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The blizzard of white flakes kept coming in a staccato stream of flurries so thick the young girl on the balcony could barely make out the quaint town nestled below. Her almost dainty smile made it clear she didn’t mind. Affter all, the storm proved she had accomplished at least part of her mission. With one last quick glance at her map to make sure everything was sill on course, she looked over at the young couple energetically triggering all those flurries, and her smile seemed to broaden.# # #The thick column of hard flesh maintained a steady rhythm of lust and need as it surged past the stretched opening to Holly’s body. The slick, unyielding shaft jammed its engorged head ever deeper into her churning pussy. With each demanding stroke, Holly Forester shivered with pleasure and growing passion.She had no idea how long Logan had been kneeling between her outstretched legs hammering his hard flesh into her body. Maybe it had been minutes, maybe hours. It didn’t matter.This wasn’t the first time they had made love today. Of that, she was certain. And while sure they had done it before, she couldn’t remember if this marked the second or third, or maybe even the fourth time. That didn’t matter, either.With her mind in an ever thickening fog of passion, she could be certain of nothing except her husband’s unending assault had her racing toward another orgasm.Without warning, Logan abruptly stopped moving. She opened her eyes and watched him raise her long legs onto his broad shoulders. Not the end, she thought with a smile, just a pause to reposition. Holly closed her eyes and sighed as he began again, but this time using smooth, deep, erotic strokes while his fingers caressed her breast and toyed with her hard nipples.This new pace quickly stoked her growing passion into a raging inferno of hot, burning sexual need. With a loud gasp, Holly suddenly jerked under the impact of an incredible orgasm. Logan growled with primordial triumph as he once again claimed his woman. After one last deep thrust into her churning pussy, he stiffened as another load was wrenched from his aching nuts.Afterword, they lay locked together in the classic lover’s knot while slowly re-entering the everyday world. Holly looked up at her exhausted husband. “That was fantastic, Mr. Forester. I love this way of getting ready for the reunion.”Logan agreed, then nodded toward the snow globe on her nightstand. “You gonna take your new girlfriend?”“Just try to stop me, big boy,” said Holly with a wink and a smile. “Nina said her grandmother, the one really into old occult, witchy stuff, made one for each member of the Odd Squad. It’s supposed to somehow super-charge your love life. And while I don’t believe in voo-doo or anything like that,we’ve been screwing ourselves silly ever since it arrived.”# ##Holly’s old college gang hadn’t been together since Anita’s wedding, the last of the “Odd Squad” to get married. At the time, there had been talk about having regular reunions. But for one reason or another, almanbahis şikayet a year passed and nothing happened. Then Holly decided to change all that.One evening after making love, she and Logan began talking about when she’d been in college and they were dating. It brought to mind the good times she and her friends had enjoyed back then, and made her want to see them again.Back during the summer between her Sophmore and Junior years she’d met Logan Forester and her orderly, conventional suburban life exploded into something very different.With Logan’s encouragement, his friend and fellow vet, Reggie, became only her third lover. Unlike Logan, he had a taut, compact and dark brown body and a teasing, don’t-give-a-shit attitude, Holly adored. He also packed a dick she found fascinating. The long slender curved shaft had an absolutely huge, dark purplish head. The shape and size made it something of a challenge to suck but a joy to feel reaming out her pussy.Logan had been out of town the time she and Anita met Carlo and his three friends at a college bar. Anita had just caught her boyfriend making love with another guy. Now she wanted to get drunk and laid. By then Holly felt a certain commitment to Logan, but had come along to look out for her vulnerable friend.On that unforgettable night, Holly managed to fondle and suck the mammoth cock of Anita’s future husband while she’d been busy screwing his three friends. When she had worn the other men out, Carlo took their place. His long, thick pole vanished into Anita with one powerful thrust. Holly remembered watching with feelings of both awe and envy.With Logan by her side, she would later be well-serviced by tall, lanky redheaded Steve. It happened several times while he and Kay, her short, buxom, blue-eyed blonde friend, were dating. It had all been great. But Holly would graduate and then marry Logan still wondering what it would feel like to have Carlo’s massive member stretching her to the max.As Holly and Logan continued to reminisce, it occurred to her that a get-together during the holidays would be the perfect Christmas present for them both. He’d love the variety. So would she. But most of all, she hoped they’d be even closer when it was all over.When she mentioned the idea, Logan was quick to agree. He also missed their old friends, and if this get-together included some more action with the other members of the odd squad, so much the better.”I suppose getting Carlo’s big bologna would be the perfect birthday present for you, right?”Holly’s birthday was a few days after Christmas. She grinned and nodded.”Well get on the phone, woman, and start calling.”Everyone seemed to think it was a great idea. There was, however, one very delicate issue to be resolved.Sex.Specifically, sex with each other’s husbands. Everyone remembered how, back in their single days, there had been more than a little sharing of partners. The only one who hadn’t gotten any extra nookie was Anita’s husband Carlo, although almanbahis canlı casino Holly had managed to give him that jaw-stretching blowjob.The four friends cautiously felt each other out about sex. Holly pushed as hard as she dared for ‘free-love. She and Logan were committed to fidelity, not monogamy, but so far that had only been in theory and the idea of an open group swing excited her.The thought of making it with three other couples was a turn on for both. Logan fantasized about Anita’s exotic, Italian good looks and magnificent ass, Nina’s small, athletic brown body, and Kay’s cuddly figure and huge jugs. As for Holly, the prospect of taking on Reggie and Steve once again, and getting to experience Carlo’s prodigious prick, made her pussy churn.Nina and Kay both had some initial misgivings when Holly suggested it might be fun to share partners. “I’m not sure about all that,” said Kay. “It’s one thing to fool around before getting married, but this time we’d be sharing husbands, not boyfriends.”After some coaxing, including references to the size of Carlo’s tool, Nina and Kay agreed to talk it over with their husbands. They called back the next day. As Holly had expected, the men were all for a reunion, and the sooner, the better.It proved harder to persuade Anita. While the Odd Squad’s free-love party-girl claimed to have no personal reservations, she was worried how her conservative, Italian husband would react to the suggestion.Holly reminded her about the night they first met Carlo and how he hadn’t been very conservative in his van, screwing Anita’s brains out in front of three other guys who’d already had a turn with her. Anita admitted that was a valid point and promised to see how he felt.Later that day, she called back, giggling. Carlo had gotten so turned-on, he stopped watching a football game, pulled her down onto the couch and once again nearly fucked her brains out. Holly laughed and said the rest of the group expected her to keep that potent pecker in top condition.# # #The day after Christmas, the couples rendezvoused at a picturesque lodge hidden away at the end of a lonely mountain road. It looked rustic but had a plush interior that included a full kitchen, four bedrooms, a large, paneled living room/den with a stone fireplace, and a picture window that overlooked a rugged valley. The setting was beautiful, and private.Carlo had gotten the place, complete with food, booze, and a big decorated fir Christmas tree, all free. “No big deal. This guy kind of owed me a favor,” he explained, with a casual shrug. No one asked for details.It didn’t take long for everyone to unpack and gather in the living room. After admiring the Christmas tree and scenic mountain view from the picture window, the college friends sat and began talking about then and now. Meanwhile, the men got the fireplace going and headed for the kitchen to make drinks.Nina took it upon herself to interrupt the self-conscious chatter. “Okay, enough bullshit. We all know almanbahis casino we’re here for more than just talking about old times and how bad our husband’s snore. Does anyone have an idea how to get things started?”There were nervous smiles, covert glances, and silence until Holly spoke. “Logan and I talked about something. But first, has anyone had a change of heart? If you want to back out, now’s your last chance.”Anita laughed. “Are you kidding? If I backed out now, Carlo would have a stroke.” Nina and Kay said their mates were just as excited and admitted they were also ready.”Okay, then here’s my idea,” said Holly. The plan was simple. Each wife would take a turn enjoying the unrestricted services of the other three husbands for an entire day. Meanwhile, her own spouse would be doing as he wished with the remaining three wives.”We’ll just rotate around until everyone has had a chance to have the day-long services of three guys.”The four friends exchanged glances and smiled. “Anything goes?” asked Nina.They looked at each other again, each wanting someone else to speak up first. “If we’re going to do this thing,” said Anita, “we might as well do it right.””Anita’s right,” said Kay. “Otherwise, we’ll spend half our time coming up with a lot of bullshit rules.”Nina grinned. “Okay, but I’ll warn you guys, Reggie can come up with some pretty weird shit.””And you haven’t?” said Anita, triggering a round of laughter.Out in the kitchen, Logan briefed Reggie, Steve and Carlo about the plan. “Unless someone gets cold feet, odds are that’s how it’ll go down.” No one questioned their wives making love with three other men; they were all too excited at what could be coming their way.When the men returned with the drinks, they learned the plan had been approved and ready to go operational. A deck of cards appeared and the women cut to determine the order.To her delight, Holly got the high card. By then it was late-afternoon, so she wouldn’t have all day with the men. As compensation she would be getting them first when they were fresh and really horny.Tomorrow would be Kay and Steve’s turn, followed by Anita and Carlo, then Nina and Reggie. For now, the three women would serve as Logan’s harem while Holly took on their husbands.An embarrassed silence fell over the group. Nobody was sure what to do next. It ended with Logan getting up, walking over to Holly, and pulling her up to him. “You’re way overdressed.”Holly’s stomach churned and her knees felt weak with excitement. Somehow, she managed to smile and give Logan a long kiss. When he stepped back, she began nervously unbuttoning her silk blouse. Aftter a moment’s hesitation, she pulled it off and tossed it to a grinning Reggie.She’d worn no bra and now stood before her husband and six other people naked from the waist up. The blouse slipped from Reggie’s fingers. Along with everyone else, he stared at her high boobs and erect nipples, then applauded.Holly made a mock curtsey, then kicked off her shoes, unsnapped her jeans and inched them past her hips and let them slide down her long legs to the floor. Moments later, her bikini panties joined them in a pile at her feet. A little perfume, her wedding and engagement rings, plus a nervous smile were all she now wore.

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