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They were either in our dorm room or Jackson and I were in theirs. The four of us fooled around once or twice a week, depending on their competition schedule and how lucky they got at the parties on the weekends. When we hung out, we were almost always shirtless, usually in shorts, and sometimes in just underwear or a jock. Jackson had gotten me a jockstrap, which made me feel even more like one of them. When the mood struck, we took a break from studying, watching TV or drinking beers and took care of each other. Sometimes that meant a simple handjob, others a blowjob or a full on fucking. “Guys, what you think about showing Jackson the wrestling complex?” Jackson asked with a smile. “After hours?” “What do you mean by `after hours’?” I asked. “Exactly what I said. We’d go there after the place has closed,” Jackson replied. “It’s cool,” Connor said, sensing my impending question. “Coach gives us the key. Sometimes when classes run late or whatnot, we can’t make practice, so he allows us to get our workouts in when the place is closed.” “Normally it’s off limits to non-student athletes,” Greg said. “But you’ll be with us.” “Plus, who’s going to care?” Jackson said. “What if other wrestlers come to workout?” I asked, hesitantly. I didn’t want to get them or myself in trouble. “No one ever takes coach up on the offer,” Jackson said. Both Greg and Connor nodded. “Been there plenty of times. Never seen anyone else.” “I’ve seen the place before though,” I said. “Yeah, but you’ve never wrestled there. Or used the gym,” Jackson said. “Duh,” I replied. “Of course not. I’m not a wrestler.” “Close enough!” Connor said. “Com’on Evan,” Jackson said. “What else you going to do tonight? Sit here and jerk off?” “No,” I replied. I had jerked off that morning in my bed, as did Jackson in his. He’d sent me a porn clip but we ended up just watching either other jerk off until we shot our loads. “Then let us show you,” Jackson said. “You’ve gotten stronger these past few weeks that we’ve been working out together. bursa escort Why don’t we show you what else you’re capable of?” “Fine,” I said. “Good,” Jackson said. “You guys got your singlets in your bags?” “Yeah. They’re pretty ripe though, still in there from this morning’s workout,” Connor said. “Since when is that different from a normal day? I’ve seen you wear the same singlet for a full week!” Jackson said. “Yeah but not the same jock!” Greg commented. “Man up,” Jackson said. “It ain’t like we’ve never smelled you after a workout before.” The four of us grabbed our bags and walked across campus to the wrestling facility. It was one of the newer buildings on campus. It was two stories tall, but had two levels underground. The first floor housed the main competition area with seating for spectators and the top floor was offices for administrative staff. The first basement were the practice mat rooms, one large one and two smaller ones partitioned off. The lowest level was the weight room. It wasn’t huge but it had all the necessary equipment the wrestlers needed. Jackson unlocked a side door and we went inside. It was dark but Connor held out his phone’s flashlight. We took the stairs down to the weight room level. “Before we wrestle, it’s important to warm up properly,” Jackson said. He stepped out of his clothes, down to his jock and pulled out his singlet. He pulled it on but left the top half around his waist. He pulled it lower and it bunched up at his crotch, showing off his ample bush and his defined abdominals. Connor and Greg did the same, switching out of their boxer briefs and putting on their jocks. “Still kinda wet,” Connor said. “It was a hard workout this morning,” Greg commented. Evan, strip down and put this on,” Jackson said and threw me a yellow singlet. “I… uhhh…” “What?” Jackson asked. “I didn’t bring a jockstrap,” I said. “No problem,” Jackson said and pulled down his singlet again. He stepped out of it and pulled off his jock and tossed it to me. “I’ll go without one. I know how to protect myself. You on the other hand, you need to keep things in place. Don’t want you twisting one of your balls around and it dying.” “What?!” I asked in exasperation. “That’s a thing?” All three guys nodded. Jackson’s jock was warm and wet. I could almost taste the smell of it. It was pure raw male athleticism incarnate. Jackson pulled back up his singlet. His cock was clearly visible hanging down his left leg. His balls were positioned to the right. We got on the assault bikes and rode them for a few minutes. I varied the pace as instructed and thought I kept up pretty well considering I wasn’t an elite of an athlete as they were. Once we had a little sweat going, we dropped to the floor and did a roundtable of pushups; first guy does one pushup, second guy does two, third guy does three and fourth guy goes back to one. We repeated until one of us failed. It was me but we almost made it to ten rounds. After that bursa escort bayan we did wall sits and I again failed first, but held on for almost two minutes. We did some more pullups, body-weight squats and other assorted exercises until Jackson said it was time to move to the mats. “So,” Jackson said. “Connor and Greg are going to demonstrate some very basic moves. Then, you and I will practice them.” I nodded and watched as Connor and Greg got into various positions. Different holds, take downs, sweeps, and countermoves. After they demonstrated a few times, Jackson walked me through the moves in slow motion. It took some time but I started to get the hang of it. It wasn’t all about brute strength, although that helped, but it was more about out maneuvering your opponent and using his weaknesses against him. As for weaknesses, I had plenty, but Jackson took it easy on me. While Jackson taught me, Greg and Connor wrestled with each other, taking turns pinning each other. “Now that you have the basics,” Jackson said. “Why don’t we see what you got?” “It’s not going to be much compared to you,” I said. “I’ll hold back, you might surprise yourself,” he said. We got into position in the circle. We moved forward toward each other and he let me get a hold on him and toss him to the side. “Good,” Jackson said. “Now what?” I hesitated and Jackson expertly flipped me over. It took the wind out of me. In the same motion, Jackson moved on top of me. “Not like on the carpet in the dorm room, is it?” Jackson asked. “No,” I said, trying to get the breath back into my lungs while Jackson rested on top of me. He was sweating, but was barely breathing hard. “Think you’ve had enough for today?” Jackson asked. I responded by planting my feet and trying to buck him off me by thrusting my hips up. He turned, twisted and tossed me to the side, pinning me to the floor face down. “I give,” I said. “Not bad though,” Jackson said, still on top of me. “You have fun?” “Yeah. It was a great workout too,” I said. “Then I think it’s time to move on to the real fun then,” Jackson said. I strained my head to look at him but stopped when I felt him begin to grind his cock against my ass. He’d had a semi before, as did I, but my cock was constrained by the jock. His had jutted out of his singlet in an obvious tent. I had ignored it, but it was clearly filling to its full length now. I looked over at Connor and Greg, who were lying on the adjacent mat, sucking each other’s cocks, having pulled them out of the front of their singlets. They were covered in more sweat than I was and the entire blue mat glistened around them, the single light on by the closed door. “Looks like they already started,” Jackson said. “We should catch up.” I responded by pushing my ass up into his cock. He pulled down the borrowed singlet I wore until it was around my thighs. He rolled me onto my side and pulled my cock sideways out of the jock pouch with one hand while he escort bursa fingered my hole with his other hand. I tried to reach around and grab his cock but he turned me again, trapping me with his legs around mine and my arm against my side. I started leaking precum and it mixed with the sweat on the mat. “You ready?” Jackson whispered in my ear. I nodded and he flipped me over again, still in total control of my body. He let go of my cock and he pulled apart my ass cheeks. His pressure against my back let up for a moment before I felt his cockhead push against my hole. He lowered himself back into me and I did my best to relax myself around his cock. He left me in his jockstrap and pulled my arms around, pinning my wrists to my lower back with one hand. He slid his other under my hips and pulled up, causing me to arch my back. I still didn’t have full range of motion of my legs, the singlet was around my knees and Jackson had his legs on the outside of mine, squeezing. “There we go,” Jackson said. He began to slowly fuck me. I strained under his hold but it was useless. With his free hand he took me under the neck and twisted my head to the side. Greg was on his back, legs up in the air, singlet around his ankles but still wearing his jock. Connor was plowing him furiously, the sound of skin slapping against skin and the squeak of skin against the wet wrestling mat filled the room. Jackson angled himself and drove his cock deeper into my ass. I began to moan and push back against him. He picked up his pace and I could tell from the tension in his muscles that he was getting close. His thrusts became harder and more deliberate. Roughly a minute later he screamed and unleashed his seed deep into my ass. He immediately pulled out and I felt hollow for a moment. He flipped me over and took my cock in his mouth. He worked my shaft and balls with one hand while his finger entered me again and massaged my prostate. I came shortly after. As Jackson relaxed onto his back, head still near my crotch, I turned to look at what Greg and Connor were doing. They had flipped positions and Connor was on all fours. Cum streamed from his cock as Greg pounded away at his ass. The grunting reached a crescendo and Greg collapsed on Connor’s back. “Fuck,” Connor said. “I came without even touching it.” “Great workout,” Greg said, rolling off Connor and sliding a bit in the mess of cum and sweat. “We should clean up,” Jackson said, getting to his knees. He shook the final few drops of cum from his cock and they splattered on the floor next to me. “I’ll get the rags,” Connor said. “I got the spray,” Greg said. “Evan, help them out. I’ll get the sauna warmed up while you guys clean up,” Jackson said. I nodded and the three of us, all naked, started to clean up the evidence of our evening. After we disposed of the trash, I followed Connor and Greg through a hallway and a few doors until we ended at the sauna. There was a small open shower nearby and we all rinsed off before stepping into the sauna. Steam hissed out the door and we took spots on the wooden benches, sans towels. ===== Chapter 8 ====== Email me at mreeves5819 AT ail if you liked the story! I can always use more inspiration!

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