Where the Road Leads


Twenty-four-year-old Maya had lived all her life in Los Angeles. Her mother took off when she was twelve and never looked back. Her father, Mateo, found himself as a single father. He did the best he could. Truth be told, it was a lot better than many of her friends’ duel parent situations turned out to be. When Maya graduated from high school, her father moved home to a small town outside of Tucson, Arizona.In the five years she lived alone in LA, Maya didn’t know if she was proud of what she accomplished. She dated a little. Nothing that ever lasted more than a few months. She worked a dead end retail job that sucked up any free moment. She had just one more semester before she would finally graduate from college. She knew that it was an immature fantasy but deep inside she believed that everything would finally come together when she walked away with the diploma.It was 8:00 am on the morning after Black Friday. As always, she had to work the holiday shift. She was excited about the two weeks she was going to spend at her dad’s house. Her small SUV was packed. One cup holder held a to-go mug of hot coffee, the other a bottle of water. Snacks were stationed where she could reach them in the back seat. Her phone was synced to the car, and she had podcasts lined up. She was ready to embark on a nine-hour drive to her dad’s.The trip was going smoothly. Her father checked in every two hours or so. He hated that she was alone driving on the I-10 but knew better than to push the subject. He knew she would just start one of her double standard tirades and the end result would be the same. Maya was just on the other side of Phoenix when the traffic began to build up. She checked her phone and listened to the radio to see what was going on but could not find what was causing the traffic. Cars ahead of her were stopping all together. She did not want to be stuck sitting there. Maya maneuvered her car toward the upcoming exit. When she was finally free, she searched for somewhere to get out. It was just before 3:00 pm. It was as good a time as any to find somewhere to get some lunch, walk around, and use a bathroom. She settled on a fast-food restaurant close to the freeway. Maya had only stopped once earlier to get gas and her body was ready for a good stretch. She was wearing black yoga pants and a red sweatshirt that was unzipped showing the matching red tank top under. She stepped out of her car and closed the door. Bending her torso in half, she let her hands hang limply near the ground. The muscles in her legs and back loosened. She moved her arms to hug one leg, helping with one hamstring, then to the other to complete the exercise. bahis siteleri When she stood back up, she noticed a man in the window of the restaurant looking at her. She couldn’t see his eyes though his aviator sunglasses but instinctively knew his gaze was fixed on her.Maya looked directly back at the man and raised both arms to the sky, locking her fingers together. This motion caused her tank top to rise until it showed her tan tummy. Dropping her arms, Maya smiled to herself and walked in.—Maya sat at a small table with her food. Famished, she took a huge bite of her hamburger and moaned happily. Her mouth was near bursting with bread, meat, and cheese. Only moving her eyes, she watched the man from the window slide into the booth in front of her. His crisp uniform let her know he was a cop. Rationally, she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong, but panicked thoughts assaulted her. She mentally scanned through her drive and freeway exit to see if there was something she should be worried about. Maybe it was a natural human reaction or maybe it came from growing up in Los Angeles but she came up with nothing. She stared at him and tried to swallow what was in her mouth.”I hope you don’t mind. I saw you sitting here alone. I wanted to say hello,” he said with a smile. She raised a hand over her mouth to hide the remnants of the burger still there and mumbled an unrecognizable hello in return. “You’re from California?” he asked. Maya’s eyes widened in fear. He motioned to her car through the window. He had noticed her license plate. She nodded in answer. Though she was now able to speak, she was confused about what was going on. In her silence, he continued, “I really just wanted to say hello. If it will make you feel better, I will be completely honest. I saw you in the parking lot and… let’s say you caught my eye. I thought there was a chance that I caught yours as well.” The last statement came out a little insecure. For whatever reason, that calmed her down enough she could really take him in. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties and had neatly cut dark brown hair. He had light brown eyes that almost glowed. He was fit, not all hard muscle, but also didn’t show any soft areas. Maya found him attractive.”Well, I did see you watching me.” She finally spoke with a sly smile.He gave her a big bright smile in return, “I saw you watching me too. My name is Richard.”Maya chuckled and mock looked around. “So Richard, are you on a stakeout? I heard Hamburgler won’t be showing up until tomorrow. I’m Maya.””I am off duty at the moment. That is the only reason why I am going to ask for your number. Once I am on the clock, I will not canlı bahis siteleri be distracted from my oath to protect and serve,” he answered with mock seriousness.”I am actually just passing through. I stopped to get some lunch and wait out the traffic.””If that’s the case, you are going to have at least five hours to wait. I’m headed that way now. It is a multi-vehicle crash with three fatalities.””That’s horrible but I can’t help but wonder… shouldn’t you be getting to work instead of staring at women’s asses in parking lots?” Her words were sharp but there was no burn behind them. “I see how it is. Well, it was nice to meet you Maya.” With that he stood, put on his uniform hat, nodded at her and walked away with a smirk. —Back in her car, Maya called her dad. He didn’t like the idea of his little girl spending the day in parking lots. It bothered him that she didn’t know when she could make the rest of the drive home. On his computer, he found a motel near her and called for her as she drove over and made a reservation. Maya spent the rest of the day in the dated room napping, watching the news, and scrolling through social media on her phone. After a few hours, the freeway was still closed. She looked out the window and saw the sun was starting to set. She decided that she would go out to find a restaurant to have dinner. She showered and dressed in a casual V-neck boho dress with ankle boots. About two miles away she found a familiar chain food restaurant. When she finished her meal, she wasn’t ready to go directly back to the hotel. She drove toward the freeway to see if there was any change there. There were no cars anywhere. Not on the roads, not on the freeway. She found herself on a desert road surrounded by nothing. She put all the windows down and turned up the music. With her arm stretched out in the cool autumn air, she pressed on the accelerator harder. Joy. Freedom. Peace. Sirens… sirens? She looked in her rear-view mirror. She was being pulled over. The dirt road had nowhere for her to really pull into so she just stopped. She looked through her side mirror and saw a flashlight glaring in her eyes. She rolled down her window just a crack. “Good evening, officer. Is there a problem?””License and registration.” a male voice demanded. “I know I was going a little fast but there is nothing out here. Is there any chance we can forget this? I will slow down. I promise,” she begged still looking into the light. “Please exit the car and put your hands on the hood.” It was another demand.Her hands started to shake. Not wanting to make things worse, she complied. She exited the car and walked to the front and canlı bahis placed both hands on the warm hood. The officer stepped up behind her. He leaned in so his lips were next to her ear. “This afternoon, I was told to get to work. So that’s what I’m doing,” he whispered, then lightly bit her earlobe. At his words, Maya figured out who he was. She turned to face Richard. His body pinned her against her car. She felt something between them. She wondered if it was his gun. They made eye contact and he kissed her. He claimed her mouth, sucked her tongue into his own and pressed his hand to her hip. He bit her tongue, freezing it in his mouth. Without breaking contact he said, “Say no now and you can go and never see me again.” Lips still touching, he waited. Maya was fairly certain it wasn’t a gun that pressed into her belly. Her panties flooded at the thought of the hot cop’s dick crushing into her. Maybe it was the adrenaline from being pulled over but she didn’t want to stop. Maya wanted to have sex with the cop. She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear. “Whatever you do, please don’t search me.” Richard smiled. His state of arousal shot up from a ten to a thirty. He flipped her around, “I told you, hands on the hood.” She put her hands down, shoulder width apart. He used his foot to force her legs apart and pressed his hand on her back, forcing her to lay her chest on the car. In a stern voice Richard said “I received a tip that you may be in possession of something I very much want. Would you like to confess or will I need to do a full cavity search?” “I plead the fifth,” she responded in a breathy whisper.”I am so sorry to hear that.” Richard knelt down behind her. He wrapped one hand around each ankle. He slowly moved them up, gathering her dress in his arms. His face lined up with her round ass and gave her a playful nip on one cheek. Leaving a kiss on the offended spot, he growled, “we will be dealing with this in a minute”. He continued his journey up, lifting the dress over her head. Lightly biting her neck he brought her hands behind her back and tied them together with her dress. He stepped back to admire her. Wearing only her boots and mismatched lace underwear, her legs were wide apart, and she was bent at the waist over the car. Her hands secured behind her back… It was the hottest thing he had ever seen in real life. He took the utility knife from his pocket and released the blade. Maya saw the glint of the metal and fear hit her. She opened her mouth in protest. Richard placed his hand on her back and shushed her. “I need to remove the barriers for the investigation”. He touched the sharp point of the blade to the back of her thigh and lightly ran it up to her hip. Maya’s body shivered at the feel of the cold metal but she didn’t stop him. He used the knife to cut through her panties and he put them in his pocket.

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