Thanks.  We appreciate that.” 

“Mommy, can I start going with them from now on?” Glen asked, and Debbie quickly looked up at me.  I immediately knew what she was thinking. 

“It”s ok with me, because the boys all got along really well.  He may have trouble with some of the mysteries, but I”m sure the other boys can help him through them.” 

“That would be nice, cuz it would give me one day a week to myself,” she mused.

We talked for a little while longer, and then I excused myself so I could take Noah home.  He gave me a strange look when I said that, so I hoped no one else had picked up on it.  After we said goodbye to everyone, we headed out to the car, and as soon as we were inside, he spoke. 

“You didn”t really mean you were taking me home, did you?” 

“No, it was just my way of letting them know I had to leave.” 

“Good.  You had me worried, because I really need you to rub my penis again when we get back to the house.  I almost took a bath Sunday night so you could do it when you washed me, but then I realized the other guys would know I could wash myself, so I didn”t do it.  I just did it to myself while I was taking my shower, but it wasn”t as good as when you do it for me.” 

“I”m glad you didn”t do anything to let the other boys know what we”ve been doing, so I”ll do what you want when we get to the house.” 

That earned me a huge smile and a very enthusiastic thank you.  He was actually bouncing in his seat in anticipation as I drove the final leg to get there.  He had his seatbelt off and the car door open before I”d even turned off the engine, and he was standing at the door to the house before I got out of the car. 

“Come on.  Hurry up,” he pleaded as I made my way to join him. 

“Patience, grasshopper.  Another minute or two won”t make that much of a difference.” 

“Maybe not for you, but I can hardly wait.” 

I was hoping that if anyone was close enough to overhear our conversation that they would think he merely needed to use the toilet, so I quickly unlocked the door and led him inside.  He sprinted to my bedroom and was completely undressed by the time I got there.  I laughed as he turned and raced, bare-ass, and jumped on the bed.  He rolled over onto his back and spread his legs as I moved beside him, his penis already starting to firm up.  He sighed the second my hand came into contact with his genitals. 

“Man, I really need this,” he stated in a breathy whisper as I started stroking his penis. 

I started out the way I normally did, using my thumb and two fingers, but then I realized his penis had grown enough that I could wrap my hand around it now.  Since I felt he would enjoy that even more, I got off the bed and hurried to the bathroom to fetch something. 

“Hey!  Why are you stoppin” and where are you goin”?” he demanded, as he slipped back into dropping the final “g” from a couple of words. 

“I”m just going to get something and I”ll izmit escort be right back.  Trust me, I think you”re going to like this.” 

“Ok, but hurry.” 

I grabbed the baby oil from the medicine cabinet and squirted some into the palm of my right hand.  When I returned to the bedroom, I sat down beside him again, but this time I wrapped my fist around his turgid member and began to stroke it. 

“Whoa!  That feels way better,” he gasped after I”d done it for a few seconds. 

“See, I told you it was worth the wait.” 

“Yeah, I want you to do it like this from now on.” 

I didn”t have a problem with his request and slid my hand up and down on his shaft.  The skin of my palm was causing a lot more friction than just my thumb and two fingers, especially on the bulbous head.  Before long, Noah”s hips were bouncing up and down on the mattress as I continued stroking his boyhood, and before long the watery strings of semen were erupting from the tiny opening. 

As soon as the last of his semen had oozed from the opening, his butt hit the mattress again and he became still, except for the rising and falling of his slender chest.  If I didn”t know better, I would have thought he”d just run a race.  Well, maybe he had – a race to cum. 

After taking a minute to enjoy his release, he suddenly sat up, threw his arms around my neck, and gave me a big squeeze.  “Thank you.  That was even better than the other times you did it for me.  I want you to do it like that from now on.” 

“Your wish is my command.  I”m glad you enjoyed it.” 

“Yeah, I did, and I want you to do it the same way before I go to sleep later.  You can do it like that when we wake up too.” 

“I think I can handle that.  Just don”t forget I”ll be dropping you off at the trailer, because I have to work.” 

“Yeah, I know, but I still have tomorrow off.” 

“Yes, you lucky dog, so these three times will have to hold you over until next weekend.” 

“I”ll do it to myself when I”m home, but do you think you could pick me up on Friday again?” 

“Look, I don”t want to keep cutting into the time you spend with your mother.  She was nice enough to let you do it this weekend, but we shouldn”t push it.  I don”t want to upset her and make her think that we”re trying to push her out completely.”

“Yeah, ok.  I guess I can wait until Saturday then, but if you picked me up on Friday then we could do it when we got to your house, before we went to sleep, and before we went to pick up Gus and Sam.” 

“Yes, we could, but I think your mom wants to spend some time with you too.”

“I know, so I”ll do what you want.”

Now that he had gotten his rocks off, he was ready to do something else.  “Can I play with the car now?  I couldn”t do that when the other guys were here too.” 

“You could have, but you would have to let the other guys have a turn too.  Right?”

“Yeah, I guess, but they might have wrecked it.” 

“Why would they do worse than you have?” 

“Well, maybe just Glen, because he”s a lot younger.”

“Ok, you might be right about that, but we”ll never know unless we give him a chance to try.” 

“Yeah, so maybe next time they stay overnight with us again.”

Since we didn”t have any plans to do anything like that in the near future, I guess it was his way of giving in without actually giving in, since he didn”t feel it was ever going to happen.  I didn”t say anything, though, and merely got the RC car and carried it outside for him to play with.  After I got him started, I watched for a while, and then I went inside to start getting things ready for dinner.  I went outside again after I”d put it in the refrigerator and stayed with him until he was ready to stop.  Once that happened, we took the car inside again, and I asked a question. 

“Are you ready to go on our walk now?” 

“Yeah, let”s do that.” 

We made our way around the same route we always followed when we did this, with me walking at a brisk pace and Noah jogging beside me to keep up.  When we got back to the house we got ready to take our shower next, but I put our dinner in the oven first, because that would take longer than it would for us to clean up. 

Noah and I washed each other again, but I had to remind him that we had to hurry so our dinner didn”t burn.  After we got out, dried off, and got dressed, I went out to check on our meal while Noah was putting the car away.  I”d just had him set in on the floor while we went for our walk, so while he was doing that, I took dinner out of the oven and dished it out. 

When Noah came in to join me, I had our plates on the table, so he sat down and began to dig in to the various items on his plate.  After doing that for a few seconds, he stopped, looked up, and spoke. 

“Thanks for doing all that stuff with us this weekend.  It was a lot of fun and we all had kocaeli escort a really good time.” 

“It wasn”t much, but I”m glad each of you enjoyed it.” 

“Yeah, it was a lot more fun than what we”ve done at home for the New Year, so I hope you”ll let us do it again next year too.”

“Oh, I”m sure we”ll be able to work something out.”  He smiled at my response and then shoveled another forkful of food into his mouth. 

After we finished eating, we went into the living room and I looked through the cable guide to see what was on.  Other than the college football games, I found the original “Toy Story” was on, so I sat down on the sofa with Noah and we watched it together. 

Since I”m older and hadn”t been inclined to watch these types of movies before I started hanging around with Noah, they were mostly new to me too.  Oh, I”d heard about them, because my co-workers would talk about seeing them with their children, and I”d seen the trailers on TV or heard them being talked about somewhere else, but I”d never actually seen them.  To my surprise, I was enjoying watching these movies with Noah as well, but maybe I was enjoying his reactions to the movies more. 

When it ended, Noah looked up at me and spoke.  “Will you rub my penis for me again now?” 

“Yes, I guess we can go to bed and do that.  Just give me a minute to check the doors and turn off the lights, and then I”ll be in to join you.” 

He seemed to be ok with that and raced off to the bedroom while I closed up the house for the night.  I stopped in the bathroom to grab the baby oil again, and I found him spread-eagle on the bed waiting for me when I got there.  I took a minute to get undressed first, before I joined him on the bed, and then I squirted a little baby oil into my palm and reached over to grasp his penis.  He cooed when the flesh of my hand and the flesh on his shaft came into contact. 

“Man, I love when you do this to me, but it”s even better now, since you started using your hand, not just your fingers.” 

“And all this time I thought you hated doing this,” I teased, causing his eyes to pop open. 

“Oh, you”re just teasing me, aren”t you?” he sneered. 

“Maybe a little,” I agreed, and then he closed his eyes again and concentrated on the feelings coursing through his groin. 

It took a little longer to get him off this time, although it looked as if he was enjoying it more, and when he spewed he grunted first, and then he started to purr as he relished the orgasmic bliss.  I let him take his time and enjoy those feelings for as long as he wanted, although I still wiped the semen off his body. 

As soon as he recuperated, he hopped up on his knees, wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me a lengthy kiss.  “Thanks for doing this with me, because it feels wonderful, and now I want to do it to you.” 

“I guess I can live with that,” I teased as I tousled his hair and kissed him on the forehead before laying down. 

Noah returned the favor and did an excellent job on me too.  The stamina in his arms had improved greatly, and they didn”t tire nearly as easily or quickly now, and sometimes he would wrap both of his small hands around my member as he jerked me off.  Once I had emptied my balls and spewed my semen, we wiped up the mess and cuddled together in bed as we fell asleep. 

Noah woke up before me again, since he was so eager about having me masturbate him again before I took him home.  I did that for him first, and then we went out to the kitchen to have breakfast, and then we returned to the bedroom to get dressed so we could leave.  After Noah grabbed his backpack and we loaded into the car, he turned to me and spoke. 

“Thanks for letting me stay the whole weekend.  I had a really good time, especially all the times you rubbed my penis for me.” 

“I hope you enjoyed more than just when I did that for you,” I replied, trying to act hurt and shocked. 

“Yeah, I did, but that was the best part.” 

I then drove him home and dropped him off at his trailer.  Cheryl came to the door and waved before I took off, and then she and Noah went inside.  Now, I was ready to return to work and the many tasks that the New Year held in store for me there.

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I wish to extend my thanks to Donny and Emoe for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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