Wild Side of a Perky Ass


Warning: This story contains intense humiliation and degradation of a male submissive.

Read, only if you are comfortable with this theme. Thanks.


I’d just finished a meeting I had with two friends. I was invited to an investment opportunity, which by my evaluation, would be something worthwhile. We’d be meeting again, after which the business will kick off, but for today, we were done.

I slid into my car and got on the road. I grabbed the coffee from the cup holder and mentally sang along to ‘Best of You.’ It’s one of my best songs from Foo Fighters and I can bet I play it every week, if not every day.

The signboard of a big shopping mall on the right reminded me of the list I drafted on my phone. I had missed the first entry, but luckily hadn’t driven past the second one, so I slowed down and drove in.

There was foot traffic outside the mall as much as it was on the inside, and I did have a good time admiring beautiful people, more like, beautiful women. There was this girl I saw on the twenty-sixth aisle, with an empty cart.

She looked very young, like twenty, if she’s up to that. Blonde hair, average body (not thin, not fat) and a perky ass. She was on a blue denim bum short, fixed and painted fingernails, chewing gum and focused on shopping alone. I halted and lingered my stare on her but she didn’t even notice me.

I watched her pick up nut jars and read the labels. She made her choice and picked the first item. She didn’t move the cart yet since she wasn’t done with that shelf. I hadn’t started shopping and honestly had forgotten what exactly I came in to buy. All I could think about was her tight ass deliciously packed in the jean shorts.

Though at first, I had thought she was undecided, she wasn’t, only that she’s particular about what she picks into the cart. She began to move from row to row, shelf to shelf, and I began to follow her, at some reasonable distance though, at least reasonable in my thinking. At some point, I knew she noticed me but didn’t pay me any mind. She eventually finished taking all she wanted to take and headed to the checkout.

I had to control my stalking game, but at the same time thought paying for her stuff would be nice. This would be me making the move and I went for it. “Hello, can I cover that for you?” I asked politely.

“No, thanks,” she said almost immediately. She didn’t have to think about declining my offer. She said so nonchalantly and unthankfully that I felt embarrassed. Unconsciously, I retraced my steps, but I knew in my heart that I wasn’t done with this girl. I still have one more try.

I waited for too long before it occurred to me that if I didn’t catch her on the other side fast enough, she’d be gone. Seeing I couldn’t just wait behind her like that, especially since there was a shopper in between us, I looked around and luckily, the next counter was free and I quickly went there.

After checkout, I hurried out of the mall and scanned for her outside, breathing faster, already feeling bad because it looked like I had lost her so easily. I looked in all directions and didn’t see her, then I walked çukurambar escort forward turning around and turning my eyes frantically.

Oh, goodness! There she is in the distance walking away. I walked so fast that I began to pant, just so I could catch up with her. Jugging would be embarrassing but I would have done that if I had to, but thankfully, walking fast like I was on hot coals was sufficient.

“Hi,” I said to her as I caught up, “please…”

“You again?” she blurted.

“Yes, me again. I like you and I’d like to…”

She raised her nose and rolled her eyes at me, facially looking very irritated. I stopped and asked, “What?”

“You are not my type!”

I breathed out and tried to remain confident. I needed to, because the way she stared at me was enough to deflate me.

“Hey, come on,” I attempted to convince her, “look at me, I’m not so bad.”

She hissed. “Yes, you’re not looking bad, but I can’t date you.”

The more I talked with her and looked at her face, the more I wanted her. She looks mild and innocent, but verbally assertive and bold, and there’s something just striking about that. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want. Give me a chance. Try me.”

“I was with someone like you recently, but I don’t think you are like him.”

“Someone like me? But you don’t think I am like him?” I blurted. That’s confusing and ironic. “How do you mean?”

“He’s an older guy, like you, he’s fifty-two, also has a good build, but not bald. That’s how he is someone like you. But the other thing is, we weren’t dating. He was my slave.”

“Slave?” my eyebrows arched.

“You see why I said you are not like him?” she stepped aside and made to walk away.

Oh no, not so fast. I quickly crossed her again and she halted. “I can be your slave too,” I said to her, though I didn’t have the full knowledge of what that would entail, that, at least, got me the attention of this hot chic again.

She hissed at me again. “It’s not an easy thing to be my slave, old man!”

Yeah, slavery can’t be an easy thing. That’s why it was abolished. “What do you want, tell me.”

“In this kind of relationship, which is the only type I can have with you, no sex. No sex at all except for some reason I want and demand it from you, but you shall never ask me for sex or hope to get into this coochie. And you will be my plaything, like he was. He had to return to Romania and that’s how I lost him. I miss him, and the only reason why I’m having this conversation with you is the prospect of having you replace him, otherwise, there’s no point.”

Hmmm. “I’ll be that guy, I’ll replace him,” I promised.

She hissed again, disbelieving me. “Can you drink piss? Can you eat shit?”

My eyes popped. “Drink piss, eat shit?”

“He consumes my waste. His kind is rare, I know.” she stepped aside and began to walk away again. It took me a few seconds to catch up with her again, I was dazed. “Please, wait.”

She narrowed her brows and stared angrily at me this time. “Old man, not one more word from you except you are ready to eat my shit!” she meant it and reached demetevler escort for her cellphone. “I’ll call the cops if I have to.”

Already, she was punching in the emergency number. I was still breathing hard, but at this time was sure as hell I’ll do that to please her. “Please wait,” I said to her in a shaky coarse voice, “I will eat your shit.”

“Are you sure about that?”


“Have you done that before?”

“No, but I promise I will.”

“How can I be sure?”

“I can do anything, if I put my mind to it.”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “The only thing that will stop you from doing what I demand from you is ego. If you don’t have an ego, you will do it.”

“I don’t have an ego,” I assured her.

“Let’s see if that is true. Open your mouth, I want to spit in your mouth.”

Right there and then, I opened my mouth and she spat twice into my mouth. Some of the spit drew on my lips. I closed my mouth and stared at her.

“Swallow it.”

I did. I swallowed her spit and licked the smear on my lips. When she saw me licking the smear, she smiled. At that point, I knew she was convinced.

“Silly boy. How old are you?”

“I’m fifty-five.”

“Not bad.”

“How about you?” I asked.

“I’m nineteen.”

“Not bad,” I returned.

“Do you want to come with me? Your Mistress needs your mouth.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, “but can we take my car?”

“Sure. Rich, bald-headed shit eater.”

Well, I didn’t know her mouth was this savage, but this is honestly in line with what her character has been since I met her, and I’m ready to take whatever she gives. I just want to be with this young, hot girl, and that’s it. I walked her back to my car, opened and held the door for her. It’s not surprising that she was expecting the chivalry.

I had dropped my shopping bags first, so I collected hers from her and watched her climb into the car.

My house or hers? Hers. She asked me to drive her home and verbally gave me directions. I saw that she doesn’t stay too far away from the mall. During this short ride, I tried to engage her in a small conversation. “Mistress, I’d like to know you better, what are your hobbies?”

“Shitting in your mouth and making you savour my piss.”

That was so sassy. “Yes, Mistress, but I mean when you’re alone and bored.”

“Shut up,” she said to me without even looking in my direction, “I’m busy.”

She shut me up and concentrated on her phone. She was chatting with someone, or some persons, as I could see she was switching chats. From that point onwards, I kept quiet and just drove. The only time she talked to me was to give me directions, “Turn here, go right, left,” and that was all until we got to her house. “Slave, carry my bags.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I carried her bags and walked after her to her room–a studio apartment, but not bad at all. It’s fairly sized and decent.

She turned the tv on immediately and directed me to where to drop the bags. She would sort the items out later herself, but she seemed to have some other pressing thing on her mind.

She got rid of her denim demirtepe escort shorts and grabbed a brochure. “Papa, your back on the floor, wanna piss in your mouth.”

That was rather direct, maybe too direct, but I’m her slave now and would have to get used to this. I lay my back on the floor and opened my mouth for her. She squatted over my face and positioned her pussy over my mouth. She turned the first page of the brochure while I waited.

I didn’t have to wait for long before hot piss hit my mouth and splattered. Her piss was concentrated and salty. Salty and stinky. And she was rude about it. There was no pacing or break, rather just a violent torrent of hot piss that I had to gulp down my throat or else I’d risk a spill on her rug. I’m sure she wouldn’t spare verbally lashing me for that, so I kept up with the speed of the flow.

I kept gulping until the flow reduced to drops of pee falling and sinking into my tongue. Then she lowered her pussy onto my mouth and asked me to clean her with my tongue. That part was easier than swallowing the torrent of hot piss.

She got off my face and threw a pillow to the floor and lay over it, flipping through the pages of the brochure. “Hey, you can eat my shit now. Get your mouth on my anus.”

It occurred to me that up to this moment, she doesn’t even know my name and neither do I know hers. “Mistress, may I know your name?”

“You can ask that later, dummy, eat my shit first!”

She spread her legs slightly apart and I lay in between, engaging her ass with my head, I found her anus and placed my mouth on it.

“Hey, I only want to shit in your mouth, I don’t want to smell it. So don’t just put your mouth there. Seal my anus with your lips!”

As she said, I sealed my lips around her anus and heard her flip another page.

Just like it didn’t take long for her pee to come out, it didn’t either for her poop. Her belly growled first and then her asshole squeezed out a thread of shit into my mouth. The taste is something I can’t describe, it was wet and irritating, and made my stomach muscles clench. She paid no attention to me as she continued pushing out the long thread. Soon, it filled my mouth and her hole took a break. Despite the horror, I held it in my mouth, confused about what to do next.

“You came here to eat my shit. Eat it, or do you like the taste so much you want to hold it in your mouth forever?” she asked and flipped another page.

Damn. This girl is nasty. Her words are nasty. And her poop is even nastier. Her asshole opened up and began squeezing out another thread of poop. This was was even longer than the first and it filled my mouth very quickly, pushing my cheeks out on both sides. My stomach muscles clenched but I forcefully swallowed the lump.

“You are not a bad shit eater, you know. For someone who is eating shit for the first time, you’re good!”

“Hey, don’t say anything,” she quickly cautioned, “this is not a compliment. I’m only letting you know. Keep your mouth on my anus!”

I left my mouth glued to her asshole for the next fifteen minutes, but nothing came out. She was done shitting but just wanted my mouth to remain locked on her asshole.

“Hey, don’t just stay there. Suck my anus.”

She flipped another page on the brochure and stayed on that material while I sucked her asshole. It got to a point I felt bored and bothered, but this was the one task she had for me now, and I had to stick with it.

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