Wire In The Blood


Trudging home through the city’s sodden midnight streets was the crowning glory of Xander’s shitty day. Heavy dark boots tramped unwillingly through puddle after puddle. The city was a glowing world of illuminations, flashing advertisements and the light trails of flying vehicles showered the sky; a kaleidoscopic meteor shower amongst a sea of brilliant neon stars. The glimmering reflections of a thousand lights were scattered with every stomping footfall. Impossibly tall buildings, as imposing as cliffs and as dark as granite, towered over him on all sides, punctuated by the intermittent shine of windows. Their sheer scale was oppressive and claustrophobic, but they provided no shelter from the endless rain, only drowning the city in their shadow. Xander wandered the labyrinth of obsidian obelisks with a very familiar, if reluctant, tread. He plodded on through the city’s obligatory drizzle, pulling up his hood and pressing his mask closer to his face, concentrating on the cloud of warm breath bathing his cheeks. His eyes firmly rooted to the floor in front of him, he had no interest in anything but putting one foot in front of the other until he was home at last. The towering ebony edifice he called home soon emerged from the gloom, its tip obscured in the perpetual rain clouds. His eyes scanned the lights shining from the wall of windows, higher and higher until they were swallowed by the purple hue of the night. The shadow of a vehicle passed momentarily by a window before vanishing into the dark. He wondered if his room would be visible, were anyone home. The roar of warm, filtered air escaping the sliding doors greeted him as usual. They swiftly closed to with a thud, once inside. It was followed, unannounced, by the hiss of jets atomising a cloud of liquid around him. Xander flinched, as he always did, and allowed the cloud to disperse. The foyer was bathed in electric blue light, gleaming against the tile floor. No furniture or plant life decorated the bare space. It looked very clean. Sterile, in fact. “Thank you for your understanding,” a pleasant, albeit disembodied, female voice echoed around the room. “Welcome home, Xander.” Xander grunted, his mood not improved by the impromptu disinfection, and continued his unimpressed march towards the waiting elevator, its doors open ahead of him. As he stepped inside, they snapped shut and the elevator surged into life, autonomously whistling its way up the length of the colossal bahis siteleri building. Just seconds later, the doors flew apart and he stepped out into the corridor. The blue light was still in effect, but for the single white light above his door. A beacon. His steps echoed through the corridor as he hurried the last few metres. As he approached, the door almost noiselessly opened, the brilliant white light inside stinging his retinas, as it always did. Xander stepped, blinking, into his home and was sealed tightly inside. “Xander, you’re home!” came an excited female voice. He stripped off his mask and rain-soaked jacket. The cupboard next to him opened of its own accord, accepted the offering and then closed to, as he kicked off his boots near the door. The warmth of his apartment on his cold, wet skin felt like a blessing. His whole body shivered pleasantly at its embrace. Simply stepping into the apartment had given him a warm, satisfied feeling. “Yes, baby, I’m home. I’ve been waiting for this all day,” he sighed, peeling off his shirt and discarding it in the laundry hamper that had suddenly sprung from the wall. “The streets are so empty still, it seems so alien to me.” “I know, but we know why, don’t we? You have to be careful out there.” Xander continued to lose his wet clothes to the hamper until he stood naked in the hall and stretched his aching limbs. “At least I still have you,” he said, padding across the heated wooden floor and glancing out of the open window at the total abyss of night. “I will always be here,” she replied, in a sultry tone. “Why don’t you lie down, baby? I’ll be with you in a minute.” Xander couldn’t argue with that, it was the best idea he’d ever heard. He suddenly felt even more tired than he had before. There was no fighting it. He turned at once, collapsed onto the bed and closed his eyes. “Baby,” came the soft voice and an equally soft nudge against his shoulder. Xander blinked his bleary eyes and looked up. Aurora smiled down at him as he propped himself up on one elbow to admire her. She beamed at him with the broadest smile and two impossibly beautiful piercing green eyes. She stood next to the bed, shamelessly naked, with hands on the curve of her hips. Her heavy breasts swayed slightly as she shifted her weight onto one long, slender leg. Xander wolf-whistled, causing her to giggle and ever so slightly blush. “Hello, gorgeous,” he cooed, sitting up in the bed and noticing the canlı bahis siteleri instant rush of blood to his growing member. “You truly are a dream, baby.” “I’m your dream, my love,” she replied, stepping away from his attempt at grasping her, smiling to herself. “No no. Not yet. You haven’t told me about your day, yet!” “It sucked!” He pretended to yell, advancing on her with arms extended, as though stalking prey. Aurora continued to retreat, laughing the whole time. “Right up until this moment.” A cheeky flash crossed her face as she looked him in the eye, moved her weight to one foot again and crossed her arms, the action lifting her breasts and squeezing them tight together. “Does that mean there’s no more sucking tonight?” she asked through pursed, smirking lips, poorly feigning a hurt expression. “Don’t you bet on it!” Xander laughed and pounced, tackling her onto the bed with a thunderous creak of springs and a howl of giggles. They fought and wrestled in a mass of tangled limbs, tickling and teasing each other until, eventually, their lips came together and the hysterical giggles turned slowly to sensual moans. Excited, pawing hands became entangled with each other’s hair, causing the occasional hiss as their grip proved too eager. Pale skin was soon scored with gentle red lines from scraping fingernails as they writhed together to a silent rhythm, hips moving in unison. Once Xander escaped from the kiss, he found himself on top, looking down at the beautiful flushed face that panted beneath him. Slowly, he caressed the stray hair from her face with a single finger. Aurora’s intense green gaze watched his every move, flicking from his face to his hands. Another soft kiss broke the reverie and lips tenderly trailed down her neck. His teeth, however, firmly found her throat and the room resounded with her mewling cries. The kisses continued, over her collarbone, through her cleavage and onto her breast. Xander’s tongue teased slowly over a single nipple when at last Aurora grasped his hair and pulled him away. “No! No you don’t!” she cried, laughing at the pleading look in his eyes. “Tonight it’s my turn! You’ve had such a sucky day, right, babe?” With a forceful shove and some guiding hands, Aurora reversed the roles. Straddling his waist and tossing the hair from her face, she began teasingly kissing and stroking from his lips down to his chest. Licking slowly from nipple to nipple, she couldn’t help but nipping canlı bahis her teeth over his puckered point. Xander’s hiss of pained protest only made her giggle to herself as she kissed it better. Slowly, she inched her way down his now impatiently shifting body, until at last she settled in between his thighs. The throbbing length of his aching cock visibly pulsated in front of her, the tip shining with a silvery bead of pre-cum. As fingernails scored down his thighs, Xander’s body tensed, waiting through several painfully long seconds for the touch he felt sure would never come. The fingers turned inside his thighs, stroking through the coarse hair, and up towards his hips once more. Eyes closed and fully reclined, he almost vibrated with anticipation. One long slow line was drawn with a single digit, from his balls to the thick tip, instantly draining the tension from his quivering muscles. A long, satisfied sigh filled the air, followed by cute, feminine titters. “Do you like that, Xander?” she asked him, still teasing slowly up and down his length, her lips so close he could feel her breath against his needy flesh. “Yes, baby!” He cried, hips now beginning to rock, looking for more. “Please, baby!” “Please what?” She asked with mock innocence, eyeing up the thick drop of pre-cum threatening to make its escape down the engorged shaft. “Please touch me! Stroke me! Suck me! Anything, baby. I just need it. I need you!” Xander’s whole body was fidgeting on the sheets by now, the torture of Aurora now caressing his balls simply proving too painful to contain any longer. “I am here for all your needs, Xander,” she whispered, an inch from his tight, heavy balls. The second that the warm caress of her tongue found his sack and slowly began to inch its way higher, his relieved moans filled the room. Aurora tasted it all the way and watched the latest throb of Xander’s cock shake loose the thick drop of pre-cum she had been watching. Dribbling down the underside of his shaft, it was caught on Aurora’s advancing tongue and devoured at once. Reaching the peak, her slick, hungry lips engulfed the rigid, swollen head and set his naked body bucking and undulating beneath her. His hands reached out, stroking her head as he happily murmured beneath his breath, begging her not to stop. With his manhood captive in her wet heat, he was now entirely at her mercy. Aurora was programmed for this. She knew exactly which buttons to press, her technique was flawless. Xander lay there intoxicated by her, sighing and shivering as wave after wave of bliss rolled over him, his body drowned in a sea of flooded hormones, blinding him to anything but Aurora’s faultless attentions.

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