Subject: Welcome to Gayberry 46 Welcome to Gayberry � 46 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. His is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 46 Randy had slept better than he had in his recent memory when he felt a light tap on his shoulder just as the sun was beginning to rise. It was the governor, totally naked, with a fully dressed Abe standing beside him. They motioned him he should be silent as Abe led them up the stairs. The governor grabbed a pair of boxers to put on and Randy pulled his up from his ankles where they had been as he slept. When they got upstairs, the warden and William were there, also dressed. William had a full pot of coffee as he led the men into Ben’s study and closed the doors. After coffee was poured, Abe spoke. “As you’ve all probably figured out, this is not great news” Abe said. “Both William and I were concerned that his father-in-law seemed to give in to his fate so easily last night. He’s never been one to just give up. After talking with William, I activated a couple of agents to keep an eye on P.T. and Judith. They did go straight to the residence but the guys stayed on them. A few hours ago, both of them were spotted leaving the home with several bags packed. They were followed over to the small airport in Mt. Airy, where they were taken into custody and are being held pending further contact from us. They had filed a flight plan with a private company to go to Raleigh and then on to Brazil. He is very politically well-connected in that country. William was also concerned about his older son so we put a couple of our agents on him. Two thugs were sent to kidnap the boy, but they were apprehended without the boy even knowing about the attempt. I suspect it was their intention to kidnap the older boy and use him as leverage against William and the governor. The would-be kidnappers were a couple of P.T.’s thugs so I have given orders on how to dispose of them. What they got will spread through P.T.’s thugs pretty fast and will likely cause the whole rotten group to go to ground. I won’t go into details but neither of them has a cock or balls anymore and the word has been spread that it was P.T. who caused it. None of his loyal thugs will touch him anymore. The question here is what you want to do with P.T. and Judith. I assure you the agents who nabbed them are as discrete as any two men in the world. It will be as if they just disappeared. What happens from here is up to you, William.” “This is a tough one, gentlemen” William said. “I hate that man so I am going to need the help of all of you. Now that son of a bitch has tried to kidnap my older son and that kind of shit is unforgivable. I was afraid rehab wouldn’t be the answer for Judith. She would have found a way to escape, have liquor smuggled to her or any number of other tricks. I thought her father might keep her in line but that is not the case. My preference would be that she be in a place like Statesville, at least until my baby is born. I realize that it would incur a lot of extra expense and I would be happy to reimburse that. Is it a possibility, Eamon?” “To be perfectly honest, William, I would normally say that it could just not be done” the warden said. “But you know how fond I have become of you and your family. Who’s to say if she and your father in law were going to abduct your older son that they wouldn’t do the same to your younger one, particularly knowing how dear your boys are to you. I can house her in solitary confinement with constant surveillance. I can make sure she has proper nutrition and cannot harm herself or your unborn child. I can also provide healthcare for her and your unborn child. There will be some expense but I will control to the greatest degree I can.” “Thank you, Eamon,” William said. “I know that you will handle this and I will not have a minute’s worry about that. When it comes to P.T. I am a little more conflicted. I know he has done some terrible things. Based on information I have recently received from Abe, he has done far worse things than I could have imagined. I knew he was ruthless, but I honestly could not have imagined he would have been part of schemes in which innocent people were killed. He deserves no better than the thugs we have in that dungeon on the plantation. He deserves no better treatment and perhaps even worse than they.” “If you want him to join those we are holding, I’ll not have a problem with it” the sheriff said. “A scoundrel is a scoundrel is a scoundrel.” “Then it is done” William said. “Eamon, can you arrange transportation for Judith to Statesville today?” “I will have a car sent up here and I will personally escort her to the prison. I had planned to ride back with the governor and Abe, but I am sure they will excuse me.” “Is it possible, warden, that you might take Peggy and Betty Jean Thomas along with you?” Randy asked. “I’ve decided that is the best course of action for those two and Marv has no objections.” “I will have them send a van instead of a car” he said. “It is actually a bit more secure. You are not sending Mrs. Bedford for a visit with us?” he chuckled. “Not yet” the sheriff said. “I suspect there is more information we may get out of her and I don’t mind being able to make the bitch’s life just a little more miserable. I guess William and I better hit it off to Mount Airy.” “Would you like for us to go with you?” Abe asked. “I think William and I can handle getting those two assholes back to Gayberry” the sheriff said. “My preference would be that you guys get undressed and climb back into bed with those boys. They’re all going to miss you very, very much. Thank you, governor, for the way you treated my son. I thought I might have some mixed feelings about seeing another man slide his hard cock into my boy but I felt nothing but love for you and my boy. I’ll remember his satisfied moans for the rest of my life and I so appreciate the gentleness with which you opened him up to a man’s cock. Last night was the sweetest smile I have ever seen on his face.” “Thank you for allowing me that honor, Randy” the governor said. “I know that you would have liked to open that tight little boyhole and I understand that your generous endowment made that unfeasible. I have no doubt that boy will be ready for you to take him in no time and I know he is eager to feel his father’s thick monster inside him. I only hope I will have the honor of joining you at some future time so that we can share your sweet son. It is truly a night I shall never, ever forget. ” Eamon knew what had happened because Billy Paul had told him what was going to happen. Abe had heard from Walt and Jeffy. Only William was in the dark. “I’ll tell you on the way to pick up the assholes” the sheriff chuckled as the two men headed up for Randy to dress. He was dressed in a flash and they were on their way. As they left, William checked his watch and it was only five fifteen in the morning. They had far to go if they were going to make it back for lunch with the Bentley brothers. On the way over, Randy explained that the governor had taken his son’s cherry the night before. “I don’t think my cock’s ever been so hard in my life as when I saw the governor slide his cock right up all the way into my boy’s tiny little pink hole” Randy said. “Of course it didn’t hurt that I had that handsome Kurt right there up against my body. I may start leakin’ some cum just thinkin’ about it. I guess a man seein’ his own flesh and blood takin’ another man’s cock in his hole for the first time is somethin’ a paw don’t soon forget.” “Wow!” the man replied. “You’re right about that. I was the one that took both of my boy’s cherries but I clearly remember the first time I watched them take cocks in their holes. For Billy Paul, it was his brother’s hard cock. That boy just whimpered and moaned as that cock eased up right into him. I was licking Johnny’s ass while he fucked the younger one. It was unforgettable. I bet watching Dopie take the governor’s cock was a sight. Dopie’s such a pretty kid and his little buddy Pepe is too. I had hoped to get a chance to play with them more this weekend but things got a little crazy. I think my younger boy may have a thing for big black cocks. He went crazy when Eamon slid that slicked up monster into him. He was moaning and clawing the man like crazy. I apologized for the boy but the warden says he likes the wild ones. He had some scratch marks on him after they fucked but he seemed to be proud of it. I would love to watch your kid get fucked and I’d love to have you join me watching my baby boy take a big black one. I’ve seen the way my boy looks at the Bentley brothers and I know he’s wanting some of those dicks. ” “There will be plenty of time” the sheriff said. “I’m seriously considering moving into the Bedford house. I was dead set against it earlier, but now that Kurt’s going to be with us, I think he and Dopie might enjoy the pool and it would be nice t to have all that room. I hope that you and Billy Paul will feel at home there. There’s no need for you to trek all the way out to your place every night since Judith will be gone. I know you’ve got the pool construction going and that’s pretty messy.” “Actually I’m thinking Jimmy may be coming to live with us” he said. “I’ve started having special feelings about that boy and he feels pretty deserted by his own paw and maw. I think he feels like they were quick to desert him when he needed their help.” “He’s also a very sexy boy” the sheriff said. “I thought he was a straight boy though.” “I think he did too” William said. “Jimmy’s grown up a lot lately. He realizes that Jenny was just using him and he’s turned off to women, at least for now. I think that cage and that trip to Statesville did him and Mark a world of good. I will tell you that they’re both itchin’ to get out of those cages. They’ve really started to feel extra horny the past few days. I can’t imagine how they’ll be three weeks from now. Or maybe even longer. I just hope the Bentley brothers will agree to cages for Corey and Coley. You do realize we really dodged a bullet for the town and maybe the whole state on that one, don’t you?” “I sure as hell do” Randy said. “The Bentley brothers are very well aware of what might have happened. As much as all those people cheered for Shakira last night, those same people would’ve been dragging those brown boys from a cell to hang `em if they thought they had ruined a pure young white girl. If they’d seen that white bitch sucking on that thick, black teen cock and that other boy with his tongue up that little blonde snatch there would’ve been all h ell to pay. We still gotta deal with all that today. But I do have a little plan that may make things more interesting.” “I can hardly wait to hear” William said. “As if things around here aren’t interesting enough.” They made it to the little airport in just under thirty minutes. The agents had the prisoners waiting. Both Judith and her father were handcuffed and glaring at both the men. “They ain’t said much” the agent said. “The old man’s been screaming how they want a lawyer. We just laughed at him. He seems to think he’s still in control and that he has some rights.” “Guys, I want to thank you for your excellent work” William said. “Abe told me about the work your other guys did with my older son. I thank you for your service. You are invaluable.” He introduced himself to the agents who said they looked forward to working with him in the future. P.T.’s eyes got wide when he heard the mention of the abduction of William’s older son. Apparently the old man didn’t know that plot had been foiled. They put both prisoners in the back seat of the car, checking to make sure the handcuffs held their hands behind them and hit the road back to Gayberry. Before they were even off the airport grounds, P.T. started trying to bargain. “Son,” he said to William, “I know we’ve had our differences in the past. I believe we can put those behind us and start over. I can make life easy for you and both your boys. You know how much I care about my grandsons and I always wanted us to be close.” “In the first place, don’t you ever refer to me as your son again or I will cut your nasty cock off and stuff it down your fucking throat. I guess your desire to be close to your grandsons is the reason that you tried to kidnap my older son last night, P.T.?” “I just wanted to get your attention, Will,” the old man said. “Judith and I both would never harm that boy. You ought to know that.” “You had your fucking thugs kidnap my fucking son?” William asked. “You know how bad those men are. You know Johnny could easily have been killed. Do you not care how frightened my son would have been being snatched out of his dorm and taken away to god knows where with complete strangers?” “Oh, you’re exaggerating” the old man said. “We just knew it would take something important to make you listen to reason. You’ve always wanted control of my company.” “And now I’ve fucking got it, old man,” William said. “And you have none. Absolutely zero control. .” “William, we can remedy all of this” he said. “Just turn around and go back to that airport. I’ll rent a car and drive Judith and me back to Raleigh. We’ll both abide by the agreements you had us sign last night. I won’t make any legal challenges and I’ll make sure Judith gets into rehab. Things will be just the way we talked about last night. Just turn the car around. We can work this out. I promise you that Judith and I will both leave the country and you’ll never hear from either of us again. Same goes for your boys. Neither of us will ever make any attempt to contact either of your fucking boys.” “Too late, P.T.,” William said. “Too fuckin’ late. You and your cunt daughter could’ve had it made. You would never have needed to work another day and she would have had an easy, charmed life like always. You could have kept your penthouse in the tallest building in Raleigh. You could have had a generous allowance with all the money you needed to buy all the booze that bitch daughter of yours mersin escort needs to drink herself into a fucking grave. The governor and I were willing to let all the terrible, horrible shit you did slide. Abe has shown me proof that you smuggled children from Europe and South America and sold them, transporting them all along the eastern seaboard. I’ve seen the pictures of some who chose to kill themselves and others who died because of sheer neglect because your thugs didn’t give them food or water. I know exactly how much blood is on your hands. And I know your cunt of a daughter knew all about it. Every fucking bit of it. Yet we were going to let you slide and let you live out what I hope is the very few years you have left. We didn’t want to take all the years it would take to resolve legal issues. But you took care of all that. Instead of an easy life for you and Judith, you will now have just disappeared from the face of the earth. If anyone bothers to ask where you assholes went, they’ll have the flight plan you filed for Brazil. They’ll all assume you just disappeared to Brazil where your buddy is the president of one of the most corrupt governments in the world. You both just disappeared in the dead of the fucking night.” But, son,” P.T. said, not giving up, “we can all have nice lives. If you don’t want Judith around, we can send her some place else. It’ll just be you and me and the boys and all the free pussy any of us could ever want. Or if you want something else, you can have that.” “No, P.T.,” William said. “My boys and I will have nice lives. We’ll have good lives. And you and Judith could have. But now you won’t. Your daughter will be in solitary confinement until she gives birth. She will be watched twenty four hours a day and fed healthy foods. If necessary, she will be shackled to prevent her being able to harm my baby. She will have her health needs attended to but she will not be allowed to speak to anyone. No television, no radio, no music, no Colonel Watkins’ magic cock to fuck her.” “You goddamn piece of shit!” she screamed. “If you’d fucked me I wouldn’t have wanted him. Don’t blame me.” “Judith, you must surely know what a turn off it is to come home every single fucking day to a wife already drunk, often lying in her own vomit. Trying to clean up the mess so the boys wouldn’t see it. Making excuses for your drunken tantrums. You hitting my boys whom I loved so dearly. Who would want to fuck a drunken shrew like you were? Tell me!” “I fucking hate you, William!” she screamed. “If you’ll pull off somewhere nice and get us a little drink, I might be persuaded to give you a little. There’s nothing wrong with a little grudge fuck if it’ll get me a cocktail.” “A little what, Judith?” he asked with a laugh. “You think I want any of that nasty rotten pussy? I had to pay the Colonel a bundle to put a baby in you! I should’ve left years ago but I listened to your father to have sympathy on you and not to throw you out. That’s because he knew that he’d have to take responsibility for you if I fucking threw you out. He’s known for years what a truly nasty, rotten cunt you are!” “If you’d just stop and get me one little drinkie, then I’d give it up for good, William,” she purred. “Those awful men took my purse and it had my flask in it. All I want is one itty bitty cocktail and I’d do whatever you wanted me to. I know how you used to love my big, firm titties. I remember how you used to lick on them and suck on my hard nipples. We could have a little drinkie and do all those fun things we used to do.” “I’ve got your fucking purse” he said. “Randy, would you kindly look in Judith’s purse? It’s sitting here on the seat. If you’ll get her flask, I’ll let you decide if she should get a drinkie.” Randy took the woman’s purse and took from it the silver flask he had seen her drinking from the night before at the pageant. It was almost full. He unscrewed the top, letting the strong aroma of bourbon fill the car. He held it over the back of the seat, giving her a strong sniff of the aroma. He even poured some into the shot glass which doubled as the screw-on top of the flask. He held it out but she couldn’t get close enough to sip. She struggled and he began to laugh softly. “Just a little bit closer, Mrs. Walker and you’ll have a big old tasty drink” the sheriff said. “I knew you were a sweet, kind man the minute I laid eyes on you, sheriff.” Judith said, desperately wanting what he held in his hand. “I said that to myself and to my dear father. I also saw that big, fat bulge in the front of your pants and thought how good that would feel in my pussy. I can give you some amazing pussy, if you want it, sheriff. You’re a very handsome man and I bet you may have the biggest dick in these parts. Just a little closer and I can…” Suddenly Randy threw the contents onto P.T., laughing loudly as he did so. Both were upset now, the old man because the sheriff had thrown a drink on him and Judith because her bourbon had been wasted. Desperate for a drink, she attempted to lick it off her father’s face. It was so comical that William pulled the car into a parking lot to watch. They both laughed as the woman tried to lick every drop she could get off her own father’s face. He was trying to fight her off but both had their hands cuffed behind them. “Well, that was entertaining” William said. “It’s pretty obvious my loving wife would suck her own old man’s cock for a taste of booze. I think this might be a good place to do a couple of things since we’re almost to Gayberry. We wouldn’t want anyone to recognize our prisoners since they are disappearing from the face of the earth.” He went into his trunk and brought out a roll of duct tape and two of the black hoods they had used previously on the men in the dungeon. He proceeded to tape Judith’s mouth while Randy did P.T.’s. They then put the black hoods over their heads and tied the strings loosely at their necks. Both of them became a little less angry now and a little more frightened. When William began removing Judith’s clothes, she tried to struggle, but to no avail. He cut the clothes off her, leaving her only in a very expensive-looking, lacy bra and a half slip. They cut off all the old man’s clothes except for his boxer briefs and a white undershirt. “You do still have nice tits, Judith” William chuckled. “Too bad they’re wasted on such a vile cow. I shall certainly miss hearing the dulcet tones of your melodious voice, bitch.” William then pulled back onto the main road and proceeded s quickly as he safely could drive to the Gayberry jail. The jail already at pretty much its full capacity as Betty Jean and her mother in one cell and Aunt Flea and Tara Bedford in the other. Took Aunt Flea and Tara to the back room and cuffed them to the bed as he put Judith and her father into the empty cell up front. He then called Marv and, after apologizing for waking him, asked if he might possibly bring his pickup truck to the jail to exchange it for William’s car. Marv asked no questions and said he would be there in ten minutes. He arrived as he had said he would and they switched keys. He said that only he and Ben were awake and that everyone else was still either sleeping or playing `possum. Randy thanked him and said they hoped to be back by the time the Bentley brothers showed up for lunch. “Don’t worry if you’re late” Marv said. Ben and I will have everything ready to hit the grill.” Marv then took off. Randy then took William to the back room they uncuffed Tara and Aunt Flea. They put ankle monitors on the women and told them he was allowing them to go to his home. He warned them that if they set foot outside the doors of the house, they would be picked up and wouldn’t see the outside of a jail cell for at least sixty days. Aunt Flea looked terrified as they led the two women out and told them to get up in the back of the pickup truck. Tara Bedford was still wearing only the bathrobe she had been led out of the auditorium in the evening before. Both women considered it humiliating to be forced to ride in the back of a pickup truck and prayed no one they knew might see them. Randy went back in to give Arney strict instructions not to take his eyes off the ankle monitor device and if either Flea or Tara left the house for even a second, he was to notify Randy immediately and take the squad car to pick them both up. He threatened the deputy that if something happened, he would cut his dick off and feed it to the mangy dog that roamed the streets. When they got to Randy’s home, he herded both women inside. He then went up to the bedroom where Eliza was staying and tapped on the door. Eliza was still in bed, sleeping quietly. “I am so sorry to disturb you so early on a Sunday, but I wonder if you might have a couple of your old uniforms handy, Miss Eliza?” “Why, of course, sheriff,” she said. “I was just about to go fix myself some breakfast. Seems I was the only one in the house last night. The Colonel didn’t come in and neither did Aunt Flea.” “I’m not sure where the Colonel slept, but Flea and Tara Bedford slept in a jail cell. Both of them behaved somethin’ awful last night and they was both taken to the jail. They are still on home confinement. I need to ask a favor from you if you don’t mind. Both women are not allowed to leave this house and both are being punished. I am going to put them in your uniforms and they are to wait on you and the colonel hand and foot. Do not lift a finger. Would you do me that favor, Miss Eliza?” “I shore would, sheriff,” she laughed. “Why, I been dreamin’ about turnin’ the tables on that heifer for years!” Thank you, Miss E.” he said. He went back down to the living room where Aunt Flea and Tara were waiting on the sofa, as instructed. He threw the uniforms at them. “Get into these uniforms and make it fast, both of you!” the sheriff said. “I certainly will not!” Mrs. Bedford proclaimed. “Those are Eliza’s uniforms and I will not wear anything that a nig…” “You will do exactly as I say and you better do it fast!” the sheriff barked. “William, would you run out back to the hedge and bring me two of the biggest, meanest switches you can find, please?” “Of course, sheriff!” he said, moving immediately. “You wouldn’t dare” Aunt Flea said. “The fuck I wouldn’t! Randy yelled. “I’ve put up with your bullshit and your enabling behavior toward this piece of shit for far too long. Today it changes. If you ain’t in them uniforms by the time William gets back, you’re both getting a beating you’ll never forget. You will be stripped down and beat within an inch of your sorry lives! Get out of them fuckin’ clothes now!” he screamed angrily. Eliza had heard the commotion and was coming down to see what was going on. She figured it out immediately and began to laugh at the terrified white women scrambling to get their clothes off. It was easy for Tara, who had just dropped her robe and stood there naked, her saggy tits hanging to her waist and her nearly hairless cunt on full display. Aunt Flea was terrified of Randy, knowing he had a mean temper when riled and she was struggling to get out of one of her nicest dresses she had selected for the pageant last night. As she heard William on the porch returning with the switches, she began tearing the dress of, buttons flying everywhere. William handed the sheriff the two switches, from which he had removed the leaves and the sheriff began to swat the women’s legs. Aunt Flea had gotten her hose and garter belt off and Tara had only worn knee highs so the switches stung on the bare legs of the women. Both were dancing as William broke into laughter at the sight, joining Eliza. “Goddamn you, sheriff, you’ll pay for treating a Gayberry Bedford in this manner!” Mrs. Bedford yelled, trying to avoid the swats. The sheriff handed one of the switches to William who continued the vicious swats on Mrs. Bedford’s ass, legs and body. She was breaking out in red stripes now as the sheriff attacked Aunt Flea. “I’m undressed now, Randy” Aunt Flea said. “Stop this craziness and stop it now!” “No you ain’t” he snapped. “You still got on that bra and panties. I said strip and I meant strip naked!” She was dancing, trying to avoid the switch unsuccessfully, even as she attempted to get out of her white granny panties with `Saturday’ nicely embroidered on them. “You mean son of a bitch” Aunt Flea now screamed at Randy. “Tara was always right about you! You’re nothing but a mean, worthless Jew-loving asshole!” Now Randy was really pissed as he continued to swat her with the switch. She was angry as a hornet now as she finally pulled her bra over her head and threw it at him. He continued to switch her for another minute or two until he felt his arm giving out. The women were still hurting, trying to rub their painful bodies when Randy took a seat on the sofa and motioned for William to sit beside him. “Ladies, as of now, Eliza runs this house” Randy said as the white women glared at him. “You will both do anything and everything she says” Randy instructed. “You will both remember this day for a long while. Eliza, I expect this house to be gleaming and spotless by this evening and you are not to lift a hand. You will have your meals served on our finest china and they will be timely and tasty. You can decide when and where these two worthless whores get to sleep and when. Can you handle that, Eliza?” “I assure you, sheriff, that I can” the woman said with a smile. “I trust you will” the sheriff said. “And if either of them gives you so much as dirty look, you are to notify me immediately. William and I will return and double the punishment you just witnessed. Now, ladies, over our knees.” “Randy, you can’t be serious” Flea started but a look from Randy silenced her and she stretched her ample body over his knee as Tara did for William. “Count each one, ladies” the sheriff said. “This time it is with our hands. Next time it will be with a leather strap. You bitches would do well to learn that there’s a new warden in this house and her name is Eliza!” They proceeded to give the women twenty licks each on their bare asses, then dumped them in the floor and ordered them to get into their uniforms. Aunt Flea was at least thirty pounds heavier than Eliza and escort mersin Tara Bedford at least seven inches taller. It was comical to see them in the misfitting uniforms and the men left the house with peals of laughter. From there, they headed out to the Church of the Last Days with Signs Following, which was about four miles from downtown. Randy smashed the lock on the building with a hammer and the men went in, taking nothing but the table the church had used as an altar. They loaded it into the pickup truck, then to the dungeon where they went inside without turning on a light. They set the table just inside the door. The men, of course heard them but they had no idea who was there. They immediately started shouting, wanting food and water. “Shut the fuck up, assholes,” William screamed at them. “We’ll be back later and you’ll be sorry we were here.” They left and headed for the Butter Cup Motel. They went directly to the office. The night manager was there waiting for his morning replacement. “Okay, Mister, we don’t want to have a problem” Randy said, showing his badge. “We want the key to room 21. We saw you rent it to a very young girl and several older boys. You should have known it was against the law and you should have called us. You didn’t. You can give us the key and keep your yapper shut, or we can take you to jail and shut down this skanky assed shithole.” The guy was intimidated and handed him the key without objection. They walked over to the room and opened the door. It was dark in the room with all the lights off and the curtains drawn shut. Randy flipped on the light as William began shouting. “Wake up motherfuckers,” he screamed at the top of his voice. “You boys are old enough to know what statutory rape is. One of the girls with you is thirteen and the other is fourteen. That’ll get each of you twenty. Now get up right fuckin’ now and put your hands behind you!” The three men and two girls in the room were all buck naked and appeared to still be drunk. “Have you fuckers been drinkin’ all night?” the sheriff asked. “Jenny, didn’t your daddy and momma expect you to be home by ten thirty?” the sheriff asked. “That’s what they told me.” “Fuck you, nigger lover!” the girl spat at him. “You and your buddy didn’t want a pure white girl to be Miss Gayberry! No, y’all cocksuckers had to find a mongrel” The naked girl was standing now speaking loudly and right in Randy’s face. He slapped the shit out of her, which stunned her. “You better remember who the fuck I am” the girl said. “My father is the mayor of this fuckin’ town and you’ll lose your badge for that, although you done lost it for crownin’ that nigger last night.” “Bitch, I’m gonna’ suggest you shut that smart little trap of yours” William said. “My sheriff will only take so much bullshit and you’ve about pushed him past his limit.” Sarah was now waking up enough to recognize the sheriff was the man who had caught her fucking her uncle and taken him away. “Oh, it’s you, asshole!” she shouted. “You’re the one that pulled my uncle off of me when I was just about to cum hard. You motherfuckin” asshole. You ain’t got no business bein’ in this room. Our men rented it and you ain’t got no right.” “These men of yours is headed to prison for the next twenty years” the sheriff said. “You may have a phony ID but that don’t take them off the hook. You ain’t even got a full patch of hair on your pussy yet, bitch! I hope you fellers enjoyed that young puss cause it’s the last snatch you’re gonna get for a long time.” The men were just making sense of the situation as they had been even drunker than the girls. William had both the girls cuffed now and in the chairs beside the bed. All three of the men were now sitting up in the bed, sobering up quickly and explaining how they didn’t know the girls were underage. “Ignorance ain’t no excuse under the law” the sheriff said. “Stand up, asshole. That’s a nice dick you got on you boy. How old are you?” “I’m twenty six” he said. “He was scared and he knew he was in more trouble than he’d ever been in before. Where the girls were being hateful and belligerent, the men realized they were in deep trouble. “Which one of them girls did you fuck, boy?” William asked him. “I was tryin’ to fuck hat little blonde one with the potty mouth but all of us was pretty drunk and I ain’t even sure if I ever got hard enough to stick it inside her” he said. “I really didn’t want to come here but my buddies talked me into it. I was afraid they might not think I was man enough to get some pussy if I didn’t come along.” The boy produced identification confirming that his name was Eric and he was twenty-six years old. He had Alabama drivers’ license. William cuffed the young man and pushed him back down on the bed, still totally naked and showing a nice, muscled body with a sprinkling of hair over his chest, a nice patch of belly fuzz and a thick patch of pubes over his uncut meat. He had the next one stand and collected his ID. He was twenty eight and his name was Benjie. He was also from Alabama and he was still too drunk to answer any questions. He wasn’t quite as hairy as Eric but he too had a nice pubic patch and a thicker, uncut cock. The third guy was thirty years old and a little more sober, but hungover. His name was Aaron and his ID was also from Alabama. Aaron was a very handsome boy with a fine, muscled body. He had bushy pit hair showing when he raised his muscled biceps to yawn. He had a furry chest and belly with an absolutely wild patch of pubes over a very nice, thick piece of uncut cock. He also had very hairy legs. “What the fuck were you boys doin’ in Gayberry?” the sheriff asked. We been here for six weeks workin’ on the new highway just out of town” the man said. “I really didn’t realize these girls was underage” he said. “I shoulda looked closer but I guess I really didn’t wanna know. We been out there working from sunup till after sundown and we just got paid Friday. We was just wantin’ to have a little fun before we left town. We didn’t mean no harm, I swear. We’re supposed to be in Alabama by Wednesday to start a new job. I’m married and this will cost me my wife and I got a kid, sheriff. I really am sorry, but we been here all this time with absolutely no pussy. We’ve had to rely on our own hands or each other but that’s kind of dangerous on a work site. Some of them men don’t take kindly to cocksuckers. They’ll let pretty much anybody suck their cocks but they’ll kill anybody who talks about it. We was just horny and I let things get out of control. I really am sorry, sheriff. I really and truly am. I mean it.” “I ain’t sure, but we might be able to work somethin’ out if you really behave yourselves. I gotta take you boys in but I will hold off on the paperwork. It may be that you boys can do me a favor.” “Sheriff, I’ll do anything in the world if you can just cut us a little break” the young man said. “I never done no hookers before and I knew deep down it wasn’t the right thing to do. I just had too much to drink and we ran into that girl Sarah and it was just too tempting. I gotta be honest though. This was our second night here with her. We just went and picked up her little friend at some beauty pageant last night. She was already drunk and lookin’ to fuck. I ain’t even sure a single one of us was sober enough to get our dicks hard. I’m very sorry, sheriff.” William and Randy helped the men get their underwear on and threw the rest of their clothes in the back of the truck with truck. They offered to let the girls put their panties on but neither wanted them. “I want my daddy to see you drivin’ his sweet little daughter around in a pickup truck with her pussy bare” Jenny said. “You’ll be sorry, you fuckin’ asshole! If you two was real men, you’d take both of us back in that room and give us a good, hard fuckin’. Them boys had hot, muscled bodies and nice dicks on `em but they was too damned drunk to give a good fuckin’. It was kind of like tryin’ to stuff a marshmallow in a piggy bank, if you know what I mean. Them handsome boys and their pretty cocks was totally worthless and me and Sarah had to lick each other to get off after them fuckers passed out.” When Sarah saw that Eric was crying, she began to taunt him. “You worthless, crying fuck” she spat. “None of you was man enough to even get hard enough to fuck us. I think you’re all a bunch of faggots probably suckin’ each other’s dicks mornin’, noon and night. My uncle’s older than any of you but he was always able to get a good, sturdy hard on and throw me a good fuck. I hope you all rot in the fuckin’ prison. You’ll probably be happy in prison takin’ big black cocks up the butt and down your throats all the time. You’re worthless when it comes to fuckin’ a hot pussy! Neither of us will get in any trouble cause we’re juveniles and her daddy’s the fuckin’ mayor. My friend’s already taught me the ropes and I know exactly what will happen.” “Is one of your friends that Betty Jean Thomas, Sarah?” William asked. “Because if it is, she gave you some bad information. She’ll be leavin’ for prison in just a few fuckin’ hours. You shouldn’t ever believe a word a whore tells you. Just like these three unlucky gentlemen found out.” The ride back to the jail was intentionally rough with the five passengers rolling around in the truck. The boys were trying desperately to avoid any body contact whatsoever with the naked teen-aged girls and the girls continuing to taunt them over their failure to perform sexually. Jenny and Sarah were still screaming and cussing but the boys were all crying, knowing they had ruined their lives for some young pussy. When they got to the jail, Randy lowered the tailgate on the truck and made them all roll out onto the ground. The girls fell several times, still pretty drunk. The men had sobered up now and were quiet, realizing they were in serious trouble. Betty Jean was shocked to see her friend Sarah and her schoolmate, Jenny come into the building wearing nothing but handcuffs. The girls were put into the cell with Peggy and Betty Jean. Judith was then switched to the cell with the other women and the men were put into the cell with P.T. Sligh. Randy instructed the deputy that he wanted all of the prisoners showered and clean as most of them would be leaving before the end of the day. “Sheriff, you know I just ain’t comfortable havin’ to touch naked people, particularly them young girls” the deputy whined. “You can turn in your badge any time you don’t want to perform your duties” the sheriff said. He had seen how the sheriff had treated his own aunt so he knew it was not the right time to argue with Randy. “William and I can help you out a little” Randy said. Take the old man first cause we’ll be transferrin’ him first.” “Where will you be takin’ him?” the deputy asked. “Don’t worry about that!” the sheriff said. “Just get him cleaned up! And don’t take the tape off his mouth till he’s in that back room and only long enough for him to brush his teeth. And don’t uncuff any of them.” “But then I have to wash them myself” Arney whined. “That’s right” Randy said. “I’ll help him out with P.T.” William said. “He’s a nasty man and could be dangerous since he’s feeling trapped.” “I’ll come back there and help you out after I have a cigarette” the sheriff said. Randy walked out front and lit a cigarette. Just as he lighted up, the Colonel came by with Velma Sue on his arm. “Good morning, sheriff” the colonel said. “It’s a beautiful day in the fair town of Gayberry!” “It is indeed” Randy said. “And you have one of Gayberry’s most beautiful women on your arm, you lucky fellow!” “I couldn’t agree more” the colonel said as Velma Sue blushed. “I hear you didn’t make it home last night, Colonel” the sheriff said teasingly. “No, I didn’t sheriff” he said. “I had thought I might be too tired to make it home so I took my Sunday go to meetin’ clothes with me to the theatre. I thought I might just sleep in my dressing room.” “Oh, I didn’t realize they had individual dressing rooms for the show’s stars” the sheriff said. “Of course he slept at the theatre, sheriff” Velma Sue said, blushing a shade darker.”Where else did you think he might have slept? Now we better hurry or we’re going to be late for Sunday School!” She pulled on his arm, seemingly to get away from the sheriff. Randy finished his cigarette and went back inside. Jenny and Sarah were bragging about how much they’d gotten from the three construction workers and how they’d all been too drunk for any significant penetration. Peggy was in on the conversation. They had kicked Judith to the floor and were ignoring her as if she were not in the room. The three young construction workers were sitting quietly in their cell, looking forlorn. He walked back into the back room where Arney and William were wrangling the old man into the shower. He was not being cooperative. “I’ll take it from here, Arney” the sheriff said. William had taken the hood off the man but his wrists were still cuffed. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and refused to stand when William ordered him to. “I don’t have to do a goddamned thing you tell me to, you traitorous little son of a bitch” P.T. snapped. “No, you don’t” William said resignedly. “Randy, do we have any more of those collars?” “I think we still got a couple, thanks to the warden” Randy said. “I’ll get one for you.” “You ain’t puttin’ a goddamned dog collar on me you fucking idiot” he said. “I ain’t a fuckin’ dog!” Randy brought the collar back and snapped it onto P.T.’s neck before the man realized what was going on. He handed William the control. P.T. had no idea what the device was. “P.T.,” he said, “I’m giving you one more chance to stand up and wiggle out of them shorts.” “I ain’t droppin my shorts for you, you fucking faggot!” he said. William hit the button on the remote control and electricity surged through the man’s body. Randy had taken a second to put a new battery into the collar and it was at maximum strength. William held the button for a while. The man”s body was rigid until William removed his finger from the controller. P.T. fell to the floor, gasping for air. William and Randy sat down on the side of the bed and waited for him to recover. mersin escort bayan “You goddamned piece of shit suckin trash” P.T. said as William again hit the button. Of course the result was the same. The man was unable to stand for a couple of minutes. “Get off that fuckin’ floor, P.T. and drop them goddamned shorts. In 3, 2, 1…” “Okay, okay, okay”, the man begged, “please don’t shock me no more. I don’t think my heart can stand it.” “Do you think I’d give a shit if you dropped dead right here?” William asked. “I’d feed your rancid body to the goddamned dogs. I’ll never forget that you tried to kidnap my boy and you’ll be paying for that for a long, long time. Now get those goddamned shorts off!” The man hooked his thumbs under the elastic waistband of his boxer shorts and managed, with difficulty, to wiggle out of them. The foreskin hung well below the cockhead. P.T. actually had a nice body except he had begun to develop the paunch which goes with good living and rich food. He was moderately hairy and his biceps were still well developed. His cock was about average to slightly smaller than average and he had a wild bush above his soft, uncut cock. “Get in the fucking shower, P.T.” William said. “I’m not telling you anything twice again. If you don’t do what I say when I say it, I hit the button.” P.T. glared at his son-in-law as William took the soap and began to work up a lather on his father-in-law’s hairy legs. As he moved up to his thighs, inching closer to his penis, the man became increasingly uncomfortable. “You’re nervous with my hand near your dick, aren’t you, old man?” William asked. “Randy, do you mind giving me a hand. We want to make sure his cock and his ass are nice and clean, I think. You just never know what might find its way up his old, hairy hole.” “You fucking faggot” the old man said as William began to lather his buttocks and Randy was lathering his thick bush. “Nothin’s ever been in my hole and it never will. I tried to tell Judith she was marryin’ a fuckin’ faggot but the girl just wouldn’t listen. I had you figured out as a sissy boy dick-loving faggot the first time I laid my eyes on you but she just wouldn’t listen. I shoulda had you taken care of years ago.” William began to tease the man’s hairy hole with his middle finger. “Don’t you even think about puttin’ your goddamn finger in me, homo!”the man shouted. “Calm down, P.T.” William said quietly as he teased the hairy hole. “A big man like you would never have allowed his only daughter to marry a fag, would he?” Randy was soaping the bush and he began now to slide the man’s long foreskin back and forth over his cockhead. “Buddy, I think your father-in-law’s dick is starting to get hard” Randy said with a chuckle. “Maybe he’s the homo in this room. I wonder if he might want to suck your dick. That would be a sight to see. A man suckin’ on his daughter’s husband’s thick, hard cock!” “I ain’t never sucked a dick and I won’t start now” the man said. “You goddamned fucking fairies need to take your hands off of me! This ain’t funny!” “You’ll do exactly as I say or I’ll electrocute your fucking ass right here in this fucking shower” William said. “Turn him around, sheriff. I want to see my father-in-law’s dick hard for another man. I never knew my wife’s old man was a faggot who gets hard when other men touch him. Maybe we should bring her in here and show her that her sweet daddy is hard from another man touching him.” “Go ahead and bring Judith in here, faggot” P.T. said angrily to his son-in-law. “It wouldn’t be the first time s he saw my meat hard. A father sometimes ahs to do what his faggot son-in-law ain’t capable of. A father just wants to keep his daughter happy.” “I suspected for years you and Judith were fucking and I guess this confirms it” William said calmly. Did you get her drunk or was she just such a horny slut, you couldn’t resist that pussy Was she wantin’ that old cock of yours as bad as you seem to be wanting’ mine and the sheriff’s fingers in your hole?” “I think he’s missing that finger at his hole, William,” the sheriff said. “He looks so sad.” “I can take care of that, William said, jamming three fingers all the way up the soapy asshole. The man screamed at the pain. “Shhh, P.T., ” Randy said. “You don’t want your daughter to hear you screaming while you’re getting fingerfucked do you? I could bring your dear daughter in here to watch her old man get fingered and jacked off. You could even spew your nasty cum all over her face while two men jack you off and play with your hole. Would you like that, you sick fuck?” Although he tried to will it soft, his cock continued to harden. Both men laughed at the sight of his hard, uncut cock, the full, red cockhead exposed. William was now fingerfucking him with two fingers in a regular rhythm. “P.T., buddy,” William said “the sooner you cum the sooner this will be over.” The man closed his eyes and attempted to reach his climax. The fingers in his hole were a new experience for the man and he was stunned at the pleasurable sensations he was experiencing once the pain had subsided. Randy was stroking his cock in a regular rhythm as the man felt his climax building in his balls. William felt his prostate gland hardening. “He’s getting close, sheriff. He’s getting real close!” William said. P.T. had closed his eyes trying to cum so this would stop. He’d never have admitted how good it had felt as the cum began to rise deep within him. William knew when his prostate hardened he was there. “Now!” William yelled as he withdrew his finger and jammed three fingers in him as roughly as he could. At the same time, Randy let go of his cock and began to slap his cock and his balls. “Noooo!” P.T. howled as his climax was ruined and he was experiencing severe pain in his nuts, his cock and his asshole. The old man started to cry as the men stood and watched him, laughing. The man was utterly humiliated standing there under the hot water with his softening dick. He knew in that moment that he had severely underestimated his son-in-law. They rinsed him off with cold water which made his meat shrivel and shrink even further and took him back out to the cell with the other men, still completely naked and wearing the shock collar. They didn’t bother with the hood as Jenny and Sarah were far too drunk to identify anyone. “Hey, Judith,” William said as he walked the old man back to the cell, his cock still partially stiff.”Your old man’s a homo. He tried to get my buddy to beat him off. He tried to get me to put my finger in his hole but I wouldn’t do it. He’s an embarrassment, Judith. He was also bragging about what an easy lay you are and how he’s been fucking you for years.” The old man just glared at William, saying nothing. The laughter from William and Randy made him even angrier. William and Randy then took all three of the Alabama boys into the back room and closed the door. “Okay, you guys can go ahead and shower” the sheriff said. “You were all honest with me about where you were from, your names, and what you were doin’ in that motel. I take crime seriously here in this town and you need to know that. But I am willin’ to cut you boys the break of a lifetime. You all know you could get easily twenty years for fuckin’ around with underage girls. Jenny says you were all three too drunk to get decent hardons for fuckin’ so we ain’t gonna charge you with statutory rape. We know both of them girls and they are tricksters and whores. We believe they deceived you. And we’re gonna let you boys go if you’re willin’ to do somethin’ for us.” “Sheriff, I’ll be happy to suck both of your dicks if you’ll let us just go back to Alabama” Benjie said, as the other boys agreed. “Boys, we got no problem with gettin’ our dicks sucked and y’all are good lookin’ boys, but that ain’t what we need today” the sheriff said. “I happen to believe you’re actually decent boys and I’d hate to ruin the rest of your lives. We got some prisoners in a secret location. A couple of them are Sarah’s relatives. She’s the little hooker with the bigger tits. Her paw and his brother took one of their sons and tied him down in front of a whole bunch of men. Then they cut his foreskin off without even giving him anything to deaden it.” All three guys agreed that was an unconscionable crime. “What I need is for you guys to do is to go with us and with Sarah and give her the rough fuckin of her life while her paw’s watchin'” the sheriff said. “I want every hole she has fucked over and over. It will drive her paw crazy and that’s what he deserves. I want you boys to make that girl cum as many times as you can.” “Wait a minute” Benjie said. “You’re tellin’ us you want us to fuck that girl rough all we want to and fuck her mouth and her ass and everything and then you’re gonna let us go?” “That’s the deal” the sheriff said. “I’ll even go through their purses and get you every dollar you paid them back for you.” “Sheriff, you look like Santa Claus to me” Benjie said. The boys took quick showers to get rid of their hangovers and they were ready to go do some fucking for freedom. He gave all the boys clean underwear to wear as the rest of their clothes were still at the motel. Randy got a bottle of wine he kept in his desk and some moonshine he had confiscated from Otis and led the boys out to the truck. He knew there would be no one out in town cause it was Sunday morning and everyone was still in Sunday school. The sheriff told Arney not to worry about bathing anyone else and that they would be back in a bit. He then took the three construction guys, Sarah and P.T. out to the truck. He told the boys he was going to trust them to lie down in the truck till they got there and close their eyes. They immediately complied, happy to do anything the sheriff asked and appreciative of the grace he had bestowed. They drove out to the dungeon at the old slave quarters and parked. Randy gave the boys the moonshine and the wine. The boys said they didn’t want any and none of them was ever going to drink another drop of alcohol. He told them to feed it to Sarah because the less she remembered of today the better. He had them wait outside while he and William took P.T. inside. The prisoners roused immediately, demanding food and water. They had only turned on one very dim light so that they could see to put P.T. into the heavy leather cuffs and attach his hands and his feet to the wall beside the others. They walked over and moved the mattresses from the center of the room and moved the table into the very center. “We brought you gentlemen a new piece of furniture” the sheriff said. The table was fairly plain, made out of light oak. But there was a very distinctive cross carved into the front. As the men’s eyes adjusted to the sudden bright light focused now on the table, Reverend Roy Smith recognized the table as being the altar table from his church. “You motherfuckers!” he said. “What is it?” his brother asked. “It’s the fucking table from my fucking church!” the reverend said. “The table we did all them things on top of.” “You cocksuckers stole the altar table out of my church!” he yelled. “You’ll be condemned to hell for eternity for doing that. That place is sacred ground, you godless motherfuckers!” “Will you please shut up that god bullshit?” Wlll Barrow asked angrily. “I’m sick to shit of you droning on and on and on with that shit day in and day out. Just shut it the fuck up!” “Leave my fuckin’ brother alone” Jack Smith screamed at Barrow. “Leave him the fuck alone. You’re that faggot that enjoyed all the black dick. You were gung ho about burnin’ em out but then you was moanin’ and whimpering once you got some black dick in your fag hole!” “Shut your mouth, Jack!” Mr. Print said. “Barrow didn’t want those black cocks in him. He didn’t have any choice! You know he hates them goddamned black monkey sons of bitches as much as you and me! He didn’t have any say in what happened!” “Yes, he liked it” young Charlie Print said. “I heard Mr. Barrow moanin’ like a bitch while he was getting’ fucked. All after he accused me of likin’ suckin dick. I don’t like suckin’ dick at all. Not one little bit.” “Who the fuck are all you goddamned idiots?” P.T. suddenly screamed in a voice that silenced all of them. They began to look more closely at their new guest, not recognizing him at all. “Gentlemen, I am very pleased to introduce you to your newest roommate” William said, shining a flashlight in the man’s face. “This is my father-in-law, P.T. Sligh, thief, pirate, robber baron, swindler, child trafficker, kidnapper and murderer. I hope you will all have the time to get to know one another. This man made the mistake of trying to kidnap one of my sons last night. Now he’s fucked. I would also warn all of you fine, heterosexual friends that he really enjoys having another man’s hand on his pecker and a man’s fingers in his hairy asshole.” “Faggot!” Rev. Smith screamed at him. “Homosexuals will burn in the fires of hell” “Shut the fuck up, hayseed!” P.T. barked. “Wait till I get out of here! I’ll hunt your hayseed redneck ass down and cut your nuts off and feed them to you.” “Don’t be naughty, dad,” William said. “You’re giving the sheriff and me new ideas.” Both men laughed. “I know you’re going to enjoy getting to know one another” William said. “But we decided you might be getting a little bored, starving and thirsty out here in the dark and the silence. So we brought a new guest. We hope you enjoy the show!” “Why don’t we show P.T. what we do to bad boys around here? Randy asked William. “P.T.’s got a nice, long foreskin that completely covers his cockhead when his meat’s soft. Of course, so did Mr. Print when he arrived and even Barrow had enough skin to cover the head of that little rat-sized peter of his.” Randy stood in front of Mr. Print and William in front of Barrow as they ripped the dried, crusty bloody gauze off of the men’s penises, immediately causing them to start actively bleeding. Both men were screaming and begging not to be touched. “It’s hard to see because of the blood but both these men seem to be missing their foreskins” William said with a chuckle. “We’re not quite sure what happened to them and no one seems to be talking. I can assure you, P.T., that it was a very painful experience for both men and it should give you something to think about with that nice, long, droopy skin that covers your own.” With that the light went out and the room was again plunged into darkness.

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