On the first day of attending college, my proud parents took the day off from work to partake in all the excitement. Once most of the administrative formalities had been taken care of, we finally headed toward the residence where I would be staying to see what my dorm looked like. I was pleasantly surprised to find the accommodation better than expected. I knew that I would be sharing a room with another student. Two beds, two cupboards, two desks, and two bedside tables furnished the room. As yet, my fellow inmate had not arrived and so I placed my belongings on the bed to the right. My parents and I then went for a celebratory lunch before they made the hundred mile journey back home.I was both excited and nervous about my new life. I was gay and believe my parents we aware of this fact even before I was. I wasn’t a screaming queen, but would definitely have set-off most ‘gaydars.’ I was therefore somewhat apprehensive about my roommate. My trepidation sparked even further that day when I met my roomie, Ross.If one were to google the word ‘butch,’ then a picture of him would appear. Ross was embarking on a sports science degree and had received a sports scholarship. He was a wrestler in the two hundred and fourteen-pound weight division. He also participated in track events, specializing in the hammer throw, discus, and javelin, the latter being his strongest discipline.Ross stood just over six-foot tall and was very brawny. The word ‘broad,’ summed up every aspect of his physique and facial features. His protruding ears bore the classic hallmarks of a wrestler. They weren’t as bad as ones I had seen in the past and the swollen puffiness was mainly confined to the tops of his ears. Ross wasn’t particularly hairy in a conventional way, but from his bellybutton to the top of his knees, both front and back, he had loads of black body hair. He didn’t isvecbahis have hair on his back but did have a robust amount on his chest. His thighs were huge and his hands and feet, enormous.My fear that he would instantly insist on being moved to another dorm, upon meeting me, was allayed during our first afternoon together when Ross appeared to be a very laid-back individual. He had the calm demeanour of a man who had never felt threatened in his life. He wasn’t a jabber box but pleasantly engaging. Goodness knows what he made of my small frame.Over the next few weeks, I did get to see Ross naked from time to time, although we both wore pyjama shorts. He had the plumpest balls I had ever seen and a magnificent, fat uncut cock. The sight of these jewels in his wrestler’s singlet almost had me convulsing with lust.After returning from wrestling practice in the afternoons, Ross always tested my restraint to the limit. As he stood chatting with me he would pull the top of the singlet off his shoulders, before pushing the garment down to his bellybutton. Ross would then place his hands behind his head and stretch, as he arched his back.The sight of his hairy pits and the bulge in his pants almost made me drool. The next part of this daily routine would then commence, as he moved his head from side to side, sniffing to check how ripe his pits were. Further adding to my woes, Ross would then push his hand down inside the front of the singlet and give his cock and balls a good scratch, before lifting that hand to his nostrils for a good whiff. How I didn’t grab his hand and lick his fingers, goodness only knows. Often, Ross would go to bed without showering, explaining that he was just too lazy and that his shower could wait until the morning.Ross and I never spoke about our love lives. He did mention that previous girlfriends had taken exception isveçbahis giriş to his busy schedule and couldn’t cope with his lack of attention towards them. He simply stated that his love life could wait and that it wasn’t a priority in his life. Naturally, I was totally mum on this subject and just shrugged noncommittally when asked about my sex life.On an evening three weeks after his sniffing and scratching torment began, as I turned my desk chair to face him, Ross got up from his desk and stood before me. Again, the stretching and armpit smelling got underway. He again frowned and after mentioning how ripe he was, inserted his hand in the front of his singlet and groped his crotch as always. After giving his fingers a good sniff he winced, before apologizing for the hum of his body.“I have never found your body odour off-putting,” I exclaimed, almost salivating.“Are you sure Jimmy?” he asked, surprised.“Yes,” I uttered, with my mouth dry with lust.As if wanting to make sure, he again lifted his fingers to his nose. Ross then gingerly extended his arm and offered his fingers to me for a second opinion.After sniffing and before my brain could process the situation rationally, I garbled a scarcely audible, “It smells wonderful.”With a look of bewilderment, he asked, “Do you like really like my smell, Jimmy?”A shameful, “Yes,” trembled from my lips.With blinking eyelids, I tried to maintain eye contact with him. Ross had an impish look on his face as he stared down at me. After several seconds, his left hand cupped my jaw before his thumb began to move to and fro across my lips. I had no idea about matters electrical, but the surge that went through me must have been a fraction below the power required to electrocute a person.I then felt his thumb begin to enter my lips. Once my teeth had capitulated, I suckled on his thumb like a lamb. isveçbahis yeni giriş After removing the digit Ross swapped hands, before presenting me with other crotch infused fingers.After sniffing again his fingers entered my mouth. When I began sucking his fingers Ross’ left hand moved to the top of my head before he commenced massaging my scalp. After a couple of minutes he removed both hands and when I looked up at him, had a look of wonder in his eyes. Ross then took a step backward and after pushing his singlet downward, kicked the garment to the side. Standing naked before me, his hard knob twitched with excitement. A horny look now adorned his face and it was almost as if his eyes were willing me onto my knees.As I kneeled before him Ross first pulled my t-shirt off me, before cradling my head in his hands. Gently moving forward, the tip of his dick touched my lips. As my mouth opened he pushed his knob forward slowly, allowing me time to produce the necessary lubrication. Ross now began a steady forward and backward motion as my tongue caressed his cock. A low rumbling sound of contentment emanated from him as he settled into a comfortable rhythm. Due to the thickness of the midsection of Ross’ dick, we both soon realized that I would only be able to accommodate sixty per-cent of his cock in my mouth. With his hands gently manipulating my head Ross’ pace was slow and unhurried. I could happily have spent the rest of the night exactly like that.After five blissful minutes, I pushed his knob upward and began licking and sucking his balls. The groans from Ross now escalated as his hands intensified their grasp. Pulling me into his crotch, I felt his dick move from side to side across my forehead. We kept up this routine for the next while as I alternated between his cock and nuts. Unable to delay any further, Ross’ plump balls lived up to their reputation as they discharged their cream all over my face. The quantity was very impressive.After licking his genitals clean I wedged my jaw between his thighs, nudging ever forward. “Where does your mouth want to go Jimmy?” he asked.

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