Subject: Wrong Side of the Tracks, Part 9 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: http://donate./donate.html Please remember, this is all made up, the places exist but the events did not happen in real life. This is only for your cock to get happy. I lose interest when you lose interest. Let me know how I’m ail. Thanks for the continued support. All my stories are pure fiction from my twisted mind. I use real places but with made up people. The situations are fantasies. Nothing more. The Palm Springs motel and home are made up. They don’t exist. And yes. I have a thing for Palm Springs. Used to live there. The bar’s name is real but everything else is not. Live life how you wish on your own terms and do not judge others. Life is too short. Where we left them:: I couldn’t hold off any longer. Billy’s cock in my ass triggered an incredible orgasm. I shot off in Sean’s ass with as much power as I ever have. As soon as my ass muscles tightened around Billy’s cock he shot off as well. Sean came on my stomach as well. Three very satisfied men. Sean and I ended up having a post orgasm make out session. Billy, meanwhile, had fallen out of my ass and went to get himself another beer. “Wanna come hang out in Philip’s and my room?” I asked Sean. “Fuck yeah bro. I got nowhere to be.” he answered. “Spend the night?” I offered. “Try to get rid of me.” he answered. “Wrong Side of the Tracks, Part 9:: Philip’s POV Pat was awesome. By Friday evening we had seen my grandparents several times. Pops and Pat got along well. Unfortunately Grandma wasn’t all that lucid anymore. But she had moments of recognition. Saturday was also my birthday. I was officially 18. My grandfather was so happy to see me on my birthday. It made the trip totally worth it seeing that in his eyes. Pat and I behaved so far the whole time. We did sleep naked in each other’s embrace every night, but we have yet to do anything more. Pat wanted to make sure this was about me visiting my grandparents. Rory was totally lucky to have such a great dad. I guess I was benefiting from the luck as well. Pat pulled out all the stops and even had us staying at the Westin Book Cadillac in a suite! It was really nice. I had never been so spoiled. Rory texted me this morning to let me know what went on Friday at the house. And how Sean Ryan is a lot like us. He thinks the three of us are going to end up really ‘close’ friends. Knowing Rory I know what ‘really close’ means. He asked if I minded if Sean spent the weekend. I told him of course not as long as he remembered who his ass really belonged to. He replied that there was never a question about it. That his ass and heart belong to me. And then he went on to say that Sean is mostly a bottom, which he could handle, but Rory’s cunt can’t do without for long. He not only wants me but he needs me. I shared some of the conversation with Pat. Just enough to get him hot. I would say goodbye to my grandfather that coming Monday night. It would be a bit emotional. I knew it would probably be one of the last times, if not the last time, that I would see them both. My grandmother was pretty frail. If she left us I’m sure he wouldn’t be far behind. But Saturday and Sunday were going to be for Pat and I. I wanted to thank him for the trip. Make him feel as good as he made me. We moved to The Siren hotel for Saturday night. It was closer to the gay scene and only three miles from the bar I wanted us to go to. I was hoping to find some action there. The Woodward Bar was the objective. Drinking age was 21 but I looked like I was in my mid-twenties. Pat and I could easily pass as a couple. But I had an ID that my dad had actually gotten for me before he went away. Just in case. After we had a large lunch we checked into the hotel. We wanted to take a long nap. I felt as though this could be an epic night. We didn’t wake until 8 PM. Pat wanted to do his extensive clean out routine. I decided to join him. He looked at me surprised and I said, “Never know what’s going to happen. You can’t have all the fun.” I chuckled as he lifted one eye brow in a questioning jester. I went ahead and explained further, “I know at home I’m mostly the top but you forget I was broken in early. I still get the itch just like you guys. Hell, Shay even gets the itch now and then.” That wasn’t a surprise to Pat. He knew that Shay got the itch once in a while and I was happy to scratch it for him. And Shay had given it back to me in return. Shay knew how to fuck. “Well just don’t steal all the hot ones. A young hot fucker like you will pull them all away from my old broken down cunt.” Pat joked. “Doubt that. If anything I’ll be taking your rejects.” I half joked while being half serious. The man was fucking georgeous and he really just didn’t know how hot he was. After a couple of hours of the routine we cracked open a couple of beers and Pat offered me a couple of Loperamide pills and said, “Slows things down to make our efforts last longer.” and then he winked at me. The dude was a true slut and I appreciated that about him. We sat around naked for about 90 minutes having a couple more beers. Pat then got on the Uber app and ordered us a ride. The bar was only three miles away but he wasn’t going to drive a rental car in a strange city while drinking. Pat put on some old cut off fatigues. They barely hung on his ass. The inner thigh of one leg was cut up to his crotch. Then an old shirt that had the sleeves cut off and were slit down the sides to the hem. The neckline had been cut off too. The shirt was ragged but sexy as hell. He wore hiking boots with thick socks. I put on some very old board shorts that I rarely wore, that seemed tight but were actually big in the waist. They were well worn and there was a hole at my taint, almost to my cunt, that if anyone found they could finger me. (I had reinforced them a long time ago so that the hole didn’t get any bigger. But if someone wanted to, a thick dick could fit in through the hole. I’ve been fucked through them before actually. Several times.) My muscular ass pushed them away from my back. I completed the outfit with a wife-beater and some flips. Both our shorts had hidden pockets for ID and money. But we both had purchased poppers that we put in the front pockets along with our phones in the opposite pockets. On our way down the stairs I could tell we were both working up a scent already. It was a cool autumn night outside but we were dressed like it was the middle of summer. It was going to be a good night. The Uber was waiting for us and it only took ten minutes to get to the club. We got to the entrance and the doorman just istanbul travesti nodded at us and smirked and then let us in. Didn’t even charge us the cover. He was really hot. Just had on tight jeans and a wife beater. He looked like D.B. Woodside from Lucifer. The place was packed. Sweaty men everywhere. There were some drag queens here and there. I looked around the main area and noticed that it had to be 80% African American, some Hispanic and then some white. I heard Pat say, “Perfect” and then led us to the bar. He ordered us a couple of beers and then we turned to survey the crowd. It was hot and loud. It felt great. I was definitely feeling a bit slutty especially the way my ass lips felt against the fabric of my shorts after the extensive cleaning. We had a couple of beers then a shot of tequila. Then we were ready for the dance floor. I had determined on the way out there that Pat was definitely the hottest white guy in the crowd and I could hold my own with the Hispanic guys. Alright I was probably the hottest one, but it feels weird to admit it. But, if truth were to be told, at least half the black guys were hot, if not more. And half of those were either shirtless or in some sort of wife beater. A couple of guys had saggy sweats under their asses with their sweaty underwear showing. So fucking hot. There was one guy in particular that was shirtless, grey sweats, tighty whities and flip flops. His underwear was soaked with sweat and his sweats were under his ass and balls. Obviously he loved showing off. He had to be 6’2″ and muscular. Shaved head. Looked like an athlete. Basketball player or baseball. Something. The front of his underwear was under immense pressure. Almost ready to burst. And he was still obviously soft. Then an announcement was made, “The clock has struck midnight, it’s officially underwear night. The clothes check is open with three people manning it. You have two hours to show off whatever you have under your clothes. Not that some of you have waited,” the announcer chuckled, “Now get this place hot and steamy. Once the liquor is locked up the after party begins. The doors will be locked from 2 – 4. If you’re not staying, leave by two. If you are staying you know the rules.” Pat looked back at me and grinned, “Too bad we barely own underwear. At least we can go shirtless. Not that we couldn’t before. Did you know about the afterparty?” “It’s not advertised. So, no, I didn’t know.” It was then I noticed the guy with the grey sweats come back from the clothes check. All he had on was his undies. And the wristband from clothes check of course. He must have even checked his flips. I wouldn’t think that was allowed but I guess it was. His underwear was pushed down as far as they would go without showing his cock but in the back they were showing some crack. Big beautiful chocolate bubble butt of crack. The white undies showed him off. And from what I could tell he was a show off. He noticed me several times. He finally made his way over. “Not checking your clothes?” he asked. Pat had taken off his shirt and was mingling with the crowd a bit. He was at least twenty feet away from us. “I can only take off my shirt, and I guess my flips,” I said indicating his feet, “didn’t know it was underwear night. I don’t wear any.” I simply replied. “After 2 no one wears it either. It’s a ‘free for all’.” he grinned. “Oh yeah? Hot.” I said. Then I took off my wife beater and put it in the pocket of my shorts. “Will you stay?” he asked as the back of his hand traced my now bare chest. I looked over to where Pat was. He was making out with another huge black guy on the dance floor. The black guy just had on a jock and his hand was down Pat’s pants. It looked like he was fingering his muscle pussy. Pat’s shorts were barely covering the lower half of his ass. They were really close to just falling off his body. “Looks like my friend is having a good enough time that I would say we’re staying.” I indicated where Pat was. “That’s my friend Rodney with him. He likes to fuck multiple guys. He can go all night. I hope your friend doesn’t become attached easily.” he said. “What’s your name by the way? I’m Philip. And, no, Pat doesn’t become attached. He becomes a complete slut for cock in his muscle pussy.” I said. “Oh fuck yeah. He’ll be kept happy here, a big old boy like him. The brothers here like muscle pussy as much as they like twink.” he said, “I’m Louis. I sort of like younger muscle pussy. You give or take bro?” “Depends who’s asking.” I replied. “I’m asking but I would like to share.” he was honest. “Fuck yeah, me too. I’m down to being whatever I have to be tonight.” I was getting worked up by the minute. Louis worked one of his large hands down to my muscular cheek. His finger grazed the seam in my crack all the way down until he got to the strategically placed hole near my cunt. “What do we have here? Now you’re just teasing old Louis.” “No teasing here bro. Look at the front of my shorts. I told you I’m down for whatever.” My hard cock was now making a statement in my shorts. Louis’ finger was in my hole to the second knuckle. I looked down at Louis’ underwear. His cock was now sticking straight out of them. “Won’t you get into trouble?” I indicated to his bare cock. “Look around baby,” he said. I looked over the dark bar at the crowd. It had actually gotten darker since underwear night had commenced. It was already 1 AM. There were sweaty bodies everywhere that were barely hanging on to what little they had on. Some guys had completely ‘lost’ their underwear. Anywhere from two to more bodies huddled together. “I thought it was a free for all after two.” I said. “This is nothing. Behind the dance floor, that wall, there is a four foot hallway behind it. Dark. All you can see is bodies. You game?” he said as he took my hand. I nodded so he led me through the crowd. We went to the clothes check first. “Check your stuff in now. It’s ok.” We got to the clothes check, which was in a dark corner to the side of the dance floor, and he removed his underwear. His cock was longer and thicker than mine. From the clothes check you could see the entrance of a dark hallway that was lined with vertical bodies. You just couldn’t make out features or barely even skin color. Not that I was particular at that moment. And Pat was already there. All he had on was his boots and socks. I just hoped he checked in the rest. His shorts weren’t with him so I could only assume. I was now totally naked, sans the clothes check wristband, even checked in my flips. Louis had checked in his underwear to the bag he already had. kadıköy travesti As we got closer to the hallway I saw that Pat had a wristband as well. That was a sigh of relief. He couldn’t get back on the plane without his ID. After I realized he took care of that I was totally relaxed. Whatever happened, happened. There were chubby holes built into the hallway’s wall. Each one had a gallon size pump jug of lube and a plastic bowl of condoms. Poppers were everywhere. I grabbed a small bottle of poppers off of one of the cubbys and snorted them in like it was my last breath. Once we were about 6 feet into the hallway I felt hands everywhere. The poppers were taking effect and I was definitely ready to let my hair down. Louis leaned his back against the wall and stood me in front of him. My back to his chest. He was hard as a rock against my lower back. Someone was sucking my dick a bit. But it was a guy that I’ve heard called a sampler. He liked to suck a cock for a little bit and then move onto another one. Louis was roaming his hands over my body as we watched the action, what we could see of it in the dark, which was making me all the more horny. Then he said into my ear, “Condoms or raw?” “I’m afraid I’ve always sided with raw. And a bit dangerous.” I confessed. “You’re in the right place baby. That bowl barely gets touched. Why don’t you get old Louis’ cock wet with your mouth?” he asked. I turned around and bent over. I took is cock down my throat all at once without as much as a cough. He was impressed. “A well rounded slut. I like that.” Then I felt a mouth on my ass. I instinctively spread my legs. As wide as I could while still standing and bending over. Louis was caressing my back as I blew him. “Looks like someone is going to beat me to breaking you in for the night. But I like it sloppy. So I’m down.” Louis said as he started to fuck my throat. I felt my hole get lubed and then a blunt tip of a cock was at the entrance. I didn’t know who it was nor did I care. This night was all for Pat but I needed it too. I need what he needs. To let go every now and then. The next thing I knew Pat was standing next to Louis and they were making out while the mystery guy behind me slid in all the way. To say I was full would be an understatement. But I loved it. I went from Louis’ cock to Pat’s. Pat’s cock already had the taste of ass on it. He’s been a busy boy. Pat put his hand on my head and caressed it while I sucked him in. The cock in my ass was pumping in and out of me like a piston. Soon Louis bent Pat over while I was still sucking Pat’s cock. “Fucking sloppy cunt. How many loads do you have in you, boy?” Louis asked Pat. “Not sure sir but I’ll be happy to take another.” Pat admitted. Then said, “Ugggh, fuck! That’s a nice cock sir!” In the meantime I seperated from Pat’s cock and found his face. I wanted to make out with him while we both took a load. My first one and no telling which one for him. The dude fucking me unloaded first. I felt him expand and then dive deep into me making it feel like his cock was punching my lung. Then I heard Louis unload into Pat. The dude behind me patted me on the ass twice and then moved away. Never even saw what he looked like. But another one moved in for the kill. I grunted into Pat’s mouth as he entered me. My ass lips were swollen and puffy, I could tell, and his cock seemed just as big as the last one. “You ok baby boy?” Pat asked after he pulled his lips from mine. “Fuck yeah I am. It’s been a while. A while since I’ve been used. I needed this.” I said and then gave him a loving peck. He returned it with a signature Pat smile. Filled with fucking love. Here in this den of perverts he showed me love. “When were you used, baby? Tell me?” Pat asked. Louis had since left him and another black guy lined up behind him. Entering him as we talked. “My dad had poker parties on Saturday nights. At first he, uggh fuck that hurts, he used to have me come in all sleepy but naked. To see the reaction he would get from his friends.” I said. “How old were you?” he asked. “12” I answered. The guy fucking me must have been listening because he was getting really turned on. He was fucking me harder. “So what happened?” Pat asked. We were holding each other up now. Both of us were used while I told my story. “They were shocked at first. But by the fifth or sixth time that they were over I was blatantly walking around naked. It’s the way dad kept me anyway. When it was hot the guys would usually lose their shirts and take off their shoes anyway. He had some rough friends. They started to get handsy by then. One night, one of his friends asked, ‘So you fucked him yet?’, just like that. Dad just shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘yeah’ and they went on with the game. After that the guys would invite me to sit on their laps. Play with my hole. After a while all pretenses of the card game were thrown out the window. They started just to come over on Saturdays and drink, get naked and fuck. Mostly me. Some of them fucked each other too.”, the whole time I was telling Pat the story the guys fucking us were getting into it. “Usually by the time the night was over my hole was totally open, dripping out loads of cum.” I said. “Oh fucking hell!” the guy behind me said as he unloaded into me. “Fucking hot story. Fucking hardest I’ve cum in a while dude.” then he slapped my ass twice and went on his way. Pat’s guy unloaded into him and then went on his way. We were left there alone for a few minutes. “You and I are a lot alike, Philip.” Pat said. “I’ve never really told Rory my story, when I was young, but it was a lot like yours. It was enough to let him see what kind of slut I was.” “I know what you mean. I haven’t told him that story yet. Or the other things that my dad did with or to me. I want to hear yours someday. When you’re ready. We are so much alike. I don’t know who I love more, you or Rory. Hell, I even love Shay. But I don’t want to lose any one of you.” I admitted. “You won’t son. We all love you too.” Then he made out with me for a few more minutes and then said, “Sounds like we have another guest at the house.” “Yeah, Sean. He’s fucking hot. I thought he was totally straight, but not from what Rory says. I hear his dad is hot too. His name is Billy. I hope he fucks. Too many damn bottoms around us.” I laughed and Pat joined in. Just as I said that another dude came up behind me. Put his arm around my chest and asked in my ear, “Can I get a piece, man?” I looked back and it was a huge hispanic dude. Naked with a thick cock that looked to be a foot long. Fuck! This place was crawling bakırköy travesti with thick meat. Never saw anything like it in my life. I went ahead and bent over a bit and presented my ass to him. He was able to slide right in with all the cum and how open my hole was. But I still felt some pain. He was big. Meanwhile, while I was leaning against the wall a big black guy, muscular as fuck, pushed Pat against the wall, his forearm against the back of Pat’s neck. Pat’s face being crushed against the wall. But he didn’t yell for help. I waited. I knew he was into rape scenes. If he needed help he would let me know. The dude just shoved his cock into Pat with no mercy. Pat let out a painful grunt. Still not asking for help. Then the guy started his assault. Fucking Pat like there was no tomorrow while keeping his face planted on the wall. The concrete cinder block wall. Two of his friends came up, “What you got here Ty?”. “I snagged me a ho. This one’s taking it better than the skank in the pen, brother. Need you to take a piece when I’m done.” The Ty person said to his friend. “We got ourselves a true himbo here boys.” “Let me have that mouth, Ty.” one of the guys said. Ty removed his forearm from the back of Pat’s neck and pushed him down in front of his friend. The friend forced his cock into Pat’s mouth making him gag. But Pat worked his way through it like a true slut. “Fuck man, the slut would rather suck cock than breath. Good find nigga!” After the hispanic guy unloaded in me and gave me the slap on the ass indicating that he was moving on I saw the third guy in the group unload into Pat. The scene made me horny. Now, with an ass full of cum, I had to fuck a slut. No better slut than Pat. Once the third guy pulled out I pulled Pat to me and made out with him for a moment. Then I pulled back and said, “I need to fuck your rank slutty hole now daddy. All those men in you but I saved the best for last. Me. You want me?” I was breathing heavily. So was he. We had quite a workout. We walked out to the bar. The crowd that was left was totally naked and there was fucking everywhere. I pushed Pat onto the end of the bar and then took his ass. I hadn’t cum yet. I needed to cum. I fucked him hard. While we fucked out in the open we had hands all over us. It was more of a show out here, away from the hallway. People could actually see us. And we put on a good show. I had some dude trying to eat my ass while I fucked Pat. Another guy was between us trying to lick my cock as it went in and out of his filled cunt. Then Pat found another cock to suck. I had a bottle of poppers shoved under my nose. The scent always makes me hornier. Now it was sending me into another dimension. The guys tongue in my ass was driving me wild. He was sucking cum out of my ass while he tongued me. I was just about to cum when I was pulled out of Pat. Another black guy started to fuck him. The guy that pulled me out bent me over and started to fuck me. My hole was battered already. I didn’t think I could take it anymore. I didn’t even know who was behind me and I didn’t care. I found the poppers under my nose again and snorted deeply. I felt drugged. I felt like I needed more cock. More than I ever thought I would. I still hadn’t cum. Then an announcement was made, “Wrap it up ya dirty pigs. We’re throwing you out in 10 minutes.” It was almost 4 already. Fuck where did the time go. Then the doorman, who had shed his clothes earlier as well, came over to me, “You and your friend stay. We have some settling up to do.” It was more of an order rather than an invitation. Never even gave us his name. The lights came up about 5 minutes later. The sluts were headed for the clothes check like rats off a sinking ship. No one wanted to be seen in the bright lights. The doorman had, however, guided us into a booth. Still naked and dripping. He went to the bar and brought over three beers after he showed the last of the men out, as well as the three clothes check guys. After the barback was let out we were alone with him. He locked the doors and then turned the lights back to the afterhour setting. Then he came back to us again. His cock was almost hard. “I’m going to lay on my back on the dance floor. I want you (pointing to me) on my face, and you, (pointing to Pat) and your sloppy cunt on my cock.” Then he went to the dance floor and lay on his back. His cock was fully hard now. Somewhere between 10 and 11 and thick. Pat and I both took a quick pull of our beers and then did as the man asked. Pat and I faced each other and proceeded to make out while the man below us used us in the way he wanted. To say his tongue was talented would be an understatment. And by Pat’s moans I could tell the big lug was getting the fuck of the night. It was all slow and steady but good. We had already been railed. This was the nightcap. I played with my cock until I came over the guys stomach and Pat’s soft cock. Then I heard the doorman yell into my cunt as he shot a load up into Pat. I lifted myself off the guy so that he could breath but he pulled me down for on last lick. Then he pushed me off. Pat was standing up, barely, trying to catch his breath. “I think I broke my own record for getting fucked.” he said all proud of himself. I went over to him so that we could help each other stand. We both smelled like cum, ass and pits. Sort of was making horny all over again. The doorman got up and came over to us, “Obviously out of towners?” he asked. “Yeah, we’re leaving Tuesday.” Pat said. “Cool, I’m off Monday. Wanna hang out at my place? I live downtown.” he asked, then said, “I’m Marcus by the way.” “Marcus, I’m Pat. This is Philip. Let’s exchange numbers and I’ll let you know.” Pat said as he motioned for us to go to the clothes check. “Sure man. I’ll get your bags. Should be the last two in there I hope. Hate to think someone went home naked and dripping. Ok…that would be hot.” Marcus said and we all sort of chuckled. “Where are you from anyway?” he asked. “Palm Springs,” Pat answered. “Hmm, we need to become friends so I can visit.” Marcus said. “That should be easy, I own a motel with my partner. You would fit right in there.” Pat volunteered as Marcus handed us our bags with our clothes in them. After a bit more chit chat we got dressed and Pat said he was about to call an Uber to take us back to the Siren Hotel. Marcus said, “That’s not far, I’ll drop you guys off if you’d like. It’s on the way home.” So we accepted. Once we got to the room we undressed and hit the bed. Didn’t even bother to shower. We slept until noon. Would you like Part Ten? Write to me! Some other stories of fty//gay/incest/post-deployment-dad/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out more!

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