Who’s the Daddy?


“It really is our little miracle.”Harry smiled and placed his hand on his wife’s stomach. He raised a glass at his two grown-up sons from a previous marriage. “I thought my parenting days were over but I guess I’ll have to get used to the sleepless nights and nappies again.”Emily smiled back at him as the cheers and laughter rang around the room. She looked at her friends, family and work colleagues who had gathered to hear the news. She saw her co-worker, James. Their eyes locked.—–Their eyes locked as she pushed him against the bathroom wall. Her lips were on his mouth as her fingers unfastened his belt. She wanted him and nothing was going to stop her.She tugged his chinos down. Her fingers wrapped around bahis şirketleri the hardening shaft as she tugged it from his shorts.“Fuck, you’ve been teasing me for weeks. Did you dress like a slut on purpose?”He grinned at her. The dirty bitch had been giving him the come-on ever since he’d started working with her. She’d kept letting the lace stocking top show as she sat close by him. His fingers gripped the hem of the dress and pushed the material up her thighs until it gathered around her waist. His fingers slid along the nylon hold-ups then caressed the strip of naked flesh. He moved his hands up under the dress, cupping her arse cheeks. He lifted her up and she slid her ass back to rest on the bahis firmaları edge of the wash hand basin. His fingertips scrabbled; tugging, pulling and sliding as he ripped the damp cotton down her thighs. Her panties dropped on the floor.Their tongues swirled as she spread her legs wider. She felt the head of his cock rub along her folds and smear her juices over her clit hood. He could feel her heat as he ground himself against her. They knew they didn’t have long. The fifteen-minute coffee break was almost over. Wrapping her ankles behind him, she pulled him into her. His fingers gripped her hips and he pulled her into him.“Fuck,” they both groaned in unison. There was no time for finesse. This was kaçak bahis siteleri no dance of seduction designed to heighten the senses. This was a pure, unbridled fuck of lust. He bottomed out inside her. She had thrown her head back with the first slam of his cock deep inside. She was soaked. She could feel his cock squelch as he thrust in and out.His mouth was on her neck, sucking and biting, marking her porcelain skin as he slammed his cock deeper, harder and faster into her. Her pussy rippled, milking his cock as her walls gripped it. She dug her heels into his arse to hold him in place.He groaned, back arched. He pulled her in deeper and then his cock twitched and rope after rope of hot cum splattered the insides of her womb. She pushed him off her and bent down to retrieve her knickers.“We’d better get back before the rest of the team notice we’re gone.”She straightened her dress and reapplied some lipstick as James fastened his belt.

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