You say i am A chuck I do not think so part 1


So I am a Chuck??? I DISAGREE
When I first met my wife Toni of over 27 years she was a novice at sex yes she was married before had a child but really no experience. She had never had oral sex of any kind no foreplay ahe never gave a blow job did not even trim or shave her pubic area ,yes I mean her pussy lol.
So after we met I introduced her to these things I pleasured her with oral sex bring her to many orgasms , taught her how to suck my dick she has become a deep throat specialist although she still to this day does not like to have a man come in her throat she will do it for me on special occasions though.
Her training I guess you would call it started out slow I went out bought her a vibrator and dildo some xrated movies that we watched she liked them we talked about them and she would try to imitate the actresses on the screen ,next I bought her with me and we bought some more toys and I had her pick out some movies she picked some inter racial and threesome foursome movies as we watched these she was excited ! She started to talk about it in fantasies while we were making love.
I had her dress more sexy when we went out to te grocery store or just shopping even got her to wear a skirt with no panties I would watch from afar as she would purposely bend over and tease men in the isles showing off her bare pussy and tits to strangers in the stores we had fun laugh about it sometimes she would get so excited talking about taking one to the parking lot and giving a blow job or fucking him in the car she would have to release so she would play with herself in the car as I drove or give me a blow job while I drove ,it was hot and exciting . When we got home it was straight to sex we close the door and many times never make it to the bedroom she would do me right there at the entrance of the house on the floor get on all fours and have me slam it home always coming loudly .As time progressed I got her to be more daring she would flash her tits or pussy to truckers on the highway many times they would honk there horns at her for approval which just got her to be more braizen she would then masterbate for them to watch sometimes she would carry her vibrator or dildo with her for the show she was hot and having fun , when we stopped we would have crazy sex sometimes right in the car or just outside it was hot primal very sexy hot and sweaty at times she would give me a blow job under the table at a restaurant or bar we were at because she got horny from all the teasing she had done.
Next we started to tape our lovemaking sessions and then I asked her to make tapes using her toys and outfits which she did and she started to use the fantasy of the neighbor coming over to fuck her and repair guys this turned is both on. It went on for a while only a fantasy till one evening I had a friend come over from out of escort bayan town we were drinking and talking she was dressed sexy so I asked her to try to tease him see if she could get him hard ,she agreed and opened another button on her top and would purposely bend over as the evening progressed we started to play truth or dare when she refused to tell the truth I told her she had to do a dare and asked her to strip for us both she protested at first then I told her she agreed to play the game and that what she had to do so she put a more seductive music on and did a very sexual dance and began to strip very slowly my friend asked if I was ok with him being there and I whispered to him this is a fantasy we have been talking about because of the movies we have been watching and I wanted to see how far she was willing to go he was game . so the game went on and we all ended up naked so I suggested that Toni give us both head she looked at me as if to say are you sure and immediately went to my friend nickname the Doctor she deep throated him like a pro he was so horny he ended up exploding all over her tits what a sight she suggested we go upstairs and get more comfortable then she gave me a blow job for awhile by that time the Doc was hard again so I offered him to go first he climbed on and started fuck o fast for her so she flip over so she was on top and she could control the speed and tempo I watched in amazement at how well she was taking this and then I decided to join I wanted to try her first DP she was not into anal sex but I tried since she was in position she slapped my dick away and then she slipped it into her pussy now she had two cocks in her pussy and she came like a wild woman forcing both of us over the top and we just exploded and filled her pussy now as we lay spent she began to lick us both clean taking turns on me then the doc before he left the doc got to fuck her one more time then after he left we make slow passionate love for about an hour it was great an I was hooked .
The next day she was worried that I would get upset about the night before she said it was out of her system she was sorry and all that I assured her I was as much at fault as she was I started it after all never the less she wanted to take a break she did not feel comfortable . We took a break from that for a while but never stop watching the movies and I bought more of horny house wifes and doing the repair man or neighbor ,she never objected and would get into them before long she would be talking about it when we made love and she would tell some hot stories about what she would be doing or what they were doing to her what an imagination ! very vivid ,colorful in her explanation I loved it .
Toni started to make me more videos dressed in her outfits and using her toys ,hand cuffs etc. and she started to even use vegetables in her kocaeli escort bayan shows then when she made dinner she would feed them to me after she marinated them with her pussy juices this she did all on her own ,which I loved and ate gladly
I thought it was very sexy.
We started to go out to the grocery stores again and play our little game we were back on tract for me to turn Toni into my sex slave that would do anything for me .All I had to do was ask not demand just ask.Now she would even go over to the guy that was checking out her pussy or tits and ask him for help with something on a high shelf or bend over and ask if he could get some thing next to him on a low shelf so his face was almost in her crotch I would watch from down the isle not be standing with her .
The next thing I did was buy a mini tape recorder and had her tape any fantasies that came to her through out the day,I wanted to get her used to it for the next step ,I asked her to seduce the pizza delivery guy and I set up the video camera in the closet of our room and asked her to turn on the mini cassette tape for down stairs so I could hear what had transpired . It took a while and a lot of asking but she finally agreed ,we did it on my day off so I would not be far away if needed she had my number set up on speed dial !!! She called in the order and was told it would be about thirty minutes and was given the price so she went to get dressed in the skimpiest see through outfit she could find and put a robe on when I was sure she looked perfect I left but stayed close by w lived in a condo compex at the time it was during the day while the kids are all in school so there where few cars in the parking lot ,I parked facing our condo but far enough so that you could not make me out from the condo . Shortly after I left Toni put the recorder on and the actress came out she was talking saying I am so hungry what is taking the food so long .I am so horny I guess I have to play with myself till it gets here and ou can here in the background how wet her pussy is as she is playing with it !!! All of the sudden she hears a car pull up and she know it’s the delivery guy the door bell rings and she says one miniute please she straightens her robe out and answers the door ,the driver tells her an amount she say Oh I left my purse up stairs why don’t you come in he enters she closes the door and goes upstairs really to turn on the video camera in the closet and the plan goes into action she come down stairs and she new the driver we can call him Marcus she tells him I know you from some where he says I think it’s the clubs she agrees she says Marcus I have a question to ask I have been talking with my friends and they have me doing a dare do you mind participating in it . He says that depends what does it entail . She says well kocaeli escort I am supposed to expose myself to the delivery driver is that ok .He says of course .so she takes of the robe is wearing a see through top her nipples are very large about 3 to 4 inches in diameter and they stick out about a half inch when excited ,she is wearing crotchless panties and high Heels she spins around bends over to give a good look at her ass then bends back so her could see her swollen pink wet pussy and asks do you like what you see ? He is going crazy and she says I see your cock does because she can see it through his pants . She asks if he has to get back quick he says he has a little time days are slower the nights and asks is that all the dare is supposed to be she says no that she is supposed to give him a blow job she tells him she does not care about the dare she will pay the bet but she really wants to give him a blow job he says but what if your husband finds out she say he won’t all the girls are doing it and she wanted to know how it felt ,he say he was honored so goes down you hear the zipper coming down she tells him he has a nice dick and she hope he enjoys it .as she giving him a blow job he is rubbing her pussy he tells her she is so wet you can hear his fingers sliding in and out and rubbing her clit she finally says I really want to feel this thing in me do you want to come upstairs and we can finish the right way . He could not get up the stairs quick enough !!! by the time he is up stairs he is naked you can see when he walks into the first frame she lays down on the bed so you can see him climb on and enter her he starts to fuck her and comes very quickly maybe 5 to 10 strokes he is saying he sorry but its been awhile for him and all this excitement he could not hold back . They lay on the bed talking kissing for a few n=minutes he says he has to get back to work but says he owes her a better fuck and she can cash in on at anytime . she throughs her robe on and walks him to the door .After he leaves she says to the tapes recorder that’s a day in the life of a horny house wife and goes upstairs to play with her horny self .I come in about 5 minutes later and I hear her coming at the top of her lungs screaming I am coming I run up the stairs and start to finger her wet pussy and lick and suck it she produced a condom which she says he insisted on to prove he did fuck her then she ripped my clothes off and fucked my brains out . After we calmed down we watched the video believe it or not the video picked up most of the voice from down stairs and you could even hear when Toni was giving him a blow job the slurping and sucking along with his moaning and both the talking .The actual fucking was less than 2 minutes but you could see Toni’s expression when he first enters it was priceless and also when he came so quick the look of disappointment ,but as it goes she did everything I asked we watched and listened to the video and recordings many time before and during our own love making sessions so it was a success.

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