Wicked step-mother – Part 22 Finale


Wicked step-mother – Part 22 FinaleIf you are going to severely upset, dangerous people then you would be well advised to take precautions. Sal was both highly intelligent and very savvy, so did what she could but the reality was that she had pulled their tails along with the assistance of her friends.Amongst those precaution was a series of chats with people like the chief constable who was a friend of Quentin’s, the head of special branch, various friends who would deny their own existence and the like. If Sal pressed the panic button it would not be the case of sending around a squad car but every armed officer available probably accompanied by some people who would actually at the time in question be In Hereford not Surrey.Sal and her friends were not alone all they had to do was stay alive long enough for help to arrive. Again, preparations had been made. Amongst the renovations had been a basement that had a long corridor to the server room and a comfortable room with an independent air supply as well as food and drink. The thing about the corridor was like the servers it had a fire suppression system which worked by pushing out the oxygen. It kills both fires and people as neither could breath.That their opponents were prepared to risk force in England was proved by an attempt to k**nap Ella when she was leaving the office in St Anne’s Gate having been there to see Crispin. A man had come up to her and grabbed her arm pulling her towards him and then showing her he had a gun. The thing was that it was not directly pointing at her because he was trying to keep it hidden the street was relatively empty but people were about. Ella was wearing stiletto heel boots and she brought one of these down on her assailants’ shoe as hard as possible whilst swinging her body around. The normal advice would be to run but not with a gun man. Instead she screamed at the top of her voice he has a gun at the same time rabbit punching him in the k**neys. This was a risky response but it did the trick and he ran to his mates in their car and made his escape rather than fight.They only made their escape by speed but only just as carrying out a k**napping a hundred yards from the Home Office is not the best of ideas. This was what Ella was counting on.Ella was quite glad to spend a lot of time being interviewed by the police as it stopped her family getting worried about her. When they had faintly finished with her Quentin took her home. Once home everyone was very affectionate, they had been scared by the news and they demonstrated that fear as physical affection but also being the people they were, it was not difficult to turn affection into sex. Batsa was there determined to protect her and so with him came his family.Ella was being screwed by Crisp whilst Ehlani was sucking on her breasts. Across the room Sophia was bouncing up and down on Batsa’s cock whilst Sal was doing the same on Mark’s. Some of the girls were daisy chaining on the floor. It was a fairly normal evening other than they were not putting their normal enthusiasm into sex. Batsa and Sophia had found a house that by road was two miles away but via a foot-path only less than half a mile. At the moment they were renting but they had persuaded the owner to sell by offering a good price. Money was not an object as when they had managed to get control of Sophia’s out of Syria, she had proved to be comfortably wealthy. Buying a house even at Surrey prices was not a problem.The attempted k**nap made the national news partly because of its location and partly because someone made a connection between that and the nutter who had attacked Sal by pulling her off her horse and stabbing her. That the two incidents were only connected by the victims was irrelevant, it made a story.The newsmen camped out near the house and in the end, they decided to give a press conference. On one level it was useful for whilst there was a posse of press were outside an attack was impossible.A lot of the questions were pretty banal there was some interest in that Ella was visiting her boyfriend but since they were both single and no scandal could be found, no orgies or lesbian sex and Ella allowed them some photos with her an Crispin they lost interest in that side of things. Ella just politely answered there mostly banal questions whilst looking a sweet young thing.“No, I don’t know what the motive is. No there doesn’t seem to be a connection between this incident and the attack of Dr Forrester. Yes, I do have confidence in the Metropolitan police. I haven’t the foggiest idea if this is terrorist related but have no nothing about their motivation. Sorry I have no idea.”Ella felt that she rather bahis siteleri came over as a clueless little rich girl but she wasn’t going let them go into a feeding frenzy by suggesting a Russian mob connection. Little further happened and other things got their attention so they left everyone in peace. One of things was the most of the information that Miri had brought over on the flash drive hadn’t been made that much use of not least because it would have been highly provocative and could escalate to a political level. Poking at mobsters who had the ear of government was one thing, doing the same to those governments themselves was another. None the less without taking any positive action Mark and his friends on Lotus were slowly infiltrating the enemies cyber-space. Back door entries were being inserted wherever possible, folders were explored, catalogued and left untouched. The level to which they had intruded would have been frightening if it had been the other way round.Mark, Sal, Ella and Crisp were lounging in the spa, not doing very much but the girls were having their tits fondled whilst playing with the guys cocks. Some of the others were swimming in the pool. Outside there was a thin layer of snow that had fallen the previous night.“I know I am the one doing it, but I find it scary just how much we know about their financial activities. Unfortunately, they are rather more careful about there more physical plans all we know is that they are planning something and spending a lot of money on it. We don’t even know if it is connected with us.”Stancia wandered in arm and arm with Jennifer, followed a little while later by Quentin. Sal was glad that their tub had been custom made to accommodate more than most as these three climbed in with Quentin in the middle with his arms around his two girls and a hand on their tits.“We were just talking about how far we have penetrated into our opponents cyber-world. I do get a little nervous about whether they know we are there and are creating an illusory environment as a trap for us.”“That is because if it was the other way round you would have done just that. I don’t think they are as clever as you Sal. Also, our presence is a very light touch we observe but do not leave foot prints.”“Could they penetrate out activities the same way.”“No because Geoff and I are old fogies who do not put everything on computers also we make use of an old style analogue phone line to communicate. Fortunately, we are not the only ones who realise how much safer that it so the old trans-Atlantic cables are maintained.”They stopped bothering about the outside world and concentrated on some gentle love making. Nothing too energetic just playful and affectionate. In the pool again rather than serious sex they were indulging themselves in high jinx. It would not have been obvious to any outside party but even with a lack of firearms the area around Chateau Sal was fast becoming a well defended camp. However, the attack when it came was a surprise if only for the scale on which it was launched. It was the extent to which they went that caught the defenders slightly unaware.They came from different directions at once, some came up the lane and these were the ones that set off the alarms. But they also came up through the woods from both directions. A fourth group came across the fields behind the farm. It would have been a major problem if an attempt had been made to do a run for it. Fortunately though, the plan was to hole up in the secure basement and wait for the cavalry in the form of armed response units.The attack was on a Sunday evening and for once few people were present Sal and Ella together with Crispin, Mark, Basna and Sophia. On the alarms going of in the lane and a quick look at the CCTV identifying three vehicles packed with men going down a lane where there was no legitimate reason for them to be there Basna took charge.“So far this is just suspicious not criminal all get down to the cellar. I am going to the stable so I am able to act.”They did as they were told and sealed the door which was airproof. This was not only a safe space but also a control room. It was also linked to a secondary command point in the hay loft in the stable. It is amazing how easy it is to use hay bales to conceal things. All the indications were was that the attack was being concentrated on Sal. Quentin was every much a leader as Sal but less obvious than the flamboyant barrister. They did not split their forces and this at least meant most of their friends could get stay safe.Mark was flicking through all the CCTV feeds and spotted the group coming round behind the farm. The other started ringing canlı bahis siteleri their friends warning them to stay in their houses or if away from home not to come back. Quentin and Jennifer were with Stancia and nobody was sure who the targets were. However as far as it was possible to tell it was Sal’s house that was the target.The group at the front door of Chateau Sal was the largest after ringing on the bell politely they started removing equipment from their vehicles. These included sledgehammers and some serious weaponry. That is when a call was made to the police and also an agreed panic number.Then in full view of a camera that was live screening to police headquarters they took sledge hammers to the door which resisted because underneath the oak panelling was a solid steel plate and the bolts holding it shut were designed to resist such force. A second group coming up the bridle path had more luck by climbing a wall and coming in through the leisure complex which of necessity was less well defended. They used their mobile phones to communicate which was stupid as that allowed Mark to track their location. Apart from the ones in and around the house it showed that there was another phone that seemed to used more than the others. A quick check and it was confirmed most of the calls involved the one outlying signal and it was located in a field about a quarter of a mile away.The search of the house was quite thorough but they were looking for people not things, so were uninterested in any space to small for someone to hide in. They seemed blissfully unaware of the level of CCTV coverage as all the cams were very discreet. Everything fed into the control centre in the safe room. This was the point when those in the safe room were distracted as the thugs found their way down to the cellar area having searched the house. By this stage it was ten minutes since the emergency call to the police. A response was on its way but the scale of the attack meant that it would be slower because of the need for sufficient units. Sal was talking to the superintendent who they had dealt with after the riding incident.“I have a major problem madam. I want my officers to go in and help as soon as possible but if I do so without sufficient numbers of armed officers all that will do is get them killed. My understanding is that you are not in imminent danger so I am creating a perimeter and waiting for reinforcements. Several police helicopters are flying them in. we really are moving as quickly as possible.”The Super sounded embarrassed that he was not able to respond now but they all knew that what he said made sense. The old fashioned telephone rang, the one that was entirely electro-mechanical and thus utterly un-trackable or hackable having nothing electronic to track or hack, it was Quentin.“I have got the girls to drive off and they have confirmed they are safely clear of the area. The alarms have gone off at the farm house but of course I was at Stancia’s. I am going to stay here as I suspect I am a target but if they don’t know I am here. They very much seem to be concentrating on you”“Sorry Quentin got to go they have found the cellar level.”Four of the attackers got into the passage way and were using sledge hammers against the door before Crispin threw the fire suppression switch. The oxygen was forced out the air and they quickly had difficulty breathing. Two managed to get out to the upper level but the other two who had been hammering collapsed. Even though they were thugs Crispin was not prepared to let them die from his action. The two u*********s heavles were hauled into the safe room. They were tied up with cable ties before oxygen masks were applied. They soon came round but were firmly prisoners. Also, there weaponry was in the hands of the defenders. When a second foray was made Sal demonstrated that she knew how to use a pistol, firing two quick shots which attracted a hail of gunfire. It was however the attackers who pulled back with one of their number injured. They must have realised they were running out of time.—That they were showing a lack of leadership was down to Batsa who had saddled up Faustus and gone after the location where the controlling mobile signal was. Whilst not his attention the Caucasian Mountain dog came along too well able to keep up with the horse.Batsa found a four wheel drive Audi in a field with three men in it. That they were hostile was show by them pulling out guns as they tried to drive off, though the shooting was rather wild. They were on a collision course and it was the car that cried chicken first. At the same time that it was swerving Batsa’s claw hammer canlı bahis from his tool bag hit the windscreen. The Audi went into a tree, not too fast but enough that the front air bags deployed temporarily trapping the two on the front seats.The rear passenger got out and ran for it pursued by Miko. Meanwhile Batsa ensured that the two in the front were not going to cause trouble in the near future. Remounting he went in pursuit of the third man who was clutching a laptop. The thing was he was running away with a very large dog present. Doing things like that triggers the canine hunting instinct so one hundred and fifty pounds of dog bred to take down wolves went in pursuit. It wasn’t an even contest; the attacker had become the attacked and dropped the laptop as he went. Batsa knew that it could be very valuable so retrieved it and found that it was muddy but appeared to be working. Of course, he would need a password access anything.Batsa dismounting, meant that Faustus was free to do what he wished. What Faustus wished was to join his canine friend in m*****ing the laptops owner. Realising he was not going to access the laptop easily Batsa came over to the place where dog and horse were scaring the life out of their victim, he was not on any hurry to interfere. Miko was growling menacingly and Faustus was rearing and dancing which if anything was more frightening.“Get these two off me.”“Sorry I am to busy with this laptop I found. You want to be careful, the dog will probably be all right as long as you don’t run, the horse however has a bit of a reputation. The last person who attacked his mistress got his head stove in, never recovered enough to stand trial.”“All right I will give you the pass word just get them away from me.”The password was confirmed as correct so Batsa called the well trained and obedient Miko to heel and took Faustus by the reins feeding him one of his favourite treats, an apple.—-Whilst this bit of intimidation was going on the police had arrived in force with armed response units from Kent, Surrey and the Met, plus others whose roll was not publicly discussed. Having been effectively decapitated by their leader’s tribulations the thugs mostly gave themselves up, a few tried to run but a helicopter ensured they didn’t escape. One was stupid enough to try and shoot it out. The threat to civilians meant that deadly force was used though he did in the end survive, severely injured. The Chief Constable turned up, as did Quentin once it was clear that it would not interfere with police operations. What got reported in the papers was reasonably the truth though putting the blame firmly on criminal elements not any government. Quite a number of the villains were English with only a few from Eastern EuropeTo leave the crime scene clear for the police Sal and the others headed for their London offices. Once there, Quentin was on the line to Lotus Island and Batsa and Mark had their heads together with Sal. The conclusion of all these were that they should send a message to their opponents in response to the attack.The laptop that Batsa had obtained was the final piece in the already substantially completed jigsaw. The response they put together was a massive cyber attack on their opponents, emptying bank accounts and destroying large swathes of their computer infrastructure. It was unashamed cyber-warfare performed using the top quality equipment on Lotus Island. The lovely thing was that the government that was hiding behind the criminals could not protest without admitting rather publicly their part in a terrorist attack on a large scale. They just had to take it on the chin. None the less as a precaution it was though wise if whilst the police were following up leads, some of which had been handed them on a plate by Mark that they all make themselves absent. Those who had been involved to a significant degree, were picked up by the Lotus Island jet where they spent a few weeks in the Lotus Island sun, with its added debauchery. Ella was amused at Jennifer happily wandering naked hand in hand with Stancia as they went off for a swim and probably a bit of sex. It was surprising how many people they now knew here, her more than most. In the course of their stay those who worked for Passel, Partridge and Bartelett still had work to do but were working remotely. It was then that they cooked up a scheme to expand their reach. They would set up a new office on St Anne which was the main island of the country of which Lotus Island was a part. The main motivation was that it allowed all of them to spend more time with their friends on Lotus but it made business sense as well since a lot of their clients were connected to Lotus. The decision was marked by having a big party one weekend to which all the remaining staff were invited and flown over thanks to Lady Victoria. The end result was of course an absolutely wicked orgy.

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