What Got into Mom Ch. 03

Fuck Hard

The following day, the scent of breakfast filled my nostrils. Yet how could that be, my mother was beside me lying on her side, totally naked, and she was playing with my morning wood.

“Good morning sleepy head,” she said went I stirred, “Can I take care of that for you?”

“P L E A S E do.”

She rolled me on my back. My pecker pointing at the ceiling, she straddles me then aligns my cock to her opening, then she impales herself. She was very wet. Her juices seemed ticker than usual after I had penetrated her. They made it easier to fuck her but noisier due to the squelching made when I slammed home. After a few thrusts, new juices flowed out of her. The pussy honey was not as thick as previous but it was pleasurable as it coated my cock. O, her twat felt so good inside her vagina.

“Mom, it feels so spectacular being inside you this morning.”

“I’ve been horny all morning. I was waiting for you to wake up and fuck me, but you kept sleeping, so I had to keep fingering my pussy as I waited on you.”

“I love you, mother,” I said as I looked directly at her face then a very peasant smile graced her mouth, and a twinkle was in her eye.

“Is that because we’re having sex?” She said smirking.

“Partially it is, mostly it stems from the fact that I love and have for as long as I as long as I can remember. I do love you, mom.”

“I know you do, that’s what makes our union so warm and wonderful,” she then added, “Now be a good son, fill your mother’s uterus with man seed.”

I was enjoying our wake-up fuck, the sight of her tits flopping in my face and the sight of her vagina swallowing my cock with every thrust. I began to meet her thrust with my counter thrust we established a rhythm. Out Sunday morning fuck was other worldly. We were smiling at one another and she was radiant as we made love.

But, when my stomach growled, it seemed to recall her to her maternal duties.

“Come on Tom, fill my cunt. Give me your swimmers.”

She picked up the pace of her fucking me, and before very long I felt my balls fill,

“Mother, I am going to come soon.”

“Hold it until I am ready, my dear Tom.”

I was straining not to release my sperm in her and I was hoping she was close to an orgasm. Fortunately, she was close to a climax. Before too long she screamed “O, GOD! Fuck me..that feels so good… Fuck me, baby, fuck this slut.”

I felt her vagina convulse and a spray of love honey on both of us when my cock was pulled out momentarily then she impaled herself on it again. That is when I released into hot pussy. I rope after rope into her. She was squeezing my cock with her pussy walls to be certain that she got the last dropout.

I was the first to speak, “Wow, that was some alarm clock, mother.”

“You liked getting woken up that way, didn’t you?”

“Everyday mom, every day.”

She laughed then said, “Don’t press your luck mister.”

When I try to grab her, she quickly pulls away, “Breakfast first. Now clean up,” With those words and a slap on my ass, she departs.

When I walked into the kitchen, I see that mom had made all my favorites for breakfast: ham, scrambled eggs with green pepper and onions, hash browns, and toast. She even spread butter on the toast. She ate her food sitting across the table from me. When she bent forward, I could see her tits flashing in my face.

“Something distracting you?”

“Yes, your lovely breast.”

“That is unintentional.” she rose from the chair closed her robe then continued eating her breakfast after sitting back down.

We chatted about school stuff, her work, my grades, about my future. Then she said,

“We are going to visit your Aunt Jane after breakfast. She called last week asking for you and me to visit her today. She said it was important. I am going to dress while you check out the car.”

“Ma, she lives over 200 plus miles away. It will be an all-day trip.”

“Which is why we should get a move on.”

“Okay then,” I said halfheartedly.

Mom walks over and pinches my cheek, then says,

“Okay, so let’s be cheerful, okay.”

Both my parents came from the same rural town. Aunt Jane on the family farm, from pieces of information that were dropped around, the table when the adults

An hour and a half later we left the house and were on our way to visit Aunt Jane. I was the driver and we drove mom’s car which besides being more reliable than mine, it was also more comfortable.

Mom was wearing a printed skirt whose hem came to just below her knees and a white shirt. The material over her tits was pulled tight and her nipples were poking through. The only make-up she had on was some lip gloss. She did not wear stockings or socks. Then she had on her sandals. Her hair was in a ponytail, and she was wearing a straw hat. She looked like she came off the cover of a 1960’s Life magazine.

We were on the Interstate and had been driving for a little while when she asked

“You’ve been very silent, Tom. What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing much, güvenilir bahis mom.”

“Something is bothering you, what is it?”

“I cannot figure out why dad and you kept everything from me?”


“Everything about sex, I mean.”

“We didn’t want you to get hurt. Relationships can get complicated. Even when you love someone, there are pains and disappointments between two people. You were not ready before recently. Additionally. you were not ready to see another man, other than your fathers, fuck me; nor were you ready to see your dad fucking other women. Plus I wasn’t ready to have you witness me fucking anyone or even seeing me naked. Understand now?”

“Yes, I do understand why not that you’ve explained it.”

She took my hand into hers and then said, “Your father and I have always wanted to raise you the best way we knew how. Both of us loved you more than you will ever know. When you have children of your own, you will understand better why we were so protective.”

“Maybe if you put my hand between your thighs, it would help me understand better,” I said in reply.

“Wait stud. It has hardly been over two hours since the last time you were pumping your man cream into me. Besides, you cannot drive and fuck. Take it from experience.”

“You just turn me on so much mom, I want you all the time.”

“At your age, almost every woman turns you on. Now keep your eyes on the road before there is an accident.”

It was 2:00 PM when she next spoke again,

“Look for a place for us to get a bite. If I am getting hungry, I know you are.”

A Big Boy’s was being advertised on the highway billboards. Se we decided to stop there for some food. Once we were seated, my mother went into the “Ladies Room” to freshen up. We ordered when she came back, ate, and while she was settling up the check, she ordered two coffees to go. After filling up, we were back on the road but while we were at the gas station, I saw her take the blanket she kept in the back of the car ad lay it on her seat.

We were on the road again shortly thereafter. When we hit a bump on the road, I noticed that her tits moved freely under her shirt,

“Ma, you’ve taken off your bra.”

“Yes, I have, because it was feeling too restricting. But, that doesn’t concern you, does it.”

“No ma’am. But then again it does because it gives me a boner.”

She began reading one of those Romance novels, the kind of stories a woman likes acting like she never even heard a word I said. After a bit, I noticed her getting antsy in her seat, and the late afternoon sun shining through her top revealed that her nipples were erect. I didn’t say anything.

But I did slide my hand over and placed it on her lap. and the upper thigh. Mom didn’t object, so it got bolder and placed under her skit Still no objection, so I went for the gold and penetrated her vagina.

“Mmmm. You are a naughty little boy.,” moaning again and again as my three fingers fucked her. II continued to fuck her this way for a while, then she held my hand in place and said,

“Thomas, the things you do to your mother.”

She wouldn’t let go of my hand until her climax passed. A short time later mom asked, how much farther we had to go before reaching Aunt Jane’s.

“A little less the 100 miles. But time-wise, maybe two and a half to three hours because we’ll be on secondary roads soon including the two miles of gravel road in front of her farm.

“Okay, give me your hand again.”


“Because I asked for it, that is why.”

She took my hand and placed it between her thighs about mid-way up. Tentatively I began to caress her flesh higher up but she squeezed her legs together,

“Leave your hand right where it is. Don’t move it.”

“Yes, mom.”

We were on a secondary road now and it was getting dark. I slowed down not only because it was blackness but also because there was a lot of wildlife like deer, turkeys, raccoons, fox, and alike in these open vacant spaces. Except for farmsteads, there was not a light to be seen anywhere. Adding to the caution was the additional fact that these lanes twisted and turned.

“Ma, we should not be paying around now. It is tricky traveling these country cow paths.”

“Yes, you are right. What was I thinking?”

“We’re getting close, I recognize that haunted house. Aunt Jane’s should be coming into view any second now. Lo, here it is!”

After going up the quarter-mile drive, we are finally at the back door.

The firm house was of Victorian design which was very large dating back to before mechanized farming when it took a lot of men to work a farm. My great-grandfather had accumulated over 640 acres of plantable land plus a 40-acre “wood-lot”, as they were called back then, or undeveloped land – that is, left wild.

Back in my younger days, my cousins and I had been all over the farm, especially the wood lot, where we were usually told not to go but which made entering them all the more desirable. Additionally, the was a small güvenilir bahis siteleri river running through it which was deep even though it was not wide.

Aunt Jane had prepared a feast for us which took us an hour to savor. During “coffee” I noticed that Aunt Jane and my mother were getting touchy-feely. Finally, my aunt got up and french kissed my mother and also began to fondle my mom’s breast.

This display of affection startled me. Never before in all my life had I even seen my mom begin to go down on another woman. I was stunned and left breathless for a little bit. Mother shook me out of it when she said,

“Tom, maybe you should go into another room for a while.”

“Nonsense, Jen, he doesn’t have to go anywhere. He’s eighteen and is old enough to witness sex between two people. I am sure you have opened your legs for him already, am I right sister-in-law?”

“Well, we…. we”

Looking at me directly Aunt Jane asked, “Tom have you been balls deep in your mother?”

“Yes, I have, aunt.”

“There, Jen! He can watch to his heart’s content.”

By this time bother women were naked and pressing their tits together and each of them found the other’s sweet ass and began probing with their fingers. Mom must have penetrated my aunt’s ass given the jolt she gave Aunt Jane.

“You naughty girl, Jen.”

Jane began to suck mom’s tit after that and ma’s moaning filled the room. my aunt led us into her parlor and was coaxing mother unto the floor. I ran a got some blankets for mom and my aunt which they laid on as soon as they were on the floor.

“Tom, get naked with us before you break that rod of yours in two,” Aunt Jane said when she took a break from kissing mom’s chest all over.

When my cock sprang free my aunt noticed and said to Ma, “How long were you going to keep him hidden from me, Jen?”

“For as long as I could you horny slut.”

“Look who is calling who a slut.”

“Come to me, Tom,” Aunt said.

I knelt beside her where aunt lay on mom, she took me into her mouth and went down and up once.

“As big as his father’s equipment, Jennifer.”

“A little bit bigger, Jane. To answer your next question, slut, he fucks as good or better than his father.”

“Mmmmm,” was the only response mom got. Then my aunt said, “Stand back Tom, I am going down to munch your mom’s muff.”

Mother was moaning and groaning to the lapping of an expert tongue working her slit. Mother saw me get behind her lover and smiled when I thrust into her sister-in-law. She held my aunt’s head while I repeatedly thrust into her.

“Tom,” mom said to me, “fill Jane’s cunt with cream so I can lick it out of her.”

“Sure thing mom.”

“Fuck your father’s sister real good, son, she’s been begging for you since your 18th. birthday. Yes, honey, Jane has eagerly been awaiting your cock sliding in and out of her.”

I thought, damn, my blood relations are a bunch of horny incest-loving bastards. I wonder what other tales and acts of debauchery have been hidden from me? I guess time will tell. Dr that matter, what tales will my actions add to the dubious family history.

Fucking my aunt while my aunt was eating my mother’s pussy, was too much of a turn and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t hold my sperm’s release.

“Uugggnnnn,” I groaned jizz entered my aunt’s body. Her hips pushed back wanting all the depth into her possible. I helped her by pressing her hips into mine.

in response to the aby juice entering her breaking free of mom’s grasp, she screamed loud enough to shake the house. My mother orgasmed at the same time. There the three of us lay naked and exhausted from our exertions. Both girls had fluids draining from them all of us were panting.

Mom ate my cream pie out of Aunt Jane as I fucked her. After I came inside mom, Aunt Jane clean my mother’s pussy. After a short rest, we all showed up together then we slept together in my aunt’s bed.

I was sandwiched between them. Aunt Jane was on my left and mom was behind me on my right. Despite being naked, and only covered with a sheet, I woke up sweaty and horny. With my aunt lying in a peaceful sleep in front of me and since my cock was already poking her, I slid down aligning my penis with her hole. I then invited inserted a finger inside her to see if she was wet. She was. So with a slow thrust, I entered her while she slept. Her inner lips parted as I pushed into her vagina but she did waken. All she did was give a whispered moan.

As quietly as I could and as gently as possible, I thrust in and out of her. I wondered how many frictions it would take to wake her. It didn’t take too many before she sleepily asked,

“Tom, are you fucking me?”

“Yes, I am Aunt Jane.”

“Good, I thought it was a dream. Keep doing what you are doing, I am loving it.”

We fuck for about 15-minutes I felt my balls fill. I was pushing deeper into her by then and I informed her that I was going to fill her.

“Good, baby. It has been years since I was awakened this way.”

After iddaa siteleri thrusting as deep as I could and after she counters thrust pushing against me, I once again inseminated my father’s sister. We kissed then Aunt Jane began to slide out of bed.

“Psst. Don’t wake your mother. Leave her sleep while I make our breakfast.”

She gave me a man’s robe and she put on hers once we were in the kitchen. After making coffee, she scurried around preparing the food. Her robe loosened quite a bit giving me a strip club show as various parts f her body came into view.

Aunt Jane looked even prettier in the full light of the sun. In a way, she resembled dad but feminized. Her tits were D-cups and her nipples were a very dark pink which stood out a bit from them. Her pussy was shaved except for a small triangle right over her slit and the hair on her pussy matched the color of the air on her head.

When I tried to get up behind her I have pushed away,

“Your mother will want some sex when she wakes up. I think I hear her stirring now.”

A few minutes later a sleepy mom walks in wearing another of her aunts’ robes. I get up and kiss her. My aunt pours her coffee and mom sits at the table.

“I suppose that you’ve already fucked my son.”

“Yes, I have. I may be carrying his baby as we speak.”

“I hope you are joking, Jane.”

“I am Jennifer. Don’t fret.”

My mother noticed all the dishes Aunt Jane was making and then she said,

“Jane, you don’t have to go through a lot of bother for us.”

“Jennifer, don’t tell me what to do in my kitchen,” my aunt retorted, “Now if you are feeling frisky, fuck your son in front of me. Fuck him on the table.”

“Come on Tom, let’s give her a show.”

We got on top of the table. Mom was wet and I was stiff so we went right into it.

“This feels weird, ma, having sex in front of Aunt Jane. But it also feels exciting.”

“Yes, but forget her and just enjoy our time together, make love to me, baby.”

“Good boy Tom, fuck the slut. She loves it,

“Yes, make her groan with pleasure,

“Fuck, you two are hot.”

These are but some of the comments Aunt Jane made as a mom and I fucked. After I filled mom, my aunt told mom,

“Jennifer, I want to see.”

I dismounted my mother and Aunt Jane looked as mom crouched while the sperm were being pushed out of it.

“Wow, Jenny, that was a lot. Now let’s eat.”

After breakfast, I showered alone and dressed. When I came back down, I found both women dressed and chatting together on the couch. When they see me come into the room, Aunt Jane says,

“Tom, I am going to live with your family. So, I a handing this place and everything in it to you. Everything went to you when your father died, I’ve been homesteading on you.”

“I’m not going to have you arrested for that Aunt Jane. But don’t let it happen again.”

“Let’s go and get this legal stuff done”


After signing some papers the McNealy estate became min, the whole 1,000 acres with buildings as well.

My mind was trying to grip what had just happened, but all the moans and groans coming from the bedroom, sexually aroused me causing my balls to fill and my cock to get steel hard. So I went into my aunt’s bedroom to see what the girls were doing.

My aunt was wearing a strap-on with a 10-inch dildo attached. She was pointing it at my mother’s brown hole, then said,

“Relax Jen, it won’t hurt much and you’ll enjoy it. Take it from who knows.”

“Jane, I still don’t care about you filling my ass. I don’t like anal.”

“That’s because you’ve never had me entering you.”

“Go ahead. If I tell you to pull out, pull it out.”

“Promises, Jen.”

My aunt saw me watching.

“Come here perv. Suck your mom’s tits, that should relax her.”

They were at the head of the bed giving me room to please the woman who gave me birth. Mom got on her hands raising her chest so so my mouth could But even at that, I still had to pull her breast toward my mouth.

It was a tremendous orgy. I was sucking on my mother’s breast, while my aunt fucked her ass. When my aunt thrust into her, she groaned and her body jolted forward but not enough for her nipple to get away from me. Mom was uttering one continual groan. A few minutes in, my mother called back my aunt,

“Pull it out. It’s hurting me.” then to me, “When the plastic tube is out of me, son, fuck my cunt.”

“Yes, mother, I will”

I fucked her eagerly, but because I was so excited, I didn’t last long band I climaxed in her very quickly. I was told to pull out and lay down. After laying do, mom licked my groin clean. Her next instructions were to redress and pack her car because we were leaving. She had to be at work on Tuesday.

We got some around 7:30 PM. Momand I showered together then we slept together until morning. When the alarm woke us at 6:00 AM, I wanted to ignore it, but mom woke me up.

“Come on Tom, I’ve only have got a few minutes of free time this morning, so use that hard-on you’ve and fuck me.”

I scooted over, and she raised her leg so I could get between them, getting onto my knees I aligned my tool then I pushed into her Surprisingly she was already wet easing my entry into her vagina.

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