Working From Home


Working From Home

Hi. My name is Joan. Some of my friends call me Joanie, and I work from home. Sorta.

When the pandemic hit, I, like so many others, found myself out of a job. Thankfully, my hubby was in an essential job at a local hospital, and he made a lot more than I did in my real-estate job, so we weren’t doing too badly financially. We just had to cut back on non-essentials until I started bringing in an income again. Not that I had been doing all that well before covid as a real-estate agent, I was barely breaking even.

So, suddenly finding myself at home all day without much to do, I turned to the internet. Games mostly; you know, the interactive ones where you play against real people. I especially enjoyed the games that had a chat feature so you could get to know your opponent a bit as you played. The downside to the chat feature was that men were always trying to hit on me… so, what else is new? Perhaps my D cup boobs in my profile pic had something to do with that.

I met a few girls, though, and became friends with some of them; and very close friends with a select few. One girl, I’ll call her Sara, was about ten years younger than myself, and over months of playing the game almost daily, we became very close, even though we’d never met in person – she lives in Florida and I’m in Texas.

One day we were texting on a chat app and she mentioned that she was all excited.

“Oh really? About what?” I texted.

“In three weeks, I’m retiring… I can’t wait!” Sara typed in response.

She’d never mentioned her job before, and I had figured out from some of our conversations that she must be in her mid thirties.

“Oh wow,” I replied, “but aren’t you kinda young to retire?”

“Maybe, but I’ve been doing this for over seventeen years and I am so ready to get out!” Sara’s reply appeared on my screen.

“So what is it that you do?” I asked, innocently.

“Uhhhh… adult entertainment, so to speak.” She typed.

“OMG! Are you like a stripper or pole dancer?” I blurted, before thinking I might hurt her feelings by suggesting something like that.

“Close… I’m an escort. No shame in my game, honey.” Sara blatantly admitted.

“OMFG!!!… that’s soooo awesome.” I typed – more blurting.

“Awesome? Really? I thought you’d be shocked.”

“Surprised, yes, but I think that’s so cool. To be honest, I’ve had a deep dark secret fantasy ever since I was a girl in high school… I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a prostitute. I’ve told you how much I LOVE sex.” I typed, in reply.

“Yes, little ‘miss insatiable’ as I’ve so often called you,” Sara joked, “but I’ve really had quite enough of the ‘business’. Though, I must admit, I’ve made a small fortune at it. Enough to live off the interest for the rest of my life… if I’m careful.”

“Wow… still, I’d love to try it… and I could use the money too, what with being out of work from covid-19,” I replied.

“Well, if you’re serious, I will get in touch with a couple girls I know who live near you in Texas – they could give you some tips and maybe even help you get started, that is, if you’re really serious. But, I warn you, it’s not as glamorous as your fantasies.” Sara offered.

“OMG! Would you really do that?” I typed in response, my heart racing with excitement.

“But, what about your husband? And your kids?” Sara asked.

“Well, I’d have to keep it secret from the girls, but, Jack and I have discussed fantasies in the past and I’ve told him about my fantasy of being a whore for real and he’s said he thinks it would be hot hearing me tell him about fucking complete strangers.”

“Really? You’re shitin’ me… “

“No, really. That’s what he’s told me. Tonight, I think I’ll find out how he actually feels when I tell him I’m going to do it for REAL!”

“Get outta here girl!!!”

“I’ll text you tomorrow and let you know how it goes… or, if I’m out on the street… hehehe.”

And that’s how it started. I told my hubby, Jack, what I was going to do – my timing to tell him was impeccable – right in the middle of sucking his cock. When I finished explaining what I wanted to do (in between sucks and strokes), he told me that the idea really turned him on, though I’m pretty sure he thought I was kidding. After he came in my mouth, I told him I’d be doing the same thing with strangers and telling him about it after. For some reason, he managed to stay hard (he usually doesn’t) and he fucked me silly for over an hour… so, I thought maybe the idea really did turn him on.

I had trouble falling asleep that night, because I was so excited about becoming a whore; I’ve always relished acting and feeling like a slut. Guess I’m just a really naughty girl.

I texted Sara the next morning and told her about me and Jack from the night before and that I definitely wanted to give being an escort a try – ‘escort’, BTW, is the term Sara uses… sounds higher class than whore, I guess… LOL.

She texted back bahis siteleri that she’d already sent out some ‘feelers’ to ‘professional’ girls she knew near me.

I thanked her profusely and told her I’d keep her posted on my progress.

The next day, I got a text from a girl named Melissa (in her text she explained that she went by Cindy ‘professionally ‘), she suggested I should think of a name to use if I went ahead with becoming an escort. Turns out, she lives about twenty minutes away from me, so we agreed to meet at a local coffee shop the following day.

The next day, I sat in the coffee shop waiting, sipping my lattè, when a beautiful twenty-something blonde approached my table.

“You must be Joan,” she said.

“Why yes, how’d you know?”

“From your profile picture on the game app – Sara gave me the link,” she told me.

“But that pic doesn’t show my face…”

“Yeah, I know… just your marvelous boobs, which I’d recognize anywhere, honey. With those boobs, girl, you’re going to do very well in this biz. I’m Melissa, by the way,” she said and leaned over and gave me a warm hug.

She sat down at my table and we chatted a bit, then we got down to business. She started on a list of things I’d need to do to get started. First, I needed to get a website set up and she gave me the email address of a guy who had set up, and currently maintains, her website. She also gave me contact info for a photographer.

“The more professional your photos are on your website, the higher class your clientele will be,” she opined. “You’ll want to show some flesh, but no nipples and no pussy. And he will make sure your face isn’t recognizable. He’s really good, but not cheap. Don’t worry, your first few tricks will more than cover the expense.”

Next, she said that I’d need to decide on fees; how much per hour, two hours, overnight, etc, and she suggested some initial amounts to start off with. She said I should raise my rates after my business gets going. Then, I should decide if I want to do ‘out-call’ or ‘in-call’ – or maybe both. For ‘in-call’, she explained, it would mean having some place to ‘entertain’ clients, which could be expensive (read: rent a small apartment). Since I wouldn’t want my ‘clients’ coming to my home, which, she added, isn’t a good idea. For out-call, I’d just go to the client’s place, usually a hotel room, which they would be paying for, not me. Easy decision, I’d do ‘out-call’, at least to start with.

She told me I’d need a burner phone to take client calls and an anonymous email account. Again, she gave me info on how to set these up. Next, she suggested we go shopping together for a few sexy outfits for me to wear for my ‘tricks’. We went shopping together right after we finished at the coffee shop.

“Do you want to ‘do’ girls?” she asked.


“Do you want to have sex with girls, too, or just men?” Melissa clarified.

“Oh my god, I never thought of that. I’ve never been with another woman… but, secretly, and I’ve never told this to anyone, ever… I’ve fantasized about it for years. So, I might… but I don’t know for sure. What should I do?” I said, confused.

“I have an idea, but it’s totally up to you. We can go back to my place after shopping and I’ll give you a chance to see if you like having sex with another woman… then you can decide.” Melissa explained.

My heart started racing in my chest.

“Oh my god! Really? Yes, I would love to… you… you’re so pretty… I… I’m getting turned on just thinking about it!” I stuttered.

“Sara did tell me that you’re insatiable.” Melissa said with a little giggle.

So, that’s what we did. We went shopping and Melissa gave me tons of tips on how to dress to please clients, plus what to do when visiting clients in upscale hotels where dressing like a slut can get you banned from the establishment. She suggested a trench coat. We picked out a lightweight coat to hide the sexy lingerie I bought, and would be wearing underneath. And I bought a couple sexy slinky low cut mini dresses too… in red and gold.

When we got to Melissa’s townhouse after shopping, she showed me to her powder room and told me to put on one of the sexy outfits I’d just purchased, then come out and pretend Melissa was my client who was paying me $400 to spend an hour with her.

“I know you don’t have your make-up with you, but when going out on a ‘date’, always do your make-up like you’re going to an awards banquet… where you’re the one getting the award and there will be lots of photographers. Now, go change.”

When I came out, I was so nervous. I wore the light trench coat over a black lace teddy with garters and sheer black stockings, and the four inch spike heels we’d found in my size. Admittedly, I was a bit wobbly, at first, until I got used to walking in such high heels – I’m usually more of a sneakers girl. Melissa was sitting on the sofa in her living room. She stood as I walked in the room.

“Hi, I’m Melissa,” she said, canlı bahis siteleri extending her hand and introducing herself as if we’d never met.

“Hi, I’m Joan, pleased to meet you,” I said.

“Hmmmm, remember what I told you about using your real name? It’s a no-no in this biz.”

“Oh… sorry,” I said, and I thought for a minute, “how about Amber?”

“Sounds lovely, we’ll use that from now on. And remember Amber, you are the seductress. Your clients want to feel flattered, to feel like they are alluring and you can’t possibly resist them. So, why don’t we just sit and talk for a few minutes? It’s always a good way to break the ice with a new client you’ve never seen before.”

Melissa sat on the sofa and indicated I should sit next to her. I thought to myself that I should think back to my dating days when I was going out with someone who I really had the hots for and I wanted to get laid. It’s just that now, it was a girl. A girl that’s really beautiful and who really turned me on.

Before I sat, I removed my trench coat, revealing my sexy lingerie.

“Oh Amber, you are so sexy… I just love black lace, it’s beautiful on you.”

When I sat, I was really close to Melissa, our thighs just touching – my legs folded up underneath me and clad in black lace top stockings held up by garters that were attached to my teddy.

Melissa had changed too while I was in the powder room. She was wearing a delicate pale pink silk dressing gown which concealed whatever was underneath.

We talked a bit, mostly about mundane things, like what sort of music we each liked. As Melissa talked, I had the strongest urge to kiss her. So I leaned in and placed my lips on hers. Our arms instantly wrapped around each other and we both moaned softly. Our tongues boldly began exploring each other’s mouths and I felt her hand resting on my thigh, well, not resting, but moving slowly upward caressing my stocking clad flesh as it went.

Jolts of electricity shot through my body. I realized I was getting very wet and there was an aching in my cunt.

My hands caressed Melissa’s face as we kissed, then, my lips shifted to her neck. My tongue swirled around the hollow at the base and I heard her moan. My fingers pulled at her robe and revealed that she wore nothing beneath – her breasts were gorgeous with puffy nipples. My tongue ran down over the swell of her breast until my lips discovered her distended nipple. I sucked it greedily into my mouth; my teeth began nipping it gently.

I felt pressure on my mound, her fingers having slipped under my teddy, and she was searching for my clit. When she found it, I squealed and my hips jerked in response.

Melissa placed her hands on my head and she pushed down, urging my mouth toward the soft swell of her mound. I ran my tongue along the flesh of her belly as my head moved lower. When I reached her pink cleft, I inhaled her musky aroma and shuttered with delight. My tongue dove between her slippery wet lips and I marveled at how wonderful she tasted. I lapped up her juices as her pussy began grinding against my face. When my tongue reached her sensitive button, she shrieked with delight.

My tongue flicked rapidly over the tip of her swollen nub. I inserted two fingers in her slick wet opening and marveled at the warm velvety softness of her inner pussy walls. I curled my fingers upward to find and massage her g-spot – just the way I like it when my hubby gets me off. Ramming my fingers in and out of her cunt, I very quickly sent Melissa off to that Neverland of feminine bliss. Her body began thrashing about, convulsing even, with her legs quivering uncontrollably. She shrieked with joy.

“Oh god, yes! That’s it…. don’t stop!” She breathlessly managed to say.

I held on tight, one arm wrapped around her hip and my face buried in her slick wet cunt. When she eventually calmed down, I came up for air.

“Oh my god… that’s the best orgasm I’ve had in years. Are you sure you’ve never eaten pussy before?”

“Never… I’ve just dreamed of doing it. And I’ve watched a ton of porn videos of girls eating pussy,” I said, my face glistening with Melissa’s cum.

She pulled me up and planted her lips on mine and kissed me passionately, no doubt tasting her own juices on my lips.

“Mmmmm… you’re a fantastic kisser too… love your tongue in my mouth,” she told me after we broke off the kiss. “So… did you like eating my cunt, Amber?”

“Oh my god yes! ” I said, enthusiastically.

“You’re pretty good at finger fucking too… top notch, I’d say. When you hit my ‘spot’ I sorta blacked out for a few seconds. It was unreal, honey… thank you.” Melissa related.

“Oh god, really? I’m so thrilled that you liked it.”

“You are going to do very well in our business. You really seem to enjoy sex, which is key to making it big time. If you’re faking it, people catch on and stop calling you for appointments, or at least the more sophisticated clients with the big money stop seeing canlı bahis you,” Melissa explained.

“I just want to thank you, Melissa, for all you’re doing to help me,” I said. “Guess I should change back into my other clothes and get going.”

“Hold on girl, what’s the rush? I haven’t had a chance to eat your pussy yet. Just lie down on the sofa and let me taste your sweet cunt, girl.”

Melissa shoved me gently down on her sofa and knelt between my legs. I felt her hands on my stocking clad thighs pushing my legs open. Then her wet tongue slithered around my aching clit, never actually touching it directly, but making me squirm and jerk my hips with desire. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the wonderful sensations surging through my body.

Fingers slipped between my engorged wet lips. They teased my opening but didn’t enter me, instead, she moved them lower and swirled them around my nether hole… getting it well lubricated before pushing a finger inside. Then another finger joined the first, stretching my anus and making me wild with lust… it felt so fucking good. Or perhaps it was her tongue flicking wildly over my clit, or both.

Next, I felt more fingers entering my pussy – at least three, I think, maybe four. I could tell that she was pushing her fingers that were buried in my asshole up against her fingers in my pussy, through the flesh that separates those two tunnels. It was making me delirious with lust. I squirmed and wriggled uncontrollably and moaned loudly.

“Mmmmm… I think she likes it,” Melissa whispered, taking a break from my clit.

“Oh fuck Melissa… I need your fist inside me!” I begged. “Please Melissa… fuck me hard baby… PLEASE.”

In reply, there was pressure against my opening… delicious wonderful pressure trying to push inside me. I could tell her fist was slowly working into my cunt. My hips pushed back on her hand wanting nothing more than to feel her buried deep inside me. Then, suddenly she plunged all the way in… soon I felt her fingers rubbing my cervix! At the same time, her tongue returned to my turgid clit and I went over the edge into La La land.

She told me later I thrashed about so much that I half slid off the sofa. She also said that she doesn’t remember ever seeing anyone cum for as long as I did that afternoon in her apartment. She said she fucked my cunt mercilessly with her fist buried up past her wrist while she sucked and bit and generally tortured my clit.

“Most girls push my head away when they can’t take any more, but not you. You just kept shuddering and convulsing with your legs quivering. You made mewling sounds and gurgling noises as you thrashed side to side. If my tongue hadn’t gotten too tired to keep licking your clit, you’d still be cumming right now. I kinda think you liked it,” Melissa told me with a laugh.

“My god, it was the best sexual experience of my life! It’s all sort of fuzzy now. I just remember feeling intense pleasure and joy like nothing I’ve ever felt before. And it just kept going on and on and on. It was beautiful. How can I ever thank you, Melissa?”

“No need for thanks. I enjoyed getting you off almost as much as you enjoyed cumming so much.” She said, and then she kissed me. A warm gentle long loving kiss.

“Melissa, if I weren’t married, I’d propose to you right now,” I confessed.

“Awww, that’s sweet honey, but marriage isn’t for me babe. But, I’m flattered,” she said. “So, I’m thinking you will be accepting female clients, then?”

“Oh fuck yes!” I blurted.

A week later, I booked my first ‘date’ with a middle aged guy who would be in town for some sort of business thing. I told hubby and got mixed reactions.

“I don’t know Joan, it sounded hot when you first told me about it, but now…”

“Well, let’s give it a chance and if you really hate it, then we’ll talk about it and see.” I told him. I wasn’t about to roll over and give up, not after the experience I had with Melissa.

“I won’t be too late, I’m seeing him at eight at a hotel downtown. Bye honey.” And I left, without giving him a chance to change his mind.

At the hotel, I sent the guy a text that I’d arrived, and he replied with his room number. When I knocked on his door he opened almost immediately. I gave him my biggest smile.

“Hi, I’m Amber,” I said and stepped into his room. “Help me with my coat?” I asked. I was wearing a slinky low cut red mini dress with black lace lingerie underneath.

I set my purse on the credenza under the wall mounted TV and he casually placed a plain white envelope next to it. As he turned back to me, I placed my hands on his face and leaned in for a kiss… reaching up on tiptoes.

Ahhh… kissing, let me first explain about kissing. Melissa had pointed out to me that many, in fact, most professional girls will not kiss or allow kissing with their clients. They apparently feel kissing is something special they reserve for their boyfriends, or whatever.

Then there’s the GFE, or Girlfriend Experience approach, where the provider tries to make her ‘date’ feel like she’s his girlfriend, which includes kissing. Melissa is in the GFE camp and recommended I do the same. Hence, kissing. And I really love kissing, so…

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