When I had a Fall


I am Sima, now 52. I am married to a loving husband and we have completed 27 years of conjugal life last April. Our only daughter is 24. She is an engineer. She is settled in US and married. My husband, Nilesh, is 56 and in a responsible post in the Corporate world. He will retire in next four years. We had a successful married life and an active sex life. But despite all this, I had a terrible fall four years back.

I was then 48 and had completed 23 years of marital life. Our daughter had completed her engineering and was selected from the campus for placement in USA.

I and Nilesh always had a very active sex life. Many of our friends complained about monotonous sexual life after ten or fifteen years of marriage. Many ladies often told me that after mid-forty they had lost interest in mating. Others told that their male partners lost their interest in their wives and they seldom had physical intimacy.

In our case it was different. Nilesh had always been very horny and even at fifty plus age, he regularly needed sex. I always fulfilled his physical needs and was as much horny on bed as Nilesh. After our daughter settled abroad, I and Nilesh became more free at home and at least thrice a week we had very satisfying mating sessions.

I am rather short, 5’3″ and mild fat had gathered around my tummy. But since my adolescence, I had noticeable physical growth. Even before any male hands had kneaded my boobs, I had 36 sized boobs and asses. By the time I was 48, they grew to become 38. But I maintained my waist at 34 and took special care to keep my body toned and my skin smooth and glowing. At the age of 48, with breasts becoming 38, they would not sag the least. Nilesh always appreciated the way I have maintained my figure and my boobs and asses were his favourite toys to play with. Even on the days we didn’t mate, he would fondle my flesh mounds and kiss my privates. French kissing was our daily habit and whether we mate or not, sucking each other’s lips, playing with each other’s tongue was a bedtime ritual for us.

It had never come to my mind to look for extramarital sex with anyone as my physical needs were fulfilled by Nilesh. On my part, I too played with equal vigour and both of us enjoyed the way we devoured each other on bed. I could take his plumbing me for nearly forty to forty-five minutes and when we both reached the climax, we would bite and scratch each other while getting liplocked in a passionate kiss.

Once every year, we would go on a tour for about a week and we behaved like new couples on their honeymoon trip. At Nilesh’s insistence, I often put on short modern outfits during such trips and later Nilesh used to tell me how many males around were eyeing me instead of their own partners. Even inside the walls of bedroom, Nilesh enjoyed to watch me in skimpy outfits. There was nothing to complaint about our conjugal life, neither physically nor emotionally. And yet I had a fall in some extraordinary circumstances.

Nilesh had to go on an official tour a day before. The apartment in which we lived had twenty residential flats. There was an anniversary party of a young couple in the community hall attached to our apartment. Nilesh had reminded me not to miss the party as the couple had very humbly requested all invitees of the apartment to be present. The party was on the third day of Nilesh’s departure from the town.

I attended the reception party. It was very cosily organized with arrangements of alcoholic drinks for the adults. I remember to have taken one peg of whiskey. By 11 PM, the dinner was over and invitees were leaving one by one. I too thanked the couple for the nice party hosted by them and bidding them good bye started walking towards our flat, which was in the second floor. Since I had consumed some additional calories, I decided to use the staircase instead of the elevator. Most of the residents, however, preferred the elevator.

As I was walking along the stairs and was about to step in the balcony of second floor, I had a slip and unable to maintain my balance, I stumbled on the staircase and would have gone down below, when I felt someone from behind holding me tightly to his body and trying to save me from a fall. I looked back to see that it was the Colonel Uncle, whose flat was on the same floor as ours and just opposite to us.

Colonel Uncle was one of the oldest residents of our apartment. He was an ex-army personnel and widower. His two sons were settled in Dubai. He was around 70 years of age. Everyone in our apartment addressed him as Col. Uncle. Being the most aged resident of the apartment, he regularly enquired about every family’s well being.

Col. Uncle held me tight to help me keep my balance thus preventing me from slipping downstairs. He was holding at my waist and my face was facing his. I was embarrassed enough but wanted to thank him sincerely for saving me from falling further down and getting seriously injured. As I balanced my legs and looked into his eyes, I noticed that his glances were fixed on the gap between my body and my kurta artemisbet yeni giriş that revealed a part of my bra covered boobs.

My mind was filled with disgust even though, as a courtesy, I thanked him for helping me. As I was standing on my legs to get rid of his hold, my body accidentally brushed against his trouser adding further to my disgust as I felt the hardness of his meat against my body. Simultaneously, two opposite reactions swept over me. On the one hand, I found Col. Uncle to be a dirty lecherous fellow for getting sexually excited at the touch of someone else’s wife, while on the other hand, I felt reassured that my body was still capable of arousing an old fellow like him. But I did not express my feelings and both of us walked together towards our respective flats.

Suddenly a naughty idea came to my mind and I wanted to tease this old dirty fellow. So while just at the entrance of our flat, I said to him in a flirting voice, “Uncle, what about a cup of coffee together?”

Col. Uncle seemed confused but then smartly replied, “We had taken whiskey a short while ago. So drinking coffee won’t be the right choice. But if you don’t mind, we can have another peg of whiskey in my flat.”

I was never a habitual drinker though I had no reservation about drinking occasionally. Moreover, I wanted to tease this old fellow further and so agreed to his proposal. But I was tensed too thinking about the outcome of my desire to tease him. However, I assured myself that he couldn’t at least rape me or force anything against my will.

So both the Col. Uncle and me entered inside his flat. Ours was a 3BHK flat but his was 2BHK – so the interior design was slightly different. Col. Uncle requested me to sit comfortably on the sofa chair kept at drawing-cum-dining space while he got busy to prepare two pegs of whiskey for us. The way he served it in Italian crystal tumblers with fried cashew nuts in an equally exquisite plate revealed his high standard of life style. As we cheered and took our pegs, I appreciated the extraordinary decency of his crystal tumblers and the plate. Con. Uncle told me that he had bought them while he was posted in Afghanistan.

We started sipping our drinks slowly while talking about various subjects and suddenly I remembered that I need to tease this old man and making him more excited sexually though he would need to bear it secretly within himself without any scope of relieving it or sharing it with anyone. The second peg of whiskey had made me bolder than before. As the Col. Uncle went inside to bring the whiskey bottle to fill up the pegs again, I deftly unbuttoned the top button of my kurta so that from the opposite sofa he could have a glimpse of my cleavage and a little portion of my bra cup.

Col. Uncle returned back and filled our glasses with another peg of whiskey. As he took his seat and we started conversation again, I could see his glances falling repeatedly on my unbuttoned kurta even though he pretended not to have noticed it at all.

As we talked, I proposed to see the design of his flat, which was different from ours. Col. Uncle showed me his flat. From kitchen to toilet, everywhere there was mark of his choice, the fittings were rare and artistic. But he didn’t allow me to see one bedroom telling that it was most untidy, piled with unused goods. Suddenly, it struck me that he was perhaps trying to conceal any woman or girl friend, who might be his bed partner and at that moment was hiding in that room. So I insisted on taking a look into the bedroom that he wanted to hide from me.

After some reluctance, Col. Uncle gave up and told me, “Remember, I told you not to have a look. If anything there hurts your decency or you feel offended at anything, that would be at your own risk. Don’t blame me for that.”

“Ok,” I replied, “Hope no woman is hiding there!”

Col. Uncle smiled nervously as I pushed the bedroom door to enter inside. Once inside I was dying in shame and knew how perverted the man was. The room had three or four pictures of nude women, foreign condoms, sex toys were on bed including an artificial vagina; there was a TV screen on bedside. I wanted t run away but something hanging on bed caught my eyes. A pair of bra and panty, and I was sure those were mine. Weeks ago they were lost from the roof, where I had given for drying. So long I thought that severe wind might had taken them away and dumped them in some corner outside our apartment.

I turned back to get out of the room and saw Col. Uncle standing at my back. I was afraid that he might force something in this bedroom. But he faced me and said, “I warned you. I knew it would be shocking.”

“I never imagined you are such a pervert,” I coolly said.

“I’m sorry,” Uncle said, “But I have my bodily needs. My wife died nearly twelve years back. So I depended on my hands and rubbing inside toys rather than disturbing any woman or outraging them by my action. If you can’t appreciate, that is your failure. Why it should be a stigma if I satisfy myself within the walls artemisbet giriş of my bedroom. Don’t forget, I asked you not to visit this room but you got too curious and insisted.”

Col. Uncle was telling the truth. His words embarrassed me a lot and I cursed my curiosity. But then I felt anger rising in me for he had stolen my undergarments from the roof for his perverted desire. So I confronted him angrily, “Why did you steal my undergarments? There are other ladies in this apartment who dry their things on the roof. I feel so dirty to think why you were using my undergarments.”

Col. Uncle looked deep into my eyes and replied calmly, “Because you are the queen of my fantasy and except you I saw no other lady in the primitive game with their spouses.”

“What?” I said in utter disgust.

“Yes,” replied Col. Uncle, “Most often you and Nilesh get so excited that you moan loudly enough to be heard from the balcony. And it is because, you get so engrossed that you don’t bother to check if the window at the back of your bedroom is closed or not.

About a year ago, my attention was drawn by your screams of ecstasy and when I went to the balcony, I found the window between your bedroom and the toilet not only open but even the curtain was not drawn either. Though bedroom light was off, light sneaked in from the portico and I could clearly see you riding on Nilesh. Before that I never imagined that you were so hot. Thereafter, on two other occasions also I was attracted by your passionate moans and after my first experience, I couldn’t resist myself to watch you and Nilesh and fortunately for me, the window was open. On one occasion, even your bedroom light was on and I watched like a pervert your passionate love making. I couldn’t believe my eyes to watch you so hot and sexy.”

I was at loss as how to react to his frank confession. I felt angry and disgusted that old man was a pervert who watched our most intimate moments stealthily; I felt ashamed thinking that whatever dress I might be wearing then, Col. Uncle had seen me naked and in my passionate self. I blushed but due to effect of whiskey was feeling heavy. I recalled that I had originally decided to tease this old dirty fellow. So I said to him, “Having seen us, you were excited and relieved yourself by fantasizing about me? I really didn’t expect such behaviour from an aged person like you.”

“You can’t predict about sexual behaviour,” replied Col. Uncle, “I too never thought that you and Nilesh would be that robust and active in your sex life. Specially, I can’t forget the way you rode on your hubby.”

I was ashamed to hear his words. We often made love with Nilesh at the bottom and me on top. I thanked my luck that Col. Uncle had not seen us in doggy style. I noticed from the corner of my eyes that Uncle’s dick was still hard inside his trousers. I felt naughty and said, “Both of us know each other’s dark secrets. Let us keep it in our minds and please don’t ever watch any couple in their intimate moments. Now let me go so that you can relieve yourself.”

“Don’t take offence,” said Col. Uncle, “I think we both need to relieve ourselves. So why do we do it alone? Let’s co-operate with each other.”

“What do you mean?” I asked angrily.

Col. Uncle smiled and said, “Don’t get angry. I am not going to force anything. But don’t deceive yourself either. You’re as much interested in sexual matters as I. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been here so long. You would have ran away immediately after casting a glance at the items spread here.”

I stammered. Col. Uncle had hit at the right place. Despite my anger and disgust, I was actually harbouring fantasy deep inside my mind as to what it would be like to be on bed with this dirty old man, who had seen me nude and mating, and who fantasized about me to relieve his sexual urges.

Col. Uncle’s words ignited the naughty passion that I suppressed so long. Three pegs of whiskey were having their effect on me. I was aware that he had given just a proposal and if I refuse he won’t force. I knew it was not right to stray away with an old neighbour, particularly in the absence of my husband. It would mean cheating Nilesh. But the fact that it was forbidden began to lure me. Lowering my gaze, I asked him, “You helped me hours ago from falling down. Will you let me fall this way? It will be the worst fall for a married lady.”

“You don’t have to agree,” Col. Uncle assured, “But it has nothing to do with a fall. Your married life will remain intact and so is your love and commitment to Nilesh. Take it as a sport where you are temporarily changing your partner to enjoy an intermittent match. Don’t we change partners in badminton games? Take it like that. And remember that far from falling, together we can fly to the seventh heaven. But the choice is yours.”

For sometime, I couldn’t say anything. Col. Uncle stayed away from the bedroom so that I could walk to the main entrance if I wish to leave. I went to the main entrance of the flat as the uncle looked behind with clear frustrating artemisbet güvenilirmi looks. At the entrance I found the door bolted from inside. Uncle swiftly came to unbolt the door and open it for me.

I gravely looked at him, “This old man has done naughty things including watching me nude and a couple mating in their room. I think he need to be punished.”

“I am guilty,” Col. Uncle said, “I really beg forgiveness for whatever I did and ready to accept whatever punishment you decide.”

Without letting any smile I said, “Then keep the main door bolted and take me to the dirty old man’s special bedroom.”

Col. Uncle could not believe his luck. He looked at me in utter disbelief. I went near him and pointing to his trousers said, “Take it off. I want to see the monster against which I had brushed while balancing myself from falling down.”

Col. Uncle was overjoyed. He lifted me up and started kissing on my stomach as he carried me to the bed. The silicon made artificial vagina was still on his bed. I said to him, “Throw it away. It is my rival. I won’t share my bed with it.”

Uncle laughed and threw it in a corner, and while moving his fingers on my lips said, “Who cares for it now that I have a hot and beautiful pussy beside me?”

We were both seated on bed and both had intense passion inside. But at our age, we didn’t jump on each other rather waited awkwardly for the other partner to take the initiative. To avoid the silence I asked Col. Uncle, “Are you sure the main door is locked?”

“Yes,” replied Col. Uncle, “Your old dirty Uncle is waiting for the punishment you’re going to award.”

I smiled nervously and said, “Get out of your trousers and tell me why did it indecently pricked me while I was about to fall down in the staircase?”

Col. Uncle pulled down his trousers and brief and mockingly replied, “It stood out as a mark of respect to you and your youthful treasures.”

I was then looking at his massive tool. It was bigger than that of Nilesh both in length and girth. It was fully erect and the vein was prominent. Admiringly, I took it in my palm and mildly stroked it as if caressing it. Uncle groaned mildly. I had not really expected such a massive and hard piece of meat in a person of the Uncle’s age. I rolled back the foreskin exposing his swollen pink glans and said, “He is really naughty, I like him.”

Col. Uncle pulled me towards him and kissed my lips. We were sitting face to face on the bed and the Uncle invited me to be on his lap. I was already burning in passion and went to sit on his lap as we hugged each other tightly. His hands were at my back. I asked him to unbutton my kurta. Uncle said to me, “I wish to see your beauty. Please stand on the bed while I take your clothes away and survey your beauty.”

I stood in front of him. He removed my kurta and then unhooked my bra allowing my flesh mounds to jump out to his view. Col. Uncle lovingly caressed them in his palms and kneeling down in front of me started nibbling my nipples softly. It was like an electric shock and I pressed his face harder on my mounds. Col. Uncle slowly unknotted my salwar and kissed above the panty. He was sniffing my triangle. Slowly, his hand started exploring my trimmed pubic hairs inside my panty. I was already wet between my thighs and the touch of his fingers made me discharge profusely. My body was already on fire. I sat down on bed, once again took his throbbing meat in my palms. Then I lowered my face on his lap and moved my lips sensuously on his glans. Uncle moaned in excitement.

After teasing the tip of meat for sometime, I took his tool inside my mouth and started licking and sucking it. Perhaps, Col. Uncle did not expect me to suck it. He looked at me and with a smile of joy and appreciation said, “You’re real hot, baby.”

Soon we were lying on bed exploring each other. Col. Uncle was sucking my upper lip. I pushed my tongue inside his mouth and our tongues got busy in teasing each other. His hands were all along playing with my flesh mounds, fondling them gently, sometimes sucking and nibbling the nipples. Col. Uncle was virile, full of vigour and vitality, but never dominating. His every step was gentle and mild, which aroused me more. He kissed my face, my lips, earlobes and then his face came to rest in the valley between my boobs and his lips explored the valley. Col. Uncle raised my arms above my head and sniffed my armpits, kissed and licked. As his fingers played with the elastic of my panty, he gently asked for my permission to remove it.

I felt a prick of conscience. For the first time in married life that I was allowing someone other than Nilesh to expose and watch my love triangle. But sexual passion overruled my ethical considerations. I did not tell anything directly but looking directly to the eyes of the Col. Uncle blinked once to assure that he could take away my panty.

Deftly the Col. Uncle pulled down my panty exposing the most private part of my body that was so long reserved only for my hubby. Uncle began to caress my labia lips. He moved his face to my pussy and started to tease my labia lips with his lips. His fingers occasionally teased my clitoris making me moan shamelessly. At one stage, I could bear no more foreplay and told the Uncle that I had become restless to feel his rod inside my pussy.

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