When Two Becomes Three (A Poets Dirty Dream)


 There they were My two lovers, who take me to heaven and down to hell and back again.NakedVoluptuousScheming Arms wrapped around each other, Their cunts wet, Oh how they enjoy each other. Instantly çankaya escort hard, They see my cock, stiff as a flag pole, standing tall.Grasping rus escort me they pull me to their bed, I can almost taste their wet cunts, As they slip and slide eryaman escort over my body, kissing each other as they grind over me. Guiding them to lay over each other, I fuck both their cunts slipping into oneThen the other, one stroke at a time. Dirty girl wants to catch the drips, So I plunder the one dripping cunt As the other is like a little bird her mouth open wide Then as if  lush crashes, My alarm goes  offI’m woken from my wet dream A sticky mess 

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