When Only A Girl Will Do


Alex had had better starts to the year. Everything had been going fine after the Christmas break and then a momentary lapse in concentration had resulted in both hands being burned in a steam press on the shop floor. Fortunately it wasn’t fully fired up or it might have been much worse, but third degree burns were still not a laughing matter and put him in hospital for two days for observation and to make sure no infection set in.He was discharged with a care plan, as beds were at a premium in the hospital and so Alex was sent home with two bandaged hands with a prosthetic attachment designed to grip a fork or a tootbrush. It took him a while to get used to this after his meals were delivered from the local social services, given that any sort of dexterity, lifting or carrying was impossible. Shaving was out of the question too and he had developed a thick, dark stubble.It was on his second day out of hospital that he had his first visit from the nurse assigned to him for his ablusions, something he had not anticipated with relish however essential it was. Opening the door to let his visitors in wasn’t that easy, his hands reduced to two paws, but his spirits were both lifted and simultaneously dampened when he saw his ‘personal assistant.’ Lifted, because she was a cute, blue eyed blonde of eighteen years or there abouts and with a voice that was both sweet and effervescent. Dampened, because even at thirty one, Alex was old enough to view the prospect of being washed in his private areas by such a young attractive girl with considerable trepidation.”Hey, güvenilir bahis I’m Suzy. You should have had a letter when you were discharged about your personal hygiene.””Yeah, I did,” said Alex trying to hide the uneasiness in his voice. “I was expecing someone older.””Ah, well you got me. is that all right?””Yeah. of course!””Well if you want to go up to your bathroom, I’ll just put on my gloves.”Suzy’s matter of factness was at odds with her perfect smile and coquetish girliness, an anomaly which didn’t help Alex’s situation and he hesitated before showing her in. He went up to the bathroom and she followed, carrying her little bag of cleansing wipes, soap and sponge.”Do you need any help undressing?” said Suzy.”I’m good, thanks,” confimed Alex, inaccurately.”Oh come on, let me. You’ll be all day,” said Suzy, pleasantly.Suzy pulled off his T-shirt and shorts. Alex had gone commando out of necessity as putting them on was difficult enough. Suzy did a little cough when she saw the size of his slack penis, but she continued professionally and asked him to step into the bath as she filled the hand wash basin with hot water and proceeded to give him a strip wash.Suzy sponged his torso quickly but thoroughly, soaping him and rinsing as she went before turning her attention to below his waist. She was a little more careful here, but gave him a rapid soaking between his legs and around his buttocks, before lifting his penis gently in order to cleanse his genital area.Suzy’s lightness of touch and her overall demeanour were a little too much güvenilir bahis siteleri for Alex and inevitably his dick began to stiffen. It was just a bit but it was enough for Suzy to be aware of it, and she looked at Alex with a knowing smile and flicked the end of his manhood firmly, making Alex wince without causing him any actual pain. This had the immediate effect of subduing his incipient erection.”Think of old buildings,” said Suzy. “A nurse at the college told me that, it helps keep things under control.”Alex didn’t know where to look but apologized for his involuntary reaction.”No need, I’ve seen it all before during my training.””Are you fully qualified then?” asked Alex, eager to change the subject.”No, I have another year to go, but I have all the basics.”When she had done, Suzy dried him off and said that she would see him in another couple of days.Alex was relieved when she had gone and tried not to dwell on the arousal incident. But Suzy was sexy in that self-effacing sort of way. She hadn’t been overly made up but just had a kind of radiance that girls of her age had, and Suzy he thought was one of those whose wont was to be sexy and appealing while denying it all the way.In any other circumstances, Alex would have gone to his room and masturbated, but his predicament made that an impossibility and every time he tried to block it out, his thoughts returned to the young community nurse and her next visit.Alex had been single for a while now; he had had a hook-up pre-covid, but then the pandemic had put paid to anything iddaa siteleri else and what might have been a brief hiatus in his love life turned into an enforced period of celibacy. Work during the winter had left him tired and he had found himself frequently drifting off without his bed time release, so by the day of Suzy’s second visit he had gone nearly 10 days without pleasuring himself. Suzy’s temporary remedy the first time, while effective in the moment, had just stirred his feelings and brought to the fore his need to end his abstinence.It was raining heavily when Suzy arrived and even with the short walk from her car, her hair had become quite damp, as if she had dried it quickly after a shower and she ran her fingers through her hair as she stepped through his door giving it a deliciously tousled look. Alex thought her lips looked glossier than before, but otherwise her minimal makeup was complementary to her naturally flawless complexion.Suzy repeated her routine from before hurrying through the systematic washing of his chest, under his arms and his legs, without missing anywhere and then moved to his butt and finally his personal areas.She looked him in the eyes as she held his penis and pulled back the prepuce, rubbing lightly soaped water over the glans and down the shaft. Her movements were swift to begin with but she moved more gently and Alex felt the stirrings of an erection instantly, feelings that increased in their intensity but this time instead of flicking his cock as she did before, Suzy allowed him to harden as she completed the washing of his parts.”I’m sorry, I’ve not… you know for ages. It’ll go down in a minute.””Do you want it to go down?” asked Suzy, still holding his cock, in a professional way and yet inspecting it curiously with her other hand.

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