Worshiping the Wand of Light


Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis and loosely translates to “wand of light.”  One honors the wand of light, and those who have them, through lingam massage. There is a tremendous amount of sexual energy in a person’s penis, and learning how to stimulate and circulate that energy is powerful. Ancient tantric practitioners believed the penis contained the most masculine essence concentrated in one place. This massage is meant to bring about waves of pleasure in addition to an orgasm. You come to me unsure, yet excited … not quite sure what to expect. It’s been a while since you’ve been pampered like this. Never doubt; you deserve what I’m about to do to you… “You’re in good hands.”My low-toned, seductive voice reassures you and you accept my extended hand, allowing me to lead you to our private sanctuary. Upon entry, the sandalwood-scented candles please your nostrils. This specifically chosen deep, woody scent is considered a natural aphrodisiac – just another contributing element in your experience with me. To appeal to your sense of hearing, I selected low-frequency binaural beats to bring you into a deeply relaxed state, freeing you to fully experience sexual pleasure. As meticulously planned by me, your initial impression is a sensually arousing one. I witness your jaw unclenching as you enter the sensory wonderland. Reaching for you, I take your hands in mine and position us facing one another. After a few quiet moments, you squeeze my bahis şirketleri hands, signaling you’re ready to begin this journey with me.While my thumbs caress the tops of your hands, I direct, “Look into my eyes and breathe with me.”My deep blue eyes hold you captive while I softly speak. “Inhale through your nose.” We both slowly fill our chests with air and hold it.”Exhale through your mouth.” With parted lips, we blow out the air, syncing our energy with one another.”Good. Again.””Inhale … exhale … inhale … exhale … inhale … exhale.” Your shoulders drop with the last release. “Good, you’re relaxing,” I say, squeezing your hands with encouragement.My fingers untie your robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing your sex to me for the first time. Oh my goodness, what a wondrous wand of light you have. My eyes rake up and down your magnificent form and I untie my robe to join you in nakedness.  We spend a few moments holding hands again, connecting, taking in each other’s naked bodies. I step forward and embrace you, pressing my full breasts against your chest. My hard nipples poke your flesh and your cock taps my soft tummy. After a few moments enjoying this closeness, I back away, asking you to lie on the smaller padded table in the room. Once you’re on your back, I explain I will shave around your penis, testicles, and perineum to provide you with a more pleasurable massage. This also builds trust between us as I wield the sharp bahis firmaları blade around your most precious parts. After dipping a sponge in warm water, I dab your sensitive skin. The gentle warmth feels good to you. Then, I apply the shaving cream and begin your shave. While one hand meticulously shaves around your penis, the other cradles your testicles, reasurring you. My, oh my, your cock looks even bigger without the surrounding hair distracting from its magnificence. I soak the sponge again and wipe away the hair I just shaved. You look down to check out my progress and smile. Shaving your rounded testicles requires a certain finesse. You tense with the first swipe of the blade.”I will take care of you,” I reassure. You give me your trust and your muscles relax as I continue shaving your testicles. “There we go. All done.”You sign and your hand reaches down to feel their smoothness. Now, I need to shave your perineum. I will need your assistance with this part. “Hun, pull your knees into your chest, please.”You comply and after I apply the cream to your perineum, I see your asshole clenching. You are uncomfortable with my attention on this normally untouched area. My finger gently rubs around it, trying to relax you again. “Breathe. Deep breaths.”On your exhale, I swipe the blade across your perineum. Then dab the freshly shaved area with a sponge. Two more swipes of the blade and you are smoothly shaven. I dry you off with a warmed cloth, kaçak bahis siteleri eliciting pleasure groans from your mouth. This is just the beginning, handsome.I ask you to move to the large padded table covered with a silk sheet. After you climb onto the table, lying on your back, I place a pillow underneath your head. You instinctively spread your legs as I climb up on the table. With practiced ease, I situate my ass between your spread legs, facing you, leaving just enough room to work my hands from your cock base to your anus. I slip my legs underneath yours, stretching them out alongside your torso. My pussy is inches away from your crotch … and already leaking. You smell my sex – a great accompaniment to the sandalwood – and harden in response.  “Your entire body will be revitalized,” I promise.You close your eyes…Starting with your thighs, my fingertips circle your skin, soft touches, then rubbing harder to smooth out your taut muscles. You moan with appreciation. My hands move to your inner thighs, snaking their way up to your testicles. Freshly shaven, they are smooth and my hands fondle them. You softly groan, so I massage them with a little more intensity, gently tugging on them. You love having your balls fondled. Too many have ignored this erogenous zone, but I will not. They fit perfectly in my hands – noticeably heavy, needing their release. After pleasuring your testicles, I move to your penis, slipping it into the smoothest penis sleeve – the Tenga 3D Zen. Sliding the delicate-waved material up and down your shaft provides gentle stimulation, prepping you for what’s to come. I sharply inhale your sexual energy as my eyes watch your cock lengthening. 

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